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  1. Thanks! I've never written any type of formal letter until recently. Most of the writing we did in high school was to prepare us for the state tests.(mostly all essay writing.) We did have some short story and article writing at one point, but that didn't last very long.

  2. Thanks Arrow! That's what I was looking for. I wasn't sure how to word it. I always make these kind of things harder then they need to be.

    You should have seen how long it took me to write a transcript request letter :) (the actual writing took me 5 seconds. It was the day of "is this how I should write it?" thinking that took the longest)

  3. I got accepted to Regent University starting in the fall (woo yay for me) anyway... I was already registered at another college for classes in the fall. I was on the phone all day today with people from the financial aid office, admissions office, and the registration office (UGHHH) I got everything cleared up except for the financial aid. They said I need to fax them a letter to cancel my financial aid. I know I had a state grant and everything else was just federal loans. What exactly should I put in this letter? The financial aid office wasn't very helpful. And really, what 20 year old prospective student even has a fax machine????


    I have no idea what to put in the letter. They just kept telling me to make sure it was dated and signed so here it is???




    Cancel my financial aid




    the whole process seems silly and unnecessary. Looking around online, other colleges just cancel everything for you as long as you don't withdraw a few weeks into the semester.


    I hate how all the people at this particular college talk to you like you should know everything >.<

  4. Speaking of light sabers I just brought force unleashed for $30 ... Did I say that already ?... @loll@ I remember renting it back in the day when I first got my xbox @loll@


    that game was loads of fun. I can't wait for the new one :)

  5. Just beat Awakening, it was very buggy :( but the storyline and the characters great! the writers outshined and made up for some lazy programmers.


    I hate I have to wait till next janurary for Dragon age II!


    I have a hard time believing I still have not killed 500 darkspawn (an achievement, there is also a 1000 one) but for now I'll go back to mw 2 as my main game. But i feel like I'm worse at it each time I play for some reason.



    I almost want to buy this game again and give it another go... It just reminded me too much of KOTOR which then made me think of how much better it would be with lightsabers... :(

  6. I got around to making an account the other night to stay in touch with people when I go away to college. I really don't see whats so great about it, other than an easy way to stay in touch with people you otherwise wouldn't talk to that much...

  7. I didn't like the ending for the flash forwards(?) one bit.... oooh we're all in a purgatory type place but didn't know it.... paaalease that's too much like the old I just woke up from a dream and none of the story you just read/watched has any real meaning whatsoever. I wish they would have went a more scifi route- like the h-bomb Idea really worked and the flash forwards were set up as them as they would have been had the plane crash not occurred but noooo we get some confusing full circle religious mumbojumbo thrown at us


    The actual end of the series wasn't surprising, but it was decently satisfying. Again, I think they could have made the story a lot better. Every question they answered still led to more questions = annoying. It's the end of the series! Wrap it up!! They never explained why the polar bear from Hugo's comic book was on the island - or was the polar bear from dharma and it was just a coincidence that the polar bear was in the comic book? and what about walt and his supernatural abilities? come to think of it ... why wasn't walt summoned back to the island with everyone else? The last time he was in the show was before his dad went to work on the boat for Witmore

  8. RISE MY SHAMELESS PLUG THREAD RISE!!!!! Heh ....I just added a lot more figures to my list on yojoe. mostly vipers also lowered my asking price on some stuff thats been sitting for a month.


    CrimsonTwins, if your still around and looking for crimson guards I have a bunch of vintage and the ones with removable helmets from the 6 packs, faces, and the crimson hiss tank set. like a gallon baggie full :D lmk man!

  9. One more time. Years ago in one of Wizard's Top Ten lists there was a list of rejected Legion of Super Heroes names. I thought how could I top that? So I thought hamster powers would suck pretty bad for a superhero and came up with that.





