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  1. Look closer this is all new.  Maybe shares some CAD files, but the details are different. Similar to MK Spawn.  If he was gonna make an all new Spawn then why not make it look like the current art?  I guess if you liked MK Spawn but wanted a comic styled variant then here you go!  I will modify the leg bags at least.


    Anyway he looks great and very stoked for 2022 in the Spawnverse!

  2. On 3/17/2021 at 11:22 AM, Mr_Scary92 said:

    Not bad, but I still can't justify that price. McFarlane seemed like a more affordable option but it doesn't look like there's going to be some other figure coming soon.

    What makes you say that??  Listings show we've got Reivers, GeneStealers and Deluxe Orks coming.  I'm stoked, his Space Marine might be my fave figure right now.

  3. That's interesting. I know Shocker Toys was mad, but the fact is that creators went with Toy Biz and they actually got figures. I don't think a lawsuit would hold up to be honest.


    As I said before, part of the problem was that Toy Biz planned on or needed for LCBH to pick up right where Marvel Legends left off and that couldn't happen. I love Image and think they have a strong fololowing, but our culture is very superficial. If it's not a movie or cartoon or on a t-shirt (most of which is stupid) then people overlook it b/c they are dumb. The truth hurts, there are good things out there if you look.


    I really wanted Aphrodite IX, Grendel and Vanguard. Would've loved more Cyberforce and for Diehard and Badrock to finally get made. It'd be cool if they still held the license and did some type of 'creator-choice' exclusive line.

  4. I think a lot of people of bought these, but they were overordered. Sales not meeting projections for dumbass Walmart doesn't mean they sucked. The truth is that oil and The American Dollar were a real problem and Marvel, evildoers that they've become, decided to close it all down. That's the word. The company shut down, LCBH was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


    However I'd love to see a McFarlane Image United line someday soon. More of a direct type line. A few years ago he made figures of shortlived new characters like Disciple, Thamuz, New Spawn etc. Now, we have a real new Spawn, Haunt a new Kirkman character, Al Simmons as a bad guy and Image United as a big story w/ new status quo. If there was ever an Image line deserving to be made, that would be it.


    Shocker is a total joke. I hope they don't get any more licenses. The idea behind the line is great, but they just blow. 1 series in 3 years and lotsa excuses. No signs of Wave 2. Great.

  5. This wave looks awesome, I want them all. DCUC are pulling no punches, I hate the exclusive thing though because like many of you have stated some Walmarts suck and these will be hard to find unless all walmarts devote an endcap to these figures or a pallet drop and I doubt that very seriously. @grumpy@ Good luck on your hunting guys.



    YESSS!!! I agree. Wave 3 was sweet, but waves 10 and 11 are outstanding!! I hlope hunting isn't too frustrating. The stuff they are putting out right now is so good that I'd go the online route to get them fast even though I rarely do that.

  6. I've kinda ignored these posts until it seems like lately the sky is falling with the price increase..... hopefully Mattel rushes out as many new figures and sculpts as possible before it's too late. For me, it'd have to be:


    Dr. Midnite



    Allan Scott

    Wally West


    Guy Gardner

    Kyle Rayner

    Heat Wave

    Metal Men


    I think most of them are a shoe-in, but right now all bets are off.

  7. Then Ditko, you know what you can do if you're sick of reading the arguments?


    Stop clicking on this thread and reading them.


    Yep. That simple.







    Seriously. Stop reading this thread if you hate it so much.


    Fine I'll stop reading. I'm not defending Shocker and I'm not a fan of generalizations b/c there is likely an exception, but I don't see anything constructive in just bitching about a guy and essentially not having anything new to say. I would think at this point people might be positive, but we have resolute negativity and that's a loss. So you carry on with whatever your issue about Shocker and while it's not identical to every other scathing post there is a common denomnator there. I don't even own these, but I don't get how someone can hate a toy maker like he was Hitler or Mengel or someone. I'm not sure why the hell I'm on these boards so much any way.

