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  1. Thats an awesome fig there!
  2. I'm finding the history of the DCU quite interesting, although it is also abit concise to the ppoint that it seems to miss some of the impact of some of the events that happen, which I suppose is only natural considering its a few pages each time. I'm also liking the main stories, they are getting some pace in them now, things are staring to pan out and ask questions. Not seen Black Adam for a while, so hopefully he will turn up soon. I like the fact that although he is in essence a villain, he still is wanting to make sure that the innocent people of the world are protected from people like Terra man (as he so graphically explains). I think the big highlight about this series is that its a sort of showcase for a lot of heroes DC has; gives the smaller heroes the chance to have a kick about the DC universe and gain some fans. Overall, I'm liking where this story is going.
  3. So how many villains in this film again? 4 or 5, overall I mean I'm confused
  4. I don't like "and all that stuff" at all, its not very superherois at all. Thats just bad writing. I don't think the people who changed the tagline (even if it is rather poor) had the idea that they would try to offend america by taking away the 'and the american way' part. The way I see it, although superman is an american creation, I would like to think that he has his eye on all of the dreams of all of the honest and sincere people in any country that need defending from injustice no matter what country they were in; there are decent and evil people in any country. Patriotism is fine, as long as its not to the detriment of other countries, maybe some people misunderstand it as such? I live in England and there are people in this country who would uphold that england was better when we had the 'empire' and we should bring it back, or that because we were on the winning side of wars that have occurred that we know the best way of running things, and decide to forget about the bad things that we've done, which is so easy to do. I find that way of thinking narrow. Getting political is always messy, and I doubt that I know half as much as some people who post on here, to be honest, I'm a political lightweight, but I've always thought that specifically with terrorists, or suchlike, that if they were so righteous in their cause then they would give life, rather than than take it away,as killing is easier to do, and teaches little, as the world is finding out in these times. If you wanted me to pick a superhero that is the epitomy of righteousness, then of course it is superman, and he would most likely give his own life to protect anyone of this earth. Americans may have coined that concept 'the American Way' but in all reality, its the natural way that any person would want to be treated in any society/culture/community. I'm not attacking it in any way, cos I think it is a fantastic concept, its just I'd like to think that other countries and other individuals that have come to understand this concept of their own accord, independent of any other country have the right to own it, not just america. Maybe this is where the friction of the term 'the American Way' comes from when applied to Superman. I'm all for taking "...and the American Way" from the tagline and putting in something a little more universal, it just makes sense to me. I don't agree with 'surrender man' thats just rude.
  5. I read that too and I'm well psyched! the cybermen haven't been handled very well since tom baker (exception being earthshock) so I'm gonna snap up the Troughton animated serial. I think its a fantastic idea, and think if they have the soundtracks to any of the others, whats stopping them doing more? nothing in my opinion. Someone say they had the full audio of fury from the deep...? I have to admit that series 2 of Doctor who has not been what I expected. I don't think Tennant has found himself as the new doctor at all. We only really see glimpses of him in a few episodes - school reunion being the best one so far IMO, and although I do think that he is a Doctor of the times, he isn't the Doctor for me. I think its abit of a case of style over substance for Doctor number 10.
  6. Although it may not even be underwear. Maybe just abit of extra protection?
  7. Thought I'd put in a quick run down of what I've been reading recently; Ironman - execute program Civil War 52 Daredevil Green Arrow Detective comics Batman
  8. Another? I'm hoping it is a cameo then. Too many spidey villains spoil the broth?
  9. Ok thanks guys, we couldn't find them anywhere.
  10. A friend of mine and I were going through his collection and noticed that his series three Magneto wasn't the same as the ones we'd seen online. The difference was that instead of having a comic book come with the figure, it in fact had a gold custom mini poster book. When we looked on the net to see if we could find the gold poster Magneto, we couldn't find it. Could anyone shed light on this?
