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  1. Did you knew that FIRESTORM is the only ORIGINAL JLA member that hasn't been drawn by ALEX ROSS more than ONE TIME? I believe that there's a plot inside DC to never make FIRESTORM the cool character he was back in Pre-Crisis. And BTW Jason doesn't have (and maybe never will) the appeal Ronald Raymond/Martin Stein had. LONG LIVE FIRESTORM!!!!!!! PS1. This is an IMPORTANT petition for MR. Geoff Johns; please make a FIRESTORM: Rebirth mini-series and bring back from the dead (NOT AS A Black Lantern) the original one! ##1# PS2. And make an AQUAMAN: Rebirth mini-series also. THANKS. Att. a HUGE Firestorm FANBASE.
  2. I can't wait to see HAWKMAN being animated again, CAPTAIN ATOM looks awesome!, and was that the NEW Injsutice league? Really a GREAT PROMISING movie, just like always from WB/DC & Bruce Timm and his team. Ed McGuinness should be proud about this project; i hope they deliver more in this style of animation. PS: I WANT TO SEE RONNIE's FIRESTORM ANIMATED AGAIN!!!!!!!!
  3. I will never agree to that because to me Marvel is inferior to DC MARVEL has two aces down its sleeve (IRON MAN & HULK) and the future promises 4 more aces (IRONMAN2, THOR, CAP and the AVENGERS) as far as they have let us know. Meanwhile DC only has one (BATMAN) with one more ace down the line (GL), sorry but as long as DC doesn't consolidates its universe ON THE MOVIES, MARVEL profits on that matter will last for a long time. If DC could somehow create/develop a SUPERMAN movie that doesn't fall as a Sunday Matinee movie, then we could do some talking. I personally would like to see a DC TRINITY movie (BATMAN, SUPES, and WW), that could be a start for DC. Just remember what PAUL DINI made with DC in the TV, and how far it got, from BATMAN:TAS through JLU. all of them EXCELLENT DC MATERIAL, far, FAR superior to what MARVEL ahs done in TV. Just hope that DC someday make FIRESTORM return to either TV or even the movies, he's along with HAWKMAN as my favorite DC characters, EVER!
  4. In fact, if we're speaking of GOOD/EXCELLENT/FLAWLESS live action movies, DC only has 2: BATMAN BEGINS and BATMAN: TDK. perial. I really, REALLY, hope that WB/DC surprises us all with GREEN LANTERN. really hope so. the DC stable is UNIVERSAL, and in someways BETTER than MARVEL. As for MARVEL films, well, i hope they stop selling the rights for their characters someday, and maybe BUILD UP
  5. not being a nit pic, but....its punisher war zone, and thomas jane's movie was the 2nd. im just point it out before some clown insults you, and bases an arguement around it. It's okay pal, thank u for the corrected info, sometimes when your time is short to write a few lines in a forum, you oftenly can make mistakes of thinking and typing. Thanks pooda. We're discussing about live-action movies only? or can we make some statements about animated features? i HAVE ALWAYS thought they have always been a HELL of a BETTER movies than many which have been shown at the movies, WDUThink?
  6. something like that happened to me nonameshmo30, The Clone saga made me almost quit on comics back in the 90's not even the ONSLAUGHT/HEROES REBORN plot could keep me on comics, but only until Marvel Civil War and DC Identity Crisis when i returned to read comics that offered to me more realistic and epic plots, the comics i liked matured/grew up. The comic based movies back then were really GOOFY (BARMAN & DROGUIN?), until BLADE with WESLEY SNIPES broke that mold and HOLLYWOOD figured out a new world to exploit on the Silver Screen. Daredevil's movie was a good attempt to showcase Matt Murdock's story, but failed with the likeness of the comic characters, it wasn't about acting, it was the comic fans appeal that we needed. Bennifer was OK as DD, sort of, but all the other costumes and cast were OUT! (was that nut BULLSEYE?, WTF!), maybe Jen Gardner was hot as ELEKTRA, but it was too much history to be told in 1hr and 30mins. I haven't seen the Director's cut, but i will try it someday, 'cause i liked the movie anyway. Just like what happened with the Punisher's film, the 1st movie (Thomas Jane) was OK, but it demanded MUCH MORE from the PUNISHER's fans; The new PUNISHER: WAR JOURNAL movie is IMO, a very close movie to what CASTLE does in the comics, only that it exaggerates in some scenes. but for me it was a better PUNISHER. DD needs a new approach in the movies, maybe this time Hollywood could make the Incredible HULK's formula this time.