  8. Yeah this needs to be locked. These bad faith motives to end Shocker just seem childish and pretty lame. We get that haters don't like them, I might not either when I see their toys, so in that case just walk away. Focus on something to like. Feel positive.


    Or, if one really has an issue with these guys, go face-to-face with this guy. If that's not possible, get a lawyer and if that doesn't work then there probably isn't a legitimate claim against them. That's it. There is a high road here, but the incessant hate-spewing here is old and this is the one time Shocker did actually release something. I think everyone can form our own opinions. Get over it haters, the world out there has something fun for you to help forget about the past. Everyomne will be happier. Frankly, I'm kinda sick of reading these arguments from either end.

  9. Awesome! This is very encouraging news. I will buy her. Personally, I want to see more licenses in there like Top Cow, Valiant and Grendel stuff, but this is a good start. A reason to buy figures again. Never guessed Shocker would pull it off. I hope it doesn't take 5 years to get Series 2.

  10. You do realize that lead testing is somewhat pricey? And who cares if they test positive? these aren't marketed or intended for children.


    I'm not going to defend Shocker toys because they have had awful PR and plenty of lies. The fact is, however, that they've got the product out. It is available for sale, looks pretty decent, and I'm interested to hear some reviews from folks who purchase them. I'm even thinking about picking up a set since despite my dislike for the way they have conducted business, they've produced a potentially cool product that I know most toy manufactures would have never released.


    I'm interested in reading true criticism of this product, both positive and negative, rather than folks just playing the hate card over and over. Who knows? Maybe this could be the sign that a small company has finally gotten it stuff together. We certainly need more smaller companies right now with the decline of once great manufacturers like McFarlane and Palisades.


    Totally agree. If these toys are fun and we actually get a much needed small company making comic toys for the fans, does it really matter the guys making them were immature and incompetent in the past? I don't care & I don't need to hang out with the toymakers to enjoy the toys. Let it go. I think enjoying the figures is independent of where they came from barring some extreme circumstances.


    Maybe they are growing. That would be stellar. I'll judge them on the product they put out. I hope they continue to do so and get some interesting licenses.

  11. Well I did say he deserved the grief and stand by that. I just felt they would NEVER see release, and I was wrong there. Honestly, I don't care how much some people begrudge them or what they've done, if I feel like enjoying a Maxx figure, I'll buy one. That simple. Good for the fans is right.


    Now, whether or not they got over the hump and we can seriously consider collecting this line is another issue. But for certain, this is a huge leap forward. And they are our only real chance at getting some obscure comic properties so I hope they can put out.

  12. These are actually out guys! And I'm glad to eat crow, even though Shocker did deserve the grief it got. Their webiste shows the boxes and people have them with reviews. Of course people can say only like 2 sets were made or something, but they did make it. I'd like to get Maxx and will consider the females. I hope the line succeeds as I miss the small toy company and comic lines. We'll see.



    I think so far that only pre-orders are being processed, not sure about when (or if) TRU will get them. Point is, anyone who wanted Maxx or Kabuki can get one and they did come through.

  13. I popped in there recently and it was promising. Everything had been inverntoried and was shipping out......then 2 days later there was a delay. The shipping cartons or something aren't in. There nothing to say about this that hasn't already been said, but figured I'd share. I wish NECA made Top Cow toys or something. I don't know Shocker is even a company.

  14. Ask this question in about five years and when Mattel uses more than 3 or 4 body types.

    DCUC is good. I am actually impressed with the line-up, but man , the semi-so quality and the same bucks are getting real tired. ML started using the same body only a few times over with Toy Biz, and then with HAsbro at least once or twice a wive. But with DCUC, 3 or 4 of each selection has the same body. Reminds me of the MOTU from the 80's . Change it up and give me variety.


