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  1. Hot Seat, a joe team interrogator/mechanic
  2. I was giving my 3 year old son a bath the other day, and we had so much fun playing with the Piranha Attack Boat, Torpedo, Shipwreck, Deep Six, and Cutter. Man, he has breathed new life into my Joe collection. The only problem is that I sometimes feel that I have so many joes, it's difficult to decide who to play with. Most of the time, we just end up playing with the customs of my son, myself, and my wife. The best joe stuff to have come out recently are the DVD battle packs. We have had a blast with the M.A.S.S. device and Weather Dominator. My wife knows that as soon as I come home from work, I'll give her a kiss, grab a snack for all the fam, take 5 or 10 minutes to talk about the day, then it's off to play GI Joes with my son for an hour or so! My wife used to complain about the money spent on Joes, but now that my son is old enough to appreciate them, she loves seeing daddy and son playing together.
  3. All of the above is dependant on your perspective. I found nothing in the previous replies that offended me anymore than mention of vague male-to-female relations might. I think the only real mention of anything 'sexual' was when Kam pointed out the duality of what is 'offensive'. Be mature about the subject and you'll be okay... no one's going to reach through to modem and get you thanks to this one little thread with two or three posts you dislike. If a topic has run it's course, there's no harm in it developing into a new discussion. No one is hurt, no one is denied their shot to chime in. It doesn't need to be closed or removed or anything silly. And while I am not a student of the faith and never will be, I have always been told Satanism at it's foundations is based on believing in yourself, not blindly accepting what you're told, and questioning authority... not too shabby. I mean, if America is built on anything, it's believing in the underdog. And Satan stood up to God, man. That's as underdog as a guy might get. My problem with Satanism is that it is one of those belief systems - like Wicca - that never has dedicated followers so much as people who like the idea of it. Naturally, there are people out there who deeply beleive in the aforementioned subject, but for the most part... attent~ion. Tom Thanks, I was worried that someone would reach through my modem (Looks like someone didn't get his latte this morning, no need to get pissy). I don't think you get it, (in regards to the comment on "satanic") the concern that the military has with stuff that is satanic is not referring to an obscure incoherent religion, but the traditional Christian view of the devil. That is what most people think of Satan. So, while you are right that what I said depends on perspective, society would sure be in a mess if people were constantly trying to make a definition of words that were in effect completely opposite. For your reference: sa·tan·ic 1. of Satan. 2. characteristic of or befitting Satan; extremely wicked; devillike; diabolical. Are we on the same page now, or do you feel the need to argue semantics still? (I can't believe I actually had to explain this to someone over 5 years old) While you may not be offended at vulgarity, I was merely proposing a method for less obscene posts (half in jest) for the benefit of those readers less calloused toward such language than yourself. I feel like I struck a sore spot with you, Tom-1.
  4. I have to say, this has been the most enlightening topic I have read in this forum. I can already say from what I have read, I would not want some of you to be stranded on an island with me, and some of you I know I could trust. Has anybody heard of the Golden Rule? That is the right answer to what we should do. Yes, even on black friday. What type of person puts toy collecting above people, anyways? It's disgusting, really. And furthermore, just because a store might be concerned about shoplifting more than stashing stuff does not make it okay. I'm sure they are more concerned about armed robbery than shoplifting, but that doesn't make shoplifting okay. (I'm talkin' to you, VH) Is stashing morally wrong? In 99.999999999% of the time, yes, if you truly believe that you should treat others the way you want to be treated.
  5. Satan isn't about freedom or agency or God given rights, just the opposite, in fact, which kind of clashes with everything that this country is built on. #US1# Get it? @smilepunch@ As for sexual innuendos, or even blatant sexual conversation, I'm all for removing it completely from the forum. Can't we be mature (not to be confused with mature content) about our TOY collecting? @nana@
  6. Haha... Yeah.. let me get your name tattooed on me... Cause we have suck a good track record! I'm sure i wouldn't regret it... @smilepunch@ Freudian slip? @loll@ #yuk@# GROSS!!! #yuk@# No more, please.
  7. Plain and simple, if the store doesn't want you to do it, don't do it. They own the merchandise until you buy it. It's their stuff, their rules. Respect their wishes. While this isn't the foremost reason to not stash, it is solid. If I were a store manager and saw someone stashing, I would ban them from the store. I would want to keep the store a neat place, and would want to keep paying customers happy.
  8. How many rifles did that set come with? I thought it was just one... But now you got me thinking I may have missed them in the packaging. I can't for the life of me remember pulling out file cards or figure stands from those boxes! Did I throw them away? DOH! But yeah.. If you have extras, I'd greatly appriciate it! I kinda like the brown from those sets. Much more cartoon accurate. Snake Eyes and Stalker came packaged holding them in the MASS device set. None in the weather Dominator set. *whew* I thought for a second there I threw away the packaging and didn't take everything out before i did. Thanks for setting me straight @loll@ @loll@ ... @lol@ ... @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@
  9. I peeked through the orangy clear part of the canister that came with radiated Snake Eyes and thought the piece inside was the red orange element to go in the mass device canister so I tried to pry it open, but it wouldn't budge. I don't think I'll force it, I can make custom elements easily enough. This slight disappointment was swallowed up with the joy that I found recognizing that the weather dominator sits nicely atop the mass device parts so far.
  10. I love the art, and hope it they keep their standards high, but I feel like the powers that be have no intention of listening to the fans. Heavy Doody (intentional misspelling) has always been a lackluster 2nd stringer in my book. However, if Roadblock just has his name changed to Heavy Duty, but is still the same rhyming chef character, that is a more palatable solution, I suppose.
  11. VindowViper

    Ace Custom

    Very nice job! I like it.
  12. I don't think I'm alone when I say I remember watching GI Joe as a kid and catching that sort of stuff, Duke's ring in particular. Maybe I didn't catch everything the first time, but I was sure to find more things the second time around. I hate it when cartoons get dummed down for a younger/stupider/less attentive audience. Not that this is necessarily the case, as alot of GI Joe was pretty smart until season 3... but this just brought up a sore spot that I have with cartoons today. Anyways, I think it was just a writing oversight somewhat common in overrushed production.
  13. Looks great. Could also be the beginning of a great Magnum PI.
  14. Have we learned nothing from the American Revolution?!? JK, anyways, nice customs. Though, seeing that hood in red is too much like looking at a Grand Dragon, not my cup-o-tea.
  15. I hope it's the second version ('89) of Rock & Roll that came with the gatling guns, as opposedto just a repaint.
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