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  1. Oh I know they've made promises, but the last I heard was December. Is this a recent development that it's now March? As recent as last week I think they said they were shipping. What a ruse.
  2. I missed it, when did he announce March?? Indeed it was said many times they shipped in December, so you guys hit the nail on the head about them lying. At least now it's beyond speculation. That's terrible. The packaged pics at least look nice and usually that means they will see release. Maybe, just maybe, it'll come to pass. At what point do they have to answer for this? It still seems criminal, but I guess if they make the right excuses they can avoid any real recourse. Caveat emptor is right
  3. I wonder if anyone will buy them. Limited run of the figures we recently saw pictured? I'd buy them, but this exclusive is a slap in the face. I think they said the figures shipped from factory on 1/12 though so if they really are in transit we'll know when? By the first week of the month? Maybe they really are coming. How could they claim product was shipping? They'd be done if they didn't deliver, no excuse will make up for that! Oh well, we'll see, but releasing translucent figures is dumb. Especially when before the actual figure.
  4. That's fair enough to point out the cutthroat nature of the industry or business in general really, but the rube is that any other company using 'underhanded tactics' actually does release something. I totally agree that people will, or at least should buy these based upon coolness, but the internet community has become so disenchanted with them being nothing but lip-service. Should these come out I think people will change their tune. Unfortunately there is no evidence that these will ever see release and people have paid money on pre-orders for something they'll likely never receive. That goes beyond tactics and into criminal behavior. I do think though that many of us will be happy to eat our words should they come through. The line looks like it could be cool.
  5. I'll pick up a couple of these. They look great I think. The more DCUC I buy the more I like adding an odd member from DC Direct to add a little diversity in there and not forgot them. They can make great figures. Wish it wasn't so far away though.
  6. I can't believe the degree of problems people are having. My only real issue was Sinestro exploded at the crotch, but I fixed him. All I can say is if you bought them off ebay they might be from China and were factory rejects; the first releases are usually. I think people that have picked them up stateside have said QC was pretty solid. Just a consideration.
  7. It's not crazy to doubt them obviously, trusting them is crazy. They were due last summer after a lot of reworking and marketing that actually did look to create a better product and Wizard and ToyFare even hyped them. Boy did that come to a halt. Then they'd be out in December, which quickly shifted to be 'shipping from factory' in December and it was Diamond's error there was confusion....... @loll@ Ok, sure. Well, it'd be great to buy these and I hope at least these guys aren't scammers and can get over the hump. I think even Shocker's biggest haters would buy the figures shown above and be willing to give them a chance if they could produce anything. I will say that this is probably the biggest 'scam' they've pulled if that's what it is. Not sure who gets into Shockinis really or their other licenses, but a lot of people were into this line including Wizard, newsarama, ToyFare and other press and fans at cons. They can't get away with this one b/c it'll have burned too many. If this is all bulls%$^ then I think charges should be brought up. Seriously.
  8. Those look really nice. I'd buy 'em in a heartbeat and forgive this long game of delays and deception. Just release them. Hell I don't care if they short run it, Mattel, world's biggest toymaker, only manufactured half of DCUC Wave 2 and is notorious for poor distribution so a limited Series 1 would meet industry standards. Just put your money where your mouth is shocker!! Those look good, get them to us and just watch and see how people start to change their tune about you and possibly opens doors to other licenses you'd like.
  9. Could legal action be pursued? They're boasting now on their site how Maxx and Scud are in Top 20 toys according to some press and pre-orders are hot! Could they possibly think us any dumber? How dare they brag and strut when they haven't delivered a thing? I wish they did push these out, but since I know that won't happen and they seem more and more like scam artists with sophomoric intelligence at best, I want them to answer for what they've done. I was on their side until time revealed them to be what their biggest detractors claimed all along. I'm glad Kirkman and Liefeld told them no though. I just wish someone could produce toys of these characters.
  10. ditko

