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  1. We all know hot attics can warp/discolor toys, but what about cold attics? I just moved into a house with an attic, which is where my collection is stored right now. It doesn't get down to freezing or anything up there, but at times you can kind of see your breath. Once spring hits I was going to move stuff to my basement while I set up my toy room, but should I start moving them now? They've only been up there a few months so far
  2. Might be a dumb question, but do you have to be a Subscriber to get Elasti-Girl? I needs some Rita to finish off my Doom Patrol, but i'm not subscribing haha
  3. haha I'm a little late on this one, but I went! Had a great time too
  4. I really like this line. im not gonna be buying nearly all of them, since theres alot of redos (superman, batman, plastic man) but theres alot im very interested in (creeper! aquaman, maybe blue devil) so ill pick and choose. but over all this looks like it could be a very good line, and a way to get alot of obscure characters out there
  5. Oh, I forgot to do my 3 best and worst Best DC: Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Watchmen Best Marvel: X2, Iron Man, Punisher '04 Worst DC: catwoman, Batman & Robin, Steel Worst Marvel: Hulk, Spidey 2 & 3. Maaaaaybe the first F4. thats interchangeable with either Spidey sequel
  6. I felt compelled to respond to this since I realized the other day I've seen just about every movie from both companies (except blade trinity, but I'll be watching that in the next few days) Marvel The Punisher (1989) good 80's action movie. too generic for the punisher (especially the lack of skull) Blade (1998) surprisingly good movie, especially for arguably the first of the comic movies of the past decade X-Men (2000) solid start. alot of flaws, but still an enjoyable movie Blade II (2002) havent seen it for a while. i remember it being a solid followup tho Spider-Man (2002) hated it the first time i saw it, love it more everytime i watch it. currently one of my favorites Daredevil (2003) decent movie, too many little (important) things were changed from the comic. i still have to see the directors cut X2: X-Men United (2003) excellent. really not alot you can say, they did just about everything right Hulk (2003) terrible. one of the most boring movies ive ever seen The Punisher (2004) good movie, stuff cahnged from the comics, but still an enjoyable movie Spider-Man 2 (2004) terrible. i hate this movie the more i watch it, and i hate it even more when people say its the best superhero movie ever (which was the consensus up until about a year ago) Blade: Trinity (2004) havent seen it yet, I'll be watching it in a few days Elektra (2005) eh. boring. really no point to it. but i love elektra, and jennifer garner haha. so it gets some points there Fantastic Four (2005) way too campy, Thing and Torch are the only 2 good casting choices. felt like a tv movie overall. X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) seemed rushed. angel should have become an official xman. beast was cool. i didnt like professor x dying and coming back as some soulless middle aged guy or whatever Ghost Rider (2007) the directors cut is actually kind of boring. but overall its a decent movie. Ghostrider comics arent Shakespear, so they did a good enough job. Spider-Man 3 (2007) slightly worse than Spidey 2. mainly because of the Emo/Dance scenes. and you could time Venoms onscreen appearance with a stop watch. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Silver surfer was good, everything else really wasn't. especially the power trading. Iron Man (2008) Really did everything right. perfect casting, good enough origin story, followed the comics almost perfectly. almost no complaints with it The Incredible Hulk (2008) much better than the first, and a pretty good/fun movie on its own. loved the references to the original show Punisher: War Zone (2008) weird. kinda cartoony, but super violent at the same time. I love the punisher, so I liked it, but I just thought it was weird. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) I'll be seeing this one in the next few days as well. DC Comics Batman (1966) good continuation of the show. since thats not on dvd, the movies nice to have around Superman (1978)sure its dated, but its still a great movie. all the characters are there and done right Superman II (1980) the love story could go, but Zod and the gang more than made up for that Swamp Thing (1982) good corny movie Superman III (1983) eh, pretty boring. shouldve been Braniac Supergirl (1984) watched part of it a looong time ago. not terrific. my dad only has the 2+ hour directors cut, so I'm still trying to talk myself into watching it Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) i saw it when i was little and didnt like it. I might be able to appreciate it more now The Return of Swamp Thing (1989) not great. the opening credits are the best part, so tahts not saying much for the movie Batman (1989) great movie. joker dying wasnt ideal, but all in all very good. Batman Returns (1992) I might like it better than the first one. possibly my favorite of the original 4 movies. not a huge penguin fan, but I liked this version of him Batman Forever (1995) robin was too old, but I liked him. jim carrey was ok as riddler, tommy lee jones wasnt. val kilmer was bland. overall the movies like half good Steel (1997) saw this about 10 years ago. I just remember it sucking Batman & Robin (1997) george clooney was a good bruce wayne, and bane looked cool. those are about the only 2 good things in the whole movie Catwoman (2004) terrible. boring, cliche, completly different from the source material Constantine (2005) good reimagining. I still think Keanu would have been a perfect Sandman. I'm looking forward to the sequel. oh! the V-Dub guy as Satan was perfect Batman Begins (2005) Another almost perfect movie. liam neeson was a very good Ra's. and I liked that the movie didnt rely on big name villains Superman Returns (2006) a basic remake of the first movie. nothin really new. the movies good up until he flies away from saving the plan. after that you can basically quit watching. oh yeah, Superson was terrible. So he erases Lois' memory in the second movie, then leaves Earth for 5(?) years, so Superman's a date rapist and a dead beat dad I guess. V for Vendetta (2006) One of my favorite comic movies. actually better than the book. the changes actually helped it. The Dark Knight (2008) very good, but the editing was weird. it seemed like alot of scenes were cut out. kinda of blown out of proportion as 'teh best movie evarrr!!!111', but for making a 'realistic' superhero movie, it works. The Spirit (2008) weird, quirky, but oddly enjoyable. Sammy L basically makes the movie worth seeing. especially the Nazi scene. Watchmen (2009) Absolutly loved it, but dissapointed at the same time. It might have been too accurate. there were almost no surprises while watching it. coulda gone without Dr. M's blue.... regions, but still a great movie. it'll definitly be helped by the directors cut
