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  1. Phanstar Speaks....... First off let me introduce myself. I'm a casual collector with no background in prototype of any kind. I've been following this thread mildly all week. I obviously didn't read all ten pages of posts. My question is this. Did CobraSabadude ever post a link to the auction page of which he bought it? He said he was going to contact the seller to get some background on the figure, did he ever post an update from the seller? I know very little but just skimming through the pages based on what info I've picked up a few things seem obvious to me. This figure is just a touched up straight arm cobra commander. Cobra Saba guy seems to REALLY want this figure to be more than it is. This is the lamest thread ever. It fails. P.S. I do have one final question... How is the fact that the rivets are painted proof of anything? If a person can paint the chest cant they just as easily dab a drop of paint on the rivets? And if that paint had seriously been there since 1982 isn't that about the first place it would start to chip and fall off? Sorry dude. That was a really expensive bad condition SA CC. Phanstar
  2. My boss never walks around the corner. So its not a problem. Seriously my boss usually just comes to this window in front of my cubicle and I just look over the cubicle wall to talk to him, but he has walked in on me playing my DS countless times. He knows that when there is work to be done that it will be done, and that if I'm sitting there doing nothing productive then it is because the work order list is empty. He's cool, he doesn't care... It's just work, not prison.
  3. Cmdr_Y That was simply the best answer ever. You win.
  4. hehe I really do have the greatest job in the world. I was setting up to take some more shots this morning, adding a lot of figures.... I finally got 7 or more figures posed, angled just right so everyone shows up in the shot... all set... took one picture and my batteries died. Rats... Oh well... Better luck next week.
  5. So I had a little fun.
  6. I agree the best stories old and new were by Hama. Bring him back and the joe fans will follow.
  7. While were at it there was a seller on ebay I think MAYBE from canada selling clear display cases for a variety of things but some that were made to fit Joe sized figs... I remember someone on this board having them and linking me to his store list... but my pc was wiped before I got to buy any!!@! DOH any ideas?
  8. so r these available or not?
  9. Toe Jam and Earl is really fun. Wow, thats a pretty stellar line up for christmas day...
  10. I still think its crap that the Wiimotes would just randomly snap this soon. However I could see with these tiny strings how sweat and dirt could build up over time and I would expect them to break later down the road. But now adays..... People breaking crap with their wii motes are BOOBS.
  11. Shame they dont have wave 2 single cards... or wave one... those were the waves I foolishly missed out on, I got all of wave three including 20 sand vipers and 20 tele vipers. Heck I still have five or six tele vipers I never even bothered to open.
  12. Im not so much interested in the tags as I am the nifty little stand. I have seen a pic somewhere of the figure displayed on it with a file card in the back (Not sure if it was a repro file card or a vintage) but either way I thought that would be a pretty stellar way to display some vintage figures in a curio or something and actually make them look like nice collectables, and not just some old toys shoved in an overpriced glass book shelf. So what your saying is they are not available now and may or may not ever be right?
  13. I seem to remember something from like a year ago about GI Joe dog tags I think. And then there was like a stand you could put the figure on and I think it came with a reprinted file card or something. Anyone have a clue what I am talking about and if so where I can find out about getting them? Phanstar
  14. Anyone want to trade some Wii Codes so we can visit each others Wii's in the Mii channel? My code is: 5082-5600-5803-6170 I already started a thread about this. but ok we can use this one too... ADD ME send me your code. Ill add you. Party up. Duuuuuude.
  15. I completely agree, this is being blown way out of proportion and is absolutely ridiculous. I've had my Wii since launch date, I have a tiny living room... If these people REALLY are doing these things, then they are being negligent or abusive. Plain and Simple. What a bunch of boobs. Phanstar
  16. Not to be rude, but I don't know anything about the inner workings of TNI. I'm not a mod or an operator and I dont know how communication works between you all. As a user... All I know is I came to my favorite forums one day, Only to see that the video game discussions had been broken up into like 15 topics and were now a ghost town... and that Everytime one of my favorite topics on the GI Joe forum was brought up (Comics) it got moved and died an very premature death. So after a lot of debate it finally was ok to talk comics in Joe again, then suddenly it wasnt. So I wasnt trying to just jump a gun it was just like "Havent we already been down this road before?" Honestly though, you shouldnt take offense, instead you should be flattered. If I didn't love this site and these boards I wouldnt care. But since they have been the only forums Ive posted to in many many years... I hate to see bad things happen. And Im not trying to knock you guys I think you do a fabulous job and its a wonderful site, but expirimentation is just that.... sometimes it works and sometimes it fails. Having a different forum for every single comic company, and a different forum for every single video game system, Doesnt work on this Site. Even though it may work on others. There just isnt enough traffic in those areas here to support so many forums.... And yes it is a pain for me to scroll down through 100 forums to find the one on devils due and check and read the 1 new post then scroll back out and scroll through them all again to find Nintendo Wii, and check the 1 new post then scroll back out and scroll through them all again to find the GI Joe ... See my point? its just too much... It wouldnt be if when I hit Devils Due, there were like 3 new topics about GI Joe and declassified and other th ings... But theres not...... Video games suffer the same dilemna. Thanks for listening. Phanstar
  17. I agree.. TNI Has broken its message boards up into so many topics that it actually completely hinders good conversation. I noticed this the day they made the change of making so many forums, and its only gotten worse... Then one glorious day they quit moving our topics and People talked about GI Joe comics again, now I see they moved it again.... Oh well I guess we might as well give up being able to discuss Joe comics... Thanks TNI.
  18. I'd be happy just having Heavy Metals gun.. Geeze.
  19. DJ HMRising- I added you a day or two ago, Can you add me?
  20. Someone here find a Wii already so I can trade Wii codes with you Geeze you slackers. j/j
  21. Thats an unfair comparison. The 2 dollar figures were released at Meijers, Dollar General, and Family Dollar stores... These six packs are at *TRU* and a few select online dealers. Distribution is the difference.... When they are selling at less stores they have to sell for more money.. Its simple math. However I will completely agree with everyone here actually.... The quality of the set SUCKS and I think its an insult Hasbro released the set with the serious waist/leg issues. The neck is bad, but the waist/thigh is REALLY a big problem. Also however, I have three sets, and am glad I bought em... Still a bargain if you want to army build V1 vipers. Phanstar
  22. Phanstar


    Wow... anyone get the feeling these topics are spread out amongst too many different message boards? Phanstar
  23. Seriously.... None of you have a Wii yet?? Phanstar
  24. Anyone want to trade some Wii Codes so we can visit each others Wii's in the Mii channel? My code is: 5082-5600-5803-6170
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