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  1. No, no, no. Wave 1 was a retread line for the holidays. Bizarro absolutely has the hip articulation where he can move his legs out and in. It is NOT a T-crotch. Also, I"m pretty sure the rest you mentioned also have good hip artic. not TCrotches. Mattel is committed to having 25+ poa in this line so they are not cheaping out on us. Mr. Freeze also has added articulation. Just wait and see, I think Mattel will happily surprise us.
  2. They are cool toys and just a start. Wave1 is not a true measuring stick, but Wave2 and beyond look AWESOME. Those are DCSueprheroes figs. I think they have sweet sculpts and enough articulation, although double knees would rule! They can stand on their own i feel and do fit in with Legends anyway. I really hate DCDirect now too. Why can't they ever put this kind of articulation on their figures? I hope Mattel can do the whole JLA in 2007.
  3. These look great, cannot wait for them to hit stores. Mattel is apparently trying hard to expand the line so look at this as a beginning. we should have some questions answered pretty soon. I think these all look better than DCDirect.
  4. I'm just a fan like any other here, but I'm pretty confident Wave2 will be out well before Easter. I cannot wait that long!! But online retailers have listed March as the release date and Boywodner more recently said they'd be out sometime in March.
  5. The plastic surprised me a little too. Not a big problem, but it is softer than the original releases. Still pretty cool. I hope the Superman Wave has the harder plastic and I'm curious what kind of cape he has. I really like the new Batman's cape a lot.
  6. Yep, I feel the same. I'm a little let down b/c I got these figures last April, but I customized Batman's emblem and belt and just feel that they look cool. The sculpts are great and the articulation is onl gonna get better. Much better!!! My only gripe is that we haven't heard if Mattel can negotiate to get Flash and other big DCU characters in this line soon. Then we would have a line to end all lines.
  7. ditko

    Mattel 6" Batman

    Wave 2 is basically Wave 1, wait til march, we will get the real deal then and it looks sweet and well worth the wait. Considering that, i can be somewhat happy with this wave, although it's nowhere near the quality and excitement we should get come March.
  8. ditko

    Not Happy!!

    This line is relatively underproduced to get it out on time and incidentally why it is repaints, they are all somewhat hard to find here. It will change. And I think it's awesome they are evenly packed. What do you people want? All i heard was lamenting over how Batman crowded the pegs and not enough villains were around. Now it's even and that's not good? Gimme a break and i think packing even figures as well as doing this line and bringing us more articulation (Wave2!) shows Mattel is trying to ake the fans happy, not the reverse.
  9. Cool pics. I am also greatly anticipating Superman. I don't think he is ready yet though. March will be a great month. #US1#
  10. How can someone say these look cheap? These are some of the best sculptors in the biz and these look great. DCD has alaways been hideous to me, but now they are just a joke. Wave 2 is essentially Wave b/c it will have the articulation is all new and I cannot wait for Darksied. Long live this line!
  11. Rip off of Marvel Legends?? It's a logical counterpoint, what were Mattel and DC supposed to do just say, "Oh that's neat Marvel got that to work for them, too bad it wasn't us" I could say Marvel Comics is a ripoff of DCComics and look at the Street Fighter, Buffy, Mortal Kombat figures etc. Toy Biz revolutionized toys and any franchise worthy of figures needs this treatment, paticularly DC, probably more than anything else. I hope Mattel keeps this up. They are competeing with Marvel, that is what they do, and always have done. Like Coke and Pepsi.
  12. Croc has an awesome new paint job, but it's the same sculpt. he is my fave so far....and I don't think this is actually "Series 1" but more of a precursor. I think they sent these out for holiday shopping and the official series 1 is planned for January. Just a hunch because this is not the Batman for this wave and Bane was supposed to have more articulation also. If pre-orders show up with this assortment, most will be sent back i feel.
  13. DCSuperheroes: Of those we know of, by far my number one is Superman. Finally a great looking figure of the original superhero who has the articulation to put the Action in Action Comics The future: Flash most of all by the Four Horseman of course, but really all the JLA (big 7)
  14. It's the BatSignal Batman from last spring, but with more articulation and a new head. I've heard two versions, a blue/grey and black/grey, one with the oval symbol will be in the first assortment. The oval one might be a variant. That's the one I want most and the case ratios are good 3-2-2-1 so a variant of the lead character shouldn't be too difficult to find, but a fun chase for a sweet figure
  15. What does the scale go to? I think 7 or 8 is on the back of the Legends, but I don't save them after a while. I'd start with who is the best respectivey: Doomsday would be most invulnerable probably and dumbest. (Action Comics storyline notwithstanding) Green Lantern should be most powerful by the nature of his weapon. That could fall into energy projection also. Flash is fastest obviously Batman gets best fighting skills and probably smartest? or tied with Martian for that. Supes should be high in all categories. Maybe a notch lower in intelligence than his other. ones. Hope that helps. This is a fun topic, i wonder if Mattel will have something like this in 2006 with the new line. It would be fun comparing
  16. That was irksome. apparently they are unaware that Marvel is completely formulaic with all characters being misbegotten scientists and the villains are all tragic and heroic in their own right. Not to knock Marve;, they are great, but I hate hoe people put them on a pulpit so easily
  17. I would almost bet on Mattel doing one for the Superhero line in the next Supes wave. Even when they get to the rest of the DCU (hopefully) Supes will have some presence. So, you will see on, and yeah, i thought it was a cool outfit.
  18. Anyone recognizing my moniker knows I'm dying for this line. Mattel has fixed what sunk their previous lines and needs a boy's action figure hit. They are doing it right and to the best of my knowledge will buy the master DC license as long as these initial waves sell well, so buy 'em up! I think it will be a hit as long as they keep up what they have planned now and can expanc into the DCU in 2007. Getting the rest of the DCU for 2007 will be the critical factor for this line to sell. IT will be so cool to have a JLA/Avengers battle...
  19. What a surprise! They are blowing, just let Mattel make the DCfigures. I was looking forward to the JLA Classified in 2006, which is a ways away yet, but it might as well be anonther lifetime with DCD. I'd say about 35% of their toys ship on schedule. And a lot of the delayed ones are delayed by months, not a week or two.
  20. ditko


