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  1. Ermm....did Spidey really have a 'classic clash' with the Abomination?
  2. Thor totalled Iron man's armour, and Tony had to have a replacment made, so I don't think it was a Skrull. Also, surely extremis would be able to detect whether his armour was a Skrull or not?
  3. American Eagle and Sepulchre - cos they had abit of chemistry in Thunderbolts.
  4. Hmmm...I'm not sure that this will happen. Why would they create a film about all of them when they are working on separate films already for Supes, Bats and WW? Unless they do it in the same way that Marvel are doing their animated films, apart from the continuity of the live action films (In which case it would be better to animate this, to prevent actor confusions). I like the idea of Bats with his redeye machine though, his paranoia has always been an interesting aspect to his character. Apart from being able to find out any piece of information about anyone do you think it will also be used to add/remove 'redeye' from photos? Man I hate it when that happens.
  5. I collect these as well, they are in the 50's now, plus every few months there is a special, usually one of the bigger characters; Hulk, juggernaut, colossus, thanos and the latest one is Apocalypse. They come out every two weeks, so they come pretty regularly, and if you look back at one of the posts on this thread people have customised a few. Its a really good series, lots of info and major events desribed in the books, how much back issues are worth, cover centrespreads of significant issues, powers and abilities - just a major lowdown on the character. I'm pretty sure I've read on this site somewhere that they are available in the states, or will be, or its being thought about or something.
  6. Yeah I assumed it was Loki they were talking about, as you can't have Thor without Loki. The warrior woman in the defenders was Valkyre, who was also from Asgard. In Norse Mythology there was more than one Valkrye who would go to where battles had been fought and take the souls of worthy warriors to Valhalla. Another woman it could be is The Lady Sif who was an actual Asgardian God. Thor had some children by her in the myths. She was pretty hot in the comics Also, I also think it was Njord who was God of the sea (Ship enclosure). Aegir was the guy that was a sorceror, or king who went to Asgard and sat in the great hall and listened to the stories about the Gods.
  7. Yeah Thor's a God whether he has his hammer or not - it was destroyed at one point, so he can go without it. Heimdall is the god that protected bifrost bridge - the bridge that linked Asgard to Midgard (Earth), hence the angry man in New Orleans having the spirit of Heimdall in him. I think there was around 12 'main' Gods in Asgard, but thats based on my Nordic Mythology, not my 'Stan Lee Nordic Mythology' (There are differences). The warriors 3 aren't in the original myths, but I do quite like them, so it'll be good to see them back.
  8. The Ultimate line was created to restart some of the franchises to allow new readers when the films came out, so for some people, SLJ is their definitive Nick Fury, and what with the ultimate universe not bogged down with continuity and have more up to date aspects to him. I like Ultimate Nick Fury.
  9. Without getting into too much about what made Spiderman 3 a disappointment for me, they should really go back to the comics and make Peter the main character in the film rather than the enemies - thats what made the comics good, and thats what lifted the second film up over the first. The lizard I like the idea of, as this dynamic IS part of Peter Parker's life; the college teacher, mentor etc. And they can go to town on the cgi with the lizard transformations etc. I've never been a fan of Kraven, but I could see how he could fit in with the story, especially with the Lizard being an animal threat to New York.
  10. Thor has to be well built yes, but wrestler size? In a comic book it would work, but in a film? Nah. Even though he is supposed to be a God, it would look too strange to have Thor as that big. Whoever it was that said about the '300 body programme' was right about that because they did look awesome (Though not sure if they were cgi'd after or not) and that would be the sort of look that would work, but not crazy wrestler size and shape - Thor's a warrior, not a body builder.
  11. At the moment the BBC is having a comics' season on BBC 4 and with it a documentary on Steve Ditko with interviews by some of the industy's heavy hitters. To be honest I didn't know much about Ditko from the start other than some bare facts and by watching it realised why that was. But it was a really good documentary, even Alan Moore gave an interview and spoke of his love for Ditko, along with Neil Gaimen, John Romita Snr, Stan the Man, Joe Q and a few others. The thing that came out the most about it was the fact that even though Ditko didn't submit anything to the documentary (and they did try) it seemed that the man himself was as much in the spotlight as his artwork, which is a huge contrast to any interview with Stan Lee (!!). The mysterious thing was that when Jonathan Ross actually went to meet Ditko (minus the cameras) he came back saying that he couldn't talk about what had been said, or any answers Ditko had given to his questions. It also shed some light on the Lee/Ditko relationship in that Lee says that he is happy to share creative credit for spider-man, but says that due to the fact that Lee had the initial idea and took it to Ditko, that Lee essentially is the creator of Spider-man. Interesting point considering it comes from a guy that said he would take credit for anything that 'wasn't nailed down.'
