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  1. thx again for keeping us updated on your custom 3d figure work. been a while since i visited your thread, so it's nice to get caught up a bit. Songbird came out reasonably nicely. i noticed the figure appears to have a texture to it...is this roughness typical in shapeways' 3d prints, or was it something you designed into the figure? AFR AFR Studio
  2. always a pleasure seeing your page, Rick, even if it's just a brief blurb and/or update! nice work on selling crossbones to help fund your thunderbolts purchase - smart. gotta say, after playing with the female figs from my buddy's T-bolts set, i'm sooo jealous you folks have these figs in your collection. my only saving grace is that same aforementioned buddy has asked me to frankenstein these ladies into other characters for him, so i get to play with them for just a little bit longer. @nana@ ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming. AFR AFR Studio
  3. quite a lovely sight to behold, Strangefate, thx for sharing this project with us. the sculpt looks really nice, and i dig that you're using 3D to sculpt and print. what software application are you using to design your figure? is it just one app, or are you using a combination of different ones? also, what 3D printing service, if any, are you using, or do you own your own printer? at some point, i would love to take time to learn how to digitally sculpt, engineer, etc. my action figures. for now, i prefer doing it "old-school" and learning the sculpting fundamentals, as well as the more subtle nuances of scratch-building a figure. still, your work is amazing to watch, so glad you are sharing your journey with us. please keep on updating with lots of pics, please, thx! AFR the "new"/current page...AFR Studio
  4. work-in-progress, lemme know what you think, thx! AFR the "new"/current page...AFR Studio
  5. good googly-moogly, finally at the finish line...for now! Rick, after 3 weeks of on-and-off perusing, finally wrapped up all 111 pages (thus far) of your massively colossal customs page. over the last 7 years, you've amassed quite a collection of not only customs but customizer talent. as many have repeatedly said, it's inspiring, and certainly overwhelming, to see all this custom goodness in one location. and what's great about this is that it not only inspires my custom frankensteined stuff but my scratch-built work as well. and while not every single figure you've had commissioned spoke to me, there have most definitely been a seemingly myriad of other customs that have blown me away. from the parts swapping, to the sculpting, modding, accessorizing, and painting, it's been nothing short of awesome. one final comment: thank you for being such a proponent of the customizing community...your continued passion for supporting the guys and gals who do this is so very commendable and gratifying to see. looking forward to seeing more custom goodness... AFR
  6. after seemingly countless moons since the last update, thought it was high time for a pic: AFR
  7. wow...long overdue update: for more, click it: Many Faces of Luke Cage ~kyussfan: been a very long time since i've been back thru here, but as far as how and where to get the joints, check out these places: -MSC Direct -Grainger -local hobby store do keyword searches, where applicable, for the following: -acrylic spheres -metal rods/pins many times, you'll find you'll need to be creative in how you make your own joints. necessity is the mother of creativity. experiment, keep asking questions, and learn from them. AFR
  8. hey, thx again for the comments, folks, means a lot for the continued motivation...very gratifying. well, another update, this time a headsculpt i am finally getting more and more excited about: click on the thumbnail for a bigger pic... no idea what happened to the pic, nor which pic it was to begin with... more pics here: the "new"/current page...AFR Studio thx for stopping in, AFR
  9. (updated 02/02/13): for the last 5 years, on and off (mostly off...hehehe...yikes), been working on a scratch-built action figure of Luke Cage in his urban hero garb (is that what you're supposed to call it?). as with many of my figures, this has been yet another labor of love. he's evolved over time, and as with many fine wines, appears to have gotten better with age. hopefully, he'll eventually get finished. in the meantime, take a look thru the thread at all the WIP pics and lemme know what you think, thx! AFR ********************************
  10. ~red, that is one helluva scratch-built, man...love the time, the sweat, and quality you put into that piece. the joint engineering, the sculpt, the paint apps...all melded into a single fig. highly commendable. the articulation appears to me inspired by gundam-esque type ball joints and the like, very nice. keep the toy company dream alive, my friend! AFR
  11. the price of doing business, man. people are out not only to produce a fantastic product, but a product they can sell well. that means charging well for their product. yup, generating a greater income flow, saving the bucks you got now and steering away from the "impulse" buys is good too. in the end, you just gotta figure out what you really, really, really want and stick w/ that... ...unlike what i've done, which is buy everything under the sun, mwahahahahaha!!! @firedevil@ AFR
  12. to be blunt, i don't care for emma's elbow joint, and in general, that type of elbow joint. why? b/c it is not a very accurate mimic of actual human motion. if you look at how your own arm rotates around the elbow region, the rotation actually occurs at the mid bicep region. that means your articulation would be better placed there. yes, yes, there is the argument over sculpt over articulation, and if you look at it, the mid bicep swivel, when executed properly (many toy biz ml figs, sota street fighter, and mattel dc superheroes figs do this quite well), blends very nicely into the look of the arm. having said all this, i still prefer the mid bicep swivel w/ either a single and/or double-elbow joint combination. the hasbro style of combining rotation and hinge motion right at the elbow doesn't look right, esp when you pose the fig in "hero pose." again, look at when you do hero pose in the mirror (yeah, you know you do it from time to time as well, so don't look so surprised! @loll@ ), you'll see your upper arm turn and rotate along w/ your lower arm...w/ this hasbro style elbow articulation, all you're getting is turning and rotation w/ the lower arm -- below the elbow. it's funny, i used to like this hasbro style of elbow articulation b/c it did cut down on the locations where the cuts are made and made articulation more "efficient," in a certain sense...but you don't necessarily want to sacrifice accurately representing human motion over efficiency, and that's what you do when you introduce this kind of articulation. AFR
  13. yes, pics, pics, pics, please!