    The Phoenix Sword was the best sword your created character could get in one of the dynasty warrior games. 3 or 4 i think it was. I use some variation of it for almost all of my screen names...just because I can't think of anything else :(

  10. snl still throws some funny stuff out every once and awhile these days. That was kinda meh for me though.


    why is betty white famous again? what did i miss? is she in some new show or something?

  11. They had a one-hit wonder of a first album and then zip..zero..sh@# to follow that success up.


    Actually, Use Your Illusion I & II sold around 700,000 albums during their first week of sales, and have both sold a total of around 5.5 million currently...so you can't really say GnR did nothing after Appetite for Destruction.


    The 1988 album 'Lies' debuted at #2 and sold over 5 million copies in the United States alone.


    The 1991 albums 'Use Your Illusion I' and 'Use Your Illusion II' debuted #1 and #2 and have sold a combined 14 million copies in the United States alone and 35 million worldwide.


    I guess the key word (in my anti-G&R rant) was "hit"? ^_^


    To a non G&R fan, most of us would only be able to name maybe one or two songs they sang. Sweet Child of Mine and Welcome to The Jungle, because that's generally all that ever played, just like a non-Zeppelin fan, might mention Stairway To Heaven and go blank. I know having chart topping "hits" does not make a "great band" as most of the greatest rock bands had few (if any) number ones.



    I can think of some great ROCK songs, that wouldn't ever fit in a Greatest Rock Band category, and what a shame, because they're truly awesome jams.



    ..speaking of one hit wonders ^ I hate when the singles musicians put out are awesome and then the rest of their albums are just crap. examples kravits.... the mars volta




    after i heard these song I went and got the cds ....mistake


    now for best rock band of all time I'd have to say either Zeppelin or the Beatles. The Who and Black Sabbath being close seconds.


    I never really liked the stones. out of their 90 albums (or w/e insane amount it is) theres like 3 songs i like. and one of those is a cover lol


    you forgot to mention Nirvana, Joe! It was mainly their popularity, imo, which dragged rock away from glam.

  12. Lol Joe who did you piss off someone went through & gave you all - points @loll@


    PhoenixSword I'd think those would be too tempting of a target for the kids to play with hanging them like that ... @loll@


    they're nearly 4 feet off the ground . my niece and nephews could probably swing them around a bit if they reached but they don't really even notice them anymore. they're out of their direct field of vision. out of sight, out of mind.

    i used to have them on stands like joe's. until a little kid at my house on new years somehow messed up the A strings slot on the nut of my aerodyne. anything other than a medium guage A string just slips right out. I have it ghetto rigged with a DIY twisty tie string tree :) until i can replace it.



    you can't see it in the pic(crappy camera on my phone) but that all black bass has a nice almost maple looking trim around it. you can see it here http://bass-guitars....Bass?sku=511988



    That's a nice looking bass. I've always been partial to black with chrome hardware. :)


    I like how the trim is around the outer edge on that bass, as opposed to being on the face.

    you can't see it in my crappy pics probably but I put some DR black beauty strings on it too... Its just beautiful :)

  13. if you have any wall space left anywhere I definitely recommend some wall hangers


    Ya, I'm thinking about it. That's why I didn't put any toys up on the wall across from where the TV is. I was looking at these hangers specifically:




    those look nice. I went with cheaper ones. theyre holding up good. I have those bigass drywall anchors they came with jammed into my cement board walls. they're not going anywhere :)



  14. nice..nice everything! that hellraiser looks sick. I love guitars that have a trim around the body! if you have any wall space left anywhere I definitely recommend some wall hangers. especially if there are ever any kids running around your house. post-7485-12725187589366_thumb.jpgpost-7485-1272518773311_thumb.jpg you can't see it in the pic(crappy camera on my phone) but that all black bass has a nice almost maple looking trim around it. you can see it here http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Aerodyne-4String-Jazz-Bass?sku=511988

    they made a tele too with the same paint job. if i ever get around to learning guitar I'm definitely gonna look into getting one. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170459429849 It'd be better if it lacked the dot inlays like my bass does though


    i also used to have those two star wars posters up lol

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