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  1. Amen. I'm glad he's in 3, especially in a role as important as Venom, but he has always been who I see as THE Peter Parker.
  2. Beast Wars. I was 8 when it came out and absolutely enthralled me, and I love it best.
  3. I agree. When has a seeker sculpt ever not been repainted to make the most of it?
  4. What's that mean? Dakr Knight Returns was written as a "What If" or, to use the old adage, an "Elseworlds before there was an Elseworlds". Year One was the beginning of Batman's in-conitnuity soft reboot after the Crisis. Granted both were written using Miller's take on the character (since he was the writer of both) but they are not connected except perhaps in Miller's mind. And sorry, but All-Stars is *not* the same "DKR Universe"... either. Frank's stuff stand on their own, each seperate... if there's any overarcing continuity, it's a jumbled mess that contradicts itself constantly. >>and recently Batman is 24 in All-Star and has been going for a year.>> Exactly. All Stars contradicts Year One. And in DKR Batman says Dick coined the term "Batmobile", but in All Stars, Batman calls the car a Batmobile when Dick asks what it is. So each story contradicts another, thus they are not the same Universe. >>In regular continuity Batman meets Robin in the middle of the second year or so (Dark Victory)>> If you actually read Year One, Long Halloween, and Dark Victory, with careful attention to the dates... Bruce actually meets Dick in Year Five! It's probably the best example of the Loeb/Sale Batman stories being out of continuity. Yes, they were references in Hush, which is definitely In, but the timeline is internally inconsistent. Miller and Loeb/Sale Timeline: Year One (First 365 days of actual Batman activity.) April 9 - First Batman appearance August 2 - First Catwoman crime November 2 - Batman and Catwoman both confront the Roman Year Two: June - Johnny Viti’s Wedding October 31 - Johnny Viti is murdered, Gilda’s first outing as Holiday February 14 - Maroni’s guards are murdered, Alberto’s first outing as Holiday April 1 - Holiday takes a “holiday”. Year 3: August 2 - The Roman’s Birthday, Harvey Dent is scarred by Maroni. October 31 - Two-Face kills The Roman. Year 4: August 2 - Selina Kyle attends the 1-year memorial service at The Roman’s grave October 31 - Harvey Dent is taken from Arkham Asylum during a riot. February 15 - Selina leaves for Rome, breaks up with Bruce. Year 5: May/June - Dick Grayson’s parents are killed. By Father’s Day, he lives with Bruce. July 4 - Bruce reveals his secret to Dick. August 2 - Harvey goes to trial for the “Hangman” murders. Is broken out by Rogues. Labor Day - Catwoman returns from a six-month hiatus. October - Harvey Dent kills Sophia Falcone, the “Hangman” killer October 31 - Dick takes the oath, and becomes Robin. According to Miller himself on an interview at Newsarama, he always writes for the DKR universe, and yeah, he's contradicted himself, but so what? In the long run, it doesn't matter. DC adopted Year One as continuity, but with reboots and whatnot, not everything stays constant. Comic time is fluid, so putting actual dates to it is pointless, especially so soon after a reboot.
  5. Yeah, Bruce became Batman at 25 in Year 1, but Frank Miller always writes for DKR Universe, and recently Batman is 24 in All-Star and has been going for a year. In regular continuity Batman meets Robin in the middle of the second year or so (Dark Victory) and the other Robins are pretty pliable in that respect. Bats= 29-33 max Dick= early 20s Jason= can argue with New Earth continuity and whatnot, probably 19/20 Tim= 16 Just don't ask too many questions and it works out fine.
  6. McFarlane. Above all others I've always had to wonder why he's been consistently popular. I'm gonna have to disagree with those who don't like McGuiness's artwork. He's one of my favourite artists in the business at the moment. I like the more cartoony aspects of comics, wheras someone like Ross is surely incredibly talented and some of his designs look fantastic, but then I look at his Batman or Flash, and I can't help but think that they just look silly. Not everything should be photo-realistic.
  7. You're missing out on some great stories. Black Adam's alone is worth it.
  8. Batman Detective All-Star Bats Batman: The Mad Monk Superman/Batman Superman Action Comics All-Star Supes Wonder Woman Flash Green Lantern Green Lantern Corps Ion Martian Manhunter Hawkgirl (will be cancelling) Outsiders (this too) Teen Titans Nightwing Green Arrow Trials of Shazam Secret Six Creeper 52 Shadowpact Justice League of America Justice Blue Beetle Fables (best series ever) Jack of Fables I think that's everything. Of course, there are new series on the way, like the new Justice Society of America. Also, I get quite of few of the Showcase Presents.
  9. Azrael has taken Bats in a straight fight. Panther's getting his ass handed to him.
  10. Arguably yes, if overly muscular, barrel chested, thin waist men are your thing. Or if if six feet of toothpick errr woman turn you on, then yeah, he's tops. Otherwise he's a hack in my book. His art is exactly the same thing I despise about Liefeld. I'll never understand why people like this persons "work". He can't possibly fade into obscurity quickly enough. Amen brother.
  11. I got Captain Marvel and Black Adam, and since I leave them in the boxes, they're both hunky-dorey to me.
  12. Captain Marvel was actually Fawcett. I don't know if they can't do him because the same thing applies to the Fawcett characters as does Charlton, or if its the name thing.
  13. I'd like to see him myself, but as of yet there have been no pics or any mention of him in the JLU line. Isn't Mr. Miracle a Charlton figure? Nope. Mr. Miracle was created by Jack Kirby for his Fourth World Series (New Gods, Forever People and Orion). BTW, Darkseid was also from the Fourht World, but he didn't appear in any of these books first...His first appearance is in an issue of Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen! Shh! Don't remind anybody! I think a Mr. Miracle is one of the last semi-major characters that needs to be done. A Warlord would be nice too, but I'm not all that fussy.
  14. I'll get one because I've always wanted a really nice Thundercracker.
  15. Gah, another Target exclusive that'll be hell to get.
  16. I just want DKR. But theyre are so many stories possible. Kingdom Come, Emerald Dawn etc...
  17. Didn't get this one but I am getting the Batman one. If they continue to do them with a Wonder Woman one etc. I'll go back and get the Supes one.
  18. I need to get that Batman, but I already have the Azrael, and he's pretty much my favourite figure.
  19. Yeah, I picked up the box and looked at it from all angles, shaking it to see if the hair had fallen off.
  20. naw i would just have him grow the beard, i want a Ultimate Thor not the regular one, that would suck Ultimate Thor is a piece of crap. I'll second that.
  21. Can't really put them in any order: Batman Azrael Hawkman Green Lantern (don't make me choose between Kyle and Alan) Green Arrow
  22. Punisher and Hulk. I don't need the other three, these two take up all my slots. But mostly Punisher. God, I hate him.
  23. 1. Colossus/Thor 3. Kitty Pryde 4. Namor 5. Captain America
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