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  1. It really looks good and tempting with the $35 markdown with BBTS but still a little too much for me. However, if it was the 1701-A, I'd be sold on it.
  2. Finally found these guys locally. Between two stores I managed to snag a full set. Also noticed the value of these guys on ebay seem to be dropping.
  3. Wal-Mart locally only got one case of Retaliation figures in and the rest were motorcycles and roleplay which mine clearanced out. Even K-Mart clearanced out their section of Joes. Most of the same and they had put back a broken and returned Zartan and Cobra Trooper to the shelf.
  4. I just got MU Kraven the Hunter, Hulk (new mold), and Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales version) from BBTS and I have to so say how much better these 3 figures are than anything in the past put out in the Marvel Universe line. My biggest problem with past figurs were mainly how flimsy they felt. Sometimes the joints would be so stiff, I'd be afraid of breaking it; or the joints would be very loose; and the biggest problem was the soft plastic the figures were made from would warp depening on how it was packaged. The new figures seem to be made of a lot firmer plastic and the joints are not loose and feel like they going to break. I can get some amazing poses including in crouched position from Kraven and Spidey. They have ankle joints, double knee joints, wrist, elbow, forearm, shoulder joints, head, mid torso, and rotating waist. The hip joints seem to be more ball joints and are easier to move around. Even the Hulk has some great articulation. Same as Kraven and Spidey but he goes on to have a double jointed neck! Also makes me want to find a Peter Parker version of Ultimate Spider-Man and put up my previous wave normal suit Spidey figures. This is what Marvel Universe should have been from the get go.
  5. I know that since last Christmas and the extreme lack of Joes on pegs, Wal-Mart dedicated alot of peg and shelf space from GI Joe to those "Corps" line. Not as articulated but some of them don't look all that bad.
  6. (Thanks) I remember hearing during the Joe-Con panel they were trying to get more of them out there. I've also been checking Family Dollar stores since they carry the same "smaller market" type items like the limited articulation Marvel Universe figures and the repackaged Transformer Mini-Con figures.
  7. I still have yet to see these guys at any of my local DGs. I thought that since the rest of Retaliation got put on hold, these guys would start showing up at more places to help fill the void.
  8. iacon45

    figure stands

    If you are referring to the 3.75" figures, I know there are many third party companies that produce stands for GI Joe and Marvel Universe figures. A friend of mine recommended this site but I have yet to order anything from them. Maurader Third Party Stands
  9. Makes me wonder if Hasbro is sending out past cases they have left over to fill the gap until the next wave of Retaliation figures hit stores next year. Wal-Mart/Hasbro did something similiar when stores ran short back during the first Transformers movie in 2007 and they filled the shelves with older stuff until more of the new movie line arrived.
  10. I picked up Super Poseable ASM and the Manga Spidey, Ben Reilly Spidey, and Doc Ock. At first I was pissed they took away the hip articulation from the other figures and returned to T-Crotches, but they aren't as bad as I first feared. Ben Reilly looks better proportioned than the one from the previous Spider-Man line and looks better next to MU Scarlet Spider. I just hope they can release a new Carnage and maybe a comic version of Lizard since I never found that last Spidey wave with Shocker, comic Lizard, and Scorpion.
  11. I mentioned this over in the Dollar General Joe Repaint thread. If these aren't set exclusively to Dollar General and other smaller discount chains it would be nice to see these guys at Wally and other stores and maybe throw in a few more to boot. I know during 2007, Transformers movie toys became a little hard to find and either Wal-Mart was using older warehouse stock or Hasbro sent them older stock to pad the pegs until more movie toys arrived. It would be awesome if Hasbro could send some older waves to keep Joes a presence in the toy aisle after the initial Retaliation waves dry up. There were a few I am kicking myself for missing or passing on.
  12. My town has three Dollar Generals and there are three more within 20 minutes driving distance and not one of them has had them and I have been checking off and on for the last week. Either I'm missing them or they have never got them in. Does anyone know if these are 100% exclusive to Dollar General or discount chains in general? It would great if Wally or bigger chains got some of these guys in to help fill the void since the rest of the movie line has been pushed back until 2013.
  13. Picked up the only one I ever saw from K-Mart and it was the blue version. Overall, I do love this figure and its nice to get alot of normal weapons instead of settling on a few and a big gimmick accessory like missile launchers or zip lines. Also a plus that most of the extra gear stores on his backpack. The big minus of this figure is the lack of a good figure stand. I have him geared up and his backpack makes him top heavy where I can't get him to stand up or at least stand up for too long.
