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  1. I'm talking strictly final product action figures. Distribution issues have noting to do with anything once something is sitting on my shelf and looking cool. I won't go too far into the other lines so as to not derail things, but I think the vast majority of the Joes released so far are just bonkers-----in a good way. (I'm also not sure what you mean by 4 of them sharing the same heads.) Some issues I have personally experienced with PR: The likenesses on the unmasked heads are roughly 50/50 hit and miss. For every really good head you get (Trini), you get one that is completely botched
  2. Yeah, calling this one of the strongest lines is a reach, IMO. Personally if I were to rank 6 inch Hasbro lines I'd put GI Joe first, Star Wars, Marvel, then PR. It's riddled with QC issues. All that said, it absolutely doesn't matter because people will keep buying the MMPR related stuff no matter what and keep it going on that alone.
  3. Sign me up for this. The Aisha head sculpt looks good!
  4. Bludd starting to show up at Targets now......everyone buckle up. He's hoping I find one quick. For every exclusive I can find on my own, that's one more opportunity to save my MIB Viper as trade bait for the next Joe exclusive.
  5. Two parties to blame on this one: manufacturers for purposely making limited supply of course, but more so the mentally deficient grown adults. This is exactly like when little children behave badly and have nice things take away as a punishment. Except these are grown @$$ men. Sad, pathetic grown men. I can absolutely see it come to a point where these signs are hanging in the action figure aisles, and that's going to be a sad day.
  6. Got one on preorder, looking forward to it. Not sure yet if I'm going to sell off my Jostice League BAF version (I definitely liked Snyder's take better) or if two versions of Steppenwolf will be cool.
  7. In Space was the last incarnation of PR that I followed regularly before hanging it up. I have been buying all of the MMPR and Zeo stuff and these guys are tempting. But do I want to get sucked into another line?
  8. Right, and Wolverine will always sell for Hasbro, but they make the rest of the Marvel characters as well. I LIKE Batman, but there's so much that's just being ignored.
  9. Yikes, I came for some DC Multiverse listings and stumbled upon two pages of petty bickering and ugly name calling. Anyhow: Sign me up for Superman Rebirth. That era was just about my all-time favorite version of Superman, so I'm down with a figure. I imagine it's an easy make for Todd. Here's hoping they do a Jonathan Kent Superboy from that same era. I'm curious about the Azrreal suit Batman. It would be great if it was the 90's version but I'm betting it's a repaint of the modern one they already did.
  10. Hey if you don't like it you can always get McFarlane's DC Multiverse stuff.........oh......wait............ DC has a universe and history of characters every bit as deep as Marvel, but you wouldn't know it from the offerings from these toy companies. They only want to do Batman. They have no faith that anything else will sell.
  11. I have that Han figure and I was always using those arm shackles as ankle shackles. Of course I have seen the movie hundreds of times, I knew of the existence of his arm shackles, it just never registered with me. I immediately tracked down my figure that is on display and corrected it.
  12. It's why I can't watch these live panels where company reps take questions from the fans. Inevitably someone asks, "How come these figures aren't available to buy in stores?", and they'll say, "We are aware of the problem and we are working on making it right" or some such comment. Yeah, no thanks. I'll take a pass on being lied to directly. These big corporations do not allow problems to just go on in perpetuity, they fix them in short order. There is no "problem" on their end. Things are operating exactly as they want, both on the toy companies end and the retailer's If either of them
  13. Retroblasting just did a youtube video commenting on this: lack of availability of store exclusives and even non-exclusives. The problem goes way, way beyond just GI Joe Classified and Hasbro. You also offer a similar solution: Stop buying non-exclusives from big box retail, and I'm thinking I may start going that rout. There's a reason why Star Wars, Marvel, He-Man, GI Joe pegs are constantly empty. There's a reason why they get one case of something like Retro Mandalorian figures and never restock. They're running a racket with these adult collectibles, so much so that I'd rather buy
  14. I found one redeco Scarlet and one redeco Roadblock at Target yesterday. Roadblock is hands down better than the original. For Scarlet I just can't get off the fence. I ran it by my wife (which I only do if I'm REALLY stuck on choosing between one or another) she looked at them a long time and asked why they even bother repainting if they're such minor differences. No help there. In the end I like the head on the original so she may be the one that ends up staying.
  15. I ordered the standard April and I'm looking forward to getting her. I too want the coat, but not for $100. I'll find a 3rd party one on ebay. When you think of how much a celebrity autograph typically costs you at a convention, I guess it almost evens out: $50 or so for the autograph, $30 for the figure $5-$10ish for the coat, fudge a few bucks extra out of the customer who's going to pay no matter what, then you come to about $100. Unfortunately I don't have the funds for celebrity autographs (If I flaked out on getting autographs from the original White and Pink Rangers when they were
  16. My Zartan and standard Cobra Trooper came in from Dorkside today, both are spectacular. Zartan is a long time favorite and they did him justice to say the least. The detail in the sculpt and paint is phenomenal, and there are tons of little extras like those monkey paws and snake heads......things they didn't have to add in.....the kinds of little fun extras that are missing in a line like, oh, say, Marvel Legends. I really can't put the guy down. As for the Trooper.....if every Target exclusive gets a re-release on par with this guy, we really don't have anything to worry about. I ha
  17. The Snyder Cut of Justice League has driven up the price of that Movie Masters black suit Superman, but I found a guy that sold me one for under $20. I think the League looks good. [img]https://i.imgur.com/suTVY4b.jpg[/img] .....and doesn't look like my link is working. I guess you'll have to trust me.
  18. Right. The agitation is already starting to ramp up on the forums because of that Major Bludd reveal. It's like people were calm for a while but then they were reminded that half the line is Target exclusives and the next wave is right around the corner. So people are getting preemptively on edge to begin with. Hasbro doesn't need to dangle desirable figures in this way. Not when they know there isn't nearly enough supply to meet demand.
  19. Kepler will either be an Alley Viper or a BAT. At least one coveted army builder for every Target exclusive wave. I actually wouldn't be surprised if the third wave featured two army builders. Just for an added f-you.
  20. One hour later and it's double that now. This seller is being toyed with right? No one is going to pay that. Does anyone know of any action figure that has sold for $20,000? Anyone who even considers dropping that amount knows the industry and they know this figure will be released in a few months. I'm calling shennanigans here.
  21. This figures is going for such a stupid amount, I have a hard time believing the seller will actually get paid. No one is that foolish to throw that amount of money away, right? At most, this figure fetches $80 something on the aftermarket once he gets his official release. The figure itself looks amazing and I can't wait to jump through all the hoops Targethasbro lays out for me to try to get one. As for the issue of availability, I have nothing more to say that has not already been said. Good luck to all.
  22. I currently have all the Classified figures I want (if I include the Zartan and standard Cobra Trooper that I'm still waiting for on preorder). By the skin of my teeth I have been able to get one of every Target exclusive. The only reason I am still on social media is for my toy groups and I'm part of a very large local group who's members tend to help each other out. I also have a brother in law and a buddy who are out there hunting for various things on a regular basis and I make sure to tell them when those pesky exclusive are stating to pop up. I have been very lucky and I realize not
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