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  1. Yep. Its a pleasant surprise considering the X men CW tie ins were so shoddy. Looks like Dr Strange has something in store for the Hulk, maybe get in touch with Banner through the people that are closest to him?
  2. Is something happening at DC? like some sort of shakedown? Because from reading that post it seems like alot of DC's books (By that meaning all but about 4) have sort of fizzled out; I dropped Green Arrow myself Flash is having a reboot Firestorm kicked out Trials of Shazam is rather flat and taking longer than planned. Its a worrying thought when compared to What Marvel is churning out, and about 75% of the books I buy are Marvel. Anyone else noticed this? or is it that I don't read widely enough?
  3. Thats abit of a lame word - What if Black Adam (Well, Teth Adam) had been bored now without his powers, just lying around the house, called up one of his buddies; "Hey wassup? now that I have no powers an' all, wondered if you wanted hang out? we could play Boggle, or Sorry..." KRAKOOM! "Damn!"
  4. I bought Flash:FMA #11 thinking that I could get to know the new Flash, see what his powers could do etc etc, and two issues later they freaking kill him! What's going to be annoying now is that DC have alienated all the new readers because to understand the new stories and continuity, you need to do some catch up on the history of Wally. For someone that has only just started to read The Flash I feel as though I'm gonna have to do some research into Wally with regard to where he's been/Linda Park's involvement/the twins etc. Thanks DC.
  5. Yeah it was pretty cool to see Hulk come and throw his weight around. Once again Tony Stark takes the responsiblilty of the world on his shoulders to take on the Green Goliath, while telling everyone to stay back. Yeah thanks Tony... Maybe the Hulk has now knocked some sense into him. I've never really had the interset to pick up a Hulk book until this series, so I don't really know alot about the Hulk from recent years, but I'm looking forward to the carnage that he's gonna bring. I actually enjoyed the X men tie in, even though I was abit confused as to how the Hulk knew that Prof X was one of the Illuminati that made a decision on the Hulk's trip into space (Even though he wasn't there when the made the decision) - Should've been up earlier that morning Charles... Maybe he voted by proxy? All the way from the Shi'ar? Another point to this is when the Illuminati were captured by the Skrulls, did all of them return to earth?
  6. Which trade volume is it that DD scrapes the bullseye onto Bullseye's head? I want to jump with glee while I read it.
  7. I love Watchmen, and if you like Watchmen then you should read V for Vendetta if you haven't already. I prefer V for Vendetta, but Watchmen is a superior book to be sure. My favourite character is also Rorschach, and I have to admit that The Comedian is the other most interesting character in the book. Yeah, brilliant literature.
  8. Actually if you look at the New Avengers episode where Dr Strange does the spell of purity, he says that those who aren't pure will feel ill, and if you look closely you'll notice that spider woman has to prop herself against a wall when the spell is finished - she wasn't of pure character, which was shown in #31 when she took the skrull body, so is it that she is a skrull and is taking the body to hide it, or is it that she knows something that the rest of the avengers don't?
  9. I've only recently read Rebirth, and to be honest I was pretty impressed, as far as 'resurrection' stories go; Johns is definately a fan writer, and a good one above all. I picked up the Sinestro Corps prologue and its settled the debate whether or not to continue with the series. If you haven't read a GL book for a while, its really worth jumping on and seeing how this whole upcoming GL war has really shook things up for all the characters - especially Kyle Rainer. I'm really looking forward to this story arc. Also, Patrick Stewart for Abin Sur!!!!! @lol@ @lol@
  10. I haven't seen this whole line until now. I didn't realie they used the Penguin scult from this line for the Batman Returns figure line, even though he looks nothing like the actual Penguin in the film.
  11. It looks pretty good methinks. I like the way that it has the 'spider lines' to link with the fact it used to be on the original spidey costume
  12. I will be on the hunt for the book now, see what its like. I was very impressed by the film.
  13. Has anyone seen this yet? It came out abit later at my cinema, as it was deemed too 'indie' which is pretty unfair, but I went to a 'Directors Chair' screening last night and I have to say that its definately one of the best films I've seen this year, visually and in terms of plot and dialogue. Would really recommend seeing it - allow discussion to commence!
