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  1. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!! Putting aside the whole gay topic which I won't delve into, the Ultimate universe TOTALLY screwed up Cable, making him Wolverine from the future. I will NEVER forgive them for that. The Ultimate universe is dead as far as I'm concerned. When Hasbro has exhausted EACH AND EVERY possible character in the mainstream Marvel Universe they can do Ultimate if anybody cares by then. I'd rather see non-poseable figureines of Jarvis, Rick Jones, or Henry Peter Gyrich before I see anymore Ultimate characters.
  2. Wow, I get to bag on the Storm groupie. How Delicious. I'm sitting here reading this post and I'm seeing the usual blasts taken at Hasbro. They didn't make [insert obscure fanboy character here]. They don't do paint washes. I don't like BAFs. Hasbro won't deliver to my house forcing me to actually go to a store and look for them. etc, etc, etc. ad nauseam. Then I get the gem, provided so graciously by the "I dyed my hair white so I could be more like Storm, tee-hee" Storm groupie. "Hasbro won't sell in Europe." Yer kidding, right? It's an AMERICAN company, baby. Based on an AMERICAN comic book. Get over yourself. If it's that important to you, move to AMERICA. Legally, of course. Maybe I'm just feeling negative cause I spent my morning listening to talk radio in which the sound byte of the day is Barack Obama's minister/spiritual advisor spouting anti-white, anti-AMERICAN rhetoric, saying that AMERICA had 9/11 coming and that we deserved it, talking about how the rest of the world hates AMERICA and that if we want to repair our world image we need to lay down and roll over for all the other countries in the world and do what they want us to do and I'm just tired of it. If the rest of the world hates AMERICA so much they why do they always want what we have? Why are so many people chomping at the bit to EMIGRATE to AMERICA? You want to talk about Hasbro's products? Fine. You want to talk about how sensitive they are to adult collectors vs. the kiddies that they cater to? Fine. But DON'T sit there and whine about an AMERICAN company not distributing to you in "jolly ole" England when you have so many other means of getting what you want and are just too lazy or too indignant to use them (i.e. INTERNET). End of Line
  3. I would want a 90's Cable with tons of gear and shoulder pads, X-Men Cable in his Revolutions costume with his Psimitar, and either a techno-Cable in his circa Civil War techno-suit or Modern Cable with Captain America shield shoulder pad. If this works for the Storm groupie then hey, why not me? End of line.
  4. JediRL

    X-MEN 4

    X4 should see the X-Men dealing with Sinister and his Marauders and the coming of Apocalypse. They could say Cyclops was taken by Sinister and his crew which was why there was no body. We should not see Jean but Famke Janneson should return as Madelyne Pryor. The Marauders need to wipe out the whole "mutant town hall" we saw in X3 Mutant Massacre style. Gambit needs to be a Marauder but change sides somewhere in the middle. Angel should become Archangel with the metal wings. And finally, Cable needs to be in it travelling back in time to stop Apocalypse. Kurt Russell needs to be Cable Danny Trejo would make an awesome Scalphunter Stuart Townsend should be Sinister Arnold Vosloo shoud be Apocalypse. And if Halle Berry starts whining about Storm not having a bigger part, tell her it's not all about her and re-cast her. End of Line.
  5. Hate to say it but this isn't exactly news. If anyone noticed, Kitty was conspiciously absent all during Messiah Complex as well. I wouldn't worry though. I read an interview on Newsarama with Warren Ellis who is taking over after Joss Whedon and will he said that the line up isn't finalized yet, there was a pic of Astonishing X-Men by Simon Bianchi who is penciling for Ellis and Kitty is there along with what looks like X-23. So I expect Kitty's absence to be short lived.
  6. Considering how many outfits he's had over the years and all his different guns, knives, psimitars and accessories, and the fact that he's really bad-ass and all, I really don't think we could have too many Cables. Or at least I can say with confidence that I would buy everyone they came out with...
