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  1. The TRU retail price on this thing is going to be $129.99, according to our latest info... Just so you guys can sort of measure what needs to go into the gas tank and what can be spent on this massive beauty...seeing how gas prices will be, what, around $6.65 a gallon by late July?
  2. Awesome work man! Absolutely awesome! It's the small things that make a custom really come alive! I missed out on the Target HISS in my area (all I could find was the AWE Striker), so I haven't been able to get ahold of an old-school gun turret...but I definitely have plans to redo my DTC HISS in this same way. Just let us know how you did it...
  3. Cobra Commander... Serpentor never kicked puppies when he was pissed off.
  4. Well, the Target Exclusive vehicles have the DTC HISS with the RAH gun turret printed on the inner packaging, so maybe we're going to see a modified DTC version? A possible sneak preview?
  5. I'm posting this here in the forums because I've been getting about 50+ requests for where I got the repro decals I used on my 25th Anniversary Custom Rattler. After speaking with the gentleman who produces the decals, he's not opposed to the extra business...so I'm posting the information here in the forum and I hope a mod will sticky this. The gentleman's name is Ruben Jiminez and he lives in Mexico. When you email him, request his "catalog" email. He'll send you a list of the decals that he has available. He only does a small batch of decals every few months, so be courteous and don't clean him out in one purchase. Leave some for the rest of us! The decal quality is better than the ones that Hasbro ships with the new vehicles. The only drawback is that they aren't die-cut, so you'll have to cut them out yourself...which can be EXTREMELY tedious. Also, because he lives where he lives, don't expect overnight shipment of your decals. If you absolutely, positively need them within a week, forget it! On average, it takes 2 to 3 weeks for them to reach you--thanks to customs and all the other post-9/11 stuff they will go through before reaching your local post office. Ruben's email address is rubenldm@rocketmail.com
  6. I'm gonna have to go with the nay-sayer crowd on this one... It's going to be Sigma-6: The Movie Scarlett looks more like Jean Grey from an X-Men comic book---complete with day-glow spandex---than anything remotely militaristic. Will Kelsey Grammer be making a camo appearance as Beast playing his "Senator" role in the US Government? Geezus, I shouldn't be giving these people any ideas!
  7. Now you need to remove the side panels connecting the armrests to the seat itself. This is the trickiest part, but if you're pretty good with a blade, this shouldn't give you much trouble. I start with the bottom part, along the part of the seat where WW's butt will actually sit, then move on to the top, just underneath the armrests, and then finishing with the part still connecting the panel to the backside of the seat: Once you've done both sides, you're seat is pretty much ready to sand it down a bit, and repaint it using Krylon Fusion Satin Black (or whatever color you want your seat to be). The end result should look like this: The open areas beneath the armrests now allow WW's hip holsters to fit into them. It takes a little bit of wiggling to get the holsters under the armrests, but they WILL go. So does this clear up the pilot seat confusion?
  8. Okay, I've had quite a few people ask me about the modifications done to the pilot's seat. I figured this would be the confusing part for some, so I'll try to explain this process as best I can. Once you've removed the seat from the lower fuselage, this is what you have to work with: Now, the first thing you need to do is remove the forward downward-turned parts of the armrests, making sure you're using a sharp X-acto blade or Dremmel tool. Be VERY careful not to crack the plastic, as its somewhat brittle: Once you've removed both front armrest parts, your seat should look like this from a "head-on" point of view:
  9. I think that his original thought wasn't necessarily the cessation of the 25th Anniversary PACKAGING on Hasbro's part, but rather Hasbro dropping the 25th Anniversary "style" of the figures in favor of some other whacked-out design that might be in the same scale, but otherwise looks completely out of place next to the 25th figures; sort of like how the 25th figures look out of place next to the vintage figures... Like Hasbro dropping the slightly sci-fi/military feel of GI Joe for something more akin to McFarlane's hyper-realistic Military figures. Let's face it...when you compare the Joes to real-life military soldiers, they don't exactly mesh together very well. How many female soldiers do you see running around in a skin-tight leotard, yellow go-go boots and throwing stars fastened to a pair of "cowgirl gloves" that look like they belong to a stripper? Yet this is Scarlett's "standard-issue" uniform... But then again...Lady Jaye is dressed like a motorpool mechanic, so I guess anything's possible...
  10. Now watch Hasbro completely shoot itself in the foot by releasing the Movie merchandise in 8" S6 scale...
  11. The only small thing that bothers me about his costume is that the upper half of it looks a tad too much like a Sigma 6 suit. The whole "rubber body armor" thing makes him look like he raided Batman's closet...
  12. If I have overlooked a step anywhere along the way, or if I have confused anyone, don't hesitate to ask or let me know. I'll try to fill in any gaps that there may be...