  14. I thought what with all the cross over excitement going on in Marvel at the moment (Something about a Civilain war or something) that I would pick up something else that was a little apart from some of the more mainstream titles, saw this and picked it up. Turns out that the storyline is in fact very similar to CW in that a hero unmasks himself to the authroities with hopes of being seen as more patriotic, only to be accused of being a Communist during Cold War America. Considering that its much of the same thing that is going on in the Marvel universe at the moment, it seems to be alot more fresh than what I expected it to be; in this story we actually get to see some of the down to earth consequences of the reality of being an 'unmasked' in a superhero world, and at a time where everyone was under suspicion for being a 'Red under the Bed'. Perhaps someone from Marvel should take a peek...
  15. Awesome custom man, real credit to your talent. You don't fancy doing a sonar modification Val Kilmer Batman? I thibk that would look pretty cool, or a Robin/Nightwing get up from 'Batman and Robin'?
  16. Yep, this one is alot better The Question eh? whats going on there? Seems like another couple of interesting storylines are coming through after abit of a lull, which is good; Ralph Dibney and his quest for the ressurection of his wife meets the spectre, Skeets seems to be learning how to kick ass, The Intergang case gets a little closer to being solved. Good stuff. I'm guessing that some of the events here will lead into the new Detective Chimp series coming up next year, and hopefully get someone new into the Doctor Fate Helm.
  17. "Kashikstan supports your war of terror" I've never laughed so hard.
  18. Yeah I saw this about a week ago. I ended up laughing out loud at some points. If I remember rightly, some of the plot elements from the first one were changed slightly. I guessed the twist at the end. Is it me, or is it getting easier to guess the plot twists of movies nowadays?
  19. Picked this book up this week, thought it looked pretty interesting, hadn't heard much about it and thought it was very good. Both the writing and the artwork were superb. It gives a very dark and sinister look at the way in which corporations and Globalisation are more influencial than you think. Some very interesting stuff to think about, with a rather cynical undertone. Look forward to see where its going.
  20. Hmmm...I'm still out on this one. They have given Captain Jack abit more - what with his can't die idea, which is pretty good. And as much as it seemed to be just holding itself together I was a little surprised at how adult it was, but then I guess I should've expected that to be the case considering how late it is on. Maybe it will pick up, I'm still undecided.
  21. True, Burton and Donner were the ones that had the foresight, and they have my kudos, but I could name films which didn't do anywhere near as well inbetween; the punisher, Captain America, the never released FF, subsequent Batman films and to some extent the first Blade didn't have break out quality. I guess it depends on which way you want to look at it. I tend to look at comicbook adaptations purely as films, not as a moving version of a comic book story, and in the same way that comic story telling has evolved, so too must filmaking. I feel that Bryan Singer has been able to create worlds and ideas that exist in comics books that relate and make sense to contemporary audiences, while at the same time being relevant to the fans themselves, which is what Burton and Donner were able to do. Story telling at the moment is different from what it used to be, and will evolve again, IMO Bryan Singer has been able to make films (Both X men and Supes) that are enjoyable to watch. If he puts another superman film together, I will be there to watch it.
  22. I really liked Superman returns, I'll be looking forward to the sequel. Granted I'm not as versed in Supes as Batman, I decided to watch the film. The only thing I thought was pretty bad about the film was that Kevin Spacey was a tad OTT, and we didn't see enough action from the man of steel himself - thought his powers could be used abit more. I don't think Bryan Singer is the worst comic book director - if anything, he's the first director that gave the comic book movie the prestige it deserved, with X Men. True the genre has evolved since then, but as soon as X men was made, it allowed a benchmark and a way of making comic book films.
  23. I guessed the storyline after the the first 30 minutes. I thought it was more gory than scary, no way near as good as the first. I have a hang up now where most hollywood horror films tend to be gory rather than scary. There is enough there for saw 4, which I'm not sure it's posible to stretch the franchise that far.
  24. Agreed. Quality has dropped, but I'm thinking ahead and as positive as I can. There is alot of potential to the format - its just a matter of DC using it to as best they can.
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