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  1. when will BBTS have the pre-orders???
  2. famke janssen as baroness would be cool. Ray park might be better for stormshadow than snake eyes some good choices though. Lesser known actors or up and comer actors are always better than the true A list guys.
  3. Major Bludd The Twins Copperhead Scrap Iron Doc Torpedo Covergirl Hawk airborne
  4. I like them all, these are going to look amazing together. I know viper hunter says these are just different, but I think the new technology is going to win people over. If they can make them more durable in the future these will be winners. The calssic packaging and classic looks on a lot of the figures look great. I can't see any of the original ARAH beating these. Its like comparing classic cars to new ones, some times you get a classic aston martin lamborghini or ferrari that looks better than the new ones but more often than not they end up looking dated. I love all wave three and most of wave 2. Serpentor is ok, and beachhead is cool, but his head looks weird. I will still get one of each. I am not convinced on the cobra 5 pack though....
  5. yeah that makes sense about the two black and red suits d prime. I mean hasbro couldn't be that stupid.....could they LOL! As a relative newbie that was only back on board cause of the comic packs, I am not aware of the collectors previous pains because of hasbro.
  6. why would they have two shipwrecks and two hiss drivers. Kind of stupid? I like all the other choices though.... quick question for you guys, is that torpedo and wetsuit in the playing cards?
  7. yep, these exceeded my expectations as well..... if they can do 25 more figures for 2008 there will be a lot of happy people. and if its these 25 I am sure a lot of people will be excited for them. Rock and roll Torpedo doc snow job hawk mutt and junkyard wildbill jinx covergirl ace airborne spirit ripcord shockwave B.a.t. copperhead major bludd crimson guard viper copperhead xamot tomax ripper torch zarana
  8. What do people think of the wave 2 and wave 3 pictures?
  9. I could see how people could be pissed that these figures don't match their old collections. I also agree that the durability and posing ability seems to be lacking. I do like the lack of orings though. It will be interesting to see if hasbro will correct some of the problems mentioned on the board. I can't blame hasbro for trying to update the look of joes in order to mimick other popular lines though, as viper hunter aluded to. maybe joes aren't good enough anymore, and hasbro had to take one last kick at the can to see if they could create excitement again. The nostalgia, packaging, version 1's of all the best characters are creating this as many people mentioned. I also, think the figures to me look the most realistic of any thus far. I was drawn to the comic packs for all the above factors but, to me these kill them. I might have to sell all mine.
  10. why do they even waste their time here? This line will bomb....
  11. I THINK THE NEW ONES LOOK WAY BETTER, THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND ALL. IF YOU LIKE THE OLD ONES CAUSE OF NOSTALGIA THAT IS FINE, BUT I CAN'T HONESTLY SEE HOW YOU COULD SAY THEY ARE BETTER, BY LOOKS ALONE. No, the older ones had some stinkers as well. They had a lot more years to make them in to, but over all those years, they had some great toys put out. I've tried to explain myself, as to why I wouldn't have any nostalgic notions to favor the old over the new, but it doesn't seem to matter. Nostalgia seems to be the handy excusr toss around for liking either the old ones, or the new ones? @lol@ This new design is not the perfect design imo. It has a lot of flaws and annoying features about it, articulation limits being the major one, and aesthetic problems another. If Hasbro had used the design features they were using during the VvV line, and created this anniversary inspired REDO of the ARAH characters like this, I think everyone would have been just as excited and buzzing about them, as they are now. It's my feeling, that it's the retro look that's doing this and not the actual style, look or design of the figures. Flint is Flint, and he is at his bEST when he looks like he did in his version one appearance, so it isn't the new Flint that sucks, becuase he looks pretty much just like that! It's the design of the figure that isn't as good as the older ones were. That's my opinion anyway. They're durable enough to stay fresh in the box, and durable enough to stay posed on a shelf on display, but that's really all these were made for and intended to do. They wouldn't hold up to the rigors of play and the test of time, like most the older ones did. Interesting points. I do agree with you and I am one of these people that are excited about hasbro picking the best versions of the iconic characters and making them. I also like the no 0-rings though, and the better proportion that some of the characters have as well as the moveable chest. I like the new ones better but can see your point about the fact that there might be a better way to make them. That is a shame that these figures aren't durable as the old ones, because playing is what it should be about. I would be pissed if they all broke while I played with them. Though I have a lot of the comic pack figures and at least one of the orings broke and when I had ARAH vintage the crotches would break and that would bother me. Would you agree that this would be hasbros best effort since ARAH 82-86?
