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  1. Looking at this, once can easily get caught up in the amount of money that has been spent as well as how much it is currently worth (since some of those groupings like the entire line of international Rattlers is likely worth more as a whole than by the parts). The unmentioned cost, which I can only begin to comprehend, is the staggering amount of time that she must have spent scouring eBay, conventions and any other number of sources in order to amass this great treasure trove of valuables. And I don't even want to know how much money was spent on shipping alone, what with the horde of international items present. I like this stuff too, but not nearly THAT much!
  2. Wow, looks great! The only criticism I could add would amount to nitpicking, so there's no point. BTW, you've got a great eye--when I looked at the picture, I didn't even notice those 'fangs' at the base of the faceplate.
  3. Yeah, you don't want to screw around with heart issues. I remember that back home there was this nice little hobby store I'd visit every once in a while. I walked in this one time and saw the owner simply sitting back in an armchair. My first impression was that he was being lazy, but he later related his story of the past weekend. He said that he had been working on the shingles of his roof under the hot, summer sun when he felt some chest pains. He went to the medical center for some tests and the doctor, who was a friend of his, came back and whispered in his ear "you're having a heart attack". They brought him to the hospital and treated him, releasing him with the instruction to take it easy, which was why he had been sitting in the chair. I remember that as I left the last thing I said to him was to make sure that he took it easy and got better, to which he replied "oh, don't worry, I will". His obit appeared in the paper less than a week later.
  4. Overall I like him. This is definitely and improvement! I agree about the head--it was a tad narrow. This head has the hard edge and square jaw that I would expect to find on Falcon. I like the backpack with antenna (wouldn't mind getting a better view of that, BTW) since that was once of the more distinguishing features of the original figure that I remember. I believe I see that you also kept the knife--another nice touch. Also it's good that you kept the shotgun, though I liked that he had a stock on his--as a kid I often saw him as a clone of Flint since they both had berets and shotguns, but at least their berets were different colors and the shotguns differed in that one had a stock and the other didn't. The combination of the color of his jacket along with the kerchief remind me of the stereotypical boy scout. In regards to the hair color, I don't think that matters all that much. However, DO change the color of that beret. I know that it says "combat operations" on his newest file card, but he always will be a Green Beret to me--that was his special thing that made him cool. That lousy blue beret that they gave him makes him look like one of those wimpy UN peacekeepers.
  5. Damn, I tried searching the forum under "Cuoco" and "Slave Leia" and I didn't see it offhand, so I didn't think it had been posted. I must not have noticed it.
  6. She makes a pretty good Baroness.
  7. Yeah, that's the old base that I was talking about! I know that it wasn't the real Pit and that it was only used in the comics twice--as a diversion during the night attack and as a pre-fab base to hold cobra commander prisoner in issue 24, but it was still the first Joe base. I guess my answer remains the Terrordrome for the very reason that I'd buy multiples, but the very topic of this thread makes me want to check eBay for the original Joe base.
  8. Wait...which Pit are we talking about: the mobile one from 2009, or one of those ones from 1992 or 2001? I know that when I was growing up, I always wanted the original GI Joe headquarters--even though it wasn't the actual Pit. From this list, I guess I'd prefer most to have a Terrordrome. The reason for this is not just because it's a cool set, but also because though the other items on the list are expensive and hard to get in a complete state, I could still get one of those other items off eBay and I'd only need one of each. If the terrordrome were re-released, I'd probably get two or three. I could set up some nasty little complex reminiscent of the Eben Emael, complete with supporting bunkers, sandbagged ASP emplacements, and a few other things. THEN I could plan for how the joes would assault the place.
  9. Well if you're going to qualify it like that, then you should say which Snake-Eyes is each of 1st, 2nd and 3rd. For my part, originally was my favorite, but I still liked . The two have since traded places. If I'm going to throw in a 3rd option, then it would have to be because he does look sort of cool and I loved that issue since it introduced Kwinn.
