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  1. You couldn't have taken that as Fwoosh not wanting a bunch of people registering for multiple accounts and trying to win multiple Gleeks?
  2. Hey everybody! Just wanted to mention to anyone in Indianapolis that I have around 15-20 free passes for the local premier of the flick this Thursday night @ 7:30 at the AMC in Fishers off 96th & I-69 and I need to give them out to people. If anyone here wants free passes, email me at: grimace404@outgun.com Thanks!!!!
  3. Heal thy self as they say. I'm not the one who hasn't posted on this board in a long time and I'm not the one whose first post back after a long hiatus is to attack the owner of the board then to run off to other boards to talk about his great adventures putting so and so in their place then scurrying back to this board to talk some more smack with your own Fwoosh lapdog in tow who only registered to be your mouthpiece. And the Diarrhea-of-the-Mouth syndrome continues, again sans fact-checking. This little lapdog registered here years ago. And I scurried over here on my own. Piffy doesn't get towed around. You guys are hysterical. Nobody puts Piffy in a corner.
  4. C'mon, now- everyone knows Grimace lives in McDonaldland. The only thing I said that might be taken as "blaming" the fans is that I think people should have checked their bags when they paid for their stuff and anyone who didn't should take some responsibility for not doing so. Who waits that long and pays that much and doesn't make sure they got what they paid for??? I really doubt too many people tried to go through all that hassle just on a whim after seeing a poster at SDCC. Chances are, if you're into that stuff, you prepare ahead of time. If you have that much trouble reading signs, I'm not surprised you're so upset. But, seriously, like you said the people standing in line are there FOR HOURS!!! What, are they all staring at the ground the whole time, or do you think while the line is pain-stakingly crawling along, that they might take all that time to glance around at all the signage in the area?
  5. Well, no need for that. As you pointed out yourself, there are people here who are literally writing songs about me. Literally! And go ahead and wander over to Fwoosh and try to find all this boasting and bragging and name-calling everyone says I'm doing. You know why no one's done that yet? IT DOESN'T EXIST!!!!! Think what you want, but there are multiple examples in this very thread where I've clearly stated I never thought TNI was attacking Fwoosh. Not my fault you aren't paying attention, but I can't blame you. I mean, you're only a mod, why should they be held to any kind of higher standard?
  6. Never said that... ...or that... ...I said that about the main article, but I don't think I said it to anyone else. ...oh, you don't know how far up this goes, man. Not only am I a Mattel employee, Fwoosh co-conspirator and Piffy-impersonator, I'm also a high-ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Commitee. We're currently working on legislation to ban the sale of all action figures in brick & mortar stores and release all of our toylines only at a secret bi-annual comic con in Bridgeport, Connecticut. (be sure to look for updates on Matty's Facebook page!) I will give you this is a problem. One of several I have with Mattel. Thanks for assuming I can afford an iphone, I'll actually take that as a compliment. Well said, sir. You have me convinced. We had quite the round of virtual tete-a-tete going there for a bit, but clearly you've bested me.
  7. It's more a fansite, than a news site like TNI, but they mainly stared off as a Marvel Legends board and have since kind of morphed into a general "superhero toys" based board ever since DCUC hit big. They cover all kinds of action figures, though, not just ML & DCUC. EDIT: Ok, I feel bad for screwing up Piffy's joke, but LOOK!!! We both just posted at the same time!!! Let's see Superman and Clark Kent do that!
  8. My God!!! The nerve of some of you people...I've been defending myself left and right in here, I haven't let hardly a single thing go by without an answer, clarification, or one-uppance, whichever was appropriate and now I have to defend myself for not defending myself??? Some of you aren't well. And--yet again, for the third time now--I'm forced to ask, "Where have I been defending Mattel at all?" No one can answer that, yet everyone seems capable of lobbing around the accusation. To reiterate, I haven't been defending Mattel in any way, I was criticizing Jay's article before he added the update. There's a difference, I wasn't taking either side. Everything's black and white with some of you people. And 'jjlecaros', why would someone who works PR for Mattel want them to be mad at them for any reasons? Dude, that joke doesn't even make any sense, at least throw some effort into it if you're gonna try to take a dig at me. Maybe you should just stick with poorly typed non sequiturs, they seem to be more your speed. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go change into my Piffy costume.