  7. Yep. She is, so is Polaris. Doesn't anybody read X-Men anymore? Yes, I do and frankly that's the problem. I think it's obvious that Marvel Legend's target demographic is adult collectors. The kiddies have their movie lines like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four etc and frankly it's suited to them. I think it's also safe to say that of the adult collectors that aren't scalping on ebay, most of us are comic readers or at least comic fans. There are some characters that are popular enough that Hasbro can feel confident that they can release multiple (i.e. dated) figures and they will sell. Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Hulk all fit this category. Some figures, however, are probably only going to be made once, and what costume they are wearing can go a long way towards making that character appealing. For example: Bucky: Can I get a show of hands of anyone who wanted a WWII Bucky as opposed to a Winter Soldier? Luke Cage: This throwback to the 70's made most people laugh or vomit, take your pick. Most I've talked to would've preferred the cooler badder Luke Cage in the comics currently. Sadly because the 1st Luke Cage was such a joke in sales, I doubt Hasbro will waste their time. Ultron: Did anyone like the ML11 Ultron? Especially when there is a cooler, meaner version rocking the pages of Anniliation: Conquest right now? Havok: Here again most collectors wanted Havok in one of his more recent costumes (like that unreleased prototype we've all seen pictures of). Instead we got the suck 70's costume I just think that collectors will be happier and Hasbro will make a lot more money if Hasbro paid more attention to what is going on in current comics and used that to benchmark character popularity and what would make a MARKETABLE figure.
  8. So I think it's kinda obvious to everybody that the Storm groupie doesn't read the comics and possibly never has. It's also likely that their only familiarity with X-Men was that crappy animated show from the 90's probably still being syndicated on the BBC. This list is a joke and I'll tell you why: FA Storm No: Possibly Storm's worst costume ever. Not to mention she isn't even an X-Man anymore. She's married to the Black Panther and has been kicking around with him in his book as well as the Fantastic Four. The Storm from ML7 and the X-Men classic Storm are good enough (not to mention the ML7 mohawk variant) Lilandra No: She has so little to do with X-Men these days she should be considered in a cosmic wave or just worked into the general asst Silver Samurai No: Same situation with Lilandra. Hasn't been in the books in the longest time. Should be worked into regular asst or maybe into the Wolverine wave we all know is coming out next year Jim Lee Jean Grey No: She's dead, Jim. She's been dead and that costume is really bad. Forge No: Hasn't been an X-Man in well over a decade. He just tinkers around in his workshop in Dallas. That's all he does. Really. Prof X with hover chair No: Uhh, he walks now (at least before getting his brains blown out by Bishop). Besides the ML Prof X warmed the pegs like Butter. Morph Hell No: Never has nor ever will be an X-Man. You wanna do one for an Exiles wave, fine. But don't waste Hasbro's plastic on a figure that only exists in the cartoon. Sheesh Trask or Striker? WTH?!: What'll they come with? Anti-mutant picket signs? I seriously hope you're kidding. Now if you actually READ X-Men and stay current with the storylines you would suggest: Warpath: X-Men or new X-Force costume with his two knives Multiple Man: has trenchcoat and make a variant with "M" tattoo on face Rockslide: With removable hands Polaris: Just to inform the ignorant, Polaris has been around since the 70's, dates Havok off and on, has magnetic powers, and is Magneto's daughter. Water powers my right buttock. Vulcan: in the Emperor Vulcan armor See? and I'm a HUGE Cable fan and I didn't even include a modern Cable that I'd really like to have.
  9. The 2 pack Cable has some good things and bad. The only good being his hands which hold his two pistols rather well. The fact that Cable is missing his right eyebrow just bothers me. My Cable also has a REALLY loose neck joint so he's constantly looking down. I lucked into a 2nd 2-pack for 5 bones at Wal-Mart and that one was really loose in the mid torso so he suffers from MS (probably carrying all that techno-organics all the time. I do prefer the ML6 Cable for overall looks; I just don't like the fact that he can't really hold any weapons. Although... I've found that he can hold the gun from the X-Men stealth Cyclops rather well and the gun from the 1st G.I.Joe Sigma Six Hi-Tech (with some rubber band support) looks pretty good. I also found a spear weapon from a TMNT character that he holds reasonably well that can pass for a psimitar.
