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  1. Once again, I can't praise this enough! the introductions of the Alpha Lanterns seemed to be put aside with the inclusion of the first red lantern (which I KNEW was gonna happen) and the orange guardians.

    I read that the whole blackest night prophecy is based on an old 'Tales of the the Green Lantern Corps' story written by Alan Moore, and sure enough its on the DC stories of Alan Moore collection.


    I danced with glee. I really did.

  2. Green - Willpower

    Blue - Hope

    Indigo - Compassion

    Violet - Love


    Yellow - Fear

    Red - Anger

    Orange - Greed


    Black - Death?


    Maybe the Black Lantern Corps have been created to make the numbers even? Or do you think they will kill regardless of what colour ring you're wearing?

    I'm really looking forward to this. Sinestro knows something that the others don't - has he read the pages of the book of Oa that describe The Blackest Night?

  3. Johns can do no wrong. Fact. There's scientific proof about it and everything.

    I think the Sinestro Corps war has been one of the best stories I ever read. Ever, and it had the right ending to it had a huge resonance to it (Owing to the fact that alot of it was down played more than other storylines) nor was there an anti climax to it, which is something that occurs really regularly in comic book stories of this magnitude.


    PLUS the truth about the 'Spectrum Corps' and the black Lanterns - all the dead having rings and coming back from the dead! It's really developed the place of the Green Lanterns, not only as a 'policing' force in the universe, but gives in a context alongside the other corps; fear, hatred etc all based on colour.


    Really looking forward to this new story coming up where all the corps battle, and if Johns continues to write it, then it should be good.



  4. As you can tell from my avatar I'm a Dr Fate fan so I was looking forward to someone putting him back in the DC universe. It's a new character (But a descendant of of original Kent Nelson), new costume, new helmet, no Nabu, new villain and a totally new outlook on how Dr Fate lives and breathes in his magic world. The good news is that it looks like someone is finally getting some good ideas on how to handle Fate, and making him a new user of magic means that everyone gets to learn from the ground up. Magic is more about the perspectives of the individual rather than the weird system they had where you had to sacrifice something.


    The only gripe I have with this is the odd 'Dr Strange' spells he's shouting out - not a fan of that.


    The Eclipso storyline I haven't got into as much, but my opinion of eclipso is based on the tussle he had with the phantom stranger during the 80's and that was near forgettable.

  5. I don't see Batman being for it at all - Bruce would never give up his identity to the government, become an agent, told who the enemy is, he's too independent for that. I'd imagine the registration act would be set up because of heroes like Batman.


    Green Lantern would be exempt, as he's part of a bigger organisation outside the earth and his duties as a GL would have priority over his 'initiative' activities, but I think Hal would always be against it anyway as he's always disliked authority.

  6. It's true that figures have changed radically, but then what it means to be a collector has changed as well. When I was younger I collected the figures because I wanted to create my own adventures and play with them, and the figure could deal with being put in the bath or outside. Now I'm growed up, I still want to collect them, but just have them on show (Maybe the odd mess about now and then with the loose ones :P ). I doubt some of the ML figures could withstand some of the ordeals some of my figures went through, as I'm guessing the toy companies know that collectors don't tend to 'play' with them, which is why you still get 'hyper power skating spider-man' or whatever for the younger kids, which are abit more robust.


    I still love my figures from the 90's though, still have the majority of them packed away somewhere.

  7. So tell me if this is right;

    If you were a new recruit, say during the time that Parallax was in the central battery, you had the impurity, but could train to overcome it? And due to the fact that Hal had been possessed by Parallax and wasn't in the central battery was the reason why Kyle's ring didn't have it?

    So does that mean that now Parallax is only in the personal batterys of the 4 earth GLs that the rest of the Corps doesn't have the impurity?


    You'll have to excuse my ignorance on this, I only started reading GL just before the war started and picked up Rebirth a little while back.

  8. It's like one of Stan Lee's wet dreams!!!!


    It's a brilliant collection!

    I noticed you have all the pocket comics in there as well: I remember playing with those when I was younger, they were one of my favourite toys so much so that when I grew up (In the loosest possible sense) I hunted for the MOC ones.


    I bet moving house is killer as well.


    Do you know what you're gonna end up doing with your collection?

  9. I've been pretty impressed by what is going on in with the GLs at the moment, and it seems that this series isn't being praised enough on here.


    The Sinestro War is a really good read and its one book that I seem to really be looking forward to.

    It seems that Johns just throws gigantic events in to the mix in a 'matter of fact way', rather than having a huge lead up to them, which I think I prefer. It means we can't be disappointed with what does happen if it doesn't abide by our definition of 'life changing moment'. Its a more satisfying way of telling a story.


    Also it seems that what it means to be a GL is changing too, as with the rule changes. Also, now that Parallax is in the main 4 GL's power batterys does that mean that they will have the yellow impurity? or is it that because they are able to stand in the face of great fear they are able to resist it?