  12. Yeah I liked the idea that Donald Blake talks about;- that the gods exist only because humans believe in them, rather than the other way round - which is sort of how the whole norse mythology worked in the first place... I assumed that the book was set after WWH, as Tony is free, but I guess it could be before. I'm looking forward to getting his book running; getting the relationships back, the villains, the asgardians etc. I've never really been interested in Thor in the past, but ever since he was in Ultimate Avengers I've had an interest, but not had the chance to, what with him being 'dead' Made me wanna catch up anyway. He was angry though, wasn't he? ol' goldilocks
  13. Well I'm glad that Thor has had a chance to go toe to toe with Iron man after what was done to him during CW, and Thor was justified in doing so. It pointed out that really, when it comes done to it, Tony essentially is just a man in a suit or armour with his Extremis and has not a hope in hell of really being a threat to Thor. And Thor made sure Tony knew that. It's only been three issues in but I really am enjoying this book, and it feels like Straczynski has a good way of looking Thor as a character. Plus it was just amazing to see Tony get totally beaten.
  14. Thats disappointing, really is. I'll have to try to find a bargain version I think. It just seems really odd that it's gone out of print even though its one of the landmarks of the DC universe. I would expect that it would be released again though surely?
  15. Oh yes it was the Other - my mistake. I really hope they don't bring Gwen back - it would be lazy storytelling for the sake of a 'shock storyline'. And the thing is that the death of Gwen Stacey story is a really good story, even by today's standards. It was bad finding out that Norman Osborne did the dirty with her and had two children with her; just a way to cash in on a good Spiderman story. I thought Iron man had some sort of 'spider - sense inhibitor' that dulled it, so that he could attack Peter without him knowing.
  16. I agree! considering he's the flagship character, he's disappointing at the moment. I think I heard somewhere that JQ wants Peter Parker back to how he was before; on his own, struggling for work etc like in the old days, but the whole CW and then OMD etc just seems a little redundant if he is going to end up just how he was in the 'old days'. And unless we're getting some good story telling, and a Peter Parker that respects what has happened to him during the past year. I'm not sure that I would continue to read the book if they are going to three Amazings and month and all the writing we are getting is pap! Also, what happened to Spidey's stingers in his arms? he got them in 'The One' and now it's as if he hasn't got them, along with the other 'upgrades' he got during that storyline. Another thing that bothered me was that during the same storyline, Peter's spider sense was heightened, and told Tony about it when he was brought back to life, and yet during the CW tie ins Spidey says that the only person that knows about his spider sense is Mary Jane. Writers really should read the previous writers work if they are to carry on with the series. You know I'm probably gonna writ a song about this, then hand it to My Chemical Romance, or Fallout Boy - only they know the colours of my mind. HA! God's bread it makes me mad!
