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  1. I started from the beginning. 1982 and my brother (11 yrs old) and I (7 yrs old) loved GI Joe. I can still picture going into K-Mart and seeing them for the first time. It seemed that every store carried toys and you could always find GI Joe. I started reading the comics, watching the cartoon...I was hooked. My brother gave up GI Joe in 1985, so I got his toys. I remember looking through the Sears Wishbook and the JC Penny catalog at the toys for Christmas, and just praying that Mom & Dad would come through. I had an uncle that was single and tended to spoil my brother and I. If Mom & Dad didn't get it...he would. It was great. There was one kid in the 3rd or 4th grade that seemed to get the newest figures weeks before anybody else would. He had the first Dreadnoks and I was so jealous that I couldn't find them. 1986 or 1987 my Mom worked for Belks department store and it was in the mall which had a KB Toys. I can still remember going to see her at work and running down to KB to see what they had new. I guess that's why I really like the 25th anniversary figures because the packaging and the design of the figures resemble the originals. Those years of carefree, no worries, and no money are now replaced by marriage, a 19 month old son, mortgage, bills, and adulthood. However, I'll always be Joe fan no matter what.
  2. I checked the TRU in Concord, NC and the Customer Service desk said that the system said they had them, and I waited in person while the associate went in the back and said that there was nothing. There wasn't a label even on the shelf though. They called the TRU in Pineville, NC and they were sold out. Check back was the answer given. I've checked all the local Walmarts, and the one existing Kmart and nothing. This waiting sucks...
  3. I don't understand why people are bashing the figures before they are released? I know alot of people don't like the new body style because it doesn't have the o-ring, and these aren't ARAH style, but that style is 25 years old! I've been collecting GI Joe and since 82, and I grew up with the toys, comics, and cartoon. I'm just glad that GI Joe is coming back and Hasbro is doing a great job of trying to modernize the original toys for us collectors. The kids that will be buying these won't have a clue what Roadblock looked like in 1984, and they won't care. I just appreciate the concept that Hasbro is bringing. Are the new figures perfect? No. Are they just like the original artwork? No. However, I'm so ready for these to hit retail. If Hasbro can release more figures by reusing some of the molds; fine by me. That just gives us more figures and different characters. I just think that comparing the new style to the originals just isn't fair. To all the complainers, what would you like for Hasbro to do? Re-release the original molds and give us subpar ARAH figures. Most of the ARAH re-releases (comic packs and 6-packs) over the last few years have been pretty crappy due the quality of the plastics and the paint applications. I for one, don't want the ARAH style. It's been 25 years...time for an update.
  4. Congrats!!! Glad that your wife and son are OK. Having a son is the greatest for us fellow collectors. I've got a 14 month old son, and I can't wait to pass down my collection. Now begins the sleepless nights, endless chain of diaper changes, bottle feedings, and that's just the first few months... Once again, congrats, and the best of luck...it's a life changing event and enjoy every second of it...
  5. I stopped at KB today at lunch and picked up Captain Marvel, Wasp, Zemo, and Moon Knight for $4.99 ea. I've been looking for Moon Knight at TRU since he came out and I got lucky today. I'll probably go back next week and pick up Beta Ray Bill, Psylocke, and Longshot. They're warming the pegs, but for $4.99 you can't beat that. Nothing special on SHS Wave 3 or 4. I need Daredevil from SHS, and I'll be complete.
  6. Just curious, how 'new' is this KB store? Since they closed so many a few years ago I wouldnt expect them to open up more. Northlake Mall opened about a year ago, and the KB Store opened around Thanksgiving 06.
  7. Oddly enough, I went to newly opened KB Toys at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC and I found a white Elektra on sale for $3.99. They had two Beast figures also. I think I'll keep checking with this store, because I asked the manager if they would get any other Showdown figures and she said that they might get stock from other stores that close. They had ML figures on sale 20% off, and I picked up a Blackheart for $6.80. Plenty of the peg-warming Longshot, and Luke Cage.
  8. Overall a decent issue. The story is getting better, but the same people over and over again is getting redundant. Show more characters. We finally get to see Spirit, and Gen Rey, but what has happened with Zartan, Major Bludd, Destro, ect... After reading the issue I've got a question...What happened to SE's face? When he took off his mask and Scarlett was suprised to see something. I wonder if he's disfigured again.
  9. Hasbro's customer service just plain sucks. I sent in for the Mail-a-Way Storm Shadow, and never received it. I checked my bank records and the check was cashed. I called Hasbro and they told me they never received my order. I faxed them a copy of the posted check and they said that they'd send my order out. After countless emails with the same automated response...I gave up...and still no Storm Shadow. The same thing happened with a SW C3PO collectors case that was missing parts. I emailed and got a response that replacement parts weren't available, but I'd receive another item of equal valve...still nothing... Are the customer service lines outsourced??
  10. Yes, but this was at 7:30am, and oddly enough nobody was in customer service. I would have done the lay-a-way, but I'm going back by tomorrow. By stashing them, did I do something unethical? Just curious...
  11. I stopped by Wal-Mart this morning after dropping off my son at daycare. I hadn't been to this Wal-Mart in probably a month ( it's kinda run down ), and what do I find...restock. I quickly grabbed the bearded yellow Sentry, and Kitty Pryde. I stashed Capt. Britian, Havok, and both AoA Wolverines. I plan on picking these up tomorrow after work. I already had the others, and a gold clean shaven Sentry, but the bearded one is pretty cool. I can finally complete my Giant-Man. I'm excited...
  12. The entire wave is starting to piss me off!! The plastic is way too soft, and the articulation is just weak. I purchased a Secret Files Martian Manhunter. The figure overall is decent until I started moving the legs and one of the pins in the knee broke. No biggie, I fixed that. However, I purchased a Green Arrow and Hawkman for the I.C. line yesterday, and both of the arms on my GA broke off at the bicep!!! What the heck??? First of all, his head is too small, and the face sculpt is bad. One of the elbow joints wouldn't move, and then his arms break off...Hawkman isn't bad, but his arms are way too long, they hang down to his knees. Now I have to take my GA back to the comic store to return it because DC Direct doesn't handle returns or broken items. What a joke. DC Direct has just lost me as a customer. I'll stick to Marvel Legends (which are twice as cheap), and the new Mattel line. DC Direct you suck...
  13. This has definetly been better than the AE book. I also believe that Sato and the others that were banished start up the Red Ninjas. Remind me again why Firefly was called the Faceless Master. I remember ( from the Marvel run ) the photo of the clan and the blurred image, and when he confronted SE & SS and removed his mask that he was "faceless", but that's a lame name to have....
  14. Quick question..... Does anybody know if Sgt. Savage and the Screaming Eagles were in the Marvel Comics run?? I don't remember it. I'm curious because they have listed reserve members; D-Day, Dynamite, and Sgt. Savage. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. F.Y.I. - I found this interesting... The name Med Alert is listed in the Devils Due GI Joe : AE Data Desk Handbook.
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