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  1. Well, I finally found one during a random stop at Target during my X-mas shopping exploits today. I was just there on Wed and they had absolutely nothing, but today (Friday) they had the Batman/Batgirl 2 pack and 3 or 4 Supes/Bizarro packs. The best part was that it wasn't even hidden! It was right on the front of the peg for all to see and I couldn't grab it quick enough. I'm in the NW Ohio area and I'm finding that much of the DC stuff is running pretty low. I suspect people are snatching 'em up for their kids and such, so they seem to be putting out fresh cases on a regular basis. Some stores I've found though don't even have a single figure left. This goes for both the DC Superheros line and the JLU line. Been looking casually for some 10" figs and there just aren't any around. Some of the new 3 packs are around and a few of the new singles. I even found 3 Superman figs (JLU) that said "Dr. Light" on the front of them...weird. Anyways, with all this stuff moving/selling its good to know that new stuff will be coming in on a regular basis.
  2. They really need to do these, but I'm guessing there is some legal mumbo jumbo about releasing them. There are of course several Spidey DVD's out with various episodes in it. The only X-Men (from the original series) that I know of is the episodes containing The Phoenix Saga. I pop that in to watch every now and again, but I would love to have a studio released DVD set of the entire series though...and Spidey too!
  3. Not sure, as they've already changed the line-up. Series 4 was supposed to be Stealth Jump Batman, Batgirl, Two-Face, Joker so I'm guessing thats who we're getting judging by most online pre-orders for Series 5.
  4. Depends if you're looking to be a "nice" guy or just wanna make some $$$.
  5. YAWN...especially since most have probably got the two Avengers movies already. What we really need is for somebody to get their ass' moving on the X-Men cartoon from the 90's. I would LOVE to have a DVD set of those, and not that bootleg crap on the internet.
  6. Hmmm, $70 a pop for a 6-7" statue? Well, hopefully someone would have them cheaper than that. That just seems a bit pricey if ya wanted to collect all of them.
  7. Well, I believe the Supes and GL are almost 10" high. Its like 9.75" or something. Pretty good sized statues for a reasonable price, $59.99, but I've seen pre-sells for under $50.
  8. I'll be getting these for sure! But something just doesn't look right with the Flash statue IMO. He just doesn't look like he fits in with the other two. Is it just me, or maybe its just the angle? Oh well, I'll probably get 'em all anyways.
  9. Just noticed that someone had spotted the pewter ones popping up, so I was wondering if anyone has seen the color versions out yet? I haven't but I guess they aren't supposed to be out til January. I really like the Star Wars line, but they're cranking them..........out.........sooooo........slooooooowwwww, its kind of turned me away. Wonder if they'll be pushing these out a little quicker? At least we are getting 3 in a series instead of 2 though.
  10. Therein lies the problem. I guess it all boils down to why we're collecting. Are we doing it because we just like to do it, or are we hoping to make some money down the line? Probably a little of both I would say. Well, I guess I'm gonna try and narrow down exactly what I'm collecting. I figure probably 95% DC related items since those are pretty much my favorite and there is such a wide variety with only more to come. And of course, I'll keep some boxed, and open a few others. Just depends how they look with or without the box I guess or how much I think they'll increase in value...
  11. Was just reading over on the DC site and noticed that they will be RE-RELEASING the Supes figure on March 7. This time he will be WITHOUT the Clark Kent clothes, but will still have an extra set of hands and the steel girder, so it looks like he'll be priced in line with the latest releases.
  12. I've seen a custom Hal done before as well, done from the Cap Atom as well. Not sure if there is any reference as to if McGuiness as actually drawn him though. Oh, and if you've seen the Nightwing figure coming in February, that'd make a great Hal, or Kyle if that interested you. Good luck though on the custom...be sure to let us know how that turns out.