  7. That was my plan all along. The DC Superheroes Superman was OK, but the darker colors and extra-wide stance made him suffer. There was nothing wrong with the head sculpt, though. There's indeed a little problem with the head, it's a little small in comparision to other DCUC figures, even the Lex Luthor from DCSH is in better cranial scale with the current DCUC (GL, Reddy, MMiracle, WWoman...). I still don't have the long haired Supes from the KALIBAK series, and don't really know if Mattel or the 4H fixed that sculpting problem, maybe anyone could help me with comparision photos of both, please. Besides that, the SUPERMAN from the DCSH is a must have! I do have the same opinion and the same question, please could someone here help with pictures?
  8. Which BATFAN wouldn't want a DCUC version of: JOE CHILL JR. a.k.a. the REAPER (the son of the criminal that murdered Bruce's parents) or ANDREA BEAUMONT a.k.a. the PHANTASM (Bruce's former fiancé) i would buy BOTH, MATTEL are you reading?
  9. I hope we agree to disagree, but she would be homely cute, but then she would smile and totally kill it for me. Come on dude her body is friggin smoken so a few crooked teeth shouldn't be an issue. And she is cute. I would hit that on tv during the tahnksgiveing day parade Maybe miss KD may be a hottie, even when she "highlighted" her "talents" down the rain, she's a beautiful girl... kirsten.bmp BUT for an actress to portrait MARY JANE WATSON a SUPER HOT TOP MODEL and straight love competition with FELICIA HARDY the über babe a.k.a the BLACK CAT.... well she doesn't stand a chance, IMO.
  10. who's the predator Kirsten or Dallas? @hmmm@ Kirsten, and Her beautiful teeth. #party# There's not enough beer in the world for that. AGREEE MAN, AGREE FOR THAT, AND CHEERS FOR ALL THE MOVIES IN WHICH THE PREADATORS MAKE CAMEOS!
  11. who's the predator Kirsten or Dallas? @hmmm@ Kirsten, and Her beautiful teeth. #party#
  12. who's the predator Kirsten or Dallas? @hmmm@
  13. MARVEL ONES: Does anyone here remember the Generation X tv movie? I agree with some of you about the X-flicks, The movies were o.k. but not AWESOME like IRON MAN ot The Incredible HULK. 1.-After too many speculation they (MARVEL) finally made a DECENT COOL LOOKING WOLVIE come to life at the silver screen , which was the point that attracted all the X-fans since then to watch a X-movie. 2.-The X-girls were too way off close to be the X-BABES we have come to know in ANY of the COMIC BOOKS 3.-Sir PATRICK STEWART as Prof X was an excellent choice, but on the other side Sir Ian McKellen wasn´t for MAGNETO, jeez! not even the HELMET was accurate for a start. 4.-CYCLOPS,SABRETOOTH,STORM (sorry HALLY), NIGHTCRAWLER, JEAN, PYRO, JUGGERNAUT and ROGUE ARE OUT! (not to mention all the x-tras in X3 like PSYLOCKE, CALLISTO et al.) 5.-TOAD, MYSTIQUE, COLOSSUS, BEAST, ICEMAN, MADROX, KITTY, ANGEL and ´course WOLVIE ARE IN!!! 6.-The X-Suits, WOLVIE should have said YES to CYKE´s question about the SPANDEX? just ask SPIDEY! 7.-The EPICS in the X-Flicks.....just watch X3 and you will know what i mean to. they are not too MARVELISH, are they? 8.-Finally the SFX, jeez! i'm still thirsty since the first movie....so i went to see Iron Man and The Incrd. HULK. now i know what i want to drink. as for other MARVEL movies... SPIDEY and SPIDEY 2 were GREAT! well minus the Green Goblin's armor that IMO sucked a lot and KIRSTEN DUNST's MJ's portait SUCKED a LOT MORE!. those movies rock. As for SPIDEY 3 well the only thing i like about that movie are THOMAS HADEN CHURCH'S Sandman and BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD's Gwen Stacy. ironically she could have portrayed MARY JANE better, IMO. @luv@ AND for those that didn't like BLADE's TRILOGY or Nick Cage's GHOSTRIDER, those movies ROOOCK!!!!in several ways!!!! DC MOVIES Are there any DC movies besides Chris Nolan's BATMAN's movies or Christopher Reeve's SUPERMAN 1? Well... maybe CONSTANTINE, anyway i'll have to wait and see GREEN LANTERN for a next decent (WB better will do) DC MOVIE.
  14. wasn't Bane a decrepited senile old man in a wheel chair but i do like the majority of your picks, if i might add a couple to the BTAS list Clock King, Ventriloquist and i'd like a more Animated Style Freeze, the one they gave us is too bulky IMO Sorry, i was thinking of this BANE, who is not from Batman Beyond, but from "The Batman" animated series; nevertheless is a great cool looking BANE. it could make a BANE BEYOND anyday.
