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  1. Its a strap worn on the upper thigh meant to hold up stockings or pantyhose. ... also, the evil elastic straps that attach from shirt to socks to keep both wrinkle-less, at least in USAF Class-A uniforms. And yes, for men.
  2. Funny, I saw him and thought, "Wow, that looks great. And an ingenious reuse of the Zartan thighs that works!" But then, I guess I can see the rationale of saving expenses when plastic prices are skyrocketing along with oil prices.
  3. Magnificent work! Now, where's Fast Draw? :)
  4. Meh, no thanks. I've already got my mind pretty set that this is a new Joeverse, so I'm not going to go in expecting too much -- and reading a spoiler of the whole movie would be counter-productive to my enjoyment of what homages are in place, and whatnew mythos or changes they make. Thankfully, I've been attuned to that with past superhero movies and shows: the media of comic and movie are far too different. In comics, the publishers' goal is for the reader to come back month after month, year after year. If a villain becomes popular, the publisher has to make certain there's a way for that villain to return periodically. Resolutions are temporary; the status quo of the comic book world is that each resolution needs to set up the next conflict. Also, a franchise builds upon its characters, also to attract and maintain long-time fans. You simply cannot stray too far from the icon, or those fans will balk and turn away from the comic. We've seen this before: Azrael Batman, Heroes Reborn to name some examples that aren't fresh, hot-button topics. The advantage in these long-running characters is that you do not have to introduce them to the reader each and every issue. In movies, the parameters are quite different. The producers have two hours and change to tell a single story, with a beginning, a conflict, and a definite resolution. In this age of planned trilogies, you can have a leeway of some foreshadowing of a future villain in the first installment(s), but even ten years ago, you had to have a resolution. Look at the older generation of DC movies: Chris Reeve's Superman: He saves the day, and Lex goes to jail (caveat: before the popular opinion of revolving-door criminal justice). In Tim Burton's Batman (and later directors of that series): If you were a villain, you were likely going to die by movie's end. Joker? Dead. Penguin? Dead. Two-Face? Dead. Also, the movie's limited time has to introduce the characters in the first reel to a far wider spectrum of audience than have read the comic. Backstories will simplify because of this. Look at how slowly we found out that GI Joe was 'Six Degrees of Snake-Eyes.' It took almost two years to realize that Snake-Eyes was a ninja. We were introduced to the car crash that killed Snakes' family in what, #26? What issue did Cobra Commander finally reveal that it was his brother driving that car, hm? After #100, I'm pretty sure -- over six years later. You don't have that luxury of time in a movie. Anyhow, I went off tangent. It's fun to speculate, but for me, not to have the thing spoiled. And remember, they are currently shooting the film. There is such a thing as 'daily rewrites'. A scene that sounds decent on paper may look completely wrong on film. You also know that "alternate ending" that some films add on DVD? That's often the result of a 'daily rewrite' -- or a test screening that polled poorly. The spoiler can still change.
  5. Ah, but was "Cobra" the slip, or "Doctor"? If the first, then G-L as CC still makes sense. But if Doctor was the slip? Are we suggesting the movieverse wull have a youthful Dr. Venom, or Mindbender being groomed as a future sequel's focus?
  6. As the WWIII storyline begins, all of the reserves are called up. Now, only a few join the core team -- those mentioned before. However, everyone else is shown to be active in various hot spots around the world: Hot spots that Cobra has clandestinely been destabilizing further, in part to keep the reserves busy. That way, when Cobra finally launched an assault on the US and UK, the Joes were too spread out to mount an effective counter-attack. The bit with Monkeywrench's death (and possibly Scalpel's) is that the Joe core team had been gathering up Cobra operatives and locking them away in the Coffin, a prison in .. Finland, I think? Somewhere cold and remote. As part of the assault, Cobra sends Xamot with a bevy of Night Creepers to break everyone out of that prison. Storm Shadow stops them, primarily by bargaining over Tomax's comatose body. (PS: If I have the twins wrong, then switch them. The important bit is that one's comatose.) Tommy tells Xamot that Cobra can leave with those prisoners already freed, and with Tomax -- or he'll kill Tomax in front of Xamot. Xamot chooses to save his brother and go -- but he has the Creepers execute everyone remaining in the cells rather than allow their knowledge of Cobra ops to aid the Joes. Monkeywrench was one of those still in his cell.
  7. For another reason, the Joe Customs community already has created a plethora of ideas in this regard -- FunPub would have to avoid all of these to not be called plagiarist. Mirror Universe: Very much like BotCon, but we based the idea a little more like Star Trek's "Mirror Mirror" episode. Traitors to the Cause: Joes and Cobras defect to the opposing side.
  8. Hey Outsiders, are you going to be looking at a specific Joe thread to get names to post, or any thread in the GI Joe forum? I suddenly have this image of members all creating new topics to try to get noticed, and thus spamming out your 'PM me now' threads...
  9. Blurr looks fantastic, and Rewind spiffy. Did I miss on the transformation of Rumble, or are those new arms for Rewind?
  10. Looking nice so far. I love the roll cage you used for it. On the engine, are you building it out so it extends all the way out the back, or will the exhaust gases (flames?) vent into that 'pickup' rear section of the Hummer?
  11. Because folks are getting their childhoods confused. They remember their time as Cub Scouts (blue uniform) when they were Boys, and attribute the name incorrectly. The Cobra youth brigade is also styled after Hitler's Youth, an evil bad from WWII wherein Hitler mined the Boy Scout imagery for his indoctrination of German kids into the Nazi philosophies. Cub Scout - blue uniform - ages 6-9. Boy Scout - khaki uniform - ages 10-16 Cobra Youth Brigade - blue, cub scout styled uniform - ages 10-14?
