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  1. Oh Jase, we can't like everything now can we...*cough*...Tonner "dolls" @puke@ @smilepunch@ @loll@
  2. Love this line! Natasha Irons is, IMO, the only weak figure in this wave. I'll still get her though to have them all. Love the McGuiness art figures! Really like the Kingdom Come Supes, and of course having another Nightwing figure is also a plus. Oh, and while the Lex figure has that rediculous head in every photo (the one with that stupid grin) I believe he also comes with an alternate head that looks much more normal and menacing. So, yeah, I'll head out to the LCS's tomorrow to pick up this line.
  3. Never did like these to begin with, but now, the more I see 'em...... Yup...the more I DESPISE them. They're just ugly, the bodies are completely out of proportion and the costumes are junk. Not to mention, they're also pricey. Oh well, to each his own...
  4. Don't worry, you wouldn't be the first... As for the figures, haven't seen any of those around. Still haven't seen too many of the newly released JLU stuff at all. I've been waiting for more of the 10" line to be released, but nothing seems to get ordered or stocked around here anymore.
  5. Well, a few surprises during the Oscars I'd say. I won't comment on everything, just the big 2. Best Director...Martin Scorsece-The Departed...All I can say is, its about frickin' time! Glad he finally got one, it was well deserved. Best Picture...The Departed...I'd have to agree. It was the movie I was pulling for. For me, it was the best movie I saw last year, hands down.
  6. Well, when a movie is completely wrapped up, edited, scored, I mean everything is finished, and they STILL put it on the shelf for a year...its with good reason. I must say, at least the timing of the release is one of the lone bright spots. Virtually no competition whatsoever at the box office (and theres really no debate there) makes for a moderate success at this point.
  7. Yeah, if anything Marvel gets the "flurry" award. While not everything has been as good as the Spiderman films, they at least seem to be cranking out characters and getting the attention of people outside of comics fans. Honestly though, as bad as I'd love to see a JLA film, I just don't think its gonna be possible, at least for some time. Outside of us comic fans, nobody has any idea of what the JLA is or even who is in it. In order for a film like this to be done, and done WELL mind you, the origins stories for the characters will already have to be done in film form so that the writers can actually put a good story together and not be trying to tell a whole mishmash of stories in one, unless of course they plan on doing multiple films, then it might work. Still, Bats and Supes have been it so far, with WW, Flash, and GL films all stuck in the mud, and theres no plans for an Aquaman film or Martian Manhunter. There is just an infinite number of problems to go along with this, and while its a great idea, I just don't see it happening, at least not in the next 10 years or so.
  8. Sorry to disappoint you HRB, but they're just fan made trailers, not full films. They've made a few of these, "World's Finest" and "Grayson" are my favorites. Wish these were films, as the trailers would lead you to believe they're great stories, but alas, they're just trailers.
  9. Count me in! Doubt will ever see this come to fruition, but we can hope can't we?
  10. HOORAY!!! More "Justice" figures! My favorite line by far besides the 13" line. Wonder why we're only seeing 4 figures each in series 6 and 7? Every series up til now has had at least 5, and two of them have had 6. Why 4 all of a sudden? Will there be a variant figure in each new wave to make a total of 5? Are we not seeing the whole wave? I know Grodd (wish he was bigger) was rumored to be in series 6, and that we just hadn't seen him yet, but he's scheduled now for series 7. What gives? Either way, I'll continue to pick up each set, but a few things still bug me about why we might be getting less figures now.
  11. Interesting. Thought the 3rd was going to be the last one as I thought they wrapped everything up pretty well. Love these films though. Wonder how they'll go with the story now. Someone else picking up where Jigsaw left off? A copycat? Or kind of an origins story, before he started training Amanda? I know I'll definitely see it!
  12. Theres a sweet custom on eBay right now, made from DCSH parts. Custom Hawkman
  13. @loll@ Nope, just a quick Google search. The figure looks more like her from the mid-90's from when she was on Lois & Clark, but didn't feel like searching all night for a pic from the show. Oh, and Gray's Anatomy is not a "film." Its a tv show. There IS a difference. @smilepunch@
  14. It looks like a custom Justine Bateman as Rogue... @loll@ Look out! Mallory Keaton is gonna drain your powers!!!! @loll@ @loll@ @loll@
  15. I'll agree, Mattell is pretty bad, but its not like this was the greatest line ever made...*cough*...Legends...and THEN decided to turn into crap...*cough*...Hasbro. @smilepunch@ Sorry Marvel fan boys, I couldn't resist. @loll@ Seriously though, I like this line, but we need much better distribution and better case ratios. I know we've said that over and over, but other than that and character variety, what else is there to fix? The sculpts have all been pretty darn good, I know some would argue for more articulation, but that doesn't bother me so much.
  16. Tell that to Spiderman 3. I bet it does juuuuuust fine. But you're right. Usually one villain is enough, and I think Eckhart is perfect casting. Obviously he won't be Two-Face in this one, but it'll be setting him up for later.
