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  1. hey guys, This was briefly mentioned a year ago, that if hasbro came out with a new line that mimicked but (according to hasbro) improved upon the 80's joes, that people might lose interest in the old school joes and the value of the vintage line will decrease. I for one love these figures, from the pics anyway, and would probably look to unload all the comic packs etc that I have bought in the past to collect this issue solely. What do you guys think? Have you seen e-bay prices move lower? Or is this another line which probably won't stick and hasbro will try again in a few years?
  2. If they did the gi joe movie in the same way that they did batman begins, it would be sick... if they did it like the previous 4 batmans, than there will be problems.
  3. for me one of the reasons why I like the 82-86 figures, is that they looked more realistic and cool than some of the later offerings. Also, I felt the first 50 issues portrayed those characters really well. I feel there is more of a story behind characters like doc, snow job, airborne, ripcord, major bludd etc. than some of the 87 and beyond characters. I like serpentor though, as his character has been iconic in the cartoon and comic. Even DD did an interesting take on him with the cloners. I do agree that version 2's take up the slots of some of the other cool characters, but I think hasbro's justification is, that if they released all of the 'best' characters at once, than there subsequent offerings might look weak. What do you guys think about this?
  4. as long as they are 82 to 86 I should be cool
  5. Hawk Spirit Covergirl Doc wild bill major bludd torch ripper copperhead crimson guard
  6. p.s. the new firefly figure is going to be sick!!!
  7. Some interesting debates. I found it interesting myself that there were some people that actually were glad that the red cobra figure was included. I myself agreed with Viper hunters previous comments, that if the line didn't do well, it would be ashame to have a red cobra figure before a hawk, doc, rock & roll or major bludd figure, whom to me are more representive of the toy, and comic line, than red cobra. I also, agree that if hasbro is trying to make accurate representations of the most popular figures in their most populart uniforms, they should try to get them 100% right. People can complain about that if they like, but at the end of the day I am still picking up one of everything as I find, even with some remolds and repaints, I think they overall did a great job. In fact, I might want to sell my old collection if these totally look way better. Lastly, its great to have debates positive or nagative because thats how ideas are shared but, I think people need to focus on the issue or problem as opposed to attacking someones character. Like many people have said, "we are talking about pieces of plastic" this hobby should be a distraction and fun. Overall, I like hearing a lot of the veterans posters opinions, because they have been through many more lines and know the pros and cons, as well as hasbros past history of how they operate. very interesting. Anyway, my two cents, and my question is....in 2008 will hasbro release 25 more figures??? Will that cobra battle pack be part of it?? If they do release 25 more, there is a good chance that most of the popular figures will be included.
  8. I was kind of hoping it would be a spirit figure, but the outline image looks too much like the red cobra. I would have thought spirit would have been in there as well as bludd.
  9. why would they waste a spot on a red ninja/satan figure. It doesn't make sense. Though looking at the image, it does look that way...
  10. Shipwreck, good call guys, didn't see the parrot there. 3rd row 4 yeah and 3rd row 2 could be stalker. Zartan is there either 3rd row 5 or 3rd row 2. Either way, I wonder who the last figure would be...
  11. Based on the toywiz images on the back of the filecards it looks like we can surmise the last 10 figures. Beachhead, 2nd row 1 Lady Jaye 2nd row 2 Buzzer 2nd row 3 Serpentor 2nd row 4 cobra soldier 2nd row 5 Firefly 3rd row 1 Zartan 3rd row 2 but who are the last three??? What do you guys think.... Either way, good choices so far
  12. I agree with a lot your sentiments. Although it is cool to have three different cobra troopers, I know a lot of people like the stinger and viper pilot concept. It seems to me that this 5 pack is a waste of slots in that, you still need major bludd, firefly, zartan, serpentor, and a hell of a lot of joes. I guess you could assume, that because the interest is so great, they will spread some of the core characters around, so the first 25 is not so much better than the last 25. But again, a thrid version of CC and storm shadow. How does that make sense. If they are only doing 25 I find this a waste and most collectors can't be happy about this. Anyway, we haven't seen pictures, maybe the characters will change, or the figures will be so dope that no one cares, but to me this doesn't make sense.
  13. @pow@ So your the one!!!! to me i dont really care about these figures one way or the other gijoe to me will always be ARAH with large heads and poor sculpts. for the 25th anniversary i wont go out and buy these figures. i'll just head down to my basement and break out my old joes and play......i might wear a little party hat? i havent decided yet but i most likely will be naked? so if you wanna come over call first! B.Y.O.F* TM *bring your own figures! That's cool It seems to me that a lot of people are ARAH and that is it. While I have the opposite view. Yes I like the nostalgia of the 25 anniversary, but to me a lot of the figures look really dated. To me its like comparing the original starwars line to the new line. All the new technology and better sculpt to me make the figures that much better. I was drawn to the comic packs for the version 1 uniforms of some of the best figures, but to me these are so much better. But hey, you might warm up to these .
