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  1. Wants: -Ares left leg (from Crossbones) -Ares right leg (from Vision) Haves: PayPal -Annihilus head (from Planet Hulk figure) -Annihilus right wing (from Hercules figure) -Fin Fang Foom left leg x2 (from classic green Hulk & savage gray Hulk figures) -Mojo torso x2 (from Psylocke) -Blob upper torso (from She-Hulk)
  2. I was finally able to watch the final episode of season 2 on Teletoon up here in Canada. I got to say it's my favorite animated version of Spider-man that I've watched, and i was disappointed to read that it was only in production for just 26 episodes with a 3rd season still up in the air. I really hope this show continues. Anyone heard anything about it continuing? How does the Disney deal affect a show like this? Are reruns still being played on Disney XD?
  3. Thanks to Canadian Wal-Marts finally putting LCBH figures on clearance for only $2 I just bought all the figures from series 1 and completed Pitt. I cannot get the ab crunch joint to clikck into place, any suggestions please?
  4. Anyone here ever dealt with etoysjapan or robotkingdom before? I'm tempted to pre-order MP Thundercracker from one of them because when factoring in shipping to Canada, it's cheaper for me than a place like BBTS. For those who have bought from them in the past, who would you recommend?
  5. The rumors I read were that the 5 inch line may have figures from the new DK video game (i.e. Deathstroke, Firefly) and the 6 inch line would be strictly based on a characters appearance in the movies. If that turns out to be the case then I guess you're making a Firefly figure yourself, unless Firefly ends up being made in a DCUC wave eventually.
  6. I missed the last half of the episode.... was it Megatron's body or a constructicon underneath all the 'space barnicles'?
  7. So far I'm only planning on buying MP Grimlock (unless he's severely under-sized) as far as 2008 stuff is concerned. ...............I'm still trying to track down a reasonably priced (prefferably loose) Alt Wheeljack
  8. I hope he's in scale with Optimus & Megatron too. I don't necessarily like it, but I am able to look past the shortness of the seekers, since I think they look awesome (can't wait for a Thundercracker). I dobut I'll still make the purchase if Grimlock is dwarfed by Optimus & Megatron as well. ...after all Grimlock was a tad taller than Optimus & Megatron in the G1 cartoon. @optimus@
  9. I really hope they change their stance about Sinestro Corps Sinestro being only released as a chase. @grumpy@ The more I see Sinestro Corps Sinestro, the more I want one. I pray the case I ordered has the chase because it will be a hell of a lot easier tracking down a classic Sinestro in stores as opposed to trying to find a chase figure in stores.
  10. Any word on when the next Masterpiece figures will be announced? I'm new to collecting these (only recently got all the ones I want) and I want a Thundercracker dammit
  11. Yuk. That thing looks like Liberace dressed up as the Joker. @puke@
  12. The 10 I want the most (not including what's already announced as upcoming releases) Flash Reverse Flash or Zoom Wonder Woman Kalibak Green Arrow (hooded version) Captain Marvel Black Adam Despero Martian Manhunter The Question
  13. Looks like an awesome wave. Unless the 4H poop the bed with the sculpts (which I highly doubt, since I love almost all their stuff), or Mattel messes around with the case ratios (still a distinct possiblity when talking about Mattel) this will be the first wave where I spend the money to order a whole case.
  14. Man I wish we had Big Lots up here.... Anyone willing to help out a Canadian collector who has no chance of finding Cyborg Supes at retail? Would prefer shipped loose to make things easier.
  15. What male villians does Wonder Woman have? Although I would love to see your WW/Cheetah idea come true, I have to assume that Mattel & retailers would be too afraid to take the 'risk' of putting 2 female characters in the same wave.
  16. Why not just release the brown version at a later date (even a year or more later)? So all that unique tooling and packaging was done for a exclusive limited to, what, a couple thousand items? That makes no sense. No way in Hell is Mattel going to recoup their costs with just the SDCC offering. This will have to reappear in some form later on. That's what I'm thinking too, despite what was said. Maybe (hopefully) the Mattel person was only referring to the white version?
  17. Here's a great quote from AFI's Mattel Answers thread: Why not just release the brown version at a later date (even a year or more later)?
  18. Then you're really going to love this: (from an AFI admin who got an advance copy of the Man-Bat exclusive to review) I still believe the regular brown version has got to be released some time in the future as part of the expanded DCU lisence. ...probably a VERY long way away though.
  19. Over at AFI, Mattel has told them that the regular release brown Man-Bat has been pushed back indefinitely. referring to the albino Man-Bat exclusive: With the regular Man-Bat being pushed back indefinitely, now there's an even better reason for the more impatient collector (which I can be one of) to get the albino Man-Bat instead of waiting for the regular Man-Bat. Personally, that's what I would do if I were Mattel in an effort to entice the "I'll just wait for the regular Man-Bat figure who's coming out by the end of this year" crowd to grab the exclusive. Or maybe Mattel will just scrap the remaining Batman themed wave & Superman themed wave to start going to the entire DCU waves sooner?
  20. DCSH figures I have not been able to find at retail: -Azrael -Luthor -Brainiac -Darkseid (both versions) -blue costumed Supergirl -Steel (both versions) -Parasite -Mongul -Tang Doomsday -black costumed Superman -Two Face -Cassie Batgirl -Camo Bane -Knight Shadow Batman
  21. That's solely Mattel's fault. The 4H's 2up of Doomsday has him the right size, Mattel pulled their old stunt of shrinking him to be exaclty 6" instead of what the 4H had intended. Just like how Mattel shrunk Beast Man in the MOTU line, when the 4H intended him to be larger.
  22. My wish list: -Wonder Woman -The Flash -Nightwing (with updated articulation) -Robin (with updated articulation) -Joker (with updated articulation) -Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) -Martian Manhunter -Sinestro -Kalibak -Metallo -Captain Cold -Mirror Master -Green Arrow -Aquaman (classic costume) -The Question -Captain Marvel -Deathstroke -Deadshot -The General -Solomon Grundy -Zoom -Despero -Batman Beyond -AzBats -Harley Quinn -Black Adam -Ras Al Ghul
  23. I don't trust Warner Bros/DC's crazy legal dept (yet). Based on the past, there's got to be some doubt about the fine print of the contract. ....but thanks for putting us straight.
  24. Wasn't the Supes with heat vision eyes only available with the "Our Worlds at War" black 'S' shield on his chest?
  25. I want a DCSH Hal Jordan figure, but personally I have a feeling the same Warner Bros./DC B.S. may continue and John Stewart will be the GL in DCSH for a while. After all, doesn't DC still have to give the ok for each DCSH sculpt first? I fear there may still be some 'complications' from DC regarding a Hal Jordan 6 inch figure. I'd love an entire GL themed wave from DCSH, but since I've seen the JLU-all GL 3 pack clogging pegs around here I have to wonder if that would scare off retailers from giving an entire GCH wave a chance (I hope not). So my vote is I think John Stewart will be the first Green Lantern we get in DCSH.
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