  14. I know that had to pack these figures with fewer accessories to keep costs down, but I would rather have them do away with the spring loaded missile firing weapons and bring back the figure stands. I'm not saying I'm not a fan of missle firing accessories, but I think these look better on the vehicles.
  15. I picked up some and I have mixed feelings on them. I haven't opened them yet but this are initial thoughts. *Single Storm Shadow - This is my very first Storm Shadow and I love the look. He looks better than some of the other SS I have seen. Not a fan of the big missle launching zip line but I have never really been a fan. I would have liked to have seen a few more accessories but he does have his two swords which is the bare minimum for SS. Definitely going to enjoy this. *Cobra Commander - I am a CC fan and have collected a version that has become available in almost every line. I picked up the blue version and he does have an updated CC feel to him and I do like this movie version better than I did the ROC version. I would like to find the black variant single pack without having to resort to getting the Amazon 4 pack. *Red Ninja - I was never able to find Renegades Storm Shadow but this is a good runner up. I love the idea of Storm Shadow having his own Clan minions to command. Again, not found of the missle launching zip line accessory. *GI Joe Trooper - I picked him up on a whim and at first he didn't really have a trooper feel. He looked too...I don't know...geared up in a way especially with the blue cloak (I got the blue version). But the more I look at him, the more I like him. He has a GI Joe version of Halo's Master Chief going on. *Cobra Trooper - Also picked him up on a whim, he looks like he would fit in more with Renegades instead of Retaliation but he comes with a parachute and that is a plus. He will be more of a Cobra Special Forces PARAtrooper figure in my collection. *Zartan - Last figure I picked up on a whim and this is probably my least favorite of the line. He is my very first Zartan figure. He does look good in a renegades type of way, but to me Zartan is a backwoods at home at the swamp kind of person. Most likely, I will take him back to the store. *Ninja Showdown 3 pack - I have this one waiting on my in my BBTS pile of loot but from what I have seen, this looks like a very good set. I love the Storm Shadow look with the silver over the mouth, I could almost picture this as Storm Shadow in some kind of life support gear after the events in ROC. Red Ninja is probably the biggest reason I love this set. With the accessories included, he can easily become Slice. Snake Eyes to me looks a little too much like the Renegades figure that shelf warmed in some places but still he's freaking Snake Eyes. Also some of the extra accessories will come in handy for some of my other Joes. ****************************************** The biggest complaint I have are the figures that come with vehicles. They have downgraded to basic Star Wars articulation. But that still wont stop me from getting that new HISS Tank when I find it.
  16. The decals on my Jazz was awful. They are starting to come off so I had to go back over them with some cut clear packing tape. So far, none of my other Kre-Os have decal issues
  17. Over the last week: HA Leadfoot HA Roadbuster Kre-O Starscream Kre-O Bumblebee BBTS Haul: Takara Prime Terrorcon CJ Takara Prime Skywarp Prime RID Knock-Out Prime RID Hot Shot Prime RID Vehicon United Stepper
  18. I have a few of these: Large Size Optimus, Megatron, Larger Size BB, Sideswipe, Ratchet, and Jazz. I will admit they are not for everyone especially if you are not into the building block thing. Now if you like the Star Wars legos and like, these are pretty amazing and are a hell of a lot cheaper than actual Lego branded kits. Only draw back the decals they come with have very weak glue so they peel after a bit. Biggest positive note are these are much better quality than Hasbro's first attempt with Built to Rule If you are looking to get some Kre-O I would definitely suggest K-Mart. They have already dropped the price pretty heavily but for a while (at least this week) they have dropped the price further: Larger Size Optimus - $26.99 Megatron - $14.49 Large Size BB - $10.49 Small BB and Optimus - $6.39
  19. Does the saucer separate on this one?
  20. I love the looks of the figures but I kinda wish they could have used the same body construction as the 25th Anniversary GI Joes.
  21. My Wal-Mart still has their single pack Joes for $5.44 (used to be $4.80 something) while K-Mart has them for $5.99.
  22. Stockade is one of my favorite movie toys not featured in the movie. I like how muscular he looks and, with that being said, I can easily picture him picking up a car in each and hand and slamming them together with an Autobot in between.
  23. I like him but I can totally understand about the "fan hands". The execution, while not perfect, was pretty good but I wish that Hasbro would have released the black Takara version instead.
  24. Personally, I really like what I see and depending and how much more he'd cost I might try to get him instead of Omega.
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