  14. but that's never stopped hasbro from making bad decisions before
  15. They would be fools not to do filecards.
  16. based on the responses it seems that most people think that these figures will be included in the last 10 Major Bludd Firefly Serpentor zartan Lady Jaye Stalker Hawk Beachhead This leaves one joe and one cobra, or two joes. Let's assume these 8 are in. Whom do you guys think will be in the last 2. Not whom you want because you like the figure, but who would be the most popular left?
  17. depends, the crimson guard could be one of Hasbro's most popular characters, or best sellers.
  18. sorry to add to my last post, Think Batman Begins. If they make that style of movie for Joe it could work.
  19. If Lucas could pull off six starwars movies, and spiderman, batman, superman, and the xmen, and fantastic four were made, they can easily pull off Gi Joe. Especially since they are making a transformers movie. Transformers and GI Joe go hand in hand as they were always on at around the same time.
  20. So we know the first 15 figures 5 pack (Joes) scarlett Snake Eyes V1 Duke Roadblock Gung Ho 5 Pack (cobra) Cobra Commander V1 Storm Shadow V1 Cobra Trooper Destro Baroness First 5 of the 15 individual figures Cobra officer Cobra Commander V2 Storm Shadow V2 Snake Eyes V2 Flint So who are the Last 10??? I am curious to here your lists As stated before I think that the last 10 will be Beachhead Hawk Stalker Lady Jaye Spirit zartan Major Bludd Firefly Serpentor Buzzer which to me makes a decent first 25. Again what do you guys think? Do you think these are hasbro's so called "most popular figures?"
  21. Some interesting opinions, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, or feel that "hasbro owes them." If you are a completist or a serious collector spending hundreds a year on new joe toys, I would be pissed as well. Especially with a lot of the half assed crap they came out with. Your only rights as a consumer is to voice your opinions and hope that they do something about it, and/or choose not to purchase their product. Hasbro is about making money, and I am sure they would like to make everyone happy but, I don't think that is really possible. I do know this though. With the launch of this line there are a lot of new board members and a lot of talk, positive and negative, which means this line seems to be generating the hype that they need. There also, seems to be a movie in the works which should also help. They also listened to many board members who mentioned they wany ARAH v1 style figures that are modernized using the new technologies. They seem to be grasping this, and even the people that have negative comments seem to like even some of the figures. When ARAH was big, did people like all the figures that hasbro produced. Probably not, I thought everything after 87 was a waste. Though to counter this, if they are intent on making the most popular figures of the bunch, you think they would be able to make every figure as dope as possible. Still, like the figures, hate the figures, and voice your opinions, but I don't think that hasbro owes us anything. If they did, than you would be getting the figures for free .
  22. You know damn well that Hasbro continually cuts corners, sometimes when an obviously better approach would have been just as fiscally responsible. Look at the new Marvel Legends. And yeah, Mattel is just like that with the constant uninspired Batman repaints. And yes, Walmart especially with their horrid reported treatment of their employees. Those other companies are on your #$@# list I guess. I have no problem with them. Petty and unfounded? Sort of like telling me what I can and cannot think/say in order to write of my complaints about something im buying? Or continually bringing it up when we really havent said anything of value about the toys in question? Well youre right, I guess I am, but i'd suggest you get off your high horse as well. Now could we please stop argueing, because Id like to hear you opinion, and id like to express mine, but I frankly dont give enough of an f to listen to your opinion about how ignorant my opinion is. And yet, in spite of all these glaring, obvious faults, Hasbro is still the #1 action figure manufacturer and producer on the planet...well, their market strategy must be working, I guess... Look...I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way...but do so many people really think that Flint would be that much better with his dress shirt having sculpted wrinkles in different spots, his pants being folded a bit differently in the tooling, and his sleeves rolled up a few millimeters above his elbow instead of a few millimeters below it? Does it really make that much of a difference? I guess I just don't get it. I think Flint looks fantastic, regardless of which tooling got re-used. In spite of being 90% Duke parts, you look at him once and you immediately say "that's Flint!" which is a 110% improvement over pretty much every one of his previous versions since his original '85 release. If Hasbro had invested thousands of dollars in new tooling to change a few wrinkles and folds in Flint's uniform, that would mean one whole set of tooling (which could equate to 4-5 figures) that we wouldn't get because of it. Personally, I prefer it this way. I can deal with Flint ironing and wearing his uniform slightly differently in this version to potentially get 4-5 new figures with the money saved here, but maybe that's just me. Justin exactly. I think this is the best version of flint as well, and people seem to nitpick the little things. Now Viper hunters comments on the lack of consistencies on the different images of the same figures, now that is something to be worried about. Especially how bad that toyfair roadblock looked. As for the casual buyer, I am a casual buyer, I hated all the hasbro stuff after ARAH and got back into it because I liked the idea of the comic packs. This anniversary takes that one stuff further and does it a lot better, in my opinion. I would also buy the whole five pack even if I only liked 2 or 3 of the figures because as a set it looks dope.
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