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  1. I was checking out the same auctions last night, and I actually dont think those are accidental bids. This guy is selling some top quality stuff in top quality condition... And while CG's may go on ebay all the time, to find one complete in such fabulous shape is pretty rare. This seller was obviously a SERIOUS Joe collector, and those bidders could very well be serious too. You can tell my reading his descriptions and seeing what he is selling that he takes good care of his joes. That pulls a higher price for sure, and if you've got the money, and want a pristine, CG, then maybe your willing to pay for it.



  2. I saw both the new comic packs at toys r us last week. I passed on lady jaye for now and got Oktober Guard. I hope to the the other one later. But the Oktober Guard one was FANTASTIC. Easily in my top 3 favorite comic packs so far. And oddly I felt like the quality of the figures was a little better this time around too. I wonder if this has anything to do with the figures being sold at Toys R us and no longer be labeled "Valu Pack" Pr whatever Hasbro called them at DTC. In the past many of my comic figures have suffered from strange twists in their wastes, or many different afflictions of low quality. But my Oktober Guard pack was A-OK!!! Yay.



  3. I didnt think there was a pissing contest about wages. I think the point of posting our wages was to show that Joe collectors come from all walks of life. ANd that we arent just all high school dropouts delivering pizzas and spending our cash on comic books, lottery tickets, joes, and mountain dew every week.


    The point is, you can have a skilled job, raise a family. be a husband, AND be a GI Joe collector.




  4. If they are anything like the folks unhappy with my hobbies, the stupid thing is that they wouldn't think twice if I went out drinking every Friday night and blew $100 at the bar. Or blew thousands a year at the casinos.



    Yes you are exactly right.

  5. Well I'm going to add my wordy input on the matter.


    First off, I am 31, Married, Father of 2, and trying to have a 3rd. I do computer support for the local city government, I make about 42k a year and get about 5k a year in child support for my stepdaughter. My in-laws HATE my hobby. They have openly expressed dismay about it many times. But their perceptions are accurate in some respects and WAY innacurate in many others. The bottom line is they think it is a "waste" of money. To them every dollar I spend on a Joe could be a dollar tucked into a 401k or an ROTH Ira, or saved for our future. So to them, its wasted. That in a way is true.. ANd I don't argue that. But they often portray it like anytime we get any money it all goes to m y "toys" and my children are starving and my family is suffering because I neglect them all. My inlaws are insane I might mention. Truth be told, I have bought 10 bucks worth of Joes from Nevermore a few weeks back and My wife out of her own birthday money found the new oktober guard comic pack and suprised me with it, and that is the only money I have spent on toys in about 3 months or more. So thats what? 22 bucks? Uh huh.


    Anyways... Thats the breaks. Some people will never get it. And sadly its usually these closed minded people that always see the world and black or white. Our way is right, your way is wrong. There is no getting through to these people so dont bother.



    Now I will tell a little story that has a lot to do with why I have never felt any shame or insecurities about my hobby. When I was 12 years old it was 1987 and I had started to feel a little too old to play with Joes any longer. Also around this time the figures started getting wackier and wackier and that only pushed me further away from wanting to play with them. However the Nintendo Entertainment System had not been out long and I WANTED ONE. I packed up *ALL* my joes. Probably at close to 100 figures. The Bridgelayer, A MBT Mauler, Devilfish, Shark, Cobra Stinger, A U.S.S. FLAGG!!!! And only God knows what other vehicles and accessories and put them in an ad in my Dads employee newsletter at the VA Hospital. A few days later the phone rang and I answered it and when I repeated the name of the caller my dad had a panick and jumped up because it was his BOSS on the phone. Turns out his then going on 60 year old boss in 1987 Just happened to be an avid GI Joe collector. I sold the ENTIRE COLLECTION for a measely 93.40 cents or something like that. EXACTLY what I calculated the price of a NES with SMB to come out to at our local hills store.


