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  1. Last year when the prices soared due to " problems in Iraq" (where, incidentaly, we only get 4% of our oil from). This year, after announcing profits in the record BILLIONS last year (why weren't there any criminal charges drummed up here????), they have actually had the balls to say thay since last year showed that even with higher gas prices soaring, people's driving patterns and dependance did NOT change, therefore, this year they are going to continue to raise rates until it actually breaks people, and then plateau prices just slightly below that mark. Unfortunately, there is really nothing we can do about it. Walk? where to? There is very little within walking distance from my house, and I live in a very busy town. It is not time efficient, and unfortunately, every town is built that way these days. And sorry to all of our members here from outside the USA, but I'm tired of hearing about gas prices being so much higher in Europe and such. We're the freaking USA!!! We're supposed to be the best nation on Earth with the best everything! What needs to happen is a nationwide class action lawsuit against these oil companies for price gouging in the face of a world wide event. Anyone know a good lawyer with a set of balls that brass and big? Pat
  2. Dude, that is freaking sweet! The one I did looks like a pile of turd compared! Pat
  3. The SAGA version and the OTC version are one and the same. There doesn't seem to be any plans in the works to make a SA version yet, but keep an eye out for later in the year and next. If you are good at customizing, you should be able to find the parts you are looking for from what is out now and do well. Pat
  4. Has anyone ever heard of Transworld? It is a HUGE costume unveiling show, kind of like Toy Fair, that showcases all the latest and greatest from the companies who make costumes varying from Wal-Mart regulars to Full scale Costumes! Click here to read about our trek to this show and see pics from it. It is AWESOME!!! Pat
  5. That is always a sweet feeling. I crack them open myself as well, but don't be fooled. Some people will hassle you, and I've even been stopped for "potential shoplifting" by an undercover security guard because I was opening cases. 9 times out of 10, the manager will allow it because you are going to buy it. Just remember to be nice to the employees and stock the rest of the case when you are done. Unfortunately, Hot Wheels collectors have given ALL collectors a bad name due to their penchant for throwing things all over the floor and leaving it... Pat
  6. Actually, you'd be surprised with the kind of attention these guys get when they are out. The 501st is broken down int regions, such as the Midwest Garison, and are coordinated by the president of the group. They do just about anything and everything from book signings to birthday parties. I do not believe they charge at all either. Also, they have very strict policies on costumes. They must be movie accurate and made well. No slop allowed. Kits usually begin around $400, and then with all of the customizing (one size does NOT fit all), accessorizing (Black jumpsuit under the armor, gun replicas, etc.), and time/energy, it usually ends up around $1000-$1100. If you take your time, it can be affordable. I used to think these guys were nuts, but once I saw what they do when they are out and how the whole thing is ran, it is actually a little impressive. Pat
  7. That does look sweet! I have that FA Spidey too, and have been trying to think of a custom to make from it. Yours was pretty sweet! Pat
  8. Ason, waht you propose is a great thing. As you have already seen and acknowledged, it is a mixed feeling at best. I do believe that the gist of the wave will be easy enough to find, with the variants of course being eaten up right away by every scalper out there. Believe me, I see it all the time. I planned to pick up as many as I could for fellow collectors already, as I usually aptrol the trade listings looking for things I need as well as things others need. I see you're definitely into the Sentry and Thor, so no matter what, when I see them, I'll pick up those two for sure, and if you already have them, then so be it. I know I can either find another collector who needs them or return them. I agree with some of the others, though, that if I have the choice between getting mine or letting a child get his, the child wins every time. I'm an adult, and can wait or even pay a bit more of what I want. We all got into this as kids, and should all remember that instead of trying to line our pockets with the money made from screwing the kids and collectors. Reminds me of an incident at Walmart on 4/2 for the Star Wars ROTS release... I'm in for your Scalperhunting Posse. If this is your game, visit www.sandtroopers.com This is the entire premise of that site, and the people are awesome at helping with this kind of thing! pat
  9. Sunspot8

    X3 figures

    I'm never a big fan of these "fiction costume figs," but I think I do want that White Storm, as it is really the ML Storm without the base and different colors. I checked them both out today, and it is the same fig with different paint. I like the white better, so I think I will go with that. As for the rest, Keep 'em. I've not seen the Archangel in person yet though. Is it an Angel with different head/wings/paint, or different all together? Pat
  10. These are pretty cool, and with a $5 price point, they're definitely worth picking up, especially now with the new SAGA/OTC '06 waves being mostly rehashes/repaints. I really don't need a 12th Vader or 30th R2, but instead picked up several of these Titanium Ships, and can't wait for the rest. I'm not too much into the bigger scale ones for $20, but the small ones are perfect when you're out on a Star Wars hunt and can't find anything but these, so at least you don't come home empty handed! Pat
  11. In all truth, the reason that George Lucas and LucasArts never wins anything like these awards is because when he was trying to make Ep IV in 1977, no one would fund or assist the film, and the studio wanted to completely edit and change the original script and use actors they wanted to use, so Lucas dropped out of the Screen Actors Guild and made the film on his own. Ever since, very few actors will work for him, and fewer studios will produce them. This is actual fact, and is not at all hidden among the Academy. Pat
  12. At last rumor, the Titanium figs will have a $10 price point, $15 for most online e-tailers. These are definitely cool looking, and am most likely going to get the Vader, Fett, Clone and Sandtroopers. The Vader and Fett do feature removeable helmets, but it is unclear if the rest will or not. Also, there will be treasure hunt variants of some of these, where they are more raw metallic with a slight paint to them. As for the question on wether these replaced the regular version of the Unleashed, the answer I heard last was no. The regular Unleashed line is due back this fall featuring Han Solo in Stormtrooper armor, ShockTrooper, and Chewbacca on Kashyykk. All are actually rehashes with repaints and minor variations. The Han in Stormtrooper is just the Stormtrooper with a Han Head, the Chewbacca is almost exactly the same, and the Shocktrooper is the Clone with different paint and head. Pat
  13. Sunspot8

    Whats left

    In April or May, Walmart will be haveing their own line of Exclusive ML figs, including an Age of Apocalypse Wolverine, and in Series 14 or 15 there is a ThorBuster Iron Man I would love a Wolvie Skeleton, Old Wolvie from Wolverine: The End, Spy Wolvie, and Bone Claw Wolverine. Pat
  14. They are, unless there were some of these in the background. Looks pretty cool, but shouldn't call it a Galactic Marine. Pat
  15. It was my pleasure! Quinlan Vos is hands down my favorite SW cahracter. I made customs of Quinlan and Korto Vos. I want to do a new one soon, with better parts and much more work put in... pat
  16. Very nice work! I've been looking for the plain Microman figs to do customs with, but can only find the Biomachine Microman figs. Where do you find yours? Pat
  17. Well, his first appearance was Star Wars #17 by Dark Horse, but had his first story arc begining with #19-22 in "Twilight." For a more accurate listing, go to www.rebelscum.com and type in Quinlan Vos in the search bar. That will give you a breakdown of the issues. For even more, go to www.sandtroopers.com and register in the forums. Keep a close eye over the next month, as there will be a little something there for fans of Vos... Pat
  18. I have the 501st clone Koto and the Yod Koto. These are definitely worth every penny, as the detail and paint are exceptional. My next Koto HAS to be the Scout Trooper (My favorite Trooper), followed by Commander Bly and Snowtrooper. I also want the Darth Maul, Sandtrooper, and Mace Windu/Yoda sets. I'll be looking for these at Wizard World Chicago in August! Pat
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