  12. I don't know if there's is any way to get around that? If we like the "old Joes" better than the "new Joes", then the answer is we like one "BETTER" than the other. The reasons WHY are what falls into the area of "debate". I AGREE WITH THIS I don't see any "stronger" a representation of these newer figures to the card art, than the older ones were? I don't think the new Duke, Flint, Scarlett, Gung Ho and the rest LOOK any more like the card art than the older ones did, in fact, I think they look worse in some cases and future figure coming out won't match the original figures at all. No character in their expressions and faces, more mannequin than toy. More generically bland than individually characterized with personailty and emotion. I THINK THE NEW ONES LOOK WAY BETTER, THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND ALL. IF YOU LIKE THE OLD ONES CAUSE OF NOSTALGIA THAT IS FINE, BUT I CAN'T HONESTLY SEE HOW YOU COULD SAY THEY ARE BETTER, BY LOOKS ALONE. Some of us still love the old toys (they're ALL ARAH btw) because they're really GREAT toys. Action figures that are HONESTLY made for REAL kids, to be PLAYED with, will always beat out an action figure made for geeky adults to be collected and displayed. Hasbro really put a lot of detail and information into those old Joes back in the 80's, and gave them two tons of fun to be had with not only the toys themselves, but the adventure behind the story of each character, their individual expertise, and the vehicles and weaponry they had at their disposal, all created in the interest of PLAY. Now it's just for appearance sake, nostalgia, trying to satisfy one geeks mental IDEAL interpretation of a character over another geeks, and an attempt to add more articulation features to them, to call them "better" action figure" when half of them aren't all that necessary or sometimes hurt the aesthetics of the figure overall. The old ones were "better" toys imo...the new ones LOOK really good, but are cheap and not able to sit in a vehicle if somebody actually wanted to play with them, not as well as the older better ones at least, so that's where the "better than" debate rears it's ugly head in the discussion. Can't be avoided. IF THE PLASTIC IS CHEAP CAUSING THEM TO BREAK AND NOT BEING ABLE TO SIT N VEHICLES AND BE PLAYED WITH THAN THAT IS TOTALLY VALID. I WOULD BE PISSED IF THESE TURNED OUT NOT TO BE VERY DURABLE.
  13. I have a few questions, Maybe you guys can help me... First off, love the new figures...these are going to do really well. So we saw serpentor lady jaye buzzer beachhead firefly zartan red ninja stalker shipwreck cobra soldier What are the next figures? the cobra 5 pack, when does that come out? what's the deal with the comic two packs? The customs that were made of zarana and raptor, will those be released? How many figures will be released every year?
  14. whaaaaat? Female troopers with PONY TAILS??? @loll@ Hey, I see another piece of the puzzle is up... neat/gijoe/...RAHpreview.cfm yeah baaaaby! VH does good box art. -Kevin LMAO!!!! Thanks for the laugh, I needed that
  15. He kept mentioning the comics, maybe they will go to hama for consultation. Who knows, but this should be pretty good.
  16. totally, joe ryhno. You debaters are both intelligent individuals, let's leave it at that and get back to the topic at hand. We know that there are 35 new figures for the 25th anniversary, let's talk about that
  17. the more i see, the more i like.... storm shadow is awesome.....
  18. I agree with viper hunter, new figures first. It can be argued that v2 se, ss and CC are iconic but, how many other version 2's have had the same effect in the industry. Probably not many. I am stoked for firefly and major bludd...
  19. WoW!! That storm shadow is amazing. I like in yojoe how they put the new ones beside version 1. This line will be a smash hit I predict....
  20. for the guys that are poor, save it for the 25th you will be happy you did. The old figures will pale in comparison. Those troopers and officers are nice, for the army builders, and the pictures I have seen on yo joe, and general joes confirms that I think we will all be happy with the offering. If you need vehicles, it makes sense to pick some up though.
  21. I don't really understand how anyone could think that any version 1 looks better than these? I can understand any of the other technical complaints, but straight on looks....
  22. Quick question for you guys: A lot of people are complaining about knee joints, re-using molds and other technical stuff which is fine, but as someone who is less interested in o-rings and more interested in the look's..... My question is: How do these figures compare to valor vs venom joe vs cobra etc? I look at these figures and I see a pretty accurate and in some cases improvement on the classic RAH v1 figures. For example, I think that the cobra trooper and snake eyes not only look amazing and really capture the v1 essence but also, you put them beside other versions and they kill the other versions (in my opinion). I have also seen someone put a bunch of gung ho's together and I look at all the other gung ho's and they look terrible. They look like a bad character from a biker gang, while this one, looks like an awesome update of his iconic figure. Anyways, my point is, if you forget about everything and just go by the look of the figures, how do you guys think these compare to all the other joe offerings? I am interested in hearing some of your guys thoughts on this issue....
  23. I think you guys are right on about the mint MOC carded vintage toys being valuable regardless. I am interested in what pesatyl stated. Let's say for arguement sake that these are the best joe toys ever!!! That said, do you think the vintage loose toy buyers that always wanted a version one snake eyes, firefly, stormshadow etc. will even care to buy vintage. I for one, based onthe pictures don't even care about the vintage if these are as good as they look. I have all the comic packs and I would even sell those because the construction on these look a lot better (in my opinion). To me it's kind of like buying a classic car vs a new car. Let's say ferrari for example. Some classic ferrari's hold their value and still look good, but others look dated in comparisson to a good new offering. I guess I am wondering if these are the figures that will finally make collectors say, yeah the vintage look dated, and I am going to buy these ones now. What do you guys think?
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