  9. Jay- I just saw the update you added to the main article and I definitely appreciate that you did that. I know that might not seem like much, but it really does make a difference. I also appreciate that your general tone seems a lot more calm in the update than it did in the main article. There's still a few more minor things I have small issues with, but posting the update is a great step in the right direction and I, too, will now step back a bit and try to let things settle down a little. To everyone else who doesn't understand what I'm trying to do exactly, try to think of my position like this: I definitely think Mattel's made a TON of mistakes lately and I understand the need for an article like Jay's to point it out to the public. However, when there are inaccuracies in that article, that doesn't help anyone. I want people to be mad at Mattel for the right reasons. That way they can present their arguments in a properly informed way so that Mattel takes us seriously. If they hear a bunch of fans going off about things they know aren't true, how likely do you think they would be to take our positions into consideration?
  10. CARD-first, I've said all I'm gonna about the AFI situation, I think I made my point pretty clear. The only reason I mentioned Julius by name was because I thought if Jay felt he had to throw those comments in his op/ed, that everyone deserved to know exactly who he was talking about so they could look into the story for themselves and see if what he said happened was the truth or not. Leaving it all "mysterious" like it was is no way to cite an example of past bad behavior on Mattel's part. How are people supposed to fact check him if he doesn't even let you know who he's insulting? All the time, most big network nightly news shows (ABC, NBC, CBS) are pretty fact-based and to the point. Not to mention PBS and a lot of the daytime shows on CNN. Local news doesn't usually have any spin, either. Actually, it says "He" will sell out quick, not "They", there's a big difference, but I definitely agree it could've been worded a lot better. I just posted everything I put over on AFI here so it's perfectly clear. I really don't see how that could be construed the way you're taking it. Meh, at the end of his story there's a link right there encouraging you to comment on the story. I took the suggestion. *shrug* I dunno, PM'ing someone directly about it seems a bit drastic to me, but I see your point. I'll definitely consider that if something similar happens again in the future. I honestly do appreciate your listening and giving me the time to get my points across. Thanks for being civil in your arguments, that's something all too lacking in debates these days. That said, I'm calling Jay out on his forum in the thread he linked to the article. Not sure what a better way to do that would entail. Again, I think it required more than just a PM or two so that everyone could see the full story. Not at all the case. It's just not my style and there's plenty of people who know me well enough to verify that. (Didn't you read Newton's rap song?) Never said I wasn't willing to take on critics who wanna "have a go at me", but I'm also not trying to fight, either. Just backing up all the points I've made and explaining things in greater depth when needed.
  11. "Boasting I kicked ass over here?". I never said that. However, if I must, here's EVERYTHING I ever posted on AFI: marillion asked this: And this was my response: Then marillion welcomed me there and I thanked him- that was a post, but didn't refer to TNI or this at all. Then this: Then this was my response to Toy Otter's welcome: Hey, thank you, Mr. Otter, sir! Man, you guys really know how to make a guy feel welcome. (Especially compared to the reception TNI's been giving me lately ) Let's not get too hasty, though, I don't plan on turning in my 'Official Fwooshering Card' anytime soon, but I'll definitely have to try to "hang around" here a bit more. But, hey, with Chip, Cajun, & Rex here, I hardly feel like I've left Fwoosh at all. So, yeah- I'll be around. Thanks again for the warm welcome, everyone. Then, it got a little strange when 'arowdygator' followed me over there, but he doesn't seem to be trying to start anything, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt: Huh. Um, well...ok... hello 'gator. