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  1. Get 'em while they're hot http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/ProductsByBra...T=SO&NPG=27
  2. Joefreak, I know exactly what you mean, thats the figure I was most looking forward to seeing as well. I feel like we've really been teased with the possibility of a new version of him for years now as well. I think we should start some kind of petition, because this is becoming ridiculous. I even spoke with one of the Hasbro reps at the San Diego comic con a few years ago and told them to please make a Falcon figure, they told me they would see what they could do. I honestly got the feeling they don't realize there's such a demand for the figure, and perhaps a petition is the only way to get their attention. Relax, it's already confirmed as coming. You just haven't "seen" it yet. I suspect a picture will surface at the collector's club site soon. Unfortunately because he's in a comic pack, he'll probably be a repaint save for a new head. Which if done well won't be an issue.
  3. I love these lists because they prove no matter what Hasbro puts out, they can't please everyone. That said, here's my top 10 figures Recondo Dusty Dr Mindbender Snow Serpent EEL Mainframe Dialtone Iceberg Alpine Barbeque And a couple old vehicles that would rock with tooling tweaks: Skyhawk (I bet we get this before the year is out) Devilfish Tactical Battle Platform Lookout Tower
  4. I assume you got these in Apache Junction? I'm in Gilbert, so on the hunt as well.
  5. AMEN. Well said. Slaughter, I'm not attacking you at all. But I think you're being presumptuous in calling foul and denouncing this film for not following GI Joe lore when, in fact, no one really knows what the hell the production team is doing yet. We know main characters and that's it. And unlike Transformers, every single name has been plucked from GI Joe's history. Let's wait for some images, footage, or spy set reports to come in before throwing a red flag.
  6. How many people do you think know what the *true* source material for GI Joe is? Are you talking about the comics? Cartoon? Original 12" line? I may be going out on a limb here, but I bet more overall *people* are familiar with the Terminator films than any portion of GI Joe's back story from any of its incarnations. You're also comparing apples to oranges... the Terminator is a single story born and living in a theatrical world. The TV series is merely an extension of that, and really couldn't have been done any other way or else future films wouldn't make sense. If anything, the largest population of adults today familiar with GI Joe are familiar with the toys and cartoon ONLY. Most of my "Joe" friends as kids whom I had battles with never knew a comic existed. GI Joe was the toys and cartoon, and thats it. So should the movie follow the cartoon exactly? I'm not saying throw the cartoon, comic and 12" line out the window. I'm saying I expect the script to utilize elements from each.
  7. None of that has really been confirmed 100%, except the Ripcord thing, and even the "troublemaker" thing may be something we're all reading too much into. I'm still not crazy about Marlon Wayans, but whatever... All of that is from the "second" treatment which appears, based on information coming out of LatinoReview and Hisstank.com (subsequently yanked by Paramount), to be nothing more than a bump in the road to the shooting script. We have no proof "Rex" is in this movie at all. According the recent leaked shooting script reviews, Rex may very well be toast. That's why I've felt compelled to speak out. It's too early to jump to conclusions at this point in time based on 100% confirmed information we have. Because frankly, we have none other than casting choices, we have none. We're all on the same team and want a good movie that "feels" like a GI Joe movie. Let's get a better feel of what they come up with first before condemning it to a steaming pile of mass market ____ with no resemblance to Joe.
  8. I never said it would be bad. Not at all. In fact, it would be a very entertaining film... but it wouldn't be marketable to a large enough worldwide audience to justify the huge budget this film has been *blessed* with. Yes, blessed. Because for all the crying I read about Marlon Wayans as Rip Cord, I remind myself of the opportunity to create incredible battles and vehicles with that budget. Which for me is just as big a part of GI Joe as anything else. The argument this film doesn't stay true to a lot of the source material is a moot point right now. Have you personally read the script? The early reviews indicate this film will respect the source material MUCH MORE than Bay's Transformer's did. For all the whining about Optimus having flames, they were ultimately at the bottom of my list of issues with that film. If people want to write off this movie before a single frame of film has been shot, that's their decision. I'm going in with an open mind.
  9. The "mass audience" dreaded by many hardcore fans are necessary to demand a $170 million production budget. That's a lot of coin, even for Hollywood standards. And with that coin, and the decision to hire a lesser known ensemble cast requiring a lower payroll, the action and vehicles in this film should be unlike anything we've seen before. Had Hollywood tried to replicate the comic books, which judging by many posts is what the hardcore fans want, then the audience would barely be big enough to justify paper mache effects. We have the Comic books, and they're great. Same with the cartoon. But the silver screen opens up the opportunity for something bigger, and I'm all for that. Not everyone will feel that way, and that's fine. To each their own.
  10. Promising, indeed... http://www.latinoreview.com/news/exclusive...joe-script-3775 For $170 million, this should look absolutely bada$$ on screen.
  11. Pass, pass, and pass. While I like the idea of getting Grunt, the listed "Firefly vs Greenshirts" 5-pack at toysrus.com should more than satisfy the need for generic troops. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2945318 I actually like the Duke, but I'd rather get him with the Jetpack and Flag. I'm more than content with comic Hawk and the supposed upcoming General version. Don't need a third. Crimson Pack: meh. Not a huge Crimson fan to begin with. Cobra Pack: Another unnecessary Cobra Commander and a couple cartoon? colored troops. I'd rather stick with the old school troop colors.
  12. Better pics here: http://gijoeclub.com/2008wave4.cfm This is clearly an all repaint filler wave (ala wave 1) to keep product steadily rolling. We all know new sculpts are sure to come after this, so if you don't like them, don't buy them and wait for what's next. I'm personally only interested in Bludd and Cobra Commander, depending on how they look in person.
  13. No surprise. Looks like the angled wrists are here to stay. http://gijoeclub.com/2008wave3-06.cfm
  14. Add B.A.T. to the list of confirmed figures: http://www.actionfigurecollectors.com/news...gijoe_dec07.php
  15. Based on how Snow Job came out, I want to see: Iceberg Frostbite Snow Serpent Ice Viper
  16. Speaking of SHS, the two newest waves are now in stock at hasbrotopshop: http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/SearchResults...;CDT=1195240520
  17. Keep in mind that he didn't list all the figures in the computer. The five he listed are likely spread across 2 or even more waves.
  18. My short list: Airborne Recondo Frostbite Dusty Dr Mindbender Lamprey
  19. Beachhead went sold out as I was checking out. argh! Not putting a limit on the troopers was a recipe for instant sell-out.
  20. I just found one case of single packs at Walmart that wasn't there two days ago (AZ). I suspect distribution will improve with subsequent waves as retailers realize they can't keep them in stock and increase their orders/shelf space.
  21. Bac

