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  1. i love the 2.5 inch scale saves room, and there is actually wuite alot of small scale lines you can integrate into the line. the figures are suck.. but just remember its the vehicles that this line is about and i think they rock.. for the most part.
  2. for some reason i wanna go play someone else's copy of World of Warcraft... Damn you Paul stanely.. damn youuuuuuu!
  3. got this from a buddy of mine.. its a scan from HotRod magazine.. not to hard to see this happening.. after all the concept camaro was only announced a few months earlier.
  4. holy god Ravage is sexy!!! i guess Optimus wont think he's funny meow
  5. Corey - the owner is a Stand up guy, what ever reason it is, its good, but most likely due to them moving ... he said he wasnt going to Toyfair so i assume they still have alot of getting things situated at the new warehouse!
  6. BTW, Night Viper is not Pit Viper, its Sgt. Airborne, minus the Head and gear
  7. the point is , is that you all think Hasbro sucks or they made a "boneheaded mistake... this coming from someone online who has no link to hasbro other then buying thier product and complaining about the company.. first off, hasbro didnt " mock up""make a mistake""kill the 3,3/4""hate the 3,3/4" they are doing what is going to be MORE profitable in thier eyes.. give them credit they are THE biggest toy company in the world they didnt get there from making bone-headed mistakes. 3,3/4 didnt sell what they wanted!, what proof do i have.. ITS NOT ON THE SHELVES IS IT! untill it is, there is no need to try and turn around the argument a couple of middle aged guys bitching about thier toys wont change the world, just annoy the crap out of the other members with every other post being "hasbro's dumb" and that crap.
  8. Is that Outback?? i thought that was Combat Jesus at this point DTC has gone to crap, and i hope to see it die now and leave the 3,3/4 Joes with what little dignity it had left. the 2.5 inch sigma looks like yay or nay... the Rattler looks really cool, so does the Vamp but i HATE Pre-Posed figures YUK looks like ill be finding a new toyline to collect
  9. Thanks pal, my sister died of AIDS. Care to retract? Not really, there may be a case by case basis of "accidental" contraction of AIDS, through uncleaned hospitol tools and such But the majority of AIDS victims are drug Users and Homosexuals. somewhere in time MaGic Johnson caught full blown AIDS and has had no effects .. some may say he didnt have "that kind of AIDS" but its all BS, people with the Money get the cures for things kept quiet or under investigation as treatments. Sorry about your Sister, as she is a exception, but the Majority of cases keeps my statement on the conspiricist side until proven otherwise.
  10. God these guys are as bad as the Joe forum members MUHAMMAD PIC OMG DETH TO THE W3ST!!!!!!
  11. well back in the 80's some of the highest selling toon' based toyline sold very well... most of which were 2-2.5 figures with large vehicles... M.A.S.K , Dino Riders, etc. to these the main focus was the vehicle, not the figure, which lead to higher playability and offerings to allow more fun out of this combo then just one figure and other bought seperately, then in the early 90's with Exo-squad which was a high selling line for Galoob... used almost Joe style articulation, only the waistbeing ball joints for the legs... these were machines (vehicles) with figures based in size to accompany, and since i owned Exo Squad, it was by one of the most funnest toys EVER, huge battles with my friends, but alas, my point is.. G.I.Joe is not for the collector, its for everyone.. if you want 3,3/4 figures go buy em on Ebay, i garauntee you dont have every figure in exsitance. but for all you bitchers and whiners, and complainers, think of this as... IF the 2.5 line does well.. it gives more profit to keep them doing a collector based 3,3/4 inch series... if thats all it does, thank perhaps one day you would be thanking Billy lagor for this Idea. and just to be clear, Joe hasnt had clear sailing for 20+ years. the highest selling year was the 85-86 series, the rest was a "good" selling line but not "excellent" in anyway. it was canceled and brought back two times.. both of which were not huge returns, minor "collector based" lines of Joes. you go from one wave a YEAR.. to over 7 waves a year.. back in the 80's you could do that, kids didnt care, but now they are forced to turn to new ideas to keep kids attention... i know for a fact my attention span is very short... anyway what was i taking about.. oh yeah... enough with "blah" SUX this and "OMG SIMGA SUXXORZ!!1!!!" this maybe your only hope that YOUR precious Joe line isnt thrown in to the doom of plastics, and forgotten... Sigma six maybe the small joes only hope to ever return. -- and i know all im gonna get from this is.. OMG I BUY MILLIONZ OF JOES ITS ALL BS, but be realistic, everyone on every Joe forum on the Net, could not produce enough money to make it worth while to keep the Small Joes in store.. its the kids.. thank them for buying the crap you dont like, its what will get you what you want in the end.
  12. 1 INCH SMALLER OMG DETH OF TEH LINE!!!! i actually loved MASK and ExoSqaud, and am very excited to see this line lots of possibilities all of them being good... might finally get some huge vehicles now that they are in smaller scale. and these arent the size of the Star Wars Unleashed, they are 1.25 inchs and these are articulated, Neck, arms, legs.