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you the main person who's been antagonizing me over on TNI? Not that I'm bothered in the least that you're over here, just curious why you said I "convinced you to try this place out"? I swear, the last thing I'm trying to do is start anything here (ask Chip and the rest who know me, I'm really not the drama-starting type), but I'm a little hesitant to trust that you're here for the right reasons. I hope that's not true, though, and that maybe you've come over to try to help bury the proverbial hatchet, which I'd be all for. And.......there you have it. Every single post I've ever made on AFI. I'll admit that first one was a little snippy, but even when someone said, "Where's the thread where Jay gets picked apart??? I wanna read that one!", I could've been all kinds of dickish and thrown in some insults or taken claim of "picking Jay apart", but instead I said, "Heh, "picked apart" might be stretching it a little, but here ya go" and just linked him the article so he could see for himself and make his own judgment. So, where exactly is this "boasting about kicking ass" that you claim I wrote? Here's a link to the AFI thread so you can see it all for yourselves: http://www.actionfigureinsider.com/forum/v...asc&start=0
  12. We'll start with this: @loll@ Wow, heh, just.......wow. No, Jay, I don't work for anybody. Do I need to give you my Myspace address so you can check my "story"? Heh...I'm still.....just, wow. So now I get to ask a question: Where have you seen me in any single instance "defend" Mattel??? I haven't. Really...go look. In fact, on pg. 9, I even wrote this: The closest I've come to "defending" them was back at the start of this thread when I said this: That's really it. EVERYTHING else, from the pics of the signs to posting their Facebook announcements wasn't done to defend them, it was to point out what's wrong with your editorial. I couldn't care less who the subject or issue was, what I care about is getting the truth to people who come here for news and instead get your version of "news". You didn't do your proper job of fact-checking and I felt you needed to be called out for it. Believe it or not, had Matty posted similarly false info about TNI on their Facebook page, I'd equally as upset and vocal. About the AFI/Hal Jordan thing- I just thought that was undeserved because Mattel sent him a gift, presumably to thank him for starting/running the site with the biggest number of JLU fans. What's wrong with that? You made it sound like Mattel sent it to him as a prize for a give-away and it was some sort of atrocity that he didn't raffle it off to a forum member, or better yet, refuse acceptance of it altogether. But that's by far the least of my concerns about all the points I've made. What I'm mainly interested in is having a site that calls itself 'Toy News International' actually live up to it's name and maybe do some research into what it posts as "news" on the front page.
  13. I almost forgot that this was never addressed. 'arowdygator', in two seperate posts, you had some rather libelous accusations about me. Take a look for yourself: Ok- first off- it's Grimace. Although, "Grim-ice" is totally gonna be my new rapper-name, so thanks for that. But back to my point, you said a lotta crap up there that isn't true about me. Like, so far from true I can't possibly figure out where you came up with it. Where -exactly- on any site, in any post- did I ever call posters here any names at all??? Never happened. Not here, Fwoosh, AFI- not anywhere. That's not my style, man. The whole reason I started posting in here was to help inform the people who use this site everyday about all the problems with Jay's story. I'm not a name-caller or an instigator-- I'm Grimace: Man of the People. Also, this: ...isn't anywhere close to anything I've actually said on any other sites (or here), but I can't say that I completely disagree with the sentiment. However, I've also never said or thought that Jay was bashing on Fwoosh at all, I said other people were. Not here, just around the internet in general, mainly Matty's Facebook page. Jay did throw a little dig at Julius from AFI, though, and that I don't get. I thought it was undeserved and kind of out of nowhere to bring up, but not "bashing" necessarily.
