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  1. I think this move will visually rock. New designs be damned, this looks like a good action flick! Just hope it has a good story.
  2. He is still a gorgeous piece. Where did you get him btw?! Thanks for posting!
  3. Best of luck on your eBay sales... hope you break 30 K you man tramp! hehe As for myself I am going the other way..spending too much money on my collection forcing myself to live outside.. damn new residents taking up too much room! Although the reason I don't post on here is because I found a new home at SideShowFreaks. I am moving on up! I decided to only collect high end pieces. No more craptastic cheap plastic figures for me. Although I am still collecting the odd G1 MIB to MISB pieces, and a few higher end 12 inch figures from companies like Medicom and DiD. Just done with the mainstream stuff. Takes up too much room and doesn't do anything for me anymore.
  4. They either have a sticky backing or a couple of very small screw to attach them. The adhesive is probably like the stuff on those sticky ccoat hooks you can get--the ones that when you pull them off they rip off half the wallpaper. The screws are likely very small ones with just enough thread-grab to hold the light fixture in place--usually because the wood parts for the shelves are seldom more than 3/4" to 1 inch thick--usually less. Ikea's stuff tends to be cheap in that respect, but the stuff is affordable, and taken care of, lasts a good amount of time. I got my first detolf a couple months ago and it holds up two Premium Formats, which are both around 20" in height, and approx. 10-15 lbs in weight. Looks gorgeous for such a cheap piece of furniture. I still say if you got the blingity bling bling, go with a Buhler cabinet. Sure it will cost you around a grand, but the integrity of the furniture holds up much better, more attractive piece overall, and uses real actual quality wood.
  5. Impressive collection fellow Peg boy. btw How do you like the Moose? First in the Western Conference! Spring is here, tis' a beautiful thing. But again, nice collection and where did you get the two IKEA detolfs? No IKEA store in the Peg.
  6. Will MP05 be die-cast like his Prime counterpart or all plastic like Starscream?
  7. If anyone saw the Spider-Man chess set going for 299.99 US, you can easily see where your 300 is going to. But this thing, heck it looks like something I would even pass up for 30 bucks!
  8. We aren't Targetless! We have Zellers! HBC is now owned by Target.
  9. The Devo thing has to probably do with a scene were Spike plays the "Whip It" song in Bumble Bee when he purchases him. I have no idea, maybe it's there song. I always wondered about Spike and Bumble Bee.
  10. Oh trust me we are allowed to whine here in Canada. I been at fault for that far too often than I would like to admit.
  11. Perhaps you're a bigger collector than us Scottie, but I am a better collector! *bolts for it*
  12. Doing all that traveling and buying a passport and all that hard work for a hundred dollar toy? Wow, that's either a real fanatic or a crazy person. You take your pick! I vote for crazy person! Just kidding. Also, I don't think they are checking for passports over the border if you're traveling by vehicle. Too much work for them now. I think passports are primarily used for flight transportation.
  13. Oh stop your belly aching on the damn toys pertaining to the movie. We know what you think of the movie and merchandise surrounding it all Wheeljack. The constant whining isn't cool. Smile! Be happy! Say stuff like, "Well, atleast that hottie Megan Fox is in the movie, I'll just block everything else." But constant whining does nobody any good. We got it the first time you're disappointed by the designs, and the 49,001,679,038th time you brought it up. *hehe* And as for the monsterous face, you do realize these Decepticons are being perceived as alien machines, so of course they'll look alien and scary to us. This is a live-action movie that is (wait for it, this has been over discussed) directed not only to Transfans, but to everyone in general, including adults! And some adults just plain and simply don't want to see 80's Saturday morning cartoonish' looking bots that on screen wouldn't be properly executed for a live-action big screen movie. Some cartoon character designs don't translate too well in live-action form. That's why the Simpsons would never work out in real-live action, and why the Flintstone movies were forgettable yet the cartoon is still long remembered far after those movies. So the designs had to be switched up. Way I see it, for some of you, to take away all the worries and stress from your lives from seeing more (as what you perceive) images of Michael Bay and company butchering your childhood memories of your favorite toyline, one idea comes into fruition, don't bother clicking on the threads. Now having said that, I am holding judgement of the movie until it comes out but if it sucks, then you guys can say you told me so. But lets give it a chance... no? Okay. I just don't like when people have made up their mind on something that is months away from coming out. Heck, even before we saw any CGI shots people were complaining. Oh when will the madness end?! 7.4.07?! PLEASE! Just tell me it'll end! Seriously, I hope it's good, but yes Bay has been known to make some stinkers.
  14. It is RC Rika and it's average. Save your 8 or 10 bucks.
  15. The Transformers Unleashed line, which is the same as the Star Wars past line is not meant to be an action figure, but more-or-less a static figure much like a resin statue or PVC, just made of plastic. It never advertised itself to be anything else. They were created to be more of an accurate representation of their live-action big screen counterparts. Since there is no way they can execute a realistic looking transforming toy that is dead on to its film versions. So that is the reason for this line. For those who want an uncanny representation of the film characters, since none of the Transforming toys they have shown us so far look anything like their CGI counterparts. I love the sculpt on Bumble Bee, but I think the overall piece is ruined by the destroyed car he is standing on. The detail in Bumble Bee is there where as the car beneath him looks like the stuff that comes out of my ass, but only grey and wheels jetting out of it.
  16. You know, perhaps this is the only way you Americans will be able to bring this sucker into the country. Why take on the chance of getting into trouble with the law for a toy? Priorities need to be set. Hopefully the rules of engagement are different up here in Canada.
  17. I DEFINITELY WANT THAT HELMET! I WANT WANT WANT IT! Funny thing is, I am not into cheap toys, but that thing doesn't look cheap! That's a gimmicky toy I can see going up...albeit they'll probably mass produce the crap out of that sucker so maybe not. Still, he has to be added to my collection!
  18. Those 1/4 Premium Formats (which I own the Punisher, Buffy, and Superman (okay that one is DC Direct's answer to Sideshow's 1/4 scale PFs)), and soon Captain America (who is on preorder) usually sell out and go for a lot more than the initial suggested MRSP. All depending on the popularity of the character and the ES (Edition Size). For example the Doom PF, started at a hefty 350 US MRSP in 2005, now fetches prices upwards to 700-plus US on eBay through the secondary market. Grey Hulk PF which was just released this past month, initially went for 425 US. What's crazy is it's already fetching prices of 600-plus US on eBay. And this is just weeks after the fact it has been available. Granted it's sold out and only available on the secondary market. They are what collectibles are now measured on in terms of quality, sheer size, and detail. I decided to drop collecting action figures and normal statues for Premium Format (mixed media statues) because they are the best collectibles on the market. Affordable? No. But then again, you also get what you pay for. And trust me, having seen these in person and being a proud owner of a few of them, I can tell you they are worth every penny. Edit: Actually I decided to collect certain figure lines. Mostly of the 1:6 scale kind. I personally go after the Hot Toys, DiD (best 1:6 figure company on the market), DC Direct 13" Super Hero line, the occassional 1:6 Sideshow Buffy, and Transformer G1 figures.
  19. Elias