    Sad story... But it just goes to show that adult toy collecting is not a NEW trend. Its just recently become way more popular and thanks to the internet way more public... And with this new publicity the hobby has changed significantly too....



  6. I wasn't overly fond of this issue. I found the art a little annoying, Every person in this book looked like a 70 year old man.


    The Phoenix Guard DID look cool but it raises a lot of red flags for me. Again I will ramble about the difference with modern comics vs. Vintage Marvel.


    Devils due once stated in their letters column that EVERY issue is 22 pages. "Industry Standard". On top of that it is obvious that their focus is four issue story arcs that can easily be rebound and sold as book volumes. I still feel like this EXTREMELY inhibits their story telling ability. It seems to me that they cut down the GI Joe team to the basic few we have, to be able to focus more on the story at hand and the characters we got. So instead we get five or six new guys completely made up out of the blue? While TONS of our favorite Joes are getting the shaft?


    Dont get me wrong, Im not opposed to the story taking new directions and getting new characters, ESPECIALLY if they become Action Figures... But I have been reading devils due from the start and it wears you thin. I mean in 50+ issues of the First Run, Cobra Commander was knocked in and out of rule of cobra so many times, and then for OVER A YEAR in the new run he is MIA.... There is a little part of me that just LONGS for a classic, Cobra Commander comes up with a diabolical plot, GI Joe stops him, Destro saves his butt story line once more........


    oh well... It wasnt as bad as last issue. :) Now I'm going to use my ninja abilities to switch bodies with brad pitt and bang angelina Jolie for an hour. Cya.



  7. I thought the Cobra Trooper looked ridiculous in the pictures posted online. But I went ahead and bought one just for the sake of collecting. Then when I opened him up and took a good hands on look at him I fell in love with him.


    Sometimes hasbro and other online sites have a bad habit of doing stupid stuff like putting helmets on crooked or pose the figure at an akward angle or put weapons on in a nonsensical way. Then when you get the figures in your hands and put the helmet on properly or pose the figure the way you like too, you can take a better look and say, Hey this is a nice figure! Thats exactly what happened to me with the cobra trooper.


    As for the Range Viper, I voted too fast for Trooper. In retrospect I think the Range Viper is the most solid and best army builder offered by DTC.


    The Crimson Guard is a fabulous figure, But after already being offered the RAH version so many times over....


    Honestly when I think about it ALL the troop builders from DTC have been fabulous. DTC Really enabled me to accept and enjoy new sculpt figures.



  8. 55 Bucks for a Cobra De Aco. He was in so so shape. His body and cobra symbol and pads were all in GREAT shape. He had some pretty bad chrome damage but it is all on the back of his head. Plus he came with the backpack, and I had an extra Flash gun laying around, So I love having this figure.


    50 bucks for version 1 Firefly in really nice complete condition.





    I see a lot of people stating they were never spend more than 15 bucks on a figure... And thats when I start to realize there are a lot of different mentalities or attitudes when it comes to collecting. I mean for me, I collect with sort of the same attitude people might approach sports cards or any other 'collection.' Each purchase is just another 'piece' in my collection. So I do enjoy setting up dio's or scene, and often will army build a little for that purpose. But my primary approach is, Do I have an example of this figure in my collection? Is this a figure I would like to be included in my collection? Like for example when I look at the 82/83 year pages on Yojoe there are only two figures I am still missing. Grand Slam, and Hawk. I know the chances are good I'm not going to get a Grand Slam in my collection unless I'm willing to spend 20 bucks. So be it. When the day comes that I have the money to spare, I will hop on ebay and start scoping auctions....


    Its just like when I bought my Cobra De Aco and a lot of people posted "55 bucks? I'd just paint an old flash/snake eyes and make one." Sure you can do that. But you still don't ACTUALLY have a Cobra De Aco in your collection.... You just have a painted flash/snake eyes custom. Thats like taking a picture of Pete Rose off the internet and printing it on cardstock paper and saying now I have a Pete Rose rookie card. Not really.




