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  1. I'm a 27 year old adjunct professor of freshman composition/literary analysis/writing/technical writing/business report writing at two major universities (one in FLA another in NY; I teach online). I got my undergrad degree from Emerson College and MFA from FIU. I make 40k a year and I'm also an aspiring novellist (sold some shorter works, now fielding agents on my novel). I've always had steady girlfriends (living with one now) and feel reasonably successful. I also collect JOEs, toys, and guns. You can be successful and have hobbies. In fact, hobbies have often fueled my success.
  2. Any idea what scale these are? There seem to be a variety of scales...
  3. Or is the whole HTS phenomenon over with?
  4. Damn. Those look nice. I'd definitely buy some.
  5. I can't %$%$ing wait for mine to get here. I've some Wave 1, and if Wave 2 is anything like that (or better), I'm going to be pretty pleased.
  6. Tons of Viper Lockdown here in the Gainesville, FL TRU. Nothing else yet.
  7. How do you all think DTC would sell at TRU? Well? $5.99 sounds very expensive for individual figures... but $24.99 for 6-packs sounds okay. Opinions?
  8. I've got too many toys. It's sad but true. I've got boxes and boxes of stuff now. My office, where I spend 80% of my time, is being overwhelmed by action figures and various toys. It's time to make some space, and now that there is a lot of 1:18 scale stuff I like (DTC JOEs, Microman, Army of Darkness figures, even the new Marvel Showdown stuff that is too expensive), I'm thinking about selling off my collection of other stuff (mostly Marvel Legends, random mecha-type toys including Front Mission/Gundam figures, and tons of 1/6 scale stuff). Anyone else do this? Does anyone collect only 1:18? It's my favorite scale, and now I'm thinking about committing to it permenantly.
  9. My shipment arrived today too--- but my Viper Lockdown package was all bent and dented. Luckily the figures aren't damaged (and I was planning on opening/playing with them), but if I'd wanted to display a MOC package, I'd be screwed. Maybe I'll post pictures later on, so y'all can see how mangled the package was.
  10. I just can't take the waiting...! It's not worth the extra six dollars or so that I save. I need my Viper Lockdown now!
  11. Dear Hasbro Santa, Please stop trying to do weird things with GI JOE; stop trying to make them in weird scales or with anime-esque features. Please go back to making 3 3/4" JOEs. Feel free to use your considerable creative powers, particularly those that made the early JOEs great, but also modernize. And I don't mean just cater to passing fancies by sticking an Ipod up the ass of each JOE. I mean make these figures relevant to today, but still true to what JOE is. Don't fail me, Hasbro Santa. - Little Jeffrey
  12. I ordered mine on Feb 16th and they emailed me today, also, to tell me it shipped. Usually I get my stuff exactly 5 days from the day they say it shipped; so I'm thinking, Saturday, maybe?
  13. I think "hard core" would be someone who needs to have pretty much ALL the RAH Joes, including the early nineties crap they put out which killed the line. Then there are the army-builders who have literally hundreds of Vipers, soldiers, and every kind of specialist... I'd say you're a rather moderate collector. That's what the hobby needs, though. Hard-core collectors will buy anything Hasbro puts out, and unfortunately they put out a lot of crap. I'm personally not hardcore. I only buy the figures I want, and there are big gaps in my collection (because I hate certain figures). But I can say this about JOEs and the various collectors --- there are a lot of "sleeper" JOE nuts out there. I've got two good friends who buy JOEs on the down-low because they're embarassed to let anyone know that they still buy toys. They're more hardcore/completist than me, but I know for a fact that they don't go to communities or forums or conventions. They're both really rich too, so they can afford to buy lots of JOE stuff from all over the place. In fact, they're probably that jerk that just sniped some JOE stuff out from under you on Ebay. Also, I teach freshman composition (and other writing/literature classes) at a major university in Florida. And in my years teaching I've seen three freshman comp. essays that were either about collecting JOEs or mentioned collecting them, and I'm pretty sure that those guys weren't forum-hounds, but I might be wrong. I'd post the essays if I weren't worried that it could get me fired. I'm just saying, there are hidden JOE collectors everywhere. They're just not all posting.