    DCUC Wave 7

    MOTUC looks cool, but I would've preferred it to continue in the 200x style with more articulation. To me, that was much cooler looking and enough to get me to buy them even though I was not a huge He-Man fan. I might still pick up a figure in this line. And I hope it stays online. The properties that would get me most excited are things that won't get much attention from big box retailers and I'd like to see this format work so possibly more properties could get into our hands.
  11. I think too, that Jesse was able to get the rights to many characters b/c he informed the creators and retailers that Shocker would be unable to put these out. I say informed rather than said b/c after this time he right. December, the third release date has come and gone. And the author of this thread has gone missing. I can't believe they continue to insult us by telling us we're "haters" or "trolls." And they even had press at NYCC last year and preorders on sites. I'd say it's funny if it weren't sad. With the standard heroes at Marvel and DC guaranteed to get toys even if delayed or a wave is cancelled, lesser known indie comics don't have many fighting for them. I wish Image had an Image Direct or something. If the substance isn't always best, the visuals of non-DC and non-Marvel characters are often very striking and toyetic. I wish they could just push out Series 1 and 2 at least.
  12. Unless we get something (yeah right) soon I'm also wishing to see them disappear. This is an insult and embarrassment. These have been delayed how many times? 5? And over 2 years? They look ok enough to buy, but they are a scam it seems. All the things people said about them over this time are looking to be true. I just wish somebody could make action figures of Indy Comics. LCBH was awesome.
  13. My mom bought me Optimus Prime from Hills and stored it away for my birthday. My first Ninja Turtles were from TRU as my aunt used to take me shopping on Saturdays. My first Toy Biz Marvel figures came from Child World. That was a cool place. It looked like a big castle.
  14. A lot! I'd like a new sculpt for Wally West Flash. Some more Lanterns, all the JSA and the MetalMen.
  15. This is sad. Granted, I don't shop there much, but was glad to get Ares there last week. Maybe I can snag a discount on some figures there. The economy is affecting everything now. I hope this ship can turn around
  16. I would love to see Conduit. I'd think The Horseman wuld be into that too!
  17. ditko


    Like many have said before, it's a visionary take on superheroes in a highly realistic interpretation. The gray area exists with the human element and the idea of how heroes of power would really perceive us and perhaps be the most fit to make decisions on what's best for the race and society as a whole..... but it's not nice and idealistic like traditional superhero comics. It's very good and has been recognized outside the comics industry as an outstanding work of fiction. Not much more to say then........... Buy the Book!!! (err....trade)
  18. Is pretending better than being honest?? Who knows. I think they care, just not nearly as much as making money. They're not artists and have a very limited knowledge and appreciation for these characters and style of toys. I miss Toy Biz. Maybe one day we'll get them back. Too bad Shocker is a scam company.
  19. I think Nolan was on vacation and last I heard hadn't discussed a third film. WB hopes for him. This is fan rumor. I think it would be a terrible idea. Depp is too big of a star and Riddler, regardless of Hush, is a weak Bat-villain. They can't try to repeat TDK with weaker characters. Riddler will remind people of The Joker. That's going backwards. The more logical, and suitable story for Nolan's take, would be a Deadshot/Deathstroke/Bane story. The Joker can't be topped, so they should dip into another element of Batman's world. Just my two cents, but I'd be shocked if there was any truth to this. Hoffman as Penguin on the other hand works well. Not as a primary villain, but shady casino owner/mob informant angle would be perfect in these films and Hoffman fits that bill well.
  20. That's what I've been saying, or better, screaming from the rooftops for a while now. Luthor is a great character, but he needs to be the businessman with LexCorp. Aside from it being a deeper, more realistic take, it also provides plenty of stories within LexCorp. I like most of Superman's villains, I just think Doomsday is the toughest of them all and they really need to impress with this movie. I'd love to see 'Reign of the Supermen' on screen, but that would be too difficult.....or would it?
  21. I understand where you guys are coming from, but I guess I figure it's a long wait between waves and I'm really into this line like no other so I can accept spending the cash for an extra sonic arm (crazy as it sounds). If Wave 5/6 shows up by Christmas though, my priority will shift to that though.
  22. As much as I like Bizarro and Zod as villains, I think something different has to happen. Audiences need something they've never seen before to get them excited about a new movie. Bizarro wears a Supes costume and Zod has been done already. I think Doomsday is a no-brainer. Braniac makes sense too. As for Darkseid, I'd love it, but he probably shouldn't show up in the first movie. Why not have Orion on earth and encounter Superman? It'd make sense and there are stories there. Darkseid could be teased, but not make a grand appearance 'til the end and lead into a sequel. As for it being really sci-fi, yeah I guess, but so is Star Wars. Superman is sci-fi. If they stay away from that then they're not making a Superman movie. I don't wanna see him stopping a stupid bank robbery; I want him fighting monsters, robots, armies etc.
  23. It's more like an accessory is a Kaybee exclusive. We wouldn't get it otherwise. I'm probably gonna get both Cyborgs to add to his arm arsenal!
  24. Really excited to see carded pics. I'm so fired up for this wave and the next. I think they all look great, I might even want Batman Beyond. I think some people who weren't sure about this assortment might be won over when they see them. I originally wasn't sure how excited to get, but the more I see the more I want! If you're a toy fan, Ares and Cyborg look to be two of the coolest figures of the year. Very nice.
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