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  1. I usually don't chime back over conversations or debates on here, I just say my piece and enjoy reading the rest. These forums are supposed to be fun, but in one click of a mouse, I've been accused of being selfish and impatient. First of all, we're talking about a hobby - action figures. Not life, work, family, philosophy, religion, or politics. Isn't this site in existence for fun, first and foremost? I had to laugh at the intensity of some of the responses to my post. How about a cup of decaf? Geez....LOL Second, I'm not the only one wants the figures I mentioned, and I'm not the only one who doesn't care for all of the selections we've gotten so far - and regardless of whether or not there are twice as many parts, quite a few of them are repainted parts, and my opinion is that that is another reason I feel the price is a bit too high. If we take our collecting seriously, then shouldn't Hasbro take their craft a bit more seriously, too? Just a question, not yelling at them. Third, anyone old enough knows that Hasbro has always had (as far as the GIJoe line goes) an issue with making female figures. I'm not being impatient, just stating the return of an old pattern I'm seeing that maybe be keeping me - and OTHER fans, too (God forbid I think about only myself for once) - from getting some great female characters to enhance our collections. And finally, let's try to remember to keep it fun on here - differing opinions can be fun and show you how someone else feels about an idea, but calling people selfish is an attack upon the character of someone you don't even know. It's a bit much.
  2. I sit back and watch, keeping my mouth shut every time I see a new wave come out. Looks like Hasbro is at it again... "Alright, we gave them Scarlett, Baroness, and Lady Jaye. We're done with the female characters." Do they still honestly think that it's a waste of time to make a female character? Is it really cutting into their profits that badly to make female characters? @grumpy@ I don't know about anybody else out there, but I can't find a single-pack Scarlett figure anymore, I could barely find one or two Lady Jaye's the entire time that wave was out in stores, and I have yet to still see a Baroness in blue, except on eBay - of course, all other figures in that same wave are already warming the pegs at Target and Walmart. You'd think Hasbro would learn by now that female characters aren't a bad idea - look at Marvel Legends, DC Superheroes, Justice League, etc....the female characters are often the objects of frantic searching and eBay scalping. Wake up, Hasbro! The only peg warmer I've seen for females is the two pack of Scarlett and Hawk, and they are now starting to disappear - no doubt people like me who saw Hasbro's return to it's old ways and bought a few extras just to get Scarlett to customize into other female GIJoe and Cobra characters and Hawk to use for a generic army builder. Will we never get Jinx, Covergirl, Zarana, Militia, Mayday, Pythona....etc? If Hasbro keeps this same stupid attitude towards female figures, I doubt it. I'm about done with this line also - it's not just this issue, but the fact that they aren't listening to customers' wish lists as they promised. There are plenty of male characters as well who haven't been made yet, and yet we still get some stupid generic diver, pilot, soldier, elite soldier, or other unnamed army builder. Anybody remember Blowtorch? Scrap-Iron? Another reason - how many of us have wished for a cartoon-correct Lady Jaye? Of course, Hasbro finally gets it right, but puts her in a $20.00 figure pack - wow, maybe they do listen to what the fans want! I have to admit, it's smart thinking - "Find out what everyone wants so badly, and make it available as part of an exclusive that we can charge more money for...." Goes to show that it's always about the money, once again. Finally - I don't know if I'm the oldest guy on here, but when I was a kid, I distinctly remember paying $2.50 (sometimes less) for these guys. I understand inflation, rising fuel costs, etc., but come on! $7.99? If I could see where we were getting more for the money, I'd probably stick with it, but that's another nail in the coffin for the future of this line, as far as I'm concerned. Sorry this was so long, but I never really post on here, and it all just built up - thanks for humoring me, everyone!
  3. I just got one question? Where's the ladies? The first time a DC line has had this many female figures all at once, and not a single one is in the first wave? Typical Mattel - watch them either cancel the line before Wave 2, "push back" the females until a "later wave" then cancel the line, or remove all articulation - something to ruin it even more.
  4. @grumpy@ Somebody please tell me that this is just a "test" image that the the guys from Smallville are putting out there to see our reaction. On one hand, I'm impressed that they actually used a costume for a superhero that translates well in both book and in real life. Something that they didn't have to tinker with, rework, or change - good job! On the other hand, what's with the short hair and the "raccoon" facepaint? She can afford a leather outfit and can't scrape up enough spare change for a mask? Or were they running a two-for-one special on eyeliner that day? A little too "tribal" in my opinion for a superhero. Where is the long, blonde, beautiful hair that is distinctly Black Canary? If it weren't for the costume, I wouldn't know it's her. Maybe their excuse will be "It's a young Black Canary, and she hasn't let her hair grow out quite yet." Still, I'd rather see her either with a mask, or just "plain faced" and some nice long hair, just like it's always been.
  5. Awesome work! You did a great job.... I have a question: I'm doing JLU customs now, and I've been working on a Huntress figure. Her mask is similar to Star Sapphire's.....I can't find the right material to make the mask out of, and I was wondering how you smoothed out the mask to her eyes and face??? Any help would be appreciated - thanks!
  6. OK, so anyone else notice the pattern that I'm starting to see here in the Carolinas? (Other than the fact that these two states - SC and NC get just about everything AFTER the rest of the U.S.)? We finally got them at the Walmart stores in the area, and I got there BEFORE anyone else did, as the Walmart lady is putting them on the shelf directly out of the sealed boxes, what to my surprise - one Kitty Pryde figure, and NO Warbird figures.... Just when you think that the "anti-female" attitude is going away in toy companys! Toybiz should be ashamed of themselves - they helped break the mold of having only one female per line (if that) or none at all, and yet I had to buy my Black Widow figure and Scarlet Witch figure at a collectibles and comics shop for twice the price. Blame scalpers all we want to (I know, they certainly don't help the situation), but female figures are still shortpacked, and it's ridiculous. I think it's time that Batman, Spiderman, and Wolverine get shortpacked for a while!
  7. I still haven't seen any Dr. Light or Vixen figure 3-packs - is the Southeast US the last to get everything? Or am I just not looking in the right stores (Walmart, Target, Toys-R-Us)?
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