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  1. Well, whomever that guy is thats making those, he's sure making a pretty penny. I can't believe people would buy such a thing for that amount. I mean c'mon....$300!!??!! Thats just rediculous.
  2. Saw it in ToyFare, but was pretty pissed when they said there was only gonna be 100 made, that they were for execs only, and that we would NEVER see one made on a larger scale. Anyways, thought I'd browse the custom JLU figs on Ebay to get some ideas for my own collection, and saw this.... Holiday Hal Figure At first I thought it was the "real deal" until I read the auction, but its someone's custom. Pretty cool idea, but there is no way I'd ever pay anywhere near what its going for.
  3. Yeah, I agree about the Supergirl figure. She is just waaaaay too tiny. Granted, I know she isn't a large person in the cartoon, but this figure makes her look like a 10 yr old midget. Maybe I'll just grab a bunch, repaint 'em, and build an army of oompa loompas. I was really disappointed that she was so tiny. She just looks so out of place with the rest of the figures and I guess that my main gripe, is that she just doesn't fit in. If they make any more Supergirl variants though, she'll still probably be the same size, but I'd like to see her with the long-sleeved blue top this time around.
  4. I still like the Kingdom Come Alex Ross version. I know its not as classic as the others but I rather like the idea of "Hawkman" being more of a hawk + man combo rather than just wings and a helmet.
  5. This sucks. You guys say thses have been out for a few weeks or so and yet around here I haven't seen a single one. I like the looks of Wildcat and WW with the blue cape.
  6. If they're just starting to pop up, we probably won't see 'em here for another month or two... @grumpy@
  7. The more I see of the new costume, it looks so good in pics and will probably look even better on the big screen, but it just doesn't seem to pass on to the figures, now why is that?
  8. Lets hope so. A JLU Doomsday figure...AWESOME!!! Happy Dance time.... @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@ @bananna@
  9. Is it just me or does the Superman with "Superbreath" look more like a "supersneeze" more than anything else? Yeah, I'll agree, I think they've run their course with Supes variations unless they start doing something else other than the basic pose. Anyways, gotta love the Yellow Flash, more GL Core figs, a maskless Hawkgirl, Huntress, Zatanna, and Vigilante are all must haves!
  10. I like the Supes, Bizarro, and Doomsday, but the SuperGirl face just doesn't look right. Not a huge fan of that costume either. Wish they would have shown more, but there are pics in the Feb. issue of Lee's Toy Review. Darkseid looks pretty good. And whats with the picture of Croc's crotch?...try saying that 3 times fast...lol
  11. I hope thats the official explanation as well. How else could they expect to pass off that figure as anything but complete crap? And whats with Lex as a black guy? I hope its not an actual movie character because that fig looks just like Spacey....only black.
  12. The more JLU figures they put out, the better. Let us hope that they'll continue to put out most (cause you know they'll never do ALL) of the JLU characters even though the show looks to be coming to an unfortunate end.
  13. Really looking forward to all the pics and info as they come out. Love those Rocky figures by Jakks. The Batman Legos don't look too bad either. An I kinda like that Sub-Zero and Scorpion 2-pack from that MK line. This is going to be a really really great year!
  14. Unfortunately I don't think we'll ever see that figure. Too bad cause its pretty sweet. Oh well, guess thats where customizing comes in. But still, its a shame for the most popular GL character to be released the way he was....not meant for us.
  15. Nice find! I've been searching non-stop for the those new figs, but haven't seen any yet. In fact most of the places have hardly anything at all, so hopefully they'll be getting in new shipments soon. I've been wasting too much gas and coming up empty...gotta love the hunt!
  16. Awesome job. Makes me wish I had extra coin to buy figs for customs. My favorite. Probably because you just don't see ant T-cats out there anymore, and yes they need to make some. Wouldn't mind seeing McFarlane do some in their ultra-detailed more realistic styles. Could be really cool.
  17. Yup, the theme for this year will be "BROKE, BROKE, AND BROKE!" Great pics. I absolutely love almost everything, but I'd probably have to say that the Superman Forever Statue will be TOPS on my list of MUST HAVES though. Gotta love those cover-to-cover statues and this is by far the best one. Too bad it won't have the $45 price tag that the rest of them have. Looks like its $195. Oh well, MUST.........HAVE.........IT.........!!!
  18. Well, you can put me down for a Kryptonite Prop Rep. but at only 1,000 pieces it may be hard to come by. Here's the article. I can't wait for pics from Toy Fare to start coming out soon! This article also has the prices listed for each statue, bust, prop, etc. so far. Supes Returns Collectibles
  19. Well, many times the guys selling the sign are selling quite a few, say 3-400+ at a time, so they don't always get back to ya right away. I'd still get one though...oh wait, I already have one....nevermind.... @smilepunch@
  20. Well, it's not quite like putting them in the sun....the bulbs are soft light and really don't put out enough light to cause any fading. As for fires...well, I guess you run the same risk as having anything else plugged in...LOL You would be surprised by the amount of light these signs do put out, they're quite impressive, but never in 100 years would they cause any fading. I was pretty skeptical of 'em at first...but once ya plug 'em in, you'll be pretty impressed. For $30 its worth it. Man, I kinda sound like I'm the one pushing these...LOL...ok, no more from me... @helmet@
  21. Not sure who the seller was cause I got it early last year I think. I'd just make sure you get one from someone with a high feedback rating that way if anything should go wrong, you'd be dealing with someone that sells in bulk and could replace whatever you need at no extra cost. And no, they don't run on batteries THANK GOD!!!!! cause I used to leave mine on constantly for days, nights, and weeks on end....and it still works fine. Replacement bulbs are a MF'r though, but I found a web-site that carries them. I bought one as a back up but haven't had to use it yet. Oh, so as for the power source, its just a regular cord (not in the picture) that'll plug into your normal outlet. Its like a 5 or 6 ft cord, I had to get an extension cord to reach where I wanted. As for the chain, you don't have to use it, I just used a nail on each side that the little triangle hooks slid over. You'll see its pretty simple if you get one. To hide the cord running down the wall, I just taped it to the back of two of the poster frames next to it and that seemed to work quite nicely, but you could also get one of those wire tube things from Hope Depot or something that people use to hide phone wires and such. Hope that helps....AND I HOPE YOU GET ONE.....I think you'll be glad you did. Weird thing though, last year there used to be TONS of these on eBay...Supes, Flash, GL, Bats...and all kinds of variations, especially on Bats, but there aren't as many if at all anymore...
  22. I'll have to pick up my copy tomorrow, but that fig on the cover looks better than the other pics I've seen so far. Still, sometimes figs that look like crap in pics look much better in person. I really hope this is the case since the consensus so far ranges from just "ok" to "crap." Not exactly the ringing endorsements we were all hoping for. Who knows, maybe the movie will have an effect on how much we like the new figs too. Ya never know... Maybe those Fortress of Solitude crystals will be decent enough for some kind of Fortress diorama...now THAT would be a sweet custom build!!!
  23. I think I'd rather have them put out a great product than hurry out a crappy one. So if I have to wait for a little while longer...I can. I really would like to hear an official release date though, but yeah, they're probably waiting to unveil it at E3.
  24. Nice, but there's still too much of the Spawn figure in there for me...it just seems to be too cluttered. The wings from that Spawn figure though are IMO the best out there for a good custom winged character.
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