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  1. No Doubt, posing with weapons is frustrating. The only solution is saving some of those clear rubber bands to avoid those special "office space-fax machine" moments. @grumpy@ My domio effect happens becaouse of loose joints on heavy figs like Serpentor and Roadblock.



    Yeah My Gung Ho was Loose in the knees right out of the package. It takes skill and determination to get him to stand up. Oh and I picked up the Twins today and the comic book BRAND NEW never opened had huge creases on like 6 of the pages. Doh.

  2. Why cant stinking hasbro make cool accessories that actually fit in the figures hand!!! I had to move my 25th anniversary destro and I swear I put his stooooopid breifcase in his hand like 20 times and everytime I set him on the shelf it would drop and go rolling across the floor and one time it finally didnt but his battle stand slipped off and bounced into my cat's water dish. I was SO FREAKING MAD I almost threw Destro out the window. WAAHHH!!!!

  3. I just saw a bunch of these at TRU. BLAH. No thanks. This style of figure doesnt really appeal to me for setting up huge dioramas. They look much better just displayed on shelves in a pose, without a scene. For this reason, I have no interest in army building whatsoever. One specimen of each figure will be plenty. And no need for 1000 repaints.

  4. I honestly dont think it made a huge difference. I can remember feeling a bit odd about buying it so close to the 9/11 attacks. But that quickly passed. I guess an argument could be made that maybe they toned down some themes early on to be more sensitive and thus storytelling suffered. But I think the lack of a great story through its 7 year run proves that was untrue. I don't completely hate the DD's Joe comics. I've bought most of them. But they do feel pretty much like fluff. Some of that is due to writing. Some of that is because of industry changes in the Comic business. DD says they are limited to 21 pages I believe. Which is industry standard for a 3.00 book. So that there limits storytelling a bit. Also it seems they try to keep story archs complete and in consecutive issues to make it easier to release them later in graphic novel style. Back in the 80s marvel run you would have several story archs going at once. Sometimes 2 or 3 issues would pass before it made it back to one of the story archs. It made for better story telling. More things happening over longer periods of time. It seems Devils Due did not have that sort of freedom in todays day and age.


    Personally I'm glad their done. I'm hoping someone new does a better job with it.



  5. I must admit I do not as of yet have Beach Head or Crimson Guard. However it sounds like that pose you speak of is very similiar to the pose I try to achieve with many of my 25th figures and struggle. It just seems to me that while they may bend in the same places, a lot of times 25th figures dont bend as FAR in the same places, making simple poses a major nuisance if not impossible.


    I do like the figures. I like them a lot. They added detail and throwbacks to vintage are very fun, and very neat to display.


    I am however very dissapointed in a lot of them. Some were so bad in the first wave I would have stopped buying them if my brother in law hadn't kept snagging them up for me without asking if I needed them.


    I still haven't gotten most of those figures from him so keep in mind most of my opinions are based on the earliest figures. Especially in Wave 1 the figures were very hit and miss. I loved V2 Stormshadow, V1 Snake eyes. Both fantastic figures. I thought Hooded CC was pretty good. But in the midst of these I got stinkers like Flint, and Cobra Soldier who not only had the wrong color symbol, but a pretty gangly odd look to him. It made me pretty unsure about the line. So I wondered... Am I the only one that doesn't think this line is perfect?


    Hence the thread.



  6. I'm all for the 25th anniversary line and I don't complain too much about it. I know its not perfect but it sure as hell beats the GI Joe vs Cobra, Spy Troops, Valor vs. Venom and the DTC lines that were offered in the past.


    At least Hasbro is doing us collectors all a favor and giving us something because we could just be getting nothing.


    People have to realize that the 80's are OVER I repeat, "O-V-E-R". The original GI Joe design team of the 80's are no more. Those people could have moved up in the Hasbro company, retired from Hasbro, quit Hasbro, or they could be dead.


    And also people have to realize that GI Joe is a toy it is impossiable to make something dead on and perfect. The RAH lines had its issues too and I don't see people complaing too much about it.


    And also the 25th anniversary line is mainy for display, not play so if your playing w/ these figures at a age of 25 - 40yrs old then you have problems.


    And one more thing if people are going to talk trash about the 25th anniversary line then then DON'T BUY THEM, I repeat, "DON'T BUY THEM"


    I understand that everyone is entitled to his/her opinions but keep them to yourself.