  13. Good question Jase! I'd like to know that as well. Maybe you could find out if they'll be doing more Alex Ross stuff? Continuing line of "Justice" figures (other than what we know is coming) or maybe if they'll ever re-release the Kingdom Come series (other than Supes, WW, and Bats). Also, what new Series might they take from comics to figures in the near future? I'm sure I've got more, but thats all I can come up with for now.
  14. Well, I believe this forum is intended to be friendly, and being the holiday season, its a time of giving and sharing and I no longer wish to watch nor take part in any other ongoing "disputes"...and so with that, here ya go Bonz X...Merry Christmas!
  15. The only thing I can find is 1 Paulie figure and 2 "meat" figures. My TRU doesn't seem to be in a hurry to restock any of the Rocky figs, and I don't know why. They've had these 3 POS sitting there for about 3 weeks or so.
  16. Never read the books, but from what I've heard, I believe its Cho Chang, the girl he tried to ask to the Ball in GoF, but she was already going with Cedric Diggory. And after now watching the trailer, I know its her. Anyways, this looks like its gonna be good!
  17. Wonder what the size is on that thing? Regardless, its still an awesome looking piece!
  18. They're just re-released figures from the past, so if ya like and don't have, sure, pick 'em up.
  19. I know what you mean. I used to collect Star Wars, MOTU, DC, Marvel, McFarlane Movie Maniacs, McFarlane Sports stuff (mostly football) and various other misc. items. Well, I've gotten rid of quite a bit. Last winter I got rid of most of the McFarlane stuff, ALL of the SW Unleashed line (i had all but 1 at that point), most of my other SW stuff, and most of my MOTU stuff. I hate leaving things just sit around stored in boxes or bins. I'm sort of regretting getting rid of the Unleashed line, but oh well, whats done is done. I'm trying to stick with mostly DC related stuff now, but still make an occasional purchase of something else, keeping in mind though that I don't want to get crazy with all that stuff again. I'm trying now to focus on getting statues. I only have a few so far, obviously because they're expensive, but I do like buying the higher end items. Its stuff that I know I'll NEVER get rid of, and of course they display quite nicely. As for figures, right now the only thing I'm absolutely positive I'll never get rid of is my Alex Ross Justice figures (which at this point I HAVEN'T opened) and most of my various Superman and Batman figs. I find this true just about every year. I buy up most everything I "want" throughout the year, and come winter, (I don't have to work in the winter...but still get paid...hooray!), I start going through everything and weeding stuff out. It seems to usually work out though. Some things go up in price and some I lose money on, but it keeps me busy I guess, and I love doing it, which in the end is why we collect in the first place right?
  20. Oh no....HE DOES!!! LMAO!!! @loll@ @loll@ @loll@
  21. Anyone got a pic of what 13" guys you have so far? I'd be curious to see them all together.
  22. Well, doing the normal web surfing I came across this guys site. Here's a link to his Super Hero page, but if you have the time check out the rest of the site. There's some really cool stuff in there! Super Hero Collection
  23. It shouldn't matter. It happened to me before, in my early days with Ebay. I was the seller, don't remember what it was, but sold an item for about $150. Well, I shipped it without delivery confirmation, the guy said it never arrived, filed a complaint with PayPal, and they yoinked it right out of my PayPal account. Now, I had already spent most of that money, and so what happened was that my PayPal account went into the negative until I put money back into it. I was NOT a happy camper. That was a few years back though, and ever since I've used delivery confirmation on anything I sell over $25. Lesson learned I guess. @grumpy@
  24. I've been looking through the various collections posted around here and I find it really hard to decide on whether displaying my figures would be best if they're open or still in the box. Some look great in their packaging, yet others need to be released to truly appreciate them. I recently moved and I'm just getting around to going through everything and and so I'm just looking for some ideas. Most everything I've been picking up lately is still on card or in box because I knew they'd have to be re-packed anyways. While I'm sure its all personal preference, I just thought I'd seek some insight. There are just so many positives and negatives for open vs carded that its making things difficult. So, need some help guys. #US1#
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