    That's how I feel. Granted there are positives I choose to focus on too, but otther than a variant Mantis, I'm not sure any of the Wave 9 figures are new. I love the DCUC figures I have, but no way are they better than Legends. Not yet at least. Remember, Mattel has released nearly twice as many waves as Toy Biz did in its first year. If Mattel does add more body types, then look out! If they make a couple new bodies for Wally Flash or other modern heroes now that the satellite JLA is nearly done I think DCUC could easily go down as the best yet. But there's no evidence this will be the case. I hope they can do it though.


    Marvel Legends had so many amazing figures. Each one could look great alone, but then as a group they looked even cooler with all the different shapes and sizes. A few figures were not winners or out of scale, but that's the price of being innovative and taking chances.


    DC's figures are pretty much bulletproof. Proportions and sculpt are all top notch, but it's too homogenous for me right now. I'm gonna revisit it in another year or two and see what they do.

  15. I feel bad saying negative things b/c they are the little guy and I did want them to suceed, but enough is enough.


    There are many smaller companies out there that we don't have to feel bad about supporting.

    Onell Design


    Atomic Mushroom

    3A Toys

    There are probably a hundred more that I can't remember or don't know about.


    Cool. I'll keep them in mind. Didn't know about them and like seeing the smaller companies trying make a name.

  16. Threads screaming for Shocker's head are being deleted? I like the idea of 'soft deletion' since evidence will still exist if needed that Shocker has a history of burning people. I wish they could be an honest company and just make some toys. Otherwise I guess they will fade away; these threads are really all there is to remind us of them sadly.


    I also don't like how everything I read about them is so juvenile and unprofessional. I'm not sure I understand how they are even a company. grrr. I feel bad saying negative things b/c they are the little guy and I did want them to suceed, but enough is enough.

  17. They really lose credibility using The Chinese New Year as an excuse, especially since it occurs after they claimed the series shipped. And then we're to blame for retailers cancelling?? Oh well. I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt and see what's up in March, but we've been down that road, what now, 5 times already? Still, it's only 4-5 weeks from now. Curious what will happen then...


    I think that when Wizard and ToyFare, 2 well read mags in our genre both promoted this line, Shocker should have went overtime to get these out on time. No excuses. Other toy companies get product out. Why not them? I'm not totally convinced these guys are scammers. I don't who's left to buy what they are selling, literally and figuratively. They just seem incapable of closing the deal and I'm saying that in the nicest possible way. Too bad. Maybe we'll all be in for a surprise next month!

  18. WOW!! So, how come other companies are getting product out now? The Chinese New Year isn't affecting them. At least this is entertaining. Do the creators of these characters follow all the delays and excuses? I'm sure they'll pull out soon and that will be the reason for the next cancellation/postponement.


    Shocker wasn't even on the NYCC list?? These guys don't do bad marketing though. Wizard and Toyfare as well another toy publication were hyping the line. I'm sure people planned on or already ordered and exclusive. If these guys were just honest and competent they would've delivered and had been profitable. They could've been respectable and earned repeat business as well to grow their company.


    I wonder what their overall goal is, b/c it isn't toy business. Must be a front for something or way to earn capital for something else. I mean, people actually knew about IS, they won't forget this. Oh, and they really should get an editor who can spell correctly.

  19. Actually at Toy Fair last year they were saying the figures would be on the shelves in 90 days. Which would have been May. But then they said they meant July. Which would of course be more than 90 days. May & July both came & went without any sign of anything at all, except the crappy SDCC exclusives that were horribly overpriced & woefully inadequate in appearance. Finally around Spetember or October they said the figures would be on the shelves by December, definitely for certain. And then in December they said they were "shipping" to the States in December.


    So yeah, packaged samples don't mean squat.


    @grumpy@ Man. I've only loosely followed this line's history and thought Shocker to be dubious at best, but will now wait and see what their excuse is in March. If they aren't out then I'd like to see someone make these guys answer for their ripoff practices. They picked up 2 new distributors, probably b/c they don't know their track record and are the only ones who will do business now. Why else would Diamond drop them? That's gotta be a red flag.


    At least they've made it to packaging stages. Ugh...I'd laugh if I didn't want these.

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