  17. Ok, we're completely going away from what the original argument was about, but I'll ask you this. What films come to mind when you think success vs flop? For arguments sake, lets just take a few of the highest bugdeted films of all time. Wild Wild West, Waterworld, Poseidon, and Alexander are all in the top 15, but they don't exactly come to mind when you think about successful films now do they? All of these films barely made more than what they put into it, while all of them also were complete BOMBS/FLOPS in the U.S. It is a FACT that films are geared toward certain audiences. Therefore, you have to take that into consideration when expecting certain box office numbers. For example, films rated 'R' typically don't generate as much money as films rated 'G, PG,or PG-13" because they are geared towards a much smaller audience, adults in general. Therefore, this also means that the studio knows this, and expects this, thusly, not willing to sink $200 million into a project that likely won't have as high a chance for a return on that investment. You simply have to take into account the general audience that each specific movie is aimed at. Its really ignorant to think otherwise. I understand what you are saying about if a profit is made, then in your eye, its successful, however, I think that the studios would disagree. They have their number crunchers and such, but sometimes a film just doesn't meet expectations, and by industry standards, not ours, the film isn't successful. To put it even more simply, the movie industry is simply dealing with financial numbers that us fans can't even comprehend in our wildest dreams. Lets just say (insert movie name here) makes $10 million more than what was spent on a $100 million budget. Now to us, $10 million is more than we'd ever see in our lifetimes, but to the studio, its just a drop in the bucket. While it would be "successful" by your definition, in no way would such a film be deemed a success by the studio. So yes, you must take into account the audience when deeming a film successful or not, the studios certainly do. Now back to the original statement that started this whole thing. Saying that GR is a flop, less than 24 hours into the first day is completely insane. It may be your opinion that it WILL flop, but in no way is it a fact that it is or even will be. Stating your opinion as fact is always asking for trouble, and that looks like what this thread has turned into.
  18. Seen it already, but another Alex Ross statue? Yep, count me in! Should go nicely with the Superman Forever statue. I wonder if they're planning on making a whole line of characters in this manner, using a similar base, and based off older Ross cover art? I'm sure I'd buy every single one if they did. Heres to hoping they do!
  19. Tub time at 8:00!!! Tune in for more!!! @loll@
  20. Well, here is what I could dig up so far...taken from IMDB... What is this? The official description reads: "In an epic tale of sacrifice, Superman battles an intergalactic serial killer in a superpowered Armageddon - "Superman: Doomsday". After Superman makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Metropolis by giving his life to defeat the foe, those who loved him the most mourn their fallen hero and friend. But a world without Superman proves to be short-lived when the Man of Steel mysteriously returns. Or does he?" Based on the best-selling graphic novel of all time, The Death of Superman. The animated movie is set to be released by Warners Home Video on September 25th, 2007. How long is this? Superman: Doomsday is expected to run 70 minutes in length. Who is voicing whom? No casting has been announced yet. However, Lucy Lawless is rumored to be voicing Wonder Woman in a Justice League animated movie (probably Justice League: The New Frontier, but maybe for this). Is this connected to the "Superman" or "Justice League" animated series? No. This movie is not connected to the "Timm-verse" of Batman/Superman/Justice League shows; although, Bruce Timm is art directing the project. "Style-wise, the film will feature an all-new look from animation guru Bruce Timm," according to Sander Schwartz, president of Warner Brothers Animation. Hope this helps.
  21. Come on...Ghost Rider wasn't even close to being marketed in the way Superman Returns was. Just because he had a tax commercial you're going to put them in the same marketing scale? Thats just downright laughable and completely ignorant. If money is, well, money, as you put it, tell that to the creators of The Blair Witch project. Estimated budget for that film was only $35,000 but it grossed over $248 million. Obviously this film was more the exception than the rule. Now, by todays standards, the $100 million mark isn't what it used to be, but can you honestly say that this film wasn't financially succesful? Now take Superman Returns, a film I loved and thorougly enjoyed, and it grossed a mere $391 million, but only about $120 million of that is actually profit. Now in no way is a $400 million dollar movie a "flop" in my opinion, but at the same time, when you look at the bottom line, it wasn't necessarily the money maker they were hoping. So, as far as grading films on a different scale...you have to. You must take into account the budget, the advertising, the genre, etc. in order to argue the bottom line that a film is a financial bust or not. Superman Returns, while not a flop (not even close IMO), was certainly a disapointment in financial terms, which after all, is really the only thing the studios care about. Now if Ghost Rider makes less than Superman Returns, it will most likely still be way more succesful financially when you look at the bottom line. Did you? @smilepunch@ By the same logic you're arguing, if I gave you $100 to make something, but it cost you $90 in materials, would it be comparable to the same product made by someone else that started with $40 and only needed to use $20? Simply because you're making the same general item, doesn't mean you can simply lump it all into one category. Now, you tell me which product should be better? Superman Returns was geared towards a MUCH MUCH larger audience than Ghost Rider, but Ghost Rider will probably end up being more profitable. Does this mean its a better film? IMO, its not even close, but after all, money is money....
  22. Good luck with that. Theres only ONE on eBay right now, and its overseas. Not to mention even if you can find one, its gonna be pricey.
  23. Yeah, saw these about 3 weeks ago or so at one of my LCS's. And they're NOT shot glasses. Unless you consider about 1/3 of a bottle 1 shot. They're just an average sized glass with a very nice "frosted" look to them. And they cost about $9.99 each if you can find 'em. They look great in person too, but again, they're NOT shot glasses.
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