  14. I am still failing to see how anybody has countered what Jay has said. What "inaccuracies" or "falicies" are even there, that detract from what the man is saying. I am seeing two points that you can contend with: 1. That Mattel didn't announce that they were sold out. It has been pointed out that Matty put up a little cardboard sign on Saturday to note that the gleek figures were gone. However, has anybody been able to prove where that sign was. If it was up the entire time. If it was up at multiple locations. If it was viewable to everyone... etc etc.. A 6 inch piece of cardboard at comic-con doesn't prove that Mattel told everyone that they had sold out. 2. That fans might have expected to find gleek in their set when they opened it later It has been pointed out that matty announced that gleek would be included separately in a little baggie on their facebook page or whatever. However, does anybody have proof that this announcement was read by everyone? We have to remember that not everyone is a serious nerd when it comes to this stuff. Not everybody spends day and night looking for info on this kind of thing. Mattel didn't put out this news to everyone, they put it on their facebook page, from what I have heard. Sure, I knew he was being included separately, and even if I didn't, I would have checked out my set after I got it just to see if it was in good shape... but that doesn't mean everybody else did. I am sure lots of people trusted that they were buying an item from the biggest toy company in the world, and waited til later to check them out. They were at the SDCC and wanted to spend their time doing con stuff. The picture at the con showed gleek and the twins in one pic, not the twins in a box and gleek in a bag. In regards to your first point: An array of visual evidence of 'Sold Out' signs clearly posted in Mattel's store area: (Pics originally posted by Studmuffin & Veebee on Fwoosh) Obviously, not all of those are Gleek-related, but all together, they help give a broader scope of the whole scene. In the pics with the MOTU figs, you can see that they had professional looking printed 'Sold Out' signs/stickers that got slapped on the menu board, whereas with the Wonder Twins, they made a seperate little hand-made sign to specifically designate "GLEEK Sold Out" as opposed to "WT & Gleek Sold Out". If you look closely in the second pic down, you can see there's actually two signs by the WT's. The first hand-made one that was posted when Gleek sold out and then the second professional sticker over the Twins when they sold out later. You can see where all the signs are. They were viewable to everyone. People were informed. In regards to your second point: My main issue here is that in Jay's editorial tirade, he implies a lot of people were expecting them to be --not inside the main WT box-- but somewhere in between the outer plain white protective slipcover case and the main box. ..... ...really??? Every press release and announcement said they were poly-bagged separately, not inside any box at all--who didn't know that?!? Like 'sHa_ckwave' put better than I could have, who goes through all the trouble, pain, and hassle that it takes to even get to the counter, spends that much money, and then doesn't check to make sure they got everything? I don't even leave the freakin' drive-through at McDonald's before making sure they didn't forget something, there's no way I'd just "trust" the schlubs behind the registers at the booth to get it all right. I mean, I'm not heartless, I can sympathize with anyone who didn't get a Gleek they thought they paid for, but it's their own fault for not being more observant and some people need to learn how to take more personal responsibility and stop blaming others for their own mistake.
  15. Look, I know you're not a bad guy or whatever and I certainly don't take any of this personally, but this whole story/thread has had the running theme of 'What's going on on other sites' so I think it's unfair to say what I said was "uncool". It got brought up on AFI and I responded to it, because it's getting a lot of attention and I seem to be one of the few who are willing to do something about it. What, specifically, did I say anywhere that you think is "uncool"? I haven't said anything anywhere else that I haven't said here. But, right now, I have to go somewhere, so we'll have to pick this back up later...
  16. What wasn't an issue? Who are you even talking to? No one asked if it was an issue mainly because it clearly is just based on how many pages this thread grew in one day. I never said I came specifically here to defend Fwoosh, I said I heard Fwoosh was getting bashed and started looking at other sites to see what was up. While doing that, I came across Jay's editorial disguised as news and all the inaccuracies in it. That upset me, mainly because I've always used TNI as a good source of toy news. Now I feel slightly betrayed because I've come to find out his news gathering skills don't seem to exist and it makes me mad that there are all these other people out there who, like I used to, trust what's on the front page as gospel. That Gleek story isn't news, it's baseless speculation with a few not-so-subtle digs at both Fwoosh & AFI thrown in for bad measure. And, BTW, what the hell was up with that dig in the story he threw at AFI about the JLU Hal Jordan Mattel sent Julius as a gift? It was a gift, the hell was he supposed to do with it, re-gift it to someone? Well, you didn't call it "trolling" by name, but you did say this: First off, that was kind of a joke taken out of context from something I posted over on AFI in response to a friend from Fwoosh who noticed me there and welcomed me. Let it be clear that I don't work for or officially represent Fwoosh in any way. But, that doesn't mean I "just wanted to come here and dump" as you put it. I merely consider myself a righteous defender of the truth. Believe it or don't, I really don't care, but the main thing that really bothers me is the inaccuracies in his story and the potential for people to be way more upset than is really needed. And just to show you my true side as best I can, I'll say this: I think it was wrong Fwoosh got as many Gleeks as they did and Mattel could've handled it a lot better. That's always been my position. If it woulda been up to me, (and there really were close to 100 extra), I would've given 10 each to the 10 biggest fansites out there to give away like Fwoosh did. Same system, just not all of them to Fwoosh. 10 to Fwoosh, 10 to AFI, 10 to TNI, etc, etc...til they're all gone. That would be the fairest/quickest way to do it, in my less than humble opinion. (and BIG thanks to the couple of people who have been on my side here. You know who you are and I very much appreciate it)
  17. No, no, no silly. I still don't get where you're thinking I'm trolling from? What have I said that was troll-like or offensive to anyone except Jay's Journalism teacher? Ok, seriously (and that's a little hard for me) I really didn't come here to "dump", I came here to defend. The Fwoosh was getting dogged (not by JayC, more by people on AFI) and I came to set a few things straight (if needed) and act as a calm head in a storm of people throwing themselves out of windows over "Gleek-gate". While doing so, I was hipped to Jay's article and noticed all the problems with it. When I (and others) pointed them out, Jay tried to defend it and here we are. There still isn't any addendum to the article, so I'm still here. It's not even about fwoosh anymore (and never really was here). To me, it's about not misleading your loyal daily readers.