  13. Yes it is. These figures are simply repacks of the Red Ninjas from Wave 1.
  14. Well, step-by-step is as follows: Items you will need: *1 TRU Elite Operations A-10A Thunderbolt II; 2 if you wish to match the current weapon loadout ($29.99) *2 cans of Krylon Fusion Patriotic Blue Paint (about $5.00 per can) *1 can of Krylon Fusion Satin Black Paint *X-acto Blade set (about $15.00 for a set or $5.00 for single blade) *1 tube of Advanced Formula Krazy Glue (about $2.00 per tube) *1 roll of Professional Painter's Tape (purple or blue color, about $3.00 per roll) *1 sheet of professional Reproduction Decals (the source of these G.I. Joe and Cobra decals is Ruben Jimenez from Mexico. PM me for his email address) *1 Phillips-head Screwdriver The first step is to take the plane out of the box; leave the missiles and weapon mounts in the packaging for now. Once the plane is out of the box, begin disassembling it by removing all screws from the bottom. Seperate the top of the plane from the bottom, then turn the top of the plane upside down so that you are now looking at the "inside" of the hull. Remove the screws that hold the engine assembly to the top of the upper hull. Set the engine assembly aside. Remove the nosecone; set aside. Remove both tail rudders and set aside. Disassemble both landing gear housings and remove wheel assemblies; set these parts aside. Also remove the back part of the canopy and set it aside. Remove the cockpit control panel and set aside, then remove the front landing gear and remove the wheel from the panel. Pop the seat out by tugging forward with light force. Careful that you don't break the seat itself, but its okay if you break the mounting post the seat sits on. This is what the Krazy Glue will be used for later. Second step is to prep the aircraft parts for painting. This is a no-brainer, but I have to say it anyway...make sure you are working in a WELL VENTILATED AREA! Clean all aircraft parts before painting. The Krylon cans say to quickly wipe down all new surfaces with paint thinner, but I didn't have to do so. I simply cleaned off all parts with a dry dust cloth used for cleaning eyeglasses. Krylon Fusion paint is a paint specifically formulated to molecularly bond with plastics. This is going to be the closest thing to "toy industry standard" paint you can get without lead in it. The beauty of this paint is that it dries within 15 minutes, and you can handle the painted item within 1 hour. Other paints usually take much longer. Fusion paint cures after 7 days, becoming completely chip-resistant...something that even model paints don't usually boast. Wait the full week for the paint to cure before applying decals. Tape the outside and inside of the front canopy and around the black dome of the right landing gear housing, making sure there are absolutely no exposed areas. Double-check to make sure the tape is securely attached to the plastic. This is why I didn't use any kind of paint thinner, as the residue would counteract the tape's adhesive. At this point, you are ready to paint the main body of the aircraft. Spray the upper hull (the part with the wings) in even, sweeping motions. Hold the can about 10 to 12 inches from the hull to avoid dripping. Make sure you also get the sides of the wings and the wing tips. Once you have applied an even coat, allow this to dry for about 15 to 30 minutes. Afterward, the paint will still be slightly tacky, but not enough to leave fingerprints. Turn the hull over and apply a coat to the bottom, making sure you coat the missile hardpoints and the interior of the hull. Allow this entire upper hull piece to dry, as you are done with it for now. Once dry, remove all tape. Next, paint the bottom hull, just as you did the upper hull...making sure you paint inside as well. Painting the interior of the aircraft gives it a much more uniform appearance once you have reassembled it. Set this aside and allow to dry. The major paint job is pretty much done. All that's left is painting both sides of each tail rudder, the landing gear housings, and the weapons mounts that are still in the box. Go ahead and remove the multimissile mounts now and clean these like you did the main body. Paint both rudders/aerilons, the landing gear housings and the missile mounts, making sure you tape over the black part of the right gear housing. Once these have been painted, allow to dry. Now tape around the outer edges of the engines up to the panel lines (front and back). Completely cover the turboprops and the thrusters with tape. Paint the exposed areas blue, first painting the top/sides...allowing them to dry, then turn it over and paint the bottom, including the parts that are not going to be seen once its reassembled. Once this part is dry, remove the tape and set aside. Paint both sides of the front landing gear panel, allow to dry and then set aside... Once the upper hull is completely dry (I waited 24 hours before doing this part), tape up the upper hull just past the rear of the cockpit, leaving the space exposed between the panel lines along the front of the nose...again making sure you completely cover the front canopy. Paint this area black. This is the black "stripe" in the photo below: Remove all tape and set aside to let dry. Now take the gray nosecone, clean it and paint it black inside and out. Allow this to dry. You are now done with the repaint...I cannot stress this enough: let all parts dry COMPLETELY for at least 24 hours before reassembling! The original seat looks like this: I used an X-acto blade to cut out the sides of the seat and the fronts of the armrests. This leaves the back of the seat, the bottom and the upper armrests. The spaces under the armrests will serve as empty areas where Wild Weasel's hip holsters will lock into. To place the figure into the seat, you will have to slide him in at an angle, one leg at a time, but once seated, he will not move. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WHILE USING X-ACTO BLADES! I cannot be held responsible for missing appendages. This is the finished modifications to the seat: Once everything is completely dry, reassemble the landing gear and gear housings to the wings. Reattach the engine assembly to the upper hull. Reassemble the front landing gear hull panel to the wheel. Glue the seat back into place, along with the control panel and the front landing gear. Reassemble the bottom hull to the upper hull. Reattach the rudders/aerilons to the rear of the plane. Place the multi-missile mounts anywhere you wish under the wings. So far, so good...the hard stuff is done. Your Rattler only needs its Cobra decals. Ruben Jimenez has the best vintage G.I. Joe decals available. They are done with a kind of ink that does not rub off at all...and honestly are better than ANYTHING Hasbro ever released with its original RAH line of vehicles. Refer to my photos of the Rattler 2008 for placement, or refer to Yojoe.com's Vehicle Reference list for the original Rattler's instruction sheet to see approximately where they should go. The decals that Ruben supplies are NOT die-cut, so your X-acto blade or a good pair of sharp scissors will serve you well here... Cut them carefully and apply them according to whichever resource you choose. Once this step is done, your new Rattler should look like this:
  15. WOW! I never thought I'd get compliments like "professional" and "wish we'd get something like this from Hasbro." This was just a labor of love that begged to be done. Sort of like the "butterfly" thing in I Am Legend. lol So many things were suddenly falling into place telling me to make the Rattler. The fact that my store had a whole squadron of A-10s in stock; the A-10 being used as the Rattler on the comic book cover, finding the exact color of the original Rattler in the Krylon Fusion paint, and Yojoe having a scanned copy of someone's old instruction sheet... I hope someone from Hasbro DOES see this...because, according to what I've read in this thread so far, it's stuff like this that we want to see Hasbro give us for the 25th Anniversary/Movie lines. Some original vehicles are fine to rerelease with minor modifications, such as the RAM, VAMP, and Flight Pod. But the Rattler is one of those vehicles that simply will not accomodate new figures...at least not without a considerable amount of modifications to the cockpit. And it's scale is also too small for my tastes. I kind of like the ginormous wingspan of this plane. And honestly, if TRU can sell a big plane like this for $30, Hasbro could market an "official" Cobra repaint like this for slightly more. And Hasbro would have the resources available to them to rework the area just behind the cockpit to put the signature gunnery pod, just like on the original. Who would buy one of these for $40 to $50? I would!
  16. I referenced Yojoe's vehicle database for the decal instructions, so they are pretty much exactly where they are supposed to be in relation to each aircraft. The only ones I omitted were the VTOL-88B decals, obviously because this version of the Rattler is NOT capable of vertical-takoff...and someone with an eye for detail would have called me out on that. lol
  17. Here's the weapons loadout. Though the original "cluster bombs" weren't possible because I didn't have anything to serve as a concave triple-mount on the end of each wing. Instead, I moved 4 bombs underneath the belly of the plane. The Rattler also mounts 4 Sidewinders, 4 long-range missiles, and 2 Comscan units...
  18. Whitewolf


    Sent mine in last week. Now to sit back and wait for medical treatment in May. lol
  19. Well folks, it took over two weeks of painstaking patience, but it finally paid off... Here is the 25th Anniversary Rattler -- I took the bombs and missiles from two A-10A sets and combined them to resemble the original loadout, though I had problems photographing the underbelly of the plane. I'll try to play around with the camera a bit more and upload shots of its weaponry in the next day or so. Wild Weasel's ride has NEVER looked sweeter!
  20. Wow! A 100% markup...plus $15 shipping...for repaints. WHAT A DEAL!!! (can ya smell the sarcasm here or what?)
  21. I always think the same thing........it really drives me nuts sometimes how fast stuff sells out and how long it takes them to re-stock. What do you think drives the demand for these things up so much? Dole out very small quantities of a popular item just enough to keep consumers endlessly searching for it. I believe marketing bigwigs call it "Wii Syndrome".
  22. I cleared off shelf space today that used to house a fair amount of my Star Wars collection to make room for my 25th Anniversary GI Joe figures. I was mindlessly placing figures onto their stands when I got to Rock & Roll's. I never payed attention to it before, but his display stand has TWO footpegs on it instead of just one! I then started going back through all the other Wave 6 figures, but their's were all single-peg versions. I wonder if all of the stands will start seeing his new design?
  23. There's a difference between being negative and being realistic about something. Realistically, small supply + huge demand = me never seeing these at retail.
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