  10. I think that's true for a lot of people. When they originated the entire ninja theme in that classic Silent Interlude issue, it was cool. I got wrapped up in it as well. But they went to the well too many times. It was like the Joe force became less an elite special teams force and more like a dojo. As I got older, I looked back and part of me wishes that they'd stuck to the kickass commando theme with which he originated. I still love that one piece of artwork where there were two grunts on patrol. The lead grunt is saying to his buddy that he doesn't know what's so special about the Joes since they hadn't even ran into one of them yet. But unknownst to him, Snake Eyes was taking out his companion--and not with some ninja martial arts move, but like a trained commando. BTW, I'm wondering if the name of one of the original thirteen is going to be dropped--outside of Snake-Eyes. In the same manner that Snake-Eyes fell a bit from collective popularity due to the ninja storyline, Hawk suffered from being removed from the action. I think too many people remember him in his later role as General Hawk and forget that this is the same guy who engaged Destro in a fistfight on the back of a moving HISS tank, took several shots in the back from Cobra Commander, then while recuperating ended up capturing Major Bludd in the hospital at gunpoint because he refused to surrender his sidearm to the hospital staff. We tend to forget that he used to be pretty cool before he got mothballed, and it doesn't help that the cartoon treated him like a minor character.
  11. When GI Joe debuted in Marvel Comics, my original favorite was Stalker. But the problem was that I could never find the action figure in the stores; I still don't have him, but I can solve that easily with eBay. Anyway, when Flint came out and I held that action figure in my hands, my appreciation for him quickly rose. I never like the shotgun (back then) so I gave him Snow Job's rifle instead. Between the cartoons and the comics, his status as my favorite cemented itself. It helped that my brother's renewal to Marvel Comics happened to do some kind of flunky overlap so that he was getting duplicates. This meant that I got the extra comic, and one of those few comics that I got happened to be issue #37, where Flint made his Marvel debut. How can you not like that image? I still love seeing him in that pose and it's one of the more iconic images of Flint that I can remember. Now, I know that a lot of people love Snake-Eyes. And I know of guys who loved Roadblock because he was strong and carried a heavy machine gun, and I know that there were those who liked Duke because of his rank (speaking of those two, that was a pretty good intro for them in the comics as well, and when playing the original Halo, I still sometimes like to shoot down a Banshee with nothing but the pistol in mimicry of Duke). But Flint had that interesting combination of daring, strength, authority and a balls-to-the-wall attitude that endeared him to me. When GI Joe Retaliation comes out, I sure hope that they do him right.
  12. Regarding the GI Joe segments, I was actually toying with the idea of looking them each up on Adult Swim's site and compiling them all in a single thread here. But I didn't know how welcome this would be...and I'm lazy. good idea I'd make a thread like that but I can't access Adult Swim's website because I'm canadian and not all the clips are on youtube Or a thread with Robot Chicken toy spoofs. He-man, Joes, TF's, and the like that would take some time to put together but I'll do it Uhhhhhh...OK! So I went to Wikipedia, decided to start looking through the descriptions for every episode of every season. I was searching for any Joe reference that I could find, then was going to search for it. I got to the very first one, "Supervillains in Traffic"--true classic, IMHO. So I enter my search criteria and then I find this: http://www.adultswim.com/americaloveslists/rc_gijoe/index.html I don't know how much of the material is there, but obviously it's not entirely complete. Maybe they have everything except for the most recent season, because they don't have the very clip that started this thread. In any event, it's a start. They also don't have this roast of Cobra Commander at 2:20 into the episode: http://video.adultswim.com/robot-chicken/schindlers-bucket-list.html When I get time later, I'll look at the Wikipedia episode guide again to give it a once over.
  13. At first I didn't recognize Spirit and I thought I was looking at Rambo. Didn't Hasbro have a deal to make a Joe figure of him, or am I just thinking of the Rocky Balboa which turned into Big Boa when negotiations fell through?
  14. Is that a complaint? No snow here yet either, and I've been enjoying riding my bike to work. We'll be getting the white stuff tomorrow, though.
  15. Wow, I knew there were a lot of them, but I'd long since lost track of the number of them. You could make an entire army of nothing but Snake-eyes's at this point. I almost wonder what percent of the total number of Joe figures ever released are taken up by his character alone. Goodness knows he's taken more than his fair share.
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