    GI Joe Toy Sightings

    Hmmmm.... now I can't decide whether I want to order it online at that price, or wait to find a Cobra set at retail. The real kicker is the S&H... by the time that's added in, the Cobra set's at most only $1 cheaper than it would be at retail. If only Hasbro's shipping were less expensive, or even free, I'd order it right away! Will $10 off $50 change your mind? Promo Code: SPTIER07
  22. Guys, you seem to keep forgetting something. When Hasbro conceived and got approval to create the two 5-packs, there was no indication at the time the line would continue. Had the line NOT continued past the five packs, wouldn't you prefer the Cobra Solider have been included? He'll be available on a single card soon enough. Then we can all stock up
  23. Bac

    GI Joe Toy Sightings

    150 miles! wow! I know we are excited to get new toys, but I am not sure they are worth the expense of actually searching for. I am confident when they hit retail en masse, they aren't going to be that hard to find, thus spending extra dollars in gas just to get them the first day or week of release seems a bit excessive IMO. but to each his own, I don't mean that as an attack at all. This isn't a sighting per se, but it may explain why those Denver, CO Walmart's had 25th and nothing else has been reported: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/showthread.php?t=141092 They may pop up at other "select" Walmart's over the next few days.
  24. Bac

    GI Joe Toy Sightings

    Not really. I suspect many west coast Walmarts got these in, but they don't seem to have a spot to put them in yet. If that's true, they go from the pallets to the back room. Scoring them might require catching them on the pallets before they're sent to the back, or finding someone's sloppy seconds who pulled them off a pallet (as Mongoose did).
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