  10. ...I don't know, my intial reaction was that it was quite good, but then we all fear change, am I right?! :P

    I definately think its a good idea to change the costume if its a different Guy holding the shield, and if it was Bucky it would make sense that it would be a sort of amalgam of his and cap's old costume hence more of the black.


    The gun and the knife, again maybe a sign of Bucky's method of doing things, but I'm not sure it works for 'Captain America' and I like the added belt with the pouches.

  11. Hmmm...I'm not sure that this will happen. Why would they create a film about all of them when they are working on separate films already for Supes, Bats and WW? Unless they do it in the same way that Marvel are doing their animated films, apart from the continuity of the live action films (In which case it would be better to animate this, to prevent actor confusions).


    I like the idea of Bats with his redeye machine though, his paranoia has always been an interesting aspect to his character. Apart from being able to find out any piece of information about anyone do you think it will also be used to add/remove 'redeye' from photos? Man I hate it when that happens.

  12. I collect these as well, they are in the 50's now, plus every few months there is a special, usually one of the bigger characters; Hulk, juggernaut, colossus, thanos and the latest one is Apocalypse. They come out every two weeks, so they come pretty regularly, and if you look back at one of the posts on this thread people have customised a few.


    Its a really good series, lots of info and major events desribed in the books, how much back issues are worth, cover centrespreads of significant issues, powers and abilities - just a major lowdown on the character.


    I'm pretty sure I've read on this site somewhere that they are available in the states, or will be, or its being thought about or something.

  13. The Ultimate line was created to restart some of the franchises to allow new readers when the films came out, so for some people, SLJ is their definitive Nick Fury, and what with the ultimate universe not bogged down with continuity and have more up to date aspects to him.


    I like Ultimate Nick Fury.

  14. Without getting into too much about what made Spiderman 3 a disappointment for me, they should really go back to the comics and make Peter the main character in the film rather than the enemies - thats what made the comics good, and thats what lifted the second film up over the first.


    The lizard I like the idea of, as this dynamic IS part of Peter Parker's life; the college teacher, mentor etc.

    And they can go to town on the cgi with the lizard transformations etc.

    I've never been a fan of Kraven, but I could see how he could fit in with the story, especially with the Lizard being an animal threat to New York.

  15. Thor has to be well built yes, but wrestler size?

    In a comic book it would work, but in a film? Nah. Even though he is supposed to be a God, it would look too strange to have Thor as that big.

    Whoever it was that said about the '300 body programme' was right about that because they did look awesome (Though not sure if they were cgi'd after or not) and that would be the sort of look that would work, but not crazy wrestler size and shape - Thor's a warrior, not a body builder.

  16. At the moment the BBC is having a comics' season on BBC 4 and with it a documentary on Steve Ditko with interviews by some of the industy's heavy hitters. To be honest I didn't know much about Ditko from the start other than some bare facts and by watching it realised why that was.


    But it was a really good documentary, even Alan Moore gave an interview and spoke of his love for Ditko, along with Neil Gaimen, John Romita Snr, Stan the Man, Joe Q and a few others. The thing that came out the most about it was the fact that even though Ditko didn't submit anything to the documentary (and they did try) it seemed that the man himself was as much in the spotlight as his artwork, which is a huge contrast to any interview with Stan Lee (!!).


    The mysterious thing was that when Jonathan Ross actually went to meet Ditko (minus the cameras) he came back saying that he couldn't talk about what had been said, or any answers Ditko had given to his questions.


    It also shed some light on the Lee/Ditko relationship in that Lee says that he is happy to share creative credit for spider-man, but says that due to the fact that Lee had the initial idea and took it to Ditko, that Lee essentially is the creator of Spider-man. Interesting point considering it comes from a guy that said he would take credit for anything that 'wasn't nailed down.'

  17. ...that doesn't cost like £50?

    Considering this is supposed to be a DC triumph I'm surprised there isn't an accesible trade out.

    Nowadays trades are 6 issues, and the Crisis was what? 12? and its very expensive - how much extra stuff can you out in it to make it cost so much? Or has it been taken out of print now as it's being released again?


    I just wanna read it!!!

  18. The harsh part about Watchmen, and V for Vendetta is the fact that he's never going to own the rights to the book until they are out of print for a while, and thats never going to happen because more money can be made from it. Its a case of the artist being screwed in the a$$ just so some money can be made. Its a scary thought considering I want to be able to write for the industry myself.

    I believe that's only true for V for Vendetta. That and it's called work for hire for a reason, you may never own what you work on but that doesn't mean you'll never get stop getting money for it. Moore still gets checks from AOL/Time Warner though I hear he doesn't cash them. Most writer snad artist get revenue from projects that are continually in print. It may not always be a lot of money, but still.


    I think Alan Moore probably feels that its gone beyond money now for his creations, and I think he's pretty justified in his opinion, and especially considering how he has been treated in the past. He wants to own what he created, simple as that and although he gets royalties, I don't think thats really the point. As someone who is interested in the industry its given me a grander picture of how things work.

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