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  1. Marvel needs a Crisis of Infinte Earths event to fix the screwed up crap they've been dishing out lately. I mean serious, I like Marvel and DC equally for the characters, but I can't even read Marvel stuff lately. Crappy stories, one after another, and crappy changes to cool characters abound. Anyway, this person is just a troll looking for attention. Ban him, can him, let's move on as we await the next waves of DCU in the coming months.
  2. Add me to the list. I definitely would like to get one as there is no way I'm gonna be able to go and get one for myself. Obviously I'll pay for it. Is it supposed to be $20 at the con? If so, I'll throw in an extra $10 for the help/trouble.
  3. It's been brought up that apparently Wave 8 of the DC Minimates is going to be the last one we get from DC Direct. (Raven, Cyborg, Batwoman, Modern Question, Red Son Superman and Wonder Woman) With no new mates shown at the recent Toy Fair and some apparent mentioning it sounds to be true. Say it isn't so DC! Aside from Mattel's DC Universe line, the minimates were one of my most favorite toy lines to collect. They just can't end things now with so many characters still yet done in this unique and awesome form... Martian Manhunter (comic style, not animated like C3 version) Black Canary Orion Beast Boy Donna Troy Ravager Modern Robin Two-Face Poison Ivy Mr. Freeze Mirror Master Trickster Etc, etc, etc... The point is, this is a nicely priced and cool way to get all the characters from the DC Universe for those of us whom maybe don't have lots of money to spend, but want lots of cool characters from their favorite comics. Or simply for those of us whom love this format among our other various purchases from DC. The DC Minimates have amazing details and it's obviously a lot went into making these little guys. From Batman's utility belt, the treads on Flash's shoes... I would hate to see this toy line go away while the Marvel Minimates (whom were the ones actually rumored to be ending) continue on alone. I'm sure I'm not the only one here whom appreciates this line from DC Direct and want to see it keep going. So voice up people! We have to figure out some way to get DC to notice that this line needs to continue. That we still want our Minimates! DC Minimates forever!
  4. Man. Where I live, I have yet to even see WAVE 2 of the comic packs. I had to buy them off ebay. I'll probably end up having to get these off ebay as well. Really though, I really want the Crimson Guard/Scarface (Cobra Officer) right now to help build up my army of Cobra.
  5. I went out today to the two nearest Wal-marts to me... One closest had pegs for the single packs set up, but nothing for comic packs. The other one I went to has set up their toy aisle and they apprently WON'T be getting anything Joes related. Basically right now all I need is the Wave 2 comic packs (Destro/Breaker, Ripper/Torch) I have yet to see these anywhere yet at Targets I see TONS of Wave 1.
  6. Given how a number of Hasbro Marvel Legends have not been purchased by me due to their ungliness, I'll go on by saying that for me of the ones I DO have... Banshee and Emma Frost are the worst. They're so bad, I had better custom versions made of them by customizers to fill their spaces in my X-Men display. Seriously, Banshee is missing his big collar look, has a lemony yellow to his costume, and has a way too huge head. Emma looks like a guy in drag that's anorexic. Even the worst of Toybiz's women sculpts had nothing on Emma.
  7. I'd like to see Barbeque, Bazooka, Tunnel Rat, Alpine, and Hawk v2 (the one from 1986) for new Joes. For Cobra...Vipers, lots of friggin Vipers. Oh, and Dr. Mindbender and more Dreadnoks...maybe do 2-packs with a Dreadnok and a motorcycle or something.
  8. Wow. Sorry to hear you didn't get the complete Wave 5, but you got the army builders of the wave so that works out. XD I'm actually surprised that I found them available when I did not to mention got them when I did. Anyone whom visited the site also notice they had the two-packs as well as listings already for the Wave 6 figures? (Armored Cobra Commander, Rock n Roll, Torpedo) They're dated to be out in January.
  9. Dang. Talk about service... I ordered Wave 5 yesterday and got it just an hour ago from UPS. Of course, I see Brian's Toys is located in the state right next door to mine (they're in Wisconsin), so I guess that could be as to why. Still, awesome to have these guys already.
  10. Wow. I ordered it today and they sent me an e-mail that they've already shipped it out. It's being stated it'l show up this week even on the form even though I used the second cheapest method of shipping. If it does, that's cool... Looking over the postings, it seems Brian's Toys is mixed in terms of people whom like them and people whom don't. I plan to take the characters out of the packages so if they're damaged, it's no big deal. Now if the figures are broken...
  11. I'm just wondering as they have all of Wave 5 of the 25th anniversary Joes listed as 'In Stock'. You can buy them individually or all together (which is the cheaper way to go). I just ordered them from their site and it seems they also must be running a sale as the normal price was $39.99, but when I ordered the whole Wave 5 together and went to checkout it was only $35.99.
  12. I have but two questions I really want answered.... Why have you incorporated the Sigma 6 style joints onto Marvel Legends figures when the old double joints on the knees and elbows from the Toybiz days worked so much better as well as allowed for more arm and leg poseability? Why do you not do paint washes on the figures? Example: Flesh colored plastic on the figures makes them appear cheap compared to nice paint detailing of shadows and grime on the characters. These are my two most wanted answered questions.
  13. I went to my local Toys R Us today in my usual search for new Marvel Legends figures given that I'm reading all over the boards of the F4 and SM3 sets along with the Wal-Mart two packs have been showing up all over the states in stores now. (Though where I live seems to get things last) Anyway, I lucked out on Wave 2 of the 25th anniversay G.I.Joe figures but as I was buying them I mentioned how I was looking for Marvel Legends figures. One lady worker nearby spoke up saying they don't carry them anymore cause they weren't selling. I was taken back by that, but also recalled how they had the Mojo series and the god awful first Hasbro ML wave sitting on their shelves forever. Still, I feel to judge the whole line based off that was a bit annoying, but I should have thought of it given how after the Hasbro Wave 1, they never got any Wave 2 while my local Targets and Wal-marts did. It just annoys me cause Toys R Us has been feeling less and less like a toy store lately. I also worry whether or not the stores around here will get the F4 wave given the shelf clogging of SM3 movie toys and other stuff that hasn't been moving. Given the whole idea of various 'Legends' waves all coming out at once, too... Anyone seen any extra Dr. Dooms, Namors, or Mole Mans in the areas findind the F4 figures while I'm talking?
  14. Sweet! Hopefully she'll be in HML wave 5. They could do a cheap variant of her even with one figure having her with the comics version long hair and another based off the ponytailed 90s cartoon version.
  15. For me, since I never got the Ghost Rider or Rogue figures that Cannonball and Domino use for bodies, they're entirely new figures for me, and I'm happy to see them since I've wanted both those characters for a while to continue to fill of X-teams up. The new Cable looks good too. I have the TB one, but at least this one comes with guns and a holster even to hold one. Plus it looks like they used the TB version's arms for the figure. Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) looks okay...but where's my Jim Lee designed 90's version of her!? >_< If Hasbro makes her in that costume I will bow to them willingly since she's really the only one left I need for my Blue and Gold teams...aside from maybe Forge *hugs his custom made blue and yellow costumed Banshee*
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