  12. Yes on both accounts. Looks like Billy in the issue with the bouquet of floors with the pistol hidden inside and Destro stops him... because he recognizes the boy. He was wearing a Boy Scout/Cobra - esque outfit. And this was long before the explosion that lead to the prosthetic leg and eye patch. This is something that's always bugged me. How did Cobra Commander not recognize his own son, nor the Baroness, who recruited the scamp for the assassination? (As I recall, she was surprised at who the boy was.) Billy might have been too traumatized by his dad's growing lust for power and neglect of him to blot out that the man behind the mask was his dad, but.. well, OK, the whole neglect theme. Still, Destro must have had some pretty complete dossiers on his client (Cobra Commander), that would need to include, "Relatives: son, Billy. Ran away at age __, presumed to remain in Springfield, based on Springfield juvenile arrest records. Picture at time of disappearance: .., At last police booking: ..."
  13. This is probably a generational reaction. How old are the DJ's? 30's or 50's? I mention this, because when I talked to a friend in my RPG group about the movie and new figures, he'd asked about the Adventure Team Joes first, and was a little put off to hear it was the smaller 80's Joes who had the new toy line out. The friend's a Vietnam (or post-) Navy vet, which is where I base the generation gap idea from.
  14. Yeah, I've been on a JLU kick recently. First up is a slight tweak to the latest Flash, whom I bought to have the lightning harness accessory. Thanks to folks here on ToyNewsI, I changed the belt and added eyes to make this Flash Barry Allen. Next, what to do with an extra Darkseid? With some work, I turned him into his son, Kalibak. I kept a photo record of his progress this time, too. Next to his Daddy, after initial dremeling, flesh tone test color, and leg surgery: The first step was to cut down his legs. I went for the ankles, to try to recreate the reference's stubby legs, and took off a half-inch. After replacing the feet with glue and paper clip supports, I dremelled and sanded down the calves to taper correctly. Away went the skirt, and I cut away the pressed lips into more of a gash of an open mouth. "I have hair! Hair! Long, glorious hair!": The hair sculpt is in two parts, and I completed initial priming and painting of the torso first. With plastic wrap draped over his body like a poncho, I used epoxy plastic for the bulk of his hair, and overlaid it with green stuff to make the ears and beard. Kally's forehead I simply sanded to get rid of the crackly gouges. Here you can also see his two toes coming into shape, and a remnant of the skirt is back! I realized that the gap was too pronounced, and the hips noticeably small. So I replaced the part of the skirt that fit between torso and waist, with glue for it to stick to the bottom, in prep for the next step. Starting to be painted, plus the build-out of the waist and gloves: More green stuff here, which we've all seen before. I built out his gloves and the waist, and added a circle for the big part of his belt, and kept turning the figure's waist so the green stuff wouldn't stick to the upper torso. Lightning Lad: Hey Brainy, M-E Lad sure has let himself go." Brainiac 5: "*sigh*" Nothing spectacular here. The similarities to Tenzil Kem's original Legion uniform just struck me funny, and I had to take a pic before adding the Kirby squiggles on Kalibak's chest. And the finished product, about to pound Supes into the next block.. will be in the first reply, as I used up my five in this post already. :-}
  15. I can see this, having the Viper V-12 or some monster Hemi as the front engine, with a rugged Hummer passenger area. Hmm, how many Joe humvees do I own?
  16. Well, look at what the designers had to choose from: http://www.myuselessknowledge.com/joe/grunt1.gif (Card Art) or http://www.myuselessknowledge.com/joe/grunt2.gif (Comic Art) or http://www.yojoe.com/action/82/82images/2grunt.jpg (v1 figure) Maybe they went with something more like his v1 Mr. Mackey head, mmkay?
  17. No bootie wings yet (I have to figure out whether I want them -- I'm afraid they'd fall off, as I let my 5yo play with the JLU figs), but here we go.
  18. Thanks for the details, both of you! And yay, Flash is molded in red -- I just sanded off the belt to start a constant zig-zag. Barry's eyes are blue, right?
  19. So, I bought the new iteration of the JLU Flash, both for the harness and the intent to have both a Barry Allen version and a Wally West version of the character. While the harness looks neat by itself, with the lightning motifs at the shoulders and pecs, the conards (ailerons, weather vane) that connects to the back is tres dorky. Rather than point in any meaningful, aerodynamic direction, the V wings stick out above Flash's head. Anyhow, I can't remember what differences there are between Wally's Flash costume, and Barry's. Can anyone held me out with suggestions?
  20. I remember back in the 80s, that my dad had the hardest time putting some vehicle together out of the package. I almost want to say it was the Skystriker, but that can't be right. That thing had only like five moving parts, other than the wings which were pre-assembled. Getting the WHALE to snap together, maybe? Anyhow, my point is, it might have been that our parents complained about having to put vehicles together, and that brought about the change to pre-assembled vehicles. After all, actual model kits are relegated to Hobby Lobby and maybe Michaels here where I live. They're practically nonexistent in toy stores any more.
  21. Nail clippers. No twisting needed, just clip-clip-clip and you can pull the toy free of its bindings. Works on those pesky clear rubber bands too, though you have to pick out the halves of the band from the joints.
  22. Let's see, after hitting five or six Targets this week, I managed to find only one Legions box. Now, add that to the one I bought full price, one I bought at 17.98 from Wally-world's post-Christmas clearance, and the five I scored from family at Christmas (It's 1984 all over again: my parents bought me Joe stuff for Christmas. ), it does give me a decent amount of Air Corps troopers and Transportation Corps troopers. Still an even 10 -would- be nice. And there's still two more Targets I can hit tomorrow.
  23. Wow, that Brawn is just astonishing. I am so envious right now.
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