  10. I'm for Obama because he believes in hope and the future and he wants change. And if we don't hope for change, than we have no future. And if we don't change the future, than we have no hope. Seriously, people that's his platform. Obama doesn't have supporters, he has followers. He's running purely on charisma and absolutely no substance. His voting record (all 2 years of it) lines up perfectly with Mrs. Bill Clinton, which is to say the FAR left of either aisle. He's going to end the war because he's going to "talk" to all these radical muslim extremists and get them to all be friends and work together. At least with John McCain, it may suck, the border might be flooded but that's no different than now, my taxes might still get raised, but at least I won't have to worry about being killed by some crazy islamic radical. The economy is in a slump regardless. Hey, I know what we can do to help all the unemployed out there: draft them. They'll get a regular paycheck and three meals a day.
  11. que? Morph? Villian? Was that Age of Apocalypse Morph or Exiles Morph? If we're talkin X-Men Animated Series Morph I think perhaps someone needs to go sit at the kiddie table. The fact that everybody loves the animated Morph continues to astound me. Does nobody realize that he was created on that show simply to be killed off? Fox was sending a message to all the fans saying "don't worry, we're not gonna pull any punches on this show!" Then all the kiddies cried and all the Tipper Gore wannabe mommies wrote angry letters and lo and behold: Morph is back. I mean c'mon! The writers of that show didn't even have the stones to kill Dark Phoenix and stay true to the comics. If you wanna do Exiles Morph than I'm all for it. Otherwise don't waste my time. As for real villians: Stryfe Exodus Random Pandemic Scalphunter Harpoon Riptide Lady Mastermind Omega Sentinel/Malice Nimrod Black Tom Cassidy for starters anyway
  12. A lot of people make the mistake about Cykes optic blast. What he fires is concussive energy. It doesn't burn or melt, but it can knock something back or punch a hole through something. That said, I agree that it should've had no effect on Bishop other than charging him up. On a side note does anybody know if Cable has any powers as of and post Messiah Complex? When he was "killed off" in X-Men #200 and Cable and Deadpool #42 he had lost his telepathy and his telekinesis was fading. In Messiah Complex he didn't use any powers at all nor did he seem to have his techno-substitutes that he had been using since House of M. I had hoped that he would go back to the power level he was back during the early part of his first solo series. The telekinesis was there but he wasn't gonna be taking on the Silver Surfer anytime soon with it. Maybe he could go back to using his psimitar along with the guns. I guess we'll see come March...
  13. I'd keep ML6 Cable (non-variant). He was my first Marvel Legend and he is by far my favorite Marvel character.
  14. Maybe you should live somewhere where the only store in town is a Wal-Mart. Just a suggestion. And while we're at it why is the fact that your local Piggly Wiggly or whatever isn't capable of order fresh product Hasbro's fault. Hasbro as a company has probably the best distribution in the world. They say to (insert your local small town store here) "Hey, we've got these toys, we think you'll sell them. How many do you want?" And local small town "I manage a Piggly Wiggly cause they'd hire me with a GED" says in his best Pete the Puma impression "Ohhhhh.....3 or 4?" Right after high school, I'm sorry to say I was that guy (except in a Dallas Metro Target) and I made sure that my store stayed fresh with everything. I went so far as to change inventory on product just so a new order would be placed only to change it back after they arrived. So instead of ripping Hasbro for making a product and offering it to as many retailers as possible, go cry to your local Pete the Puma for not meeting the needs and wants of his local consumers...... ......And the soapbox is now free.....
  15. I think the best way to sell a wave of Marvel Legends is to look at the books right now and choose popular new characters from Marvel's books and have a even mix. For Example: Ares (Mighty Avengers) w/sword and axe and removable helmet Winter Soldier (Captain America) with pistol and rifle Warpath (Uncanny X-Men) with twin vibranium knives Radioactive Man (Thunderbolts) with removable helmet and backpack Ronin (New Avengers) with sword and interchangable Maya Lopez head Ronin Variant with sword and interchangable Clint Barton head Multiple Man with removable trenchcoat Multiple Man Variant with removable trenchcoat and "M" tattoo on face BAF Drax the Destroyer from Annilihation Personally, I would love an all X-Men wave like they did with Fantastic 4 but considering that only Wal-Mart seemed to get them and they are already clearance, I guessing that Hasbro will be hesitant to do something like that again. My only other wish/request is that Hasbro refrain from putting any more Ultimate or Movie based characters in their Marvel Legends assortments. If there really is a demand for those give them their own lines. I grind my teeth just knowing I have to buy them in order to get all my BAF parts.
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