  11. The trailer looks pretty cool, not sure about the casting though. Nick Cage would not be my first choice, but then I'm willing to give him a go. I don't know much about Ghost rider, so I will prob read up abit about him, but some of the set pieces look awesome - riding up the side of the building! Is the Ghost Rider character supposed to be a Jekyll/Hyde type of character? I think if he was then I would feel more comfortable with the Cage casting, but like I said, I know loittle about the character.
  12. I'm agreeing with the majority of you guys in that I was alittle disappointed in x3, but still thought it was a fun film. Most of the points you raised a I agree with as well - weaker plot development, the Cyclops push, the wolverine fest etc, so no need to elaborate on them. No way will this be the end of the film franchise, there's too much money still left in it. A fourth one will surely be made, maybe to tie up some of the loose ends and give the rest of the fan population abit of closure from this one.
  13. he first one had abit of a sinister, almost demonic feel to it - that jigsaw was inhuman - the part where he takes the doctor from the car park comes to mind. The second one seemed to lose that and just wanted to shock, so it was a little hollow and generic IMO. So I prefered the first alot more than the second.
  14. I saw it last night, I really enjoyed it, but I gotas say that I didn't think it was as good as the firat two, but still a good film. You can really see the difference in director straight away, and it was definitly the action pieces that made the film. The parts that introduced the new characters and the build up of the mutant/human tension I think could've had a more dramatic unravelling, and did think it was abit of a wolverine fest in some points (He has his spin off! - give some other characters a chance!) but was absolutely blown away by the twists. Overall, not in the same light as the first two, and abit of a rushed ending, but still an enjoyable film. Plus Rebecca Romajn.
  15. Really good work! Two Face is my fav
  16. I chose Xaviers side. I'm an optimist when it comes to humanity. Hate and hostility can be dispelled using understanding. On the other hand, if they didn't want to listen, I feel a great swell of pity for anyone that comes to my school looking for trouble!
  17. Tell that to Nicholas Cage (Ghost Rider) When Ghost rider out again? And why was Nick Cage given the part again?
  18. I have the original game for the mega drive still, loved it! plus the cartoon was hilarious. Do you remember when Jim went to a superhero convention and met Super duper backache man, whose super power waas having really bad backache? Ha! Was proper off the wall stuff, really enjoyed it.
  19. These sets available in the UK yet?
  20. I would be very disappointed if Cruise was cast as ol' shell head. I agree with grimlock; find an actor that can play the part rather than an already established actor doing it purely because they want to play it. Lets not lose the art of film making just yet.
  21. I'm finding it difficult to get on with Tennant at the moment. Ecclestone I found to be quick, manic, focused and gritty, jumping straight into the role. Tennant at the moment isn't as hard hitting for me as of yet, and IMO hasn't found his doctor role as of yet. Its true that Doc 9 had some weaker stories - the long game coming to mind, but had some absolutely fantastic ones as well, but I felt that Ecclestone threw his character at us an ran with it, and compared to Tennant, had established more character by this point in his series.
  22. I thought it was pretty good. I thought the plot was abit rushed at the end, but the fight scene against Bahamut was preper intense, which was good and the crazy omnislash type thing cloud did at the end on sephiroph was really good. I really enjoyed it, animations was awesome, soundtrack was awesome - straight from the game. Really enjoyed it.
  23. I'm a both. I keep things mint on card that are pretty old, as I know they will be worth something more in that condition. My marvel Legends I open cos I think part of owning a figure is being able to pose it, and the BAF ones I have to open to build the awesome bigger figures. Besides, I don't think the marvel Legends will be worth relatively the same as some of the other figure lines.
  24. I'm agreeing with Jojo, its taking me longer to relate to Doc 10 than Doc 9. Last week was a good doctor episode, but I'm def preferring Ecclestone to Tennent so far. Doc 10 has his moments, but 9 seemed to have so much more depth, and certainly had more by this stage in the series. Having said that, I'm not giving up on Doc 10.
  25. We decided that Rose had been sucked into the silent Hill 'world' when the bad part of alessa joined with the good part. If you remember, Sean Bean sensed her at the end the same way he sensed her when he was in the school and she ran past him.
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