  13. now begins my monthly look into the design and ideas behind the toy line which served Americas boys and Girls for over two decades. This Month we Explore... The Phantom X-19 altho i never had one as a kid, i managed to pick one up once i got heavly into collecting, it had always had a impact on me from the first time i saw it. The Foremost being the "stealthy" design, but it wasnt the only thing that made this plane unique. The Interesting Part was that this toy, was inspiried by a Aircraft only mentioned by conspiricists and Government Officals. The Aircraft im reffering to is whats known as "The Aurora Project" based upon the earliest of design sketches of belived appearences, it was a stunning model of what this craft was rumored to look like. Even the small details, two crew operation, Purpulsion Thrust vectoring -- somthing to which is still unkown if it is being used currently -- Purpulsion Thrust basically reffers to small Hydrogen blasts being controlled to create super Thrust with the low costs of not using fossil Fuel, and possibly the ability to pilot the craft into and back from Space. not to be confused by the Prototype X-19 which was a Strike Stealth Fighter. The Aurora in its sea of secrets, has undergone many different visual changes so as the newly "seen" version has changed dramatically over the last ten years. but to think a toy which you held in your hand was a accurate dipiction of a Craft so secretive its still unknow if its exsists, is amazing in yourself, makes u wonder just how far those toy designers went to get a militiristic vcehicle to thier line. So to anyone thinking, how could Hasbro do that and not get in trouble? That my friends is simple, "it doesnt exsist" its Just a toy.... or is it? see ya next month!
  14. yeah but sigma six aint been around all of 05' it came out mid ot late year, so thus not reflecting the majority of the reason why it had dropped from 04' you cant make a judgement on prfits for Sigma untill o6 is over, or they show results for the second quarter all i know is 05 they gained 500 million in profit thanks to Star Wars... go figgure
  15. its about gay cowboys and such, chicks like it because to guys are all senitive and feminin @puke@ and then of course Gay guys like it cuz doin cowboys must be a fantasy or somthing i never saw it, seeing how i think cowboys are boring and gay cowboys ... well just plain wierd. never the less, cowboys BLAH, unless you name is Wild Bill, but unlike Brawler he doesnt ride @smilepunch@
  16. other then it being offensive to gay people i laughed my arse off.. i mean Brawler is the sister twin of that one guy, that does interior decorating and hes flamboyant as ever... so every time i see bralwer i think "gee does this cobra symbol go with this color" @lol@
  17. i think it would be really sweet if we could get some weapon packs for this size since there isnt many brands really truly close to Sigma. on that note: how cool would it be to have some of the smaller vehicles Sigma "Sixed" like the 1: Fang - working rotors , classic stlye inspired 2: Ferret - classic style, shoots missle out of the cannon 3: SNAKE armor - enetrchangeable hands (perfect enuff!) 4: Stinger - firing launcher 1: Attack Glider - gattling gun reallt turns! or somthing 2: Joe "Fang" repainted and slightly retooled to look more "joe-ish" 3: Vamp -- hey comeone they made a jeep for the 12' joes! 4: Polar Battle Bear -- i mean these are small sized so that it wouldnt be too cost prohibited! what do you guys think? --JR
  18. some how i think, everyone who has participated at this point has given trolling the opportunity to do what it does best, divide this great Forum, friends into Enemies... lets let this be the last post on this topic, and forget it exsists... and lets go make post about how awesome the G.I.Joe World is wether it in 3.3/4 scale or 8 inch. #US1#
  19. 3 walmarts here have them all clearenced, and no pegs for anything Joe what-so ever, even the Super Super Walmart all i have to say is, if sigma goes down, someone PLEASE ask WTF is wrong with Hasbro. But it wouldnt be the first time an idea of thiers has flopped big time ( Sgt Savage, Extreme, T-crotches, 12 JVC, BTR) ok so they have fudged alot up i dont believe its done yet
  20. JollyRoger

    Joe Con'06

    No offence meant dude. I didn't say youWERE an ass... I said you were BEING an ass... there's a difference. Its kewl, I just wanted you to know that I was not trying to bust his chops, just that the thread author wanted to avoid arguments over New Orleans and was basically looking for a head count. Personally, I cannot attend b/c I have three kids and cant get off work for it. I hope your not a ass... how does and as collect toys anyway @hmmm@ edit: ok ok i dont want to know the anwser to that!
  21. yep Habsro spent 50k per figure to make em then , take em off the shelf yep sounds about right, since hasbro makes billions of dollars a year, it makes sens theyd spens a couple mill making a toy line just to take it off the shelve 6 months later yep.. sounds like @poop# and it is Hasbro Rep means REPresentitive, its not a vehicle Hasbro R.E.P ( ##$%$#ed . Elitist . Poop)
  22. Featured ( SELL THROUGH QUICKLY) *wink
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