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  1. Maybe we will get lucky and the 2nd year they will "fix" the legs and crotch like they "fixed" the arms between the 82 and 83 runs.


    This sort of stuff has me REALLY jaded about anything not RAH. The lack of consistency in everything since JvC has been sloppy and really hurt the toy line as a whole. I look through my collection and even figures within the SAME SERIES are a discombobulated mix of bad porportions, and scale changes mid line. I don't like the new line of figures. Mostly the diaper crotches, inability to sit, and oversized legs kill them for me.. But more so I dont like spending tons of money on figures that conistently remain inconsistent in terms of quality and style. I seriously think I've had it with modern GI Joe. I loved most of the DTC figs, and felt like Venom Vs. Valor had it absolutely right in the final wave. However looking back at new sculpts as a whole I cant help but feel its been a sloppy mess of changing ideas midstream over and over again.


    The only thing GI Joe that has stayed consistent in terms of scale at least (maybe not quality) is RAH.

  2. Sadly I had already bought almost everything too. I had been waiting for another sell to get the bat Pack, so Im glad I grabbed it. 12.83 shipped. Not too shabby, but since I bought everything else I got there at 25% off with free shipping, it doesnt feel like a jaw dropping deal. But still. 13 bucks for a six pack is great!



  3. Im not crazy about these figures. I feel like its Joe Vs. Cobra all over again. Does everyone have beer goggles on or something to not see how akward and lanky these figures look? Once again just like the first wave of JvC they have no butts, so their legs look long and gankly, Then they have these new crotch's that look like adult diapers. Well, the figures are good from the waist up.


    They finally had things pretty right with the final wave of VvV, and now were right back to square one.




    I'll buy a couple and try em out, but Im not too hopeful. And look closely at that fang pic, he may be sitting in it, but not too well.

  4. I've had a bankruptcy before. It was pretty unfun. My bankruptcy lawyer told me when it came to my DVDs. GI Joes, Comics ect. To account for them how much I would get if I put them in my front yard at a garage sale or if I took the dvds to a pawn shop (2-3 bucks)... .NOT Ebay prices.


    So That helped. But seriously. I Dont see much point in collecting as an investment. I mean thats a lot of work to keep toys in perfect condition in hopes they might earn a few dollars. Just the other day I took all my vehicles out of their plastic tubs they had been sitting in for a couple of years and I was amazed how little pieces had broken. ITs like I havent moved these tubs in years how did that happen? I got a little sad about the state of my collection even. I felt like Man I've sunk all these dollars into this and all this time and now all these vehicles have these annoying flaws... But then I realized that my primary focus is figures and most of my figures have stayed in the condition I got em, so whatever.


    But anyways back on point. After having gone through bankruptcy I actually feel sad anytime I see someone pull out a credit card for lifestyle purposes. People shun bankruptcy and give it this aweful stigma, but Its easier than you think to get in over your head, especially when Credit companies target you when your young.


    Just save or do without. Seriously if you have to pass on a series of figs it sucks, but there will be another one next season you want just as bad.



  5. I loved Venomous Maximous, the Stall siblings, Major Barrage is a nice addition. Also Scalpel. All of those get my votes for nice new additions to the Joe Universe.


    I agree Rip It was stupid, Shoulda Just been Hiss III Driver.



    I actually dont mind the RAHC repaints with different names. It allows me to beef up my displays without technically duplicating any characters. Especially since most of them were specialty figures like Snow or Water.


    Chameleon is just Baroness to me. I read that codename/filecard and said Um, Whatever.



    BTW- Why hate on Venomous Maximous so much? He is actually an AWESOME figure. I just wish he had made an appearance in the comic book with a backstory or creation story that didnt trump out General Hawk.

  6. With that simple dremel adjustment that figure becomes a hundred times better and something that I would definately buy one of just about every character they released. Even with the scale problems. Simply being able to use the new figures with my existing vehicle collection would make it ok. Sometimes I LOVE putting Old RAH figs on new DTC vehicles. Or New DTC figs on old RAH vehicles. So I would get a lot of enjoyment from this line if hasbro would just do that one simple thing.


    Honestly it looks BETTER to me after the adjustment, of course it needs to be cleaned up and smoothed out but it gets rid of the diaper look I hated so much.


    So has anyone else considered that this complete lack of ability to sit could mean Hasbro is not really considering any vehicles for this line ever?


    Or are we afraid they will just do like they did with GvC/Spy Troops/VvV and change the scale/articulation/everything with each new wave?


