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  1. I have the ML 12 chase - he does look awesome.
  2. Ha! Man thats corny! I need some pepto bismol...
  3. Apparently he's 'seen the light' and not into his over the top killing anymore. What a way to totally gut a character...
  4. Bring back Sheriff Lobo!!!
  5. Ah I see your shadowpact dilemma. I thought day of Vengeance was ok...I thought the whole 'tenth age of magic' is a good idea but to be honest, I thought the story could've handled the whole premise alot better. It seemed too 'super heroy' for my liking; too much rough housing and explicit concepts for my taste - I like my magic use dark and in the unknown. Instead it seemed to be banded around like any other superpower, which of course it isn't.
  6. 52 is straight after the crisis - the shadowpact book is OYL? I don't read Shadowpact, so I'm not 100% on that. How is it?
  7. How the hell does he even get acting jobs? He's the most unfunny comedian ever. check out surf ninjas sometime Aww, Surf Ninjas is a guilty pleasure of mine, Schneider was actually funny in that. I haven't seen surf ninjas, but I have seen The Animal...thats all I want to say on the subject.
  8. Ha! Man we gonna have some sort of Crisis on infinite one year 52 earths later or something at this rate! Did I forget a crisis? The one about identifying Ralph Dibney's wife or something...no, its gone. @loll@ @loll@ @loll@
  9. To be honest, you get a pat on the back if you like to steer clear of Rob sneider films.
  10. Yes! Dr Fate's helmet has turned up. A new story in 52 methinks, although, Ralph sure got over his trauma quickly...
  11. Nah, not pointing at you, just exercising my jaw at an obvious lack of good story telling (If it is true that Peter Parker is Ironman) ...its become quite a high horse of mine...
  12. Actually that pic of Heath shows abit of Koker promise I think. As long as we move away from the Romero Joker, and to some extent, the Nicholson Joker. I want an Alan Moore Joker!
  13. Hmmm - Peter Parker as the shell head? What barrel were they scraping to find that one? This post DOESN'T get a smiley.
  14. To be honest, I'm not sure if I would walk around in a GL ring, but I'd defo wear one if I was at a fancy dress gig or something. Although having said that, if one was made that was alot more 'dressy' - sort of a white gold one that wasn't as over the top as a toy one then maybe I would consider it. And fandom has no boundaries! We are the people that will end up running the world anyway - society needs us!
  15. Meh is a pretty good review I think. 'Meh' or maybe a 'hmm...' Dialogue was off abit, and why o why o why did they make poor Sean Bean give that awful accent? Surely they must've been slightly sarcastic when they told him "Yeah Sean, that sounds American..." and then realised it got beyond a joke when they heard the British-come-yorkshire-come-American interpretation of the word "Rose!" from the normal pronounciation to the much more inherently cringeworthy "Rowerse!". Watch the film again I'm...not...lying. Having said that the soundtrack was pretty good, and the cinematography and set pieces were brilliant. I also "concur" with the comment about Pyramid head and his skin ripping antics (I laughed to myself). But as much as I thought there were some good points to it and had relevance to the game I could only bare to play for 20 minutes at a time when I was younger, I found that it lacked a certain edge to it that would've made it a film I would want to own. But those nurses...sheesh, what sort of hospital was that?! @loll@
  16. I started reading the graphic novel at a friends house, I need to steal it so I can read the rest. From what I did read I thought it was fantastic - V is one of the most distinct characters I've ever experienced, and its not really said whether he is a a good guy or a bad guy, I guess he's just a human. V is totally insane, but scarily in touch with the reality around him I'm a huge fan of Alan Moore, and have read Watchmen and the stories he wrote for DC during the 80s. I haven't seen the film, I want to see it after I've read the novel so I can howl crass comments at the screen about how impure and souless it is compared to the novel (So I've heard).
  17. Yeah I was wondering about Captain Marvel and his newfound scruples. And I wasn't that bothered about the death of Booster Gold, the way DC likes to write stories he'll be up and about in no time... If Supernova was Booster from another time period, then wouldn't their mutual existence depend on each other? or wouldn't they explode if they're in the same time zone or something? Or am I just applying my sci fi general knowledge a little too thinly...
  18. Hey if Captain America II kicks butt as a white man or a black man, subscribe me up. Although At the moment I don't read Captain America. But I'm considering it. @loll@
  19. Surely with regards to changing the character after 40 years or not, there is no issue. The white Nick Fury still exists! Don't like the new Fury, don't buy the books, as have been said before. And I'm guessing that Marvel is more interested in using the Ultimates universe for the films because they are the most fresh, representative and easier to use as there isn't a huge continuity back log they would have to deal with. Plus I doubt that writers want to 'change the characters race in every medium' - thats a little melodramaric. The way that I've see it, as I have said before - and not commenting on what counts as 'racism' by anyone is that times have changed, and to continue having a predominately white roster of major character in the Marvel Universe is not realistic. Not only that, it adds new dimensions to established characters for telling new stories.
  20. Stealth Venom?! Who woulda thought the toy developers would run out of ideas and characters that fast...
  21. Well, thats a slight lie, I need to know what happened to her just before Kent Nelson gave up being Dr Fate and Eric and Linda Strauss took over. I read somewhere that she killed herself, and was hoping that someone couild give me a specific issue where this was found out. I know she is only a supporting cast member, but any info would be great.
  22. Also, if you can find the film called Pi Its film noire, about patterns in numbers and the nature of nature. Awesome.
  23. True. But I'm guessing that Ultimate Nick Fury will gain as many fans as the old one, and in the same way that 'Sgt Fury' is 'the' Nick Fury for the older readers, the Ultimate Nick Fury will be 'the' Nick Fury for the group of people that pick up the Ultimate universes books. With regard to Kingpin, I thought it was a sound choice, Michael Clarke Duncan has the build, the look, the presence even for the Kingpin. Why should he not be given the part? I remember when uber sci fi actor Patrick Stewart Played Othello with an all Black cast (save him of course) no one said anything about that, and Stewart played the part in the fantastic Patrick Stewart-esque way that he's known for.
  24. Well I know very little about the white Nick Fury, but I do know a hell of a lot more about Sammy J's Nick Fury. And I don't see it about being PC at all. 60 years ago it was 'normal' to see only white people in the media, now its not. The ultimate universe has taken that into account. If anything it makes the statement that whatever colour a person is, they can be a good superhero, or a commended soldier. Ultimate universe is a movement of the times, an up dating of the mythology. If they make the film, I'm hella gonna be there.
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