  17. So I read part 5 of 'Back in Black' and was quite let down, actually I was majorly let down. Seriously, what is going on in this spidey book? I started to read ASM when the CW kicked off because I knew that whatever was going to happen, it was going to really affect Peter's life, and it did really affect his life; unmasking, on the run, changing sides, Aunt May, New Avengers etc - Hell if there's one person that the Marvel universe has $hit on from a great height it's Peter Parker, and don't get me wrong - Spiderman is one of the most, if not the most dynamic of all Marvel's characters (The other being Wolverine, naturally), but I put down part 5 and thought "Well what's next?". This is how I view the general trend of the comic book history for the past 70 years: Creation of the 'superhero' Saddling of the horses to pull the bandwagons WW2 (Captain America Needs you!) "Good Morning starshine! The world says Hello!...Super...who?" "Nobody will be able to crack this Comics Code!" Stan the man gets struck by lightning (Will later become the man that single handedly saves the universe) Marvel comics creates the icons (As is documented) Status Quo (The english band - google it) is asked if their band name can be used as a euphermism to mean 'the norm'. They agree, and so it occurs (The Status Quo, that is) Then comic creators get itchy around the late 80's/90's to change things - Peter Parker/Ben Reilly, Johnny Blaze/Dan Ketch, Robin/Robin, Superman sneezes and loses his powers, and dies, onslaught kills a load of superheroes etc Then people realise that things aren't right with the world and things get changed back. Then Spiderman - the everyman of superheroes unmasks himself, Captain America gets shot and is killed and it turns out that if the say the word 'crisis' enough times, it creates another 51 worlds to go with the one we already have, which also happens to be the title of the song that Batman releases when he's in his 'I'm still with it phase' at the age of 59. The point is (and there is one) is that comic book trends nowadays seem to be that a writer can throw anything at a character which will change their lives forever (oh yes it does), and then someone six month down the line (After all the tie ins have finished) comes up with another idea that will put them through it again, without letting us as the reader see the character be who they are after learning from the first incident. This creates abit of a confusion, or too much change, or plain silliness and thats never good. I guess comics are fast paced - it's part of the action, but not letting a character (Or universe - I'm talking to you DC) breath on their new roles hampers the overall natural development and sheer impact events have on characters. Good ideas by all means, but delivered at mach 3? The irony is (And there is some) is that I still pick up the books because I can never get enough of Superheroes, as do the majority of other comic readers and enthusiasts. Alec Guinness would have something to say about that I'm sure!
  18. Isn't the Doctor's female arch nemesis called 'The Rani'?
  19. I thought it was a homage to the spiderman/Mary jane kiss from the film when I first saw it, but it could be the other way round as well.
  20. ...that doesn't cost like £50? Considering this is supposed to be a DC triumph I'm surprised there isn't an accesible trade out. Nowadays trades are 6 issues, and the Crisis was what? 12? and its very expensive - how much extra stuff can you out in it to make it cost so much? Or has it been taken out of print now as it's being released again? I just wanna read it!!!
  21. I believe that's only true for V for Vendetta. That and it's called work for hire for a reason, you may never own what you work on but that doesn't mean you'll never get stop getting money for it. Moore still gets checks from AOL/Time Warner though I hear he doesn't cash them. Most writer snad artist get revenue from projects that are continually in print. It may not always be a lot of money, but still. I think Alan Moore probably feels that its gone beyond money now for his creations, and I think he's pretty justified in his opinion, and especially considering how he has been treated in the past. He wants to own what he created, simple as that and although he gets royalties, I don't think thats really the point. As someone who is interested in the industry its given me a grander picture of how things work.
  22. Yeah, DC didn't like the idea of Moore using the Charleston comics characters for interesting story telling. The harsh part about Watchmen, and V for Vendetta is the fact that he's never going to own the rights to the book until they are out of print for a while, and thats never going to happen because more money can be made from it. Its a case of the artist being screwed in the a$$ just so some money can be made. Its a scary thought considering I want to be able to write for the industry myself. I've seen the website for the film - Rorschach's journal with the morse code looks brilliant. Though Kate Winslett for Silk Spector? hmmm not sure about that.
  23. Someone mentioned Tony Stark knowing all about the Skrull invasion, and using the CW to bring them out into the open, which sounds like something Tony would do, but then again he was part of the Illuminati that was captured after the Kree-Skrull war. Spider woman could be taking the Skrull to Nick Fury and if he knew about this whole thing to begin with, it would explain alot; Nick wouldn't want anyone near him if he knew there were dopplegangers running around. The other thing could be that none of the main players in the CW were Skrulls at all; they were just waiting behind the scenes while all the humans divided themselves and beat the crap out of each other and then take over.
  24. Also if you haven't read the trade of all of Alan Moores work that he did for DC - (Whatever happend to the man of Tomorrow, For the Man who has everything, Tales of the GL Corps, The killing joke etc) pick that up also. I also liked The Ballard of Halo Jones that he wrote for the UK comic 2000 AD.
  25. I wish I'd rented it first. I thought the first one was waaay better. In fact I thought the first FF game was better than X men legends; less characters yes, but the gameplay was more varied and interesting. But FFROTSS - give it a miss.
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