    Good point about ML 13 and Spidey villains showing retailers are 'getting it' Thye can't be stupid forever. Oh, and like it was said before, if you want the rest of the DCU (which all of us really, really, want) you have to support this line. That's the deal. Not to mention it won't be hard supporting a killer line of these figs. They are awesome, it's just waiting for WW, GL, Flash, Deathstroke in that stlye that is painstaking. all good things come to those who wait.....and who buy DCSueprheroes in 2006 @hmmm@
  21. ditko

    Fall Toy Fair

    was there any info from Mattel? For DCSuperheroes I mean. This is the first coverage I've seen of the event
  22. ditko


    Doesn't make sense that retailers would demand anything like that. It seems all Mattel made after a while were those two. I dunno, but like I said this line is following the Legends formula and seems to have the perfect case mix. A variant would be cool sometime too, and I know retailers dig that.
  23. ditko


    again, Mattel is NOT doing multi-colored variants of anyone. Supes and Bats will have a presence, but only in comic authentic versions ie Knightfall Bats, Blue supes etc.....They are following the Legends formula and have learned from previous mistakes. This was all said since SDCC and has not changed. Multiple Green Lanterns would be SWEET
  24. ditko


    I think it will work too and will for a while as long as DC gradually 'gives' Mattel GL, Flash and others. Mattel has the right idea and is behind it. And I don't get people w/Supergirl...just paint it blue!!! The sculpts are perfect for me, adding double knees sometime would be cool. I'm happy though. Oh, I've been into this line since it was announced and the FH did confirm that a Darkseid was sculpted, but can't be shown due to licenses. People are thinking that this is cause of the Turner Darkseid slated for June and if this is being ironed out, hope and inquire that other things are being worked out as well. I'm hoping hard for 2Face and Clayface.
  25. ditko


    For those worried about Mattel, they have stated they are not filling waves with multiple Supermen and Batmen and are targeting us collectors as well. Hopefully our input matters. This line looks sweet and is a longtime coming, but i agree we need the rest of the DCU. It was said 2007 will see other DC characters if it sells well, so support the line. Mattel is giving it a shot, so we should as well.
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