    And also take note that too much bitching could lead to an early death of this line because, Hasbro does visits and reads these forums and if all they read is nothing more than just complaints they will kill this line and bring back should I say, SIGMA SIX . And who wants that?




    Why does every thread with constructive critisism and an actual discussion about the attributes of an action figure have to attract one of these posts? Wow. I'm gonna respond to this against my better judgement. Hasbro is doing us a favor to make a product and sell it to us at a nice profit? Sounds like business. A favor is when I call my neighbor and borrow his tools and pay him nothing.


    Yes the 80's are over.


    I really don't think it is asking too much to want an action figure that can hold his gun in his hand without a rubber band or glue.


    Also, I hardly think our conversation here is going to kill the toy line forever.



    Now back to reality. What is everybodys two favorite and Two worst??? I haven't gotten the whole set yet, but they are on their way but from the ones I do have, I must say my favorites are Snow Job, and V1 Snake Eyes. Honorable mention to Gold Face Destro. Least faves are Serpentor and FLint, honorable mention to Cobra Soldier.


    Looking at those picks leads me to believe the line is definately improving.

  7. More detailed yes, but more articulated no. They may have more points of articulation, but as I said earlier, the range of motion on most of these is way less. Like DPrimes head example. I understand these toys are meant for display more than play which is fine, thats all I want. But still its hard to display them when you cant even pose them in a standard im pointing my rifle at you pose. Or even get them to hold their rifle for that matter.


    I will totally agree that the extra detail is sweet in most of the figures, and I LOVE the holsters with actual removable pistols. The throwback to the vintage joes with uniform/style/packaging. Honestly I wish I had never opened my first one, because I think these would look absolutely best displayed Mint On Card. There is a lot of hit and miss. Flint blah. Serpentor?!? WOAH. Anyways... I would definately say even the worst 25th anniversary figures are WAY better than the original T hook Joe Vs. Cobra figures, and many are way better than the later New sculpts we got.

  8. Ok. I've warmed up a lot to these 25th anniversary figures. There are quite a few things I really like about them. However lets face it, these figures are not perfect. Especially not all of them. Am I the only one that has complaints about this line? Other than availability?


    First off it seems we still have one of the biggest problems since the JvC relaunch. Weapons won't stay in hands. This is terribly bad in almost every figure I've opened. Sigh.


    In some cases I honestly feel there is too much articulation. Like with Cobra Soldiers, for some reason all the added articulation doesn't add to the realism but instead just makes the figure appear gangly or unnatural. Maybe its just me. It doesn't seem to affect all the figures, just certain ones.


    Another big complaint I have is even with all the added articulation, "the most articulated joe figure ever", I still find it difficult if not impossible to put most of these figures in realistic, or some of my favorite poses. Poses that RAH, and New Sculpt figs could accomplish easily. For example, Standing, holding a gun in their right hand, with the back of the gun tucked under their right arm, pointing it out... virtually impossible. Its weird but even though they have more points of articulation it seems their range of movement is far more limited. This combined with the sometimes gangly look of the figures creates a lot of weird and akward cheap looking poses.



    Anyways there are some of the figures I love and they seem to keep getting better. But what is up with Aces face? He looks like some bizarre acid trip.


    Snake Eyes V1 is AWESOME. Frostbite is FANTASTIC. I have several faves... So I'm not all hate.





  9. I hate to say it but im actually a little dissapointed to see Dr. Venom on this list. I have waited years and years and years for a Dr. Venom figure and now one is finally being made that will be completely incompatible with my RAH figures. :( This isn't a hate on 25th figures post, but just I've always wanted a RAH Venom fig, and seeing him pop on in the comic packs of the 25th line somehow hitns to me that seeing him as a RAH figure is not very likely.





  10. Holy crap If I had known they were so valuable I would have sold my flint on ebay. Seriously these figs look like crap to me.


    Early on I passed on a flint even and bought a hooded CC instead... LOL

  11. I still havent found wave 1... seriously I look every day at all times of the night and day. Im out driving my daughter at 3am, I stop at wal mart. Ive been to toys r us, kmart, targetsx2, walmartsx4.

    NO FREAKING WAVE 1!!!!!!!


    I've found like 2 figures. Thats it. 2 figures. Five packs are easy to find. and I know they arent selling out because wal mart puts those little stickers... out saying they ordered more... and 3 weeks later the same sticker is there.. I remember on like the 7th, one said expected arrival oct 14th. That same sticker is still there........ its the 21st. So don't tell me distribution isnt a problem.

