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  1. Thanks Jase! I'll be adding you as well!

  2. At first I was a little uneasy of getting Aquaman, just from seeing pics, but in person his costume looks fricking sweet. And ya gotta have a classic villain like Luthor. I like the way he looks too. This line, IMO, bears somewhat of a resemblance to Alex Ross' art (which is my favorite) so I'll definitely be getting all of these from now on, plus the ones I missed. So yeah, it looks like I got my plastic fix...at least until Flash comes out!!!
  3. Well, I saw 'em at a toy show yesterday, and at one of my LCS today (both times being the first 4 in the series) so I would think they'd be popping up all over for everyone to find soon enough.
  4. Ok, Jase, its all your fault! Look what you made me do! @smilepunch@ Today I ran out to my LCS's and managed to pick up Lex and Aquaman, both for about $50 each. So, now that makes 4. The Deluxe Superman, Batman (ordered yesterday), plus the two I got today. 4 13" figures in about 24 hours....I'm outta control.....somebody stop me.....help...... @jump# @pow@
  5. Thanks Jase! I've noticed you've become quite enamored with this line. Yeah, I knew the new Supes fig was coming, but I really didn't care for the new head sculpt. And I thought the outfit looked slightly different as well, and not in a good way, so for that price I'm happy with what I got. And yeah, I've been keeping an eye out for that GL. He goes for around $150 from what I've seen, but now that I've started, I'll have to get him. He's such an essential character to have. Well, 1 down....
  6. Wow, am I the only one here that DOESN'T read the comics. When I was a kid I used to go through my Uncle's comics, but I don't think I've ever bought one. I love collecting figures though, pretty much all DC stuff, although if I had the budget I'm sure I'd expand into other areas. So, I'm probably not very up-to-date on whats going on in the whole comic universe, but I'll watch anything with superheroes in it such as movies, cartoons, and tv shows. I love that kind of stuff.
  7. Well, just picked up the Superman Deluxe Figure at a Toy Show today for $100. The box looks as if it was just plucked out of case, its in perfect condition. Looking on eBay, the last few all went for over $100 with 3 of them going over $150, and who knows what condition they could arrive in. I really love the look of this thing. Its the first one I've bought in this line, so I went and just ordered a Batman as well. I'm gonna have to get ALL of these. They really are done well. Pictures, although nice, just don't do these things justice. So, DC may be suffering a little in the 6" line, but they're making up for it with these. I'm hooked. #US1#
  8. I've got the statue. I love this line of Cover-To-Cover statues as they are a nice size and don't cost $200.
  9. Yeah, I've seen a few along (Target & Wal-Mart) with a Doomsday here and a Luthor there (Target & Wal-Mart), although I'd have to say there all getting a little scarce. I've still only come across ONE Bats/Batgirl 2 pack, so I'm glad I got that when I did.
  10. LOL...I'm shocked he actually spelled articulated right. How can you list something without being able to spell, or at the very least look at it again before you post it? Love the run-ons too. I don't think I'd ever buy from someone that has a listing that poor, I don't care how good of a deal it might be. They'd probably spell your name and address wrong and you'd never get the darn thing. Oh, its nice to see that the Hulk comes with the "plastic" fingers. I heard the ones with the "real" fingers were creapin' people out. @loll@ @loll@ @loll@
  11. I love how it says "Return if not happy." For $350 I hope he's throwing in 12 figures plus at least $250 in cash, maybe then someone would bid on it.
  12. Those are SWEEEEET! I want that black one! Nice find!
  13. Well, I didn't see it posted yet, but I thought these were awesome. Kratos w/Golden Fleece Armor w/Blades of Chaos Cool figures, and I can't wait for the new GoW2 due out in February.
  14. Well, being a movie-holic, I'll probably see every movie listed in this thread, and yes, all in the theater. I could think of worse ways to spend $10. And if you see it during matinee time, its only $7 or less, depending on where ya go. But yeah, I'm sure HP will hurt the TF flick. It just appeals to a wider audience.
  15. @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ Seriously frustrating. The last wave was in OCTOBER for cryin' out loud! And now they dump out more Supes and Biz figs. F%$@&%$ ##$%$#ED!!! Sadly, I think everyone wants the Steel and Supergirl figure, and who knows when those will start popping up. With the pegs full of figures everyone already has, they'll be VERY slow to order more cases. So lets all just take all the Supes and Biz figs off the shelf and hide 'em somewhere else in the store....who's with me? @loll@
  16. Wish I could help, but my Alex Ross figures are all suffocating in their boxes, and there they shall remain.......forever.............mwaaahaaahaaaahaaa............ @firedevil@
  17. Things are shaping up well for the next 2 episodes as well. Martian Manhunter is back next week in "Labrynth", and the following week is "Crimson", another RED-K episode. The red kryptonite episodes are always good. After that, the next 2 eps look to be "fillers" but as always I'm sure there will be some major plotlines going on behind the scenes. Well, I'd really like him to start flying by season's end, or at least give us a hint that its coming. I think he's old enough now that he should be. I'm guessing that he'll be able to once he developes the freeze breath, catches the last "Zoner" and completes his training with Jor-El which he promised to do, finally coming to terms with his destiny. So, how long can they stretch this series out anyways? One more season after this, tops? I'd love to see 'em develope the show into a "Superman" show, using the same cast and such, perhaps call it "Metropolis" but I doubt that'll happen. Its very rare that a TV series consistently gets better season after season, but Smallville manages to do it very, very well.
  18. Nice, I like. Doesn't have the usual shine to 'em like some other crappy customs. Good job! Although, for me, I don't like all that articulation (like the ML's) as I think some figures just don't look right. To each his own though. Oh, and Supes made me laugh. He's hung like Ace & Gary from the SNL skits... @loll@ @loll@ @loll@
  19. YIKES! If synch can find 'em, everyone should be able to.... @smilepunch@ @loll@
  20. I picked a couple of 'em up at Meijer the other day because I know some of you here said you haven't seen 'em so I thought they'd be good for trade if anyone is interested. I really really need the DCSH Robin if anyone has it.
  21. Great Episode! I love that Luthor is getting more and more evil, but that he thinks what he is doing (at least right now) is for the good of mankind. Having all the JL's back was good too, with Chloe running things from the "Watchtower."
  22. Wow, that stuff is too funny. These guys are ludicrous. Hmmm, no pics, an incomplete list and no bases UNLESS you use BIN. Rediculous. The other one where the BIN is $4G's is equally rediculous. Surfing ebay quite a bit, finding stuff like this is always great. I'm a sucker for stupid people. They amuse me. @loll@ @loll@ @loll@
  23. Actually the episode "Justice" is on tonight. HOORAY! @jump#
  24. Ok, I'm gonna have to give in. I thought about getting into some Marvel stuff as well as other lines, but I think I'm just gonna have to get these. The more I see 'em, the more I like 'em. CornerStoreComics has some of 'em fairly cheap and of course theres always eBay. Getting that GL is gonna be a pain in the ass though....$150...OUCH...
  25. Its pretty much a 2up of the 6" version, only better IMO. Its like a ML Icon and the only turn-off for most is probably the $30 tag on it since the Icons are under $20. I love the huge "S" base as it goes perfectly with my 12" Batman (grey/black) and base Mattel put out a few years back. They really blend well together since Bats is slightly shorter than Supes, just like he should be. One of these days I'm gonna have to get a camera so I can post pics of the specific stuff I talk about.
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