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  1. I love the japanese format! you woulda thought that there was no room in the world of spidey, but really, how else is spidey gonna fight a guy taller than a skyscraper? Awesome!
  2. The Wicker man - the best horror to come out of Britain, and a good film all round. Creep - well, that was messed up Ring (original japanese) - never been so physically scared in my life. To be honest, blood in films just doesn't scare me anymore. Nothing is more scary to me than my own imagination. Having films that are so explicit in the amount of gore they have just takes away the impact they have for me. A scary film doesn't have to have eviseration (spelling?) or beheading, or even make you jump for it to be scary, and I think the new generation of horror films are know playing on this to make a film that maeks you scared of what you don't see, rather than what you do.
  3. Can any of you guys help me out with a website, or a company that I can take a look at some of the official values of some of the comic books I have. I have a modest collection, but I know I have some bargains, so just need abit of guidance, to get an idea of the market.
  4. A mate has just bought the game for 2.99! I'm gonna have to borrow that bad boy when he's done with it! Or maybe I will have to see if I can find it myself. IMDB should direct you to a link to watch the trailer.
  5. X3 is the hot one methinks Pirates of the Caribbean will hopefully be good - they will have work to do if they wish to be as successful as the first. Superman. Not that bothered about the other 2 really.
  6. I like the sound of that list. Really glad they put the professor in there. Does anyone else think that the specials aren't really worth 9.99? It may be a little ungrateful of me to say it, but other than the size of the figures, (and due to us not knowing who the special's characters are, we actually don't know if they will be the bigger charcters...) there is very little extra you are getting for your extra cash, especially when you have figures like sabertooth, the thing, and venom in the main collection for the normal price, who are the bigger sizes. Having said that, of course I will eagerly be waiting for any of the collection, but just felt a little disappointed from what I got from the special, in that it wasn't that overly 'special' What do you guys think?
  7. Cybermen do rule, and hopefully a better adventure than 'attack' and 'nemesis' which although were ok, just didn't pin down the cybermen as they originally were. I love tomb of the cybermen. AND they were the original borg!
  8. No, I definaltely see three - that 'fourth' one is a part of the trid one coming fro betweeb his legs. Its has two metal 'bones', so it may look like two, but its actually one. Interesting costume tho. Looks like Stark enterprises went all out.
  9. Yeah, it made me hanker for the game, although I played a borrowed version. May ebay it up if I get the chance to and re play it to remember the story before I go see the film. Definatly looking forward to it.
  10. Hmm, batsy isn't too bad They beat my attempts at making batman sets with my own bricks from when I first saw the first film... Will def be wanting the batmobile set with two face Yeah, killer croc doesn't like good
  11. Just saw the Silent hill trailer for the film coming out, and it looks really good. Seems the productions team have the right idea about the computer game. Some transitions from game to film have...missed the point shall we say, but this looks like it will keep to the reasons why silent hill was such a scary and atmospheric game. There is even a glimpse of ol' pyramid head in the tra;ier, which I thought was a cool addition. What do you guys think?
  12. I guess as with anything that has been burned, you aren't going to get superior quality. When I bought them, I was dissappointed in the quality, that overall was no way near as good as what they had siad it was. However, I love the series, and kept them. Also, some of the later episodes, maybe due to the quality of the discs, were not able to play at all, so defo check with sellers and buyers to make sure you are getting good merc. I'm guessing that if they are releases tho, they will be in seasons - make more money that way.
  13. Psylocke looks really good, keep up the good work. Hey if they don't put a rogue in the collection, you may be able to whip one up using the jean grey model and giving her s new paint job.
  14. Rushmore Ghostbusters Silence of the lambs The Wicker Man Man on the Moon Not in order, and by no means complete
  15. These sets really do look good - especially the TARDIS set. I've been quite impressed with the Doctor Who toys that have come out for this series, especially the 'fantastic' sonic screwdriver with UV light - can't seem to be able to put it dowm, do you know how many things around the house that don't actually work properly without a quick buzz from from this thing?
  16. The Christmas invasion was pretty good I thought. David Tennant as put a more light heartedness into it after the definately more and intense 9th doctor. I guess its a natural evolution of character 1) coz of the fear of having a very 'doctorish' doctor and alienating the newer audience 2) the 9th doctor has had to come to terms with the losses of the time war. I got into the classic series from the new one and I love the classic series. When I was born, Colin Baker was in the role, and I should've grown up with McCoy, but it was never on in our house due to coronation street being on (Damn you BBC!) But I'm working through the doctors now. Its a solid tv institution, awesomely british, and hopefully has enough for another 26 years!
  17. Defo looking forward to iron man Those pics of Phoenix look real good I've left mine in their boxes, purely coz I'm petrified of then getting damaged if I take them out and put them on the shelf. They still look good tho. I'm really looking for the venom special, seems pretty logical they will put him in one. The other specials have me thinking tho, and surely they can't be thinking of having an aunt may and mary jane issue. I really hope they have a prof x issue. Makes sense, he's one of the most influential in the marvel universe
  18. Think he left? ne'er a person has said such a thing about me Nah, I here to stay. Gonna try get some pics of my figs up on here
  19. I think they just got it wrong. I'm in the uk and the line that we got was the same as the US - mortdred came with the sky claw with a sythe and helmet and lexor had his strange hook weapon, helmet and staff. I have a few and I have a completed lexor. Looks like the seller just got the weapons wrong.
  20. I'm here to stay, Will defo be keeping track of whats going on here. I'm a comic and superhero fan. I'm in the Uk, in which comic culture is no where near as prevalent as the US. You have to be careful when buyting them here, as they can be republished, watered down versions of the US versions. Having said that, panini do a good job with the work they do over here, but otherwise I have to buy from a site basd in the UK that imports them. But its all good
  21. I thought it would be something like that. ...nameless thug...pfft... Ok, cool well if that isn't incentive to start getting some posts on here than I don't know what is. Obviously apart from the fact that I came on here to chat about some of our mutual interests...
  22. Hey, new to this, was wondering wy I was a nameless thug...
  23. Spidey - he's the guy who's been through it all and still come out at the end Batman - silent, but deadly Pro X - the guy with the weight of the world on his shoulders, yet still doesn't give up on that dream of mutant/human co existence Green Goblin - put spidey through so much, and known where to get at him, never seen spidey so mad! Magneto - one man's rebel is another man's freedom fighter... Doctor Fate - fighting the fight that none of us can see, yet just as important. Beast - Rough on the outside, but inherently logical, calm and one of the most intellegent and complex characters They are the main guys I like, coz I've read, or reading those comics the most, but really I like the idea of standing up against adversity and pulling through. Show me a superhero that does that, and he'll be on my list.
  24. Hey group, I've just become a new member, and I noticed the classic marvel figurine discussion, and had to join in! I love the series and I get them from the newsagents. One of my friends works for one of the shops that used to sell them. He found out that it was only up to issue 7 that were going to be sent to the shops, and after that they had to be ordered. I have set up a subscription from my newsagents, and they pick them up from the wholesalers. I gotta agree that the 'tongue in cheek' attitude that is in the issues is a little out of place for some of the issues, especially the issues that are about pretty intense characters, such as magneto, and blade. Having said that, I have learnt loads about the characters that aren't as well known over here. I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised with the Cap America one; he has a lot of history that I wasn't aware of. I think the best one so far has been the magneto one Looking forward to the Venom, carnage and Daredevil ones and want them to put a prof X one in there, he is one of the most well rounded characters IMO in the marvel universe, along with Spidey and wolvie.
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