  12. I still cant even find wave 1 in kentucky. Believe me I have put forth the effort. IMPOSSIBLE to find. I go out almost every day and stop at either target, wal mart, or TRU. And EVERY SINGLE FRICKING GOSH ()*!@# !@#()* TIME What do I see? EMPTY ()_!#@()* PEGS!


    Its seriously irritating the crap out of me.



  13. Watch out for that light coming in from the windows, though. I wouldn't put those Transformers right there on the window sill, you never know...



    You know I thought about that when I set up the room. In fact since I moved into this house my joes had been in tubs, rotating between the upstairs closet and downstairs under the bed seasonally to keep them from getting too hot or too cold and avoid the dreaded color change of the plastic..... Then when we decided to move my son upstairs and give his room to our new baby, I inherited this utility room for my toys/computer room. At that time I did some soul searching, and finally came to terms with deprication. Have some of my figs changed colors? Yes. One half of my 85 shipwreck changed dramatically as well as others. In fact when trying to mount some display cases on the wall last week I lost my 83 Snake Eyes's Ammo bag. (I'm still hoping to find it when I pull the USS Flagg out from the wall to mount more display cases soon.


    But even though I've lost some things, and every so often another figure yellows, or changes..... I have to say this... I have enjoyed my collection far more being out on display in this sunny room, than I did for 3 years rotating it back and forth in tubs, between closets... So I'm cool with that. I just figure periodically throughout the years I will swap body parts or replace figures that are particularly special... but in the meanwhile, I'm a Joe collector for life. Also, I'm likely to be in this house for life.... So for the most part, this room is my joes home. At least until a kid or two moves out and my joes take over their room. ;):) :)

  14. very nice. i want to do that too, but i can never decide how to group my figs. no matter what i do, i always want to change them around every day. and i can't decide whether or not to mix rah with the newer versions and comic pack type figs. do have this problem?



    I just recently got a room to display my toys in and have been working on it. I'll post pics when its done. But I used to group everything together... recently however I have basically been displaying RAH sculpts seperate from new sculpts and I have been MUCH happier with this. I will still mix comic packs with vintage, or RAHC, or whatever....... the only distinction I make is RAH sculpt or new sculpt.



  15. This has been a major annoyance for me too. I Live in lexington, ky and have checked 2 targets, 3 wal marts, and a tru. This is what I have found:


    1 wal mart : has had five pack cases two different times. Always gone a day or two later. No singles


    1 target : had snake eyes and stormy *1* time. No 5 packs.


    Tru : one time I found FLint, and CC, another visit I found 1 five pack.


    9 out of ten times I go anywhere they are completely gone.



    I have also noticed that Movie transformers have been GONE for over a month!! ITs weird.. is hasbro just not shipping stuff?


    Someone mentioned tru prices.. My tru only charged 4.99 for the single cards but 29.99 for the 5 packs. However Target here is charging a ridiculous 6.99 for the single cards!!! I hope they get that fixed!

  16. You know. Sometimes it has nothing to do with which figure is better or worse. Sometimes its just about what I'm already collecting.


    I mean I've said this before back when JvC came out. But the bottom line is this. I started buying vintage joes. Then, I was thrilled to get the RAHC repaints.. They had less quality plastic and some issues, but they were repaints of the vintage joes I bought. Same scale, same figs........ So they fit easily into my collection. Now years down the road, I have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into collecting vintage Joes. Why Start buying something else???? Thats the point im trying to make. Just because they are the same characters as the joes i've been buying they are not the same toys. They dont fit in my collection. They dont enhance my existing collection in any way. They are an entirely NEW collection. For someone looking for something new or just collecting "GI JOE in general" thats great. They look pretty slick (except for the diapers). But here for me is the bottom line. I collect 3 3/4 inch joes. Not 12 inch, Not 8 inch, Not 2 inch. And Now I guess I have to specify I collect 3 3/4 RAH style joes. I dont plan on starting a new collection of anything any time soon.


    I'll buy one or two for the fun of checking them out. But to me, starting buying these, is just like suddenly deciding to buy Marvel figures when I've been collecting Joes for 9 years. Its just completely different and incompatible with my existing collection so whats the point? There are plenty of vintage and Convention/Master Collector/ Foreign pieces that fit directly into my exisiting collection to keep me busy for life.



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