  14. Don't worry, you're not missing much.
  15. I usually love this kinda stuff, but it's pretty unfunny.
  16. Yeah, agreed. I've spent over $400 on DTC in the last year or so, and I don't have a huge amount of expendable income to begin with, so I feel firmly that I'm supporting the line. I just want to see them do more. Beyond that, I'm just upset because a lot of what they're apparently planning to make in 2.5 inch (particularly those vehicles) would rock in 3.75". I'd definitely buy the crap out of em'. I have to believe, though, that with the creation of this new 2.5 inch line that Hasbro has some sort of a plan. Maybe I just have to deal with the fact that kids don't like 3 3/4" and that's why we've got DTC --- because collector's /can/ afford to buy up 3 3/4" stuff with very limited production runs and at high(er) prices. But I guess kids don't like em' enuff to save the scale on a brick an' mortar level. If that's not the truth, then what is really going on?
  17. Pretty good ideas here. I would've definitely supported both lines in 3.75" scale.
  18. Me too. If Hasbro needs to kill or hibernate 3 3/4", it's their perogative and I understand that they're a business that needs to make money, etc, etc, etc. But like you, I can't stand Sigma. I even bought two (at a big discount cuz of a friend at TRU) and was thoroughly unimpressed. To each their own, but it's not my style. I won't support Sigma, even if doing so would bring 3 3/4" back in force. But with the new 2.5" line, it's clear to me that Hasbro isn't pushing that hard for 3 3/4" in the first place. Yes, we have DTC (in pretty small numbers), but now we've also got two other scales to deal with? @grumpy@ C'mon.
  19. My best luck has been with junk stores out in the country here in FL. I'm not sure where you're at, but I've been able to find old school JOEs at a few knick-knack stores. Just a few weeks ago I found a whole slew of Star Brigade stuff, still in packages. But I've found better'n that in the past.
  20. ... "VINTAGE?...why I got your "vintage" right here sonny boy ...and it's 12"!!! @smilepunch@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ Star Wars and Marvel Legends BOTH have vastly larger collector bases than GI Joe. Padme and Mon Mothma were both shelfwarmers, and the recent Leia (despite being the best figure in the wave, IMO) isn't flying off the shelves. And with Marvel Legends...when was the last time you SAW a female figure @hmmm@ Personally, I see where Hasbro is coming on the 2.5" line. I remember when I was younger, I played with the 3.75 Star Wars figures as characters, but when they got in their ships, I switched to the Micro Machines as I didn't have any of the large vehicles (especially the Falcon, and at the time lacked the funds to buy the real one) Though given how close the scale is, I too have to question why not simply got 3.75 @hmmm@ I used to do the same thing with Micro Machines... but, they're like 1/144 scale, right? Or something at least close to it. MM is wayyyyyyyyyy smaller than 2.5". If you were a kid, you could use MM's to really concentrate on the vehicles. I'm sure there's a marketing strategy for 2.5", but I don't see it. Maybe they just don't want collectors like me buying em'--- and if that's the strategy, it's gonna work!
  21. ewwwww......thee ol' SPITE killed the 3 3/4" Joes? There's an irrational theory for ya! Yes! Collector unhappiness killed the line. Hasbro had nothing to do with it! Yes...Hasbro TRIED so HARD, to make toys us collectors would like, and we did nothing but nitpick and b*tch and leave'em on the pegs by refusing to buy enough of them, they hate us all now, and won't sell them anymore!!! @grumpy@ @hmmm@ Well, that is...except for their ONLINE store, which was developed specifically FOR the collector fanbase. @loll@ Guess they don't hate us entirely.....YET? No, they don't hate us so much, because they're still trying to feed us the line of bull that we need to "buy Sigma 6 to support 3 3/4"!" I just hate that I'm expected to support a line I don't like, in order to save the one I do? I don't really get that logic. When's the last time you bought one of Stephen King's books because he's at a publishing house that publishes a writer you do like? Or better yet, do you want to buy some KFC so you can keep drinking Pepsi? I mean, they're owned by the same company. Support one in order to support the other. Ugh. Sorry for the tirade. I guess I'm just pissed that we've got a new friggin' scale.
  22. ewwwww......thee ol' SPITE killed the 3 3/4" Joes? There's an irrational theory for ya! Yes! Collector unhappiness killed the line. Hasbro had nothing to do with it!
  23. Yeah, I knew that the majority of people might feel this way. I just can't see using the above figures as more advanced B.A.T.s (even less advanced ones). They don't look menacing. More heroic than anything else.
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