    shelf space

    Since I am a fellow Canadian and get Space I know exactly what he's talking about. That's Ed the Sock's wife Liana. Every week or so Space does a 2 minute spot on a fellow collector's collection or something they made. Like Anemis' creations. Yes a fellow forum member made an appearance on Space. Space Cast is Canada's version of the Sci-Fi Channel in the US of A. And yes, she does have an amazing collection! Not only is she a big collector of all things toys and comics, she is also a very attractive geek. Here are some links... http://www.edthesock.com/ http://www.edthesock.com/News/article/sid=125.html P.S. Ed the Sock rules!
  20. It's also the internet Jase so I don't blame you. Many people take things the wrong way. When text is all you have to go by on, one is held accountable sometimes in unjust ways... either way. Why would I be really in a nilly over what a person says about a toy? hehe
  21. Oh relax Jase. Didn't mean anything big behind it. And to me the Ver. 1 Superman is two figs in one... I don't feel like I really need to get into why. *sigh* Anyway, to each their own.
  22. I think he made Blade: Trinity worth watching with his one liners, not to mention Jessical Biel is my favorite movie babe. But yes, aside from that it was still the worst of the three Blade movies. The last one wasn't executed nearly as well as the first two.
  23. Elias

    Hot Toys

    Hot Toys does make the most amazing 1:6 licensed figures I ever seen... But for best overall 1:6 toy company DiD still has all companies beat. Don't believe me, just look at some of their military figures or better yet their Samurai figs. Even the armor and weapons are made of metal pieces. EEEK!!!
  24. Man, these questions are much too difficult for a lot of us. Heck, I was like almost out of diapers when I first knew of the Transformers. I can't remember most things beyond yesterday. So what makes you think I'll remember something that happened over 20 years ago? hehe I do remember seeing a G.I.JOE/Transformers crossover mini series (which I now own again) with Bumble Bee getting shot up to hell by the Joes on issue 1 of 4 of the series. I also remember getting the issue with Jetfire on the front cover. As for the episode, yeah like I'll remember that.
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