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  1. LOL... Do you have any clue about the sport to make such an ignorant comment?... just proved my point You had a "point"?... LOL... yep, and you proved it with you're douche-y replies
  2. LOL... Do you have any clue about the sport to make such an ignorant comment?... just proved my point
  3. They're both Jag offs... as are most all the MMA fighters... and the people watching
  4. SQ wasn't a girl But Sq claims to be one and that is what matters even if it isn't biological. @loll@ I don't know you, but welcome back!!1
  5. indeed one of the best game intros ever. Didn't skip past this very much back then http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTFLRhV2vI8 what was that fighting game where you could transform into an animal/human hybrid type thing?
  6. soul blade one ps1 was my favorite game for that system!! I remember renting the dreamcast and soul calibur just to see what they were like. haven't tried the newest one yet right now i'm liking Toy soldiers from the XBL arcade and Army of two... even if you can put an ak47 barrel on an m4 did anyone else have a modded ps1? you had to buy one of those things to plug into the back and use a spring or something to hold the top open and you could play all the burned video games you wanted lol!
  7. hmmm this set is going on my wish list on stuff to buy if the world doesn't end in two years
  8. wow... why do they suck so much at making female figures???
  9. seems i'm out of my rut already... ty MWF2 there are so many games out there i want to play but don't have the cash for right now Mass effect 2 Bioshock 2 Borderlands Prototype ... just to name a few mwf2 ? - what do you get when you prestige besides another slot to customize weapons and titles/emblems? I'm thinking its not worth it. I like my hard earned attachments and camo!
  10. wow that is sweet.. not worth $250 sweet, but still sweet!
  11. There is still a market for the 80s joe toys for sure.(i'm assuming that's what you'd be selling?) though you may not be getting as much money as you would have as early as 3 years ago. aside from the hard to find stuff like starduster, steel brigade, foreign figures.... etc... collectors seem to be pretty much done with arah People today have either finished their collection, stopped buying the old figures and are buying the new ones to replace them.(I know of many collectors buying the updated vehicles and selling their vintage ones) or they just don't plain old have the money to spend on action figures. I'd think you'd get more/better andswers from a message board like yojoe's as there doesn't seem to be to many arah collectors around here these days
  12. I don't care as much when it comes video game movies or comic movies. its still very annoying but usually doesn't bother me enough to completely ruin the movie. I mean up until recently movies in those genres haven't been to great anyway. The Prince of Persia though... I think I'll give it a big old PASS Sayid in Lost is so obviously Indian to me that it was making me even more confused than i think i should have been at the beginning of the series. but i like him and his character and for the most part he looks and acts the part fairly well.
  13. this is from their website... its suggested gifts instead of "war toys" Play Dough Box • buy a can of Play-Doh or make your own • garlic press • plastic knife • popsicle sticks • wooden dowel • plastic lids • small tray/plate • buttons/beads • Rescue/First Aid Box • flashlight • band aids • fabric strips/ bandages • ace bandage • sling • eye patch • gauze • stethoscope • surgical mask • Diary/Scrap Book Box • blank journal or notebook (Glue a picture of the child you are giving this to on the front of the notebook.) • drawing supplies like colored pencils, crayons and/or watercolors • stick-on labels • origami paper or other colored paper • blunt scissors • glue stick • Gift Shopping Suggestions for Tweens: * Guitar Hero is a favorite. * So are karaoke games/machines (mostly girls) * Flipcams - make a video diary etc. * Gift cards for iTunes * Sports related stuff -- especially if a favorite team is involved -- and tickets to sports events are a big whoop. * Tickets to the theater -- There are 'cheap ticket' services that make this affordable. * Gift cards for movie theaters * A Netflix subscription * Drum sticks and a practice pad * Electronic keyboard (If you don't live with the intended recipient, check first with the adults who do.) Gifts for all ages: * World maps, globes - Laminated placemats of the Peters Projection (an area accurate world map) available from ODT maps LOL I would have loved to get a globe and a Laminated place mat for Christmas when i was a little boy! You'd think that they'd think music and video games and tv would would want kids to go into the military with all the violence in them. apparently not though how hypocritical, you weed smoking, orgy having hippy grandmas. for shame.
  14. I completely agree. There definitely would have been, but I'd like to think that Alexander Dumas would be better known in France than the Asian MIT students who count cards to pay for college are in America. I guess he was only like what 1/3 Haitian? Still, a character should be cast not only on acting ability but also on how well they look the part. In my mind it would be equally outrageous to have Jimmy Jean-Louis (the haitian from heroes) play the part because he's, well too black. Examples of race change that annoy you,, you just can't help but notice the entire movie that something is just not right... now these are all still decent to good movies to me, but its distracting that the characters don't match up with what they should be. again still good movies, for the most part. that Genghis Khan movie who's entire cast was basically Japanese. I can't remember the exact name of it its one of the older ones. maybe even a made for tv movie. It wasn't just the actors they screwed up the entire look. costumes, horses, props, everything. Antonio Banderas playing an Arabic character in Eaters of The D... er uhhh The 13th Warrior (I guess the books original title gave too much away?) Will smith in I am legend... The character in the book was a normal white guy who just happened to have an immunity. not a black military man with a lab in his basement. Basically every movie and tv show involving the Roman Empire. They're always British!! does that annoy anyone else a bit? Gerard Butler playing Atilla... need I say more? Those are some off the top of my head. I own and enjoy all of those movies, but you just have to force yourself to look past some stuff. If Gerard Depardieu, is a good enough actor like they say, and not just shoved in their because he's the top court jester right now in France, then maybe he can pull off Dumas's mixed Race look as well as act the part. Heck if everything was the way I wanted it Gladiator would have been in mostly Latin with subtitles.
  15. he does kinda look like that corps figure that had the eye patch though lol
  16. uhhh the last samurai is a very historically inaccurate action movie not a biography which is what this would be like more. and in the movie Tom cruise isn't the last samurai. Ken Watanabe's (sp?)Character Katsumoto (who is supposed to be Saigo Takamori I think) is the last samurai. Why did Asian Americans think the movie was racist???
  17. http://media.causes.com/634231?s=cause
  18. LOL you wrote screw you granny in the first comment Little boys and girls have been running around with sticks playing "soldier" since the beginning of human life. On one hand I can see the granny's point and kind of even agree with them on some things. Like, is it morally right to pretend to kill someone? Is it right to re-enact battles from ww1 and 2, Vietnam, etc... with toys representing soldiers who actually lived and fought and died for their respective countries? Heck video games put you in the middle of D-day to shoot some Nazis for yourself! I don't think its a good thing to be doing. But it really isn't a bad thing either. I mean you're not really shooting Nazis, its just "pretend" and its all in good fun. You don't learn right and wrong from action figures or movies or video games or music. Its the parents job to instill that into a child, not Hasbro's. Hasbro is just trying to make a buck, not destroy young minds. Though the recent movie may have done just that. . . @hmmm@
  19. here it is. didn't work the first time for some reason
  20. Hey guys. I would have just posted this in the Haiti topic but that got closed @hmmm@ Anyway I said I'd keep you up to date on how my sisters plans/eventual missions trip to Haiti was going. I scanned one of the letters she was sending out to local businesses and such. I removed some of the more personal info.. it is the INTERNET after all! If you want to help here and her organization out you can go to http://haitih2o.org and click the donate box on the right. I know my sister, the organization shes going with and some people in Haiti would really appreciate your support! And again, please keep her in your prayers. That is more important than monetary donations.
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