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  1. The article also says that this is the "conclusion" so is this the very last wave of this series? I hope not, but that Batgirl is a nice note to end on.
  2. I actually snatched up a few of the 12" Cyborg Supes the other day at TRU since some people seem to be looking for them. So if you need one, let me know. Still haven't seen any 6" yet. Seems whenever a case comes in, they're gone very quickly. All I've seen is the Camo Bane and Knight Shadow Batman.
  3. Nice find, and I'd pick 'em all up too for only $5 each. I had to chuckle though when you said you had to put them on lay-away. @smilepunch@
  4. Yeah, I think somebody woke them up and told 'em they actually had a good product going, so they said great, lets jack up the price! I'll continue to get them, just maybe not with the same enthusiasm as before, but I'll get 'em. IMO, buying one 13" figure instead of an entire 7" line or so, is still worth it. They display wonderfully. My only question would be, when do ya think they'll end this line? After 20 figures? 30?
  5. The 13" line just keeps getting better and better. They just need to work on leveling it out a bit by adding more female characters and more villains. But I'm sure they'll get around to it. As long as they keep releasing a good handful every year, I'm sure we'll see all the characters we could want.
  6. I can't believe some of you. You make me sick. The guy MURDERED his wife and child. All this RIP crap and "you will be missed" bologna is complete garbage. Please, please, learn to seperate yourselves from a frickin' tv show and accept reality. He planned this out, and it took place over an entire weekend, first killing his wife, then his son the next day, and then taking his own life the day after. The excuses that keep pouring out are laughable. "He was probably in a bad state of mind." YA THINK? However, lots of people are in bad situations and don't go around committing homicides. If he beat his wife or kid, you might have an argument, but he frickin' murdered them. I'd say thats a little above and beyond ANY argument could make. Please give me any scenario where you think it might be "ok" for him to kill his family. There just isn't one. Some of you need to get a life and stop living through wrestling like old people live through re-runs of Matlock and Murder She Wrote. For those that keep saying "I can't believe it, he's my idol" I feel bad for you because you're just too pathetic to realize that wrestling isn't real. Well guess what, this is. Maybe its because you're so used to being spoon fed some crap shows version of "reality" that you can no longer differentiate from real life anymore. This isn't a character. Its a real person. Maybe you liked him as a wrestler, and thats fine, but the truth is you have NO idea what kind of person he actually was. He's dead, and so is his family, by his own hands. How some of you can still respect him is simply beyond insane.
  7. Depends what scale you're looking for, but I'm with HRB on this one. The "HUSH" Nightwing figure is the best IMO.
  8. I'd have to say seeing this flick was probably the most fun I've had at the theater in a long time. One second you're jumping out of your seat at the blood and gore stuff, and the next minute you're laughing your ass off at something else. The look of the film was also spot on, with all the grainy qualities of 70's and 80's film. It really was worth the price of admission, and I don't think you could get the same experience viewing it at home. A must see in the theater IMO. Good review.
  9. I believe she's the ONLY African-American woman to take home the Oscar for Best Female Performance in a leading role, so to say she hasn't really done anything is a bit ignorant. Oh yes, and she has great cans...
  10. Nope. Hope that helps... @smilepunch@
  11. You may have just answered your own question, but I wouldn't mind seeing one.
  12. Very, VERY disappointing. Comic accurate or not, I would much rather prefer a black/yellow cape with the black costume. Oh well, November is a long ways off, maybe they'll change it.
  13. Congrats Thunda, and yes Jase it does feel good to be caught up. I'm pretty much caught up with most of the things I've wanted, entire HUSH series, entire JUSTICE line, entire 13" line, some statues and a few other odds and ends. There really isn't anything left right now that I'm just dying to have. I'd still like a few more statues that are out there, but most of those can be had at any time. Its kind of nice not to be constantly searching for a whole load of stuff at once.
  14. Let us know, but neither of those has the Cyborg Supes or Black Suit Supes, and those are the ones I think most of us are waiting for.
  15. Its not a hoax. The cases containing the Cyborg Supes and Black Suit Supes aren't scheduled to even be shipped until the first or second week in April. Thats why we're not seeing them yet, so no need to panic. They've got case pre-orders and the ratios in each case over at CornerStoreComics. Why Mattel has so many different case breakdowns is very strage though.
  16. Well, hope arrives in good shape! I love mine, but like others have said, the @supes@ sits a little too low. Mine doesn't look as bad as some others I've seen. You would think that being the main part of his costume they could have put it in the right place. Just more poor QC problems I'd guess. Other than that I don't have any problems with it though.
  17. Yes, I know that. Perhaps I should have worded it better. The movie isn't trying to be realistic. Forget the fact that these events actually took place. Look at it more like the Sin City adaptation. The movie is taken DIRECTLY from a graphic novel. Thats it. Yes, the novel took a different approach to explain the certain historical apects of the events, but the movie itself is purely a representation of the NOVEL. Its not supposed to reflect actual events, even though it does to an extent, its not the soul reason behind the making of the film. Get it now? I don't see how thats so difficult to understand.
  18. Whoa whoa whoa, somebody flag this thread! Synch actually said there's something that he DOESN'T want??? I don't believe it. @smilepunch@
  19. You do realize that 300 isn't based on historical events right? Its based on the graphic novel, not any historical documents. Its not supposed to be "realistic". Its supposed to have an edge to it. Astronaut Farmer??? Yeah, thats pretty realistic though...
  20. Just found the new Darkseid, Biz, and Kal-El figures the other day. Still need the Supergirl and Mongul.
  21. Sorry Thunda, but for some reason he only orders 1 13" figure. Don't really know why. I asked him before and he said he just doesn't want to get "stuck" with them. I can see why because he charges $70 for them. This is only the 2nd one I've bought from him, and only cuz of the sales on both. I've been buying them on ebay for around $50, which what I got this one for, so I would think you could snatch one on ebay for a fair price.
  22. Ok, its yesterday's haul, but thought I'd share. One of my LCS's was having a 30% off sale so I couldn't help myself. Not to mention the "Crisis" statue was still at original retail, so I got it for about $90. The last few I've seen on eBay have gone for about $200. So, all in all, it was a good day.
  23. Like with most things, its released, but being new doesn't really garner much attention thinking that they're might not be any more. But now with the line taking off everyone realizes they're going to keep producing these, so now everyone that passed before is now scrambling to catch up with the previous releases. Oh, and GL just happens to be maybe the best figure they've done.
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