  7. I picked it up on the release day, and i love it. I've been a huge metallica fan since about 2000 when i was in 9th-ish grade, and i was fairly disapointed by st anger, but death magnetics definitly very good. as a side note, all metallica guitar hero = woot woooot! haha
  8. honestly, i havent seen a single DCUC figure past wave 1, so my votes obviously for DCD, which i have no trouble getting someone earlier mentioned the price difference that DCUC's are 10, while DCD is 15. at any comic/toy show, dcd figures can be had for 10-12 for brand new ones, plus theres normally no tax. while at target dcuc is 11, and walmart has em for 12-something, plus tax, so to me, the price is the exact same. but dcuc figures usually look awesome as a prototype, but kinda cheap looking as the actual figure, especially the different greens on Hal's costume. surprisingly, ive gotten into the infinite heroes. i have Guy so far, and im looking for the flash 3 pack. from there im basically gonna collect anything JLA related, and some secondary characters i like. plus they take up less room While dcd does have its problems, theyve also made some excellent figures, like kilowog, booster gold, and a cyborg superman thats worlds better than the mattel one
  9. dude, im on that snake-eyes like a rash
  10. as much as i love robin, he wouldn't fit in the current batman movies But! the guy from Heroes, Milo Ventitmsmsisditgla is super anxious to play Nightwing, and I think that could work. He'd have to be more of a partner than a sidekick, and they'd obviously have to mess with the origin since theyre skipping past like 15 years of Robin-ness, but I'm sure they could figure out a cool way to do it, just like they did with the Joker's new 'origin'
  11. that beach head is givin me hope that they'll re-release some more RAH molds into dollar stores, since that's what im concentrating on now and at 2 or 3 bucks a pop, you can't beat it haha
  12. haha the title of this post scared me! luckily i have 5 of the 6 comic pack stickers i need, im just waiting for the next set of comic packs to come out unleeesssss someone wants to send me an extra sticker of course
  13. I was about to order from cornerstore, but it says 'now shipping E cases'. what does taht mean? I want the case with the original firestorm and aquaman, is that still the same case or not?
  14. wow, i didnt know there was a variant to the WM. i got the black bellied on off ebay for 10 bucks shipped, so im happy, plus tahts the one i wanted. surprisingly, i have seen 1 of the war machines at wal-mart, and ive been to 3 or 4 in the past 2 weeks. other than WM, i have the regular old painted iron man, and i love both figures. once i see a mark 1 at a walmart, ill pick him up too
  15. has anyone found any new figures? what wave are we even on? i last got the wave with the CG, then i saw 1 lone rock and roll, but didnt pick him up is there anything out past that? im caught up on the comic packs but yeah, the prices suck now. star wars figures were already too expensive, and now these are more? i pretty much quit SW, and it looks like im quiting joe, besides the comic packs. ill probly grab the BAT, Viper, and there were like 1 or 2 others i wanted, but not for 7 bucks each. especially like someone mentioned, 2 years ago the 2 packs were 7-8 bucks
  16. Glad to see I'm not the only one that hasn't found wave 2 yet Right now I'm in school, so I have the option of visiting an addition 3 targets and 2 TRU's, so if I don't find em in the next 2 weeks, I'll probly order them from cornterstore. Oooor, maybe TRU.com once they put em up, since I have a $25 gift card @firedevil@
  17. hahahaha wow, i clicked to respond about how much i hate it, and its actually on this page right now
  18. Brebro, where'd you get those led's at? are they like tap lights or what?
  19. in the newest toyfare, theres an ad for the indy galatic heroes-type guys, and on the wall behind him is some hieroglyphics, and somewhat hidden it says '050208', soooo take that as you will
  20. Toasted cheese: 2 slices of cheese 2 slices of bread a few spritz's (is that a word?) of veggie oil toaster oven @firedevil@ haha it works best if you toast the bread and cheese open faced style, then slap it together after the cheese is melted
  21. found Green Ranger and Zedd at walmart last night! these guys are in totally different packaging that the jungle fury ones, so you really dont have to spend any time riffling thru the pegs Whens white and gold come out?
  22. 10 bucks says this is a Shadow Crimson Guard pack, just like how they did the Nightwatch one. Toyfare already had the black CG in the magazine a few weeks ago I actually think a nod to that one convention exclusive would be cool, and have a crimson baroness, twins, and 2 pre-paints of the viper
  23. i wonder if theyll make gi joe underwear now.... cuz i need some to replace the pair i just $h!t in!
  24. dude, totally cici's haha. and the price increase was gradual, like it went from 3.99 to 4.49, then about 6 months later it was 4.99. but they always have buy one get one free coupons, and still, 5 bucks plus a dollar somethin for a drink aint bad for a pizza buffet. i mean a big mac, fries and a drink are like 6 or 7 bucks now. i also go for the previously mentioned texas roadhouse too Oh, and theres some pretty good Chinese places around me. i just started acquiring a taste for that
  25. yeah, before the seller had the option of keeping it fully private, now all of them have the A***2 display names. Apparently other bidders were taking the person's ebay name, hoping it was also their email, and trying out like hotmail, aol, yahoo, stuff like that, and emailing/harassing them, so now eBay has your name listed in the little 'censored' thing.
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