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  1. Ya, but an Adult Collector asking for it. . .it´s another story
  2. Great shots as always pooda. Where did u get that Resident Evil figure (Chris)?? Is that a custom, cause I´ve necer seen it
  3. I hope I see that one made, My first hawkman was the Total Justice one. Great customs.!! Flash, Aquaman and Hawkman are my favorites!
  4. I hope I see that one made, My first hawkman was the Total Justice one. Great customs.!! Flash, Aquaman and Hawkman are my favorites!
  5. Moshbot

    I'm batman!

    How is this supposed to be avoided?? Placing the figure inside the fridge, or somn like that?
  6. Hey, you guys got massive amounts of Swine Flu. You can't have it all, ya know! @smilepunch@ Yeah what gives? :angry: Quit hogging it all. A. See what I did there? or B. Too soon? I´m greedy ...sides, waves 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and prolly seven were before the swine flu. I still want my DCUC!
  7. Moshbot

    DCUC vs ML

    We already had a discussion about that...
  8. 1. Wal Mart Wave imposible to find. And the possibility of e-tailers to carry them was never an option. 2. Distribution in Mexico. We got stuck with wave 1 I order online, which means i don´t see the figures, but every fig I´ve got so far, no paint app issues or breakable limbs. You must have a very bad luck.
  9. Gentleman Ghost supossedly, comes with an Atom small figure, is that right?? Any pics if so? Thx
  10. Couldn't Son Goku use kryptonite to beat Superman? Ok, if we want to take this "seriously" and know who the real winner would be, there are some points to conisder. Physics apply everywhere. The speed of light is the same here, in Earth X, in Marvel Universe, Dc Universe, Dragon Ball Universe, etc, I mean, it just doesn´t go faster or slower in any universe. So, Superman and Goku can´t just toss physics away. Superman´s strenght, latest data i know is, he can push an equivalent of 200 quintillion tons http://media.photobucket.com/image/superma...sp23/as1xf1.jpg Based on the Manga, Goku weights 6 tons when training at 100G http://www.comicvine.com/goku/29-19765/gok...level/92-33537/ Now to the numbers, everytime a Sayan changes its form to level 1, 2, 3, and the sub levels, it´s power increases by X times. I know i read it, and there were stars, just don´t remember where though. I hope I find that reference. Here are all the saiyan stages http://www.majinarena.com/Saiyans.htm and how their powers increase in percentages (based on a video game i guess, but u can get an idea) http://www.dbzlss.20m.com/races.html now, do the math,i´m too lazy
  11. mmmmmm...how´s the modern Fate originally supposed to look???
  12. Superman Batman Wonder Woman Aquaman Hawkman Green Lantern The Flash Atom Smasher
  13. i´d like to see the batwing, he already used a plane to escape from Hong Kong, so, why not?
  14. Thanks for the clarification. Still, it doesn´t change the fact that Hasbro is doing crappy and lazy repaints when, like Clam said, they own TB´s sculpts.
  15. You couldn´t be more wrong, pal. New sculpt?? Cyclops is a retooled Quicksilver/Yellowjacket/ Wal Mart Havok body, and Wolverine is a retooled Ult. Wolverine body. The only new things on both sets, is Wolverine´s and Cyke´s head. Let me post my felings towards this figures. Same opinion posted at the Marvelous News boards. The figures are just PLAIN HORRIBLE!!! I mean, Cyclops is just a repainted Quicksilver with James Marsden head. No texture or costume stitches or more detail like TB´s Cyke. Wolvie is a joke!!! Why use Ult. Wolverine´s body, which everybody hated, AGAIN!!?!?!?!?!? How could Hasbro want us to be happy, when they promise they will have stuff for the 6" collectors and movie fans by giving us MEDIOCRE and CHEAP movie based figures???? To Hasbro´s team who´s in charge of ML and 6"stuff: STOP FOOLING US!!! When u said u had a surprise for collectors, who look for detail, paint apps, descent to great sculpt and great articulation, do u were thinking of us, or small kids who would dig the movie outfits and go for a fig that just looks ok to their eyes??? Till this point, how many collectors, wether u take us seriously or not, have u pleased with your products??? What would be your score, honestly, for your performance so far??? If u couldn´t manage the task, why take the licence from TB, who did a greater job than you could have had til this last 6" attempt??? I was Hasbro tolerant, with the new elbow and knee joints, which is what ruined most figures, the horrible paint apps, the head size reduction and inconsistency between figures (namor anyone?), but this movie figures are just wrong. It only demonstrates ur being lazy. But hey, not everything´s lost, u have a great sculptor, Paul Harding, working for u guys, and u have a great graphic design department. You don´t know how much I really, REALLY, REALLY WANT YOU MAKE ME EAT EVERY SINGLE WORD AND BE PROVEN WRONG when the new two packs and Marvel Legends arrive, if planned, later this year.
  16. Moshbot


    Superman One Million
  17. Apache Chief..so I don´t have to spend time and money getting a figure I´m not interested in, cus getting exclusives is somewhat difficult for someone who lives in another country and find hard to even find regular figures.
  18. Wasn´t Man-Bat already confirmed as part of wave 10, Joker included?? My picks...mmmm... Retooled Red Tornado turned into Martian Manhunter. Maybe another female character. Zatanna, zince we already have Black Canary, and can be easily retooled into Zatanna. Somehow, it would be kinda easy and predicatble to say which figs could come up, which costumes look alike and which would need a slight retool making a new figure. Another pick would be Cyborg, but with the new costume (black tights, red boots and blue cape)
  19. Moshbot

    My Road Trip

    I know what u mean with the thrill of the hunt. I did a road trip with my cousin a while back when ML 9 was around, it was the first BAF and we were excited with the idea, and curious, so, we started in Brownsville, TX, we found nothing and decided to go to Harlingen, like 20 mins away...we visited wal mart, and still nothing. We went to the shopping Mall, to a comic book store, were we find them but a bit pricey... we talked to the owner (who looked like Alex Ross) to manage a deal, cause we were looking for cases, not single figures. We agreed a reasonable price, but he sent us to McAllen, where is partner was, which closing time was at 7, and it was like 6 pm, and we didn´t know the exact place, so there we go, trying to ake it on time, cus it was like a 30 min away distance, and it was going to be our first time in McAllen. We found the store and there they were:two complete sealed cases. We opened them and we had variants in both cases, which we traded for other figures we needed. We hit a burger king, then got back to brownsville, playing linkin park, 3 doors down and other stuff, enjoying the day and the hunt.
  20. I don´t like Luthor, Don´t know who he is. Haven´t read DC since Hush, which doesn´t make me a regular reader. Everything I know from the DCU is for the cartoons or becasue they appeared in a comic book I read. I like Ultraman, but it doesn´t worth the 25 + shipping.
  21. Apache Chief...dunno, I never liked the character, and Wonder Twins are kinda lame....I just like Gleek, though.
  22. Darkseid Doomsday Kilowog Plastic Man or Elongated Man with attachments, like Metamorpho.
  23. The regular is the human form, the variant is the "parademon" look
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