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  1. Well, I didn't read the graphic novel, just kind of flipped through it, but the movie looks EXACTLY like it was ripped from the pages and put on film. Great art direction. Its probably the best film adaptation of a comic I've ever seen when you take all things into consideration. To each his own I guess. Oh well, have fun NOT seeing the best movie released so far this year, hands down.
  2. Good eye Jase. Almost posted on this today. The last two GL's have gone for $204 and $214 plus shipping. Glad I shelled out $140 when I did, which was good at the time because I haven't seen one go for any cheaper since. Rub it in Jase, rub it in.... @bH@
  3. Yup, GREAT F%$%^%$ FLICK!!! Definitely a must see!!! Saw the midnight showing, and it was well woth the wait.
  4. Yeah, scouted it out at the LCS today. I like it, but I'll like it even more on Friday when I'll go back to get it at 30% off!!! ##1#
  5. The Batgirl might actually be the Cassandra Cain version since we have seen pics of that figure. With Mattel though, who really knows for sure. It might just be a repack of the Batgirl from the earlier two pack.
  6. Same could be said for Ghost Rider, but lets not get into that again... @smilepunch@
  7. The original Doomsday from DC Direct is being re-released later this year. I think he's a little bigger than the DCSH version. But a larger Doomsday is one major figure that I think we're all waiting and hoping to get.
  8. HOORAY!!!! @yipee@ @purpbananna# @bananna@
  9. Yup, already got my FREE ticket from Best Buy last week. Anyone else snatch that up?
  10. Lets hope the rest of the cast sign on as well. As for Radcliffe though, not bad for a kid who was noticed by the casting director at a theater and simply thought he looked the part.
  11. Supes and Bizarro's clogging the pegs? Really? Thats news to me... @loll@
  12. Well, I'm interested I guess. More Alan Moore stuff (even though he wants no part of Hollywood films). WATCHMEN: THE MOVIE
  13. Oooooo, I like. Always like seeing alternate costumes on characters. I've always liked Supes in black. The black costume he has on in STAS when Lois enters that alternate reality was always really cool too. Nice job!
  14. Here ya go... Cool, although I'm trying to stick to the 10" line, but for some reason I can't even find those now.
  15. Oops, forgot about the new blue Supergirl. @dunce@ Well, then thats 20. Even less for them to put out. And I'm not saying there isn't enough characters for them to do, but I don't think they're taking full advantage of what they could be doing. Maybe its their fault, maybe it has to do with DC not letting them do certain characters. Like Nightwing, maybe its too story specific. Who knows what guidelines they're being held to exactly. I love this line, and I'll still buy every new figure they release, but I know that doesn't go for everyone, so yeah I'm worried a little about the future of this line. It really does have MOTU written all over it, although I think having a larger fan base may help prolong it.
  16. Seen pics of both. Don't think it really makes a difference though value-wise. A completist might want both, but no, no real value to anyone else.
  17. Hmmmm, you might be on to something... Collectors buying more than 1 of a certain character and in different lines no less? Thats proposterous! @loll@
  18. LOL....I love youtube! The Academy won't show us anything from that nights telecast but gets pissed if someone else does. I love it.
  19. Thought it was 27? Either way, we're not going to be getting much more. So far these have been released in 07: -Superman (re-pack) -Superman (black "S", re-pack) -Supergirl (black skirt, re-pack) -Steel (chrome/flat) -Doomsday (Orange, repaint) -Parasite -Darkseid (Black, repaint) -Bizarro (w/ necklace, repaint) -Mongul -Kal-El Superman Now, seen on packaging/web sites/Toy Fair/magazines: -Cyborg superman -Black costume superman -Catwoman -Two-face -ManBat -Clayface -Cassandra Cain Batgirl -Joker Thats 18 already, 19 if ya wanna count the 2 Steel versions. Throw in another repaint Batman I'm sure and that'll make 19. So, only another 8 figures to go? Sorry, I love this line but Mattel is doing what they do best...running it into the ground. MOTU line ring any bells? That total of 27 is also INCLUDING REPAINTS! Most of those are crap anyways. So how many new CHARACTERS will we see, other than those listed? My guess is 3 at best, with another 5 repaints to round out our number of 27. I'm sorry, but until they get permission to do more story specific characters and costumes and such, most of the pegs are going to be full of the same old crap, and stores aren't going to be so willing to replentish there already overstocked supply. I wish it wasn't so, and it pains me to say it cuz I love this line, but face the facts, this line will soon be doomed after another year of repaints and only having the Supes/Bats theme.
  20. I was excited when we found this out LAST week... @smilepunch@ @loll@ JLA Movie Thread
  21. Careful Jase, don't jinx us! @smilepunch@ As bad as the Hawkman fig is outta scale, it wouldn't surprise me that the next waves of 13" figures somehow grow and start matching up with the Tonner dolls in height. Then we'll have to start all over again.... @loll@
  22. Yeah, went to the ol' LCS to pick these up today. I ended up passing on them because they were overpriced IMO, so I'll just order the set on eBay or something. Anyways, yeah, I too noticed Hawkman was freakishly large. I don't read the comics, but is he drawn that big in comparison to the others? The figure itself is great, but its just soooo big, it doesn't really blend in too well with the rest of the line. If it is simply a scale problem, then HTF did it happen? Its all based on the same art, by the same artist. There really shouldn't be ANY problems in scale with this line. Poorly done DC, way to to go. Another good line they have to F up with scale issues. Normally it doesn't bother me as much, but this line seems too simple to screw up, or so I thought.
  23. Yup, went hunting today, still haven't found anything from this wave. Its getting a bit rediculous, but from what I read from another board (from a WM or TRU employee, can't remember which) was that the orders have been placed by many stores but the place shipping them out from overseas is completely backed up and is having trouble getting them out. Oh well, guess I'll find 'em eventually. I'd hate to have to go the eBay route for something marketed in mass retail stores.
  24. I think part of the appeal is that they're actually different than anything else out there. Although at first I thought they looked short, but once out of the package they're just as tall as most other lines. I think the "bulk" on them is what makes them look shorter. Overall though, this line is one of my favorites. They've got all the main JLA characters and are now releasing others. Lets hope they keep 'em coming, but isn't McGuiness doing Marvel stuff now? Uh oh....
  25. Well, since you bumped it... I for one am looking forward to this one, for two reasons. One, its Superman, and two, it'll be the last 13" figure until Martian Manhunter in late May. I've bought the entire line in about a 2 month span, and yes my Green Lantern finally arrived, and its probably the best of the bunch. Wasn't really expecting it to be, but that figure just seems so "dead on" in appearance. Pretty disappointed in Two-Face, but its still not as bad as some have said. Well, at least our wallets can take a well deserved break from this line for a little while.
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