  14. yeah, meanstreak, that's one snazzy looking spidey. very nice work. AFR
  15. hey, D, you can fix that right arm relatively easily w/ a machine screw and a bit of patience. pm me or swing by the fwooshnet for more info if you want: http://www.fwooshnet.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=217713--top really nice score, man, i haven't even seen any of these figs in stores yet! AFR
  16. yeah, i'm digging the dcd supes returns fig more and more each day...i like him better than the comic version one, unlike shaun, who is on the other end of things from me. it's all good...i'm kinda tempted from time to time to buy another supes returns fig, but i'm holding out for san diego comic-con. i know i'm gonna seriously break the bank when i go this year. i've always spent a pretty penny, but this year, i'm gonna have a personal best for sure! in any case, someon's gotta post pics of the hot toys supes returns fig when they get it...would love to see how it actually turned out in the final run.
  17. i really, really dig this supes return fig dcd put out... i can't say for sure whether i like this version more than the comic version of supes, even though i have both, but i can tell you i love his costume! it just fits him so much better than the comic version. props to shaun wong for his review, and i must say the fig's headsculpt does bear a resemblance to brandon routh. not spot-on, but close enough for a toy geek like me! (o: a lot of folks say the dcd base body used for routh is too bulky, but i love it...it combines the real actor w/ the comic-based, superhero physique. brandon would have to have arnold's body type to be able to look like supes in the comics. just my two bits on that (look up arnold's and comic-supes' stats, and you'll see what i mean). overall, i dig what dcd's done. sure, medicom and hot toys is coming out w/ their own versions, and yahoo for the folks who wanna plunk down booku-bucks to snatch them. (having said this, i myself have already plunked down a pre-order for takara's upcoming batman begins fig cuz he is just too crazy-insane kickass to pass up! *lol*) AFR
  18. thx for getting things back on topic, ds... no sign in brick-and-mortar yet, but i did order and got 'em online. posted some of these in another thread on this board, and here they are again... enjoy! AFR p.s. i know some folks are taking the low road on these figs and wanna pass (more for the rest of us, yay!) to each their own, i say. and i love 'em...they are not perfect, but then again, what figs out there are perfect for everyone? not a lot, if any. dcsh has its fair share of "imperfections," and still, what the toy line has succeeded in doing for me has been to re-ivigorate the dc superhero world...even if it's just been focusing on the superman-batman universe. i for one am happy and grateful mattel and the 4H have taken such fantastic care of this property and look forward to them making even more improvements and even more kickass figs to come. folks, you're right, a nice balance of sculpting and articulation ("blended" into the sculpting is ideal) is important, and the 4H have done an upstanding job accomplishing that, while still maintaining mattel's apparent stringent child-safe toy guidelines. having said this, i plan on modding my figs and giving them "enhanced articulation" that the mattel folks didn't want in their figs (namely, double-knee joints!) (yeah, 4H & mattel, you should definitely talk to your manufacturing engineers and see about what they're doing w/ the height/proportions/scale of bigger figs like doomsday and darkseid for series 5! i know the 4H apparently made their prototypes of those bigger figs "huge"...so there's something squirrely that has gone on w/ doomsday that made him smaller than how the 4H had envisioned them. these guys have been sculpting for years, and they know their sh@#, so i have no reason to believe they would've made doomsday small. i've also been in manufacturing long enough to at least know that plastic and the mold-cutting machines in factories need to be looked at very carefully b/c the transfer from 12" scale prototype to 6" scale figure mold and production figure is challenging, to say the least. anywho, i digress...) in any event, these look soooo much better in person to me than in the pics! hehehe...don't pose dcsh figs next to ml figs...hehehe...too funny. kids these days...hehehehe... uhhh...superman, what are you doing here in gotham? a mixed group of action fig heroes... trinity in your face, bane! me bizarro want to share w/ superman! i remember you being a little bigger...but damn, can you still put up a mean fight!
  19. dude, are these out at retail??? if that's the case, then i gotta get me more of these!!! i pre-ordered a case online, and i got them yesterday...they are even better in person than in the pics i've seen thus far online. i just wanna get extras for customs and such...and besides, these figs rock! enjoy! hey, K, these are from the mattel dc superheroes wave 2 line (aka the "superman" wave). i haven't hit retail stores in the last couple of days, but they have been available online thus far. of course, again, these badboys (and girl, as it were) may have hit retail in the last 48 hrs for all i know. i don't have packaged pics, but simply do a google search and you'll find 'em! good luck!
  20. hey folks, running a little late, and here are some pics (hey, GW, i had one sideshow fig handy, so i added some of the other figs i had around as well.) i took of supes since i've gotten him. enjoy! and a couple w/ 2 different bats... "hey! i thought i was supposed be taller than you, bats?" "it's the new suit, clark...and the boots. adds 3 inches to my overall height. chicks dig it. that, and the car."
  21. hey PB, sweet pics, man, i was cracking up too when i saw supes' hand on...well, you know! GW, i've got a ton o' 1/6 scale figs (cuz i'm a total toy geek and collect both 6" and 12" scale stuff!), so now that i've finally joined the forum, i'll post some pics tonight of my sideshow alongside supes! i really hope more folks take pics of their 13" supes. aside from his fair shair of "imperfections," this fig rocks! i really dig it and am so glad i got him!
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