    I don't mean to be a harbinger of doom or always hating but I will say that the past decade has taken a serious toll on my patience. I went to Toys R Us the other day, and noticed that the 2.5 scale joes were just gone. They had some of the massive helicopter on 50% off clearance and otherwise nothing. It actually saddened me. Not because I only collect 3 3/4, but because I'm tired of seeing GI Joe treated this way. Constantly changing with no consistency in quality or products. It really made me sad. Honestly I dont care if its 3 3/4 inch, 4 inch, 8 inch, 2.5 inch, Just make a solid joe product that can maintain a presence in the market and define what GI Joe is today, whatever that is.



  7. When I first saw these figure I knew right from the beginning I would hate the crotch. It just looked like a diaper. Anyways with more and more pictures floating around I was starting to warm up to these figures a lot. But seeing the effect that crotch piece has on articulation is a MAJOR let down. I wish I could buy a single pack first and not a multi-pack. That way I could check just one out and make a hands on decision.



  8. I disagree. It seems to me stuff is going for way more than I am used to. I have been looking to get something cheap for months and cant. I figured since there has been no new product for sometime, that more people are shopping ebay for vintage joes. Either way, I'm seeing good figures in good condition sell for top dollar repeatedly. I mean heck, Raptor + Crystal Ball going for 13.50 plus 3.50 shipping with OVER a day left? Wow.



  9. Great news for the rest of you guys that haven't received a PM from me. I checked another store today, and got my hands on 25 more sets. PMs should be coming out around Monday. Please be patient, I still need to get everyone else's orders out in the mail.



    HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo! :)

  10. I never got a PM, I just wanted 1. :(



    That's because you're further down the list than those that have already received PMs. If some of those people that have received PMs do not respond, or say they've changed their mind, I will continue down the list. There were several people that PM'ed me about these, so I've been taking care of them on a first come, first serve basis. Also, if payments for these come in a timely manner, I might consider going out and purchasing a few more, granted I can find more. I already bought out one store. I'm trying to help all that I can, but there's only so much to go around.



    Yeah I'm still checking the boards each day with my fingers crossed in hopes of getting 1 for me too! :) but I do think its super cool he's doing this for anyone. Thats a lot of trouble and hassle just to save everyone a few bucks on some bats.

  11. Wow dude your awesome. I'd be content with just 1 box honestly. Six bucks is a great price. I went to my local big lots last night to see what was there, and all I found was 2 venom vs. valor 2 packs. Duke and Black CC, and Scarlet and Desert Scorpion. YAWN.

  12. Actually none of that is correct.


    A Mii is a character that you can create that will EITHER represent you, or just show up in Mii compatible games. Certain games will pull the Mii personas you create and use them as NPC's in the game, and you can create your own look-a-like. Or Look like whatever you want, to use as your character in the game. Like for example when you play Wii sports I use my character that looks just like me, but I might end up playing baseball against Cobra Commander. Or Sgt. Slaughter might be on my team, or any of the other people I know or celebrities I've made into Miis.


    Also you can trade Miis with other people through the internet. And you can see a random selection of other Miis that your friends have created in the Mii parade. If you like any of them, you can snag them and copy them to your Wii to be used in Mii Compatible games.


    I hope that clears things up.

  13. The latest issue of nintendo power had two joe miis you could make on your wii. Cobra Commander and Sgt. Slaughter. In fact someone on their staff must be a joe fan cause there seems to be a joe mention almost every month.

  14. Phanstar Speaks.......


    First off let me introduce myself. I'm a casual collector with no background in prototype of any kind.


    I've been following this thread mildly all week.


    I obviously didn't read all ten pages of posts.


    My question is this. Did CobraSabadude ever post a link to the auction page of which he bought it?


    He said he was going to contact the seller to get some background on the figure, did he ever post an update from the seller?



    I know very little but just skimming through the pages based on what info I've picked up a few things seem obvious to me.


    This figure is just a touched up straight arm cobra commander.


    Cobra Saba guy seems to REALLY want this figure to be more than it is.


    This is the lamest thread ever. :) It fails.



    P.S. I do have one final question... How is the fact that the rivets are painted proof of anything? If a person can paint the chest cant they just as easily dab a drop of paint on the rivets? And if that paint had seriously been there since 1982 isn't that about the first place it would start to chip and fall off?


    Sorry dude. That was a really expensive bad condition SA CC.



  15. My boss never walks around the corner. So its not a problem. :) Seriously my boss usually just comes to this window in front of my cubicle and I just look over the cubicle wall to talk to him, but he has walked in on me playing my DS countless times. He knows that when there is work to be done that it will be done, and that if I'm sitting there doing nothing productive then it is because the work order list is empty. He's cool, he doesn't care... It's just work, not prison.

  16. hehe I really do have the greatest job in the world. I was setting up to take some more shots this morning, adding a lot of figures.... I finally got 7 or more figures posed, angled just right so everyone shows up in the shot... all set... took one picture and my batteries died. Rats... Oh well... Better luck next week.

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