  18. Exactly, man, I'm not saying JayC purposefully mislead anyone at all, he just didn't do enough research before posting a big, scathing article right on the front page that was clearly intended to rile up people. And, like you said, the most glaring problem at the moment is that he's yet to add any kind of addendum or edit to the article that features the newly found out/corrected information.
  19. Oddjob!!! (that's what I call you in my head because you can't pronounce that random series of initials you use for a name and when I first glanced over it, that's what I thought it said) But yeah, I know you, man- you have the Krang avatar and you linked me to that page about the TMNT Frogs when I had some questions about them. Good times, man, good times.
  20. Newton- that's one of the most complimentary things I've heard in a while, thank you very much. I have no idea who you are, but thank you very much. Do you use a different name on other boards? Arowdygator- when did I ever dump on the posters here? Even in my last post, I was very careful with my wording to try to point out that my problems with the forums here had nothing to do with it's members, but rather it's lack there of. And I never called JayC a liar. Let's be perfectly clear, because I'm very choosy about my insults- I try to finely craft them to a laser-like point that cuts right to the heart of whatever I feel needs degrading. I never called him a liar, no, I said he lacks journalistic integrity because he didn't take the time to look into what he was reporting to be facts. That's like, the freakin' cornerstone of journalistic integrity right there, man. You hear something, you check it, you report it. He skipped the middle one. Also, I said his "article" should be referred to as an editorial. Because that's what it is, it's his opinion, not a news article- there's a HUGE difference, but people were treating what he heard from some friends and him saying Mattel did things they didn't as news. It literally took me all of 20 minutes to go to Facebook, look through Matty's Notes section, and find the posts about Gleek that JayC said never existed. That's not calling him a liar, it's pointing out his laziness and journalistic ineptitude. If I've offended your sacred golden calf, well, then I guess you can call me Moses. I have no patience for misrepresentation of the truth in any way.
  21. you have been here since 2005, but have very few posts. So you most likely signed up just to enter a giveaway contest... of which we definitely have the BEST. Who else gives away as much stuff? nobody When did a little over 50 become "very few"? You think I posted 50+ times just to enter a contest? Actually, I didn't want to bring it up and sound like a dick, but since you feel the need to try to call me out, I was a regular poster here until I found out about the Fwoosh. It's just a better, more entertaining, more community based network than TNI is. TNI's good for catching up on random news on the main page, looking at pics of stuff that isn't out yet and sometimes con coverage, but that's about it. And nothing against the regular posters here, there's just not that many of you. The boards/threads crawl at a snail's pace here compared to Fwoosh, it's a much livelier place to be. I know that's just my opinion, but it's why I left. Fwoosh is way more fun. And to be perfectly honest, I didn't even know TNI did giveaways. I'm not here often enough to care.
  22. From Jay's editorial: His post here on Pg. 4: Taken Saturday morning (not sure how long the sign was up before that, if at all):
  23. No, actually Fwoosh got way more than three, you're probably thinking of ActionFigurePics.com, which is sort of a sister site to Fwoosh. Judging by all the people who've posted there that they won, I'd guess Fwoosh themselves got somewhere between 50-100 Gleeks.
  24. In regards to the original article on the front page, darksith wrote: If you read through the last couple pages of this thread, you'll see that several of his "points" are false and based on nothing except his unwillingness to look into what he's speculating.
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