  16. I could finally get some DCUC where i live, and i couldn't believe what i got. My buy was for a HAWKMAN, MISTER MIRACLE, WONDER WOMAN, BLACK MANTA and HARLEY QUINN. Hawkman and Miracle were OK, BUT..... Wonder Woman had the right leg glued at the waist articulation, Black Manta came with the head broken with glue spilled in the the left side of his chest and Harley had the waist glued to the upper body part. WTF????and they were all FACTORY SEALED!!!! I'm currently working on fixing those problems, (anyway they are no great issues for me), but hey! i paid almost US$100 for them!!!!! I felt dissapointed by MATTEL for their BAD quality control; Not even TOYBIZ had those issues back in the MARVEL LEGENDS 1st. wave.
  17. Here we go again! This is what should be called an "Infinite Crisis of Secret Opinions" or "The Multiple Superhero collectors' Civil War"; or something like that.
  18. Well, obiously you should read more. I believe that there's 90% we will get those DC Superfriends you refer to somewhere in future waves or as exclusives. Black Vulcan, Samurai, the Wonder Twins and el Dorado were planned figures for the 4th wave of Super Powers back in the 80's, so How about a wave of those figs. with a BAF Apache Chief. The DCUnltd. wil get figures for 3 of them (Samurai, Vulcan and Apache). so the odds are very favorable. Now how about some Legion of Super Heroes in future waves?
  19. In fact, when Thae 4Horsemen were interviewed in a Popular Toy magazine (NOT Toyfare) about 3 years ago, and they stated that their main inspiration for this line, IS the SUPERPOWERS Collection from the begining; that's why the 4th wave of DCSuperheroes S3, had the Roboskullish BRAINIAC, DARKSEID in blue colors, and LUTHOR in his Lexor battle armor (although this one is a cool upgrade). Now all we can do is see if the old SAMURAI, CYCLOTRON, or the GOLDEN PHARAOH, are made in this line; and maybe if all the others "who were to be" prototypes that have surfaced over the years, will. The Wonder Twins were some of the "wannabes" for the unproduced SPC, and it looks like they will finally see the daylight. Now how about the coolish SILICON, SHOCKWAVE (a Booster Gold's rogue) or Mr. MXYZPTLK for other "wannabes"?
  20. Yes, I forgot about the Superarticulated 12" GIJOES from 1964 to 1975-76, about the 1977-1980 SuperJOES who were at 8 1/2" (just like the MEGOS) that featured lights and sounds (GRAT features for that era), about Kenner's SIXMILLIONDOLLARMAN and BIONIC WOMAN 12" figs., about the Mattel's BIGJIM figures (a.k.a. KID ACERO here in Mexico), about the MAJOR MATT MASON action figures ( I had the SCORPIO and the "Martian") and several other great BOYS toylines from the 70's. The original MOTU is considered as the third BEST action figure line of the 80's (Transformers is first and GIJOE is second) and we are not talking about money here. We're talking about Nostalgia here. My focus was mainly on SuperHeroes. but we can discuss about any other toylines anyday you want. I welcome You and anybody who wants to.
  21. I want to thank you all for reading my post reply and trying to fill some voids i didn't type or got acknowledged, but i only tried to focus on Super Heroes although i failed in some pharagraphs. We have been talking about North American toy's evolution, and not Japanese toy's evolution. Yes, the micronauts and Microman lines are prior to SW, but hey, i bet all the kids from that decade remember more fondly about DARTH VADER, than ACROYEAR or BARON KARZA. I do.
  22. Super Articulated Sm isn't the company's first attempt. Before the animated toy, Toybiz created a super-articulated one for the marvel superheroes line called Multijointed Spiderman. Multi-jointed Spiderman Super poseable spiderman images from http://www.marveltoys.net/ It has 15 POA, and one of a poor redeco/sculpting from the previous figure (Spider-man w/spider-tracer). But anyways, the first great attempt for a multi-articulated figure back in 1992-93.
  23. Indeed, McFarlane began in 1994 and DC Direct in 1998, last year was its 20th Anniv. I forgot to write an "already was a new kid on the block" in my text. Thank U. Yes, it was the life saver of MC, and that's why it is also so very annoying why they lose the rights to keep producing the Marvel Legends toys. I (again) didn't want to delve into much details; only the neccesary to point out this topic.
  24. Today it doesn't, but those days...Man. What a terrible pieces of crap there were in the toy aisles. Marvel's TOYBIZ AF. (and i don't mean MARVEL LEGENDS) are full of these examples. Rigid necks, straight arms, buffy bodyworks, bad anatomy depicted, etc. I still remember those GIJOE NINJA FORCE that were available in the last wave of figs. SNAKE-EYES & SCARLETT. Too good for them that i am (still) a completist.
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