  9. That viper pack just made me pitch a tent. Cobra Commander just stole my families christmas... but hey he needs vipers!!! AND LOTS OF THEM!!!!!!!!! DANGIT... Must have money, must buy every six pack I see...


    Yeah. thats it.


    And is it just me or does it look like they finally painted the boots properly this time? Hard to tell in the picture.



  10. My theory is that Chuckles has worked both sides undercover to the point nobody knows who he works for in the end. Hawk might have played like he did not know him as to not blow his cover because he was into things too deep playing all these sides. Same applies to Chuckles.



    Thats basically what I said... So.... No Prize for me?!!?! :)



  11. So am I remembering wrong that Chuckles knew Hawk well enough to know about the Court Marshall???? That would imply Chuckles knew him moderately well... better than is implied in issue 60 where is is implied they were meeting for the first time ever and did not recognize each other.

  12. Im gonna be heading home soon and wont have much pc time. Anyone who hasnt gotten a PM from me please post another request and maybe one of these other guys that got my pm can forward you the info???





    BTW- Yeah pretty bad continuity error if you ask me...


    I guess I will just give myself the No Prize. :)

  13. Yeah I dont buy into the its "our fault too" way of thinking. thats like saying If you want Gi Joe to stay on then you should buy ever shelf warmer you see... Why do I have that responsibility?


    Beyond that, there is GI Joe product out there right now that I have money and would love to buy but I cant find ANYWHERE... Um Latest Comic packs anyone??? Viper Lockdown???? And dont give me the Smalljoes has em... I just went there and after shipping just to order the oktober guard pack was going to cost me about 19 bucks and that was no insurance cheapest delivery. Why cant hasbro put these on their site at a reasonable price??? Or better yet send some to my local TRU????

  14. Thats not possible. Gi Joe Declassified takes place prior to any events of issue 1 of the marvel run... Plus if I remember correctly they spoke of Chuckles and Hawk serving together in the past!!! So major flubber if you ask me. Anyways, Your right most importantly is this file, Which I was super suprised to find, and thrilled to have... I aint stingy, a sorta underlined purpose of this thread was to mention said file... PM will be sent. Yo. :)

  15. I hate to say it but I wouldnt mind a bit if 3 3/4 was cancelled after wave 4. For a whole lot of reasons, and oddly none of them being hating on new sculpts. I have found myself liking new sculpt figs more and more lately, even preferring them to RAH repaints at times.


    However I got into this hobby with the joes of the 80s. And collecting Vintage Joes was the original focus of my collection. I got lost somewhere along the way with the fever. What if I dont buy wave 3??? And then decide I want it later??? And have to pay 3 times as much on Ebay?!?!? Must by everything now!!! So seriously if they quit putting out new product for 2-5 years thats fine with me. I can finally collect at my own pace, Get my vintage collection up to snuff...


    Seriously there are Tons of vintage figs I still dont have or have never seen.... And if I get tired of those theres always Foreign Exclusives.... I actually would be glad if there was a break in new product... I could use a few years without that collecting pressure.




  16. So I recently came across a file where I was able to download practically every GI Joe comic ever released. So finally I have been able to read through the original marvel run and fill in the many gaps in my collection and read the whole story.


    A few nights ago I came across an issue (and I cant for the world of me figure out which one it was now) where Law and Order were introduced and they kidnapped Hawk. He then took Hawk someplace where Hawk met a few other guys who "Thought" they were Joes, one of them was Chuckles.


    Correct me please if I'm wrong, because I very well might be, but in Gi Joe Declassified wasnt it stated that Hawk and Chuckles knew each other, Hawk even using chuckle's real name??? So how is it that He had no idea who chuckles was in this issue of the marvel run???



    My attempt at the No Prize is Chuckles and Hawk did know each other in the Marvel run, but neither of them acknowledged it or said anything in order to not blow any past or future cover, or compromise possible top secret information about each other.



    ??? Eh??? Do I get the No prize???



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