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  1. I wouldn't so much worry about the joints as I would that GOD AWEFUL FACE! What's up with that? Its horrible.
  2. Figs look good, lets hope the paint apps are worthy. And when are these coming out?
  3. Ummm, a new job might help....or possibly the 12" Supes from the DC Superheroes line. It only costs $30... I know my collection would probably be SH*# if I hadn't changed jobs a few years ago. Now I can at least comfortably afford the stuff I want for the most part.
  4. Just happened to come across this... @loll@ How Superman should have ended... Also, go to www.HowItShouldHaveEnded.com for more funny movie endings!
  5. There used to be at least 5 around here, all within an hours drive, but sadly they're all gone now, have been for years. Can't be a good sign.
  6. Nice! WW looks pretty good. That music is kind of annoying though. I've always enjoyed these... BATMAN: DEAD END GRAYSON I'm sure some of you have seen these, but for those that haven't....ENJOY!!! #US1#
  7. @loll@ And isn't this the Batman that is waaaaaaay out of scale with the rest of the line? I thought I remember him being much taller than the rest of the line. That alone pretty much ruins it for me, but glad you like it, you might be one of the few that does. For $12 though maybe I would have picked it up, ok, probably not as I think thats at least $10 too much, especially with a bent ear.
  8. You mean Orange Doomsday??? Still.... @puke@ I like the Supergirl, Steel, and Parasite, but why the F@%& do we need another Bizarro? I guess the single released earlier AND the same one in the 2-pack aren't enough... @grumpy@ So it looks like we're gonna be seeing more pegs clogged with Supes and Bizarro...its deja vu all over again. Oh yeah, and why and Orange Doomsday? I don't get it. And judging from his receipt he got them in Kentucky. Well, thats good news for me meaning they might be headed this way. I just wish I actually wanted more than 1/2 of this wave. Its very disappointing.
  9. There is an article on the Forbes site that says Musicland (and all their chains, Sam Goody's, SunCoast, Media Play, etc.) just filed chapter 11 on Thursday. Its too bad really. I liked the Media Play and SunCoast stores because they always had figures and other random stuff, its just that EVERYTHING was overpriced when compared to other stores, so its no wonder they couldn't compete any more. Here's the article... Musicland's Sad Song
  10. Well, this is odd...according to two guys over at FWOOSH, they've seen the new wave at Meijer and its a Superman wave in Purple packaging. Here is a quote from what he saw... "I have found some of the DCHS 5 wave at my local Meijer. All they had left were some Superman, Bizarro and Variant Black logo Superman. They came in a purple package, much like the new JLU figures and sport pictures of villains on the side of the villains and heros on the side of heros. They showed pics for Steel, Supergirl, Superman, Bizarro, Parasite and an Orange Doomsday. I saw no pictures of Mongul anywhere. Anyone else see this or am I crazy? Unfortuantely, I did not have my camera phone on me and can not provide pics, but I do have a witness in my wife. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the new waves and not some repack stuff." I think I'll wait til I see some pics though before I believe anything. And like he said, I hope its not re-packs of past series just in new packaging. There are just too many conflicting reports right now, so I guess we'll have to wait and see. But they should be coming, after all the last Wave was in October for crying out loud.
  11. Ditto... Now we're gonna have to pay an arm and a leg to get him. #hang@
  12. You mean this guy... http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e5/Kal-El-8/2face.jpg
  13. OPEN OPEN! While I do like to keep some stuff MOC, the 12" figures are too cool not to open, plus you'd have more room.
  14. Ok, I found it. According to BBTS, Wave 5 is a Batman line. You get Stealth Jump Batman, Barbara Gordon Batgirl, Two-Face, and the Joker. DCSH Wave 5 No pics yet, but according to them its supposed to hit stores this month, so keep your eyes open!
  15. Not sure, but you'd think it'd have to be soon.....I hope, I hope....
  16. Well, I can think of one.... @smilepunch@
  17. One would think the episode title "Trickster " would be a dead giveaway.... @loll@ @smilepunch@ Actually the pictures on the discs don't corrispond with the episodes on the discs. Like why is Iris on the last disc? She only appeared in the pilot. Guess there just isn't enough main characters. I'd have been ok with Amanda Pays on all the discs....
  18. Good series for what it was. Actually been watching it this week myself. I taped most of them when they were on tv when I was 11 or 12 yrs old. Picked up the set as soon as it came out. I'm watching them again....ahhhh memories...LOL
  19. I'm a huge Supes fan but this movie/game line of figures is aweful! I can't even bring myself to buy one on clearance. The only thing I've picked up is the figure that comes with the cup (clearanced at Target for $6.88 I believe) and I really only wanted the cup. Those 2 "statue" figures, one flying, one w/bullets bouncing off are pretty good, but I'll never buy any of that other crap. Thank God the DCSH line seems to be doing well. Anyone know when the next wave will be out???
  20. Yup, I ordered a case of figures from them a while back. Everything was packaged very safely and the cards they came on were mint, so yeah, I'd recommend them.
  21. Well, I'm not 30-something, but I know what scene you're talking about. Haven't watched 2 lately other than the Donner cut, so don't know if its in there. But I do remember the scene now that you mention it. So its not your imagination, its gotta be out there somewhere.
  22. Yeah, I bought it. Its the first one I've seen around here.
  23. Well, I finally found one during a random stop at Target during my X-mas shopping exploits today. I was just there on Wed and they had absolutely nothing, but today (Friday) they had the Batman/Batgirl 2 pack and 3 or 4 Supes/Bizarro packs. The best part was that it wasn't even hidden! It was right on the front of the peg for all to see and I couldn't grab it quick enough. I'm in the NW Ohio area and I'm finding that much of the DC stuff is running pretty low. I suspect people are snatching 'em up for their kids and such, so they seem to be putting out fresh cases on a regular basis. Some stores I've found though don't even have a single figure left. This goes for both the DC Superheros line and the JLU line. Been looking casually for some 10" figs and there just aren't any around. Some of the new 3 packs are around and a few of the new singles. I even found 3 Superman figs (JLU) that said "Dr. Light" on the front of them...weird. Anyways, with all this stuff moving/selling its good to know that new stuff will be coming in on a regular basis.
  24. They really need to do these, but I'm guessing there is some legal mumbo jumbo about releasing them. There are of course several Spidey DVD's out with various episodes in it. The only X-Men (from the original series) that I know of is the episodes containing The Phoenix Saga. I pop that in to watch every now and again, but I would love to have a studio released DVD set of the entire series though...and Spidey too!
  25. Not sure, as they've already changed the line-up. Series 4 was supposed to be Stealth Jump Batman, Batgirl, Two-Face, Joker so I'm guessing thats who we're getting judging by most online pre-orders for Series 5.
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