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  1. I am annoyed by the black on black uniforms since they very much resemble the Batman Begins suit. The chicks are hot, but this doesn't feel like a GI Joe. Are we supposed to call them "blackshirts" now? Snake Eyes has lips on the mask now, too? I didn't notice that in the first few pics and I hope this is changed. Hawk's outfit looks a little too derivative of Snake Plissken for my taste. I'm not hating on the movie, but my interest just dropped by about 20%. So, I am still 80% sure I will love the movie.
  2. I'm looking for the 12" Count Dooku figure from Hasbro. Actually, I just need his tunic shirt and pants. Please let me know! thanks, JLT
  3. TM, I want this DVD set so bad. I have never seen it in person, just online and I may just make the plunge and buy it online. This was a great show and it proves that Fox always cancels the coolest shows before they get a chance to really take off! JLT
  4. Joes, Is that Storm Shadow with the cloak and sonar modified bow and arrow from issue #21? I thought that came from the 2 part Origin of Snake-Eyes story... ...and wasn't it REALLY Zartan who looked like that and killed the Hard Master and not even Storm Shadow at all? I haven't read it in years, but I seem to remember Zartan with the cloak and bow escaping on a rope ladder from a Cobra FANG... let me know, Dino
  5. Joes, Every morning I visit Wal-Mart on the way to work. I usually check out the GI Joes (of course) and the Star Wars figures, with a glance at the Marvel Legends and then a quick trek to the DVD section. So, Friday, I go in and notice the 25th Joe pegs are empty. No shock there, since that's often the case. But I noticed the tags were missing, too, and replaced with SIGMA 6 tags. So, I find this dude that works there and ask him what happened. The dude is clueless (as is always the case in Florida) and didn't even know GI Joe was still out. Yesterday, same thing. Today, the normal toy stocker lady was there and she is usually "fairly" knowledgable. I asked her what's happened and she tells me that the 25th Joes have been deleted and that's why she took the tags off and replaced them. "Deleted?" I asked. "That means they're gone?" She shrugged. "We might get more of those boxed sets, but the single guys won't be back." "How can this be?" I cried, falling to my knees. "These things don't sit on the pegs for ten minutes before someone scoops them up! The always sell out immediately! What... do you have to make more room for the Power Rangers crap or these WWE figures that NEVER sell?" She shrugged again and walked off, to hopefully some horrendous fate... like a beer swilling renecked yahoo!! So, I climbed to my feet, stared at the heavens and yelled "Khaaaaaan!" So, now I walk down the aisles and see the ignored HUNDREDS of Pirates of the Carribbean figs, Transformers figs and Spider-Man figs that just sit there and rot day after day. Now, I have to drive to the Wal-Mart 10 miles away. My question is... WHY would this happen? JLT
  6. Collectors, I rarely post here, since I'm mainly a GI Joe collector, but Star Wars was my first love, so I pick up figures if I like'em and army build clone troopers and Storm Troopers. They were opening new cases when I got to Wal-Mart this AM on my morning trip before work and I snagged the New Jango Fett w/poncho, a Clone Commander and the gold coin Dark Trooper. This Dark Trooper is soooo cool! I will consider trading him if anyone wants him. I am army building Cobra Troopers (hint hint), so make me an offer! JLT
  7. Joes, I noticed the same thing at the Super Wal-Mart in St. Petersburg, FL. The 25th pegs that were there last week are gone, now fully stocked with Naruto or some such crap. The labels were gone and all they had was 2 of the CObra Legions sets. The crappy Wal-Mart in Clearwater closer to me always has at least a few 25th figs throughout the week, mostly the Joe version of SS and the SE w/timber left over. At this point, though, I'm just army building cobra troopers and red ninjas, but I hope this trend doesn't continue. JLT
  8. I also had #2 as a kid. I remember he came with a HUGE metal vehicle. They had some Road Warrior type futuristic wasteland vehicles called "Steel Monsters". JLT
  9. Remember, the Menagerie flashbacks to "The Cage" took place 13 to 15 years before Captain Pike was horribly disfigured/burned, so he had aged 15 years since the event on Talos IV. That's plenty of time to look older. Captain Kirk says he met him once when Pike received a promotion and I'm betting that's the scene they show in this new movie. I just saw the Menagerie on the big screen on Tuesday night. Excellent as always and the remastered footage is crisp! I will eventually get the new DVD set, but will wait for it to drop a bit from the steep $130ish price point. JLT
  10. Mean Machine Angel is the motor/machine head guy from Judge Dredd. And I PRAY this wave comes out, just for his figure, though I'll buy all of them. In Florida, there is still no sign of the 2 packs OR Wave 2 except for Judge Death. And I only saw the Brood Queen BAF and the Fantastic 4 ML wave once and only snagged a Capt A, Bucky and 2 Hydra goons! JLT
  11. TM, # 7 looks to be a Shogun Warrior from the 70's, but I cannot be sure. JLT
  12. Joes, I don't know when these came in or how long they were there, but I hit my local Wally World everyday on the way to/from work. Today was the HUGE CLEARANCE time, when they reset the shelves and stock. I found a ton of AT Repro Joes for $7 bucks. I had to buy the "Man of Action" since I never had an original Joe and I heard they were sort of modelled after Gregory Peck. Since I am a huge "Guns of Navarone" fan, I figured, I'd grab one. Now, I have a nice "Keith Mallory, the Human Fly" figure. Not sure if this is the same all over the country, but it was a great find! thanks 4 listening, JLT
  13. Yes! These are awesome! I blew a wad on them, too. But Judge Dredd looks so cool atop that XMC Mutant Cycle. I can't wait to paint it and turn it into a Lawmaster Cycle. And I am drooling at the prospect of that Mean Machine Angel that was shown at SDCC!! JLT
  14. Dent, Yes, I find that the torso halves won't really connect, but the top sits quite comfortably on the bottom half. I pretty much will have the fig on display, and not be playing around with it as much as the others, so it really isn't an issue. But I did keep hoping that they would snap together! Besides that, the figures are all beautiful and I love them all. Pitt is sure as heck an IMPRESSIVE looking action figure and I can GUARANTEE that I will be buying every wave of this series! I do hope that they get around to making a few Valiant Comics figures like Magnus, Rai, Solar or Bloodshot! thanks 4 looking, JLT
  15. Gang, Finally found the whole wave 1 set in Wal-Mart in Clearwater, Florida and scooped them up QUICK! I actually hid most of them behind those crappy RC planes and had to go back to get 'em at lunchtime, but I bought Judge Dredd right off the bat. I used to be a big Dredd fan and I'm probably gonna customize that Marvel Legends X-Men cycle (that came with Cyclops) to be a Lawmaster Bike. I didn't really want, or have money for, any of the extra variants, but I did get the Savage Dragon with the tank-top instead of the barechested one (he looked kinda fruity with no shirt on - lol). I skipped the Superpatriot Variant and the clear Judge Death, too, and I doubt they'll still be there on payday! Sometimes, it pays to hit Wal-Mart EVERYDAY and I go in the mornings since it's on the way to work. Now, I just need to keep an eye out for Wave 2 cause I need me some Monkeyman!! JLT
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