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  1. I wouldn´t be happier without em. When I saw Marvel Legends, I immediatly thought of DC, thinking "Man! It would be so cool to have DC figs as well". This is a great line.
  2. The most important thing I would change would be double knee joints. I Don´t know if I would change the double elbows, maybe for figuresthat really need it, like Deathstroke to hold a sniper gun properly. Other things to change. Energy blasts. Haven´t had any QC so far, and if i´ve found it, it´s a minor thing. Unlike Clam34, I do like the body sculpt reuse, because it brings consistancy to the line. ML feels like a mix of everything . . .a nice sculpted Cap America (FO) and then Reed Richards (2 pack). I´m not going any further, cause it would be a Marvel post.
  3. I just ordered mine as well. MattyCollector has the most confusing way to order. I didn´t know what to put in method name
  4. Moshbot

    DCUC Wave 6

    The figs are awesome...the only one I don´t dig, and it´s the costume´s fault. . . Killer Moth
  5. There`s something I`d like to point out. Everyone is excited abot DCUC and their character selection, and so am I, and most of us are hyped we are getting great figures. Just to keep it real, these are HAND PAINTED PROTOS. Sure the final product looks good, but not as good as these. I post this just to make sure no one gets dissappointed when they get their DCUC figs, and they don´t look as good as the protos.
  6. don´t know too much about her, i guess she´s a clone of Supergirl. Have u tried the wikipedia?
  7. Check brandsoftheworld.com, type whatever ur looking for and there should be something for ya. dafont.com has some dingbats with superhero logos as well, try looking for em.
  8. I like the line, and I don´t read too much comics, so I don´t know too much about guys like Vigilante or Commander Steel, but they look cool. The parademons are great. For their costumes, I assume they´re from Apokolips. 10" Giganta looks nice, but shouldn`t she be taller? Not complaining, just suggesting.
  9. Moshbot


    Wow! Why are these figures so hard to find??? Distribution, scalpers, backstocking for christmas??? From everything I`ve read, some areas keep getting and getting DCUC Figs, while others have none. Mattel says is a retailer issue, so, every wal-mart manages different from other wal-marts? shouldn`t they get the same product in same quantities? I see I`m not the only one having a hard time trying to get this figs.
  10. Looking forward to Batman, because I like the character, and to see how good or bad new articulation works. FINALLY DCD as adding "action" to their figures.
  11. Yup, no need to include them on DCUC. But, what Synch says is if we would like to see movie costumes turned to a comic book version...am I right, Synch? Like Superman with four horsemen sculpt but donning the returns costume (small "s", modified belt bucket, fabric texture)
  12. It´s just an error, nothing more, nothing less. The international front of the card has the translation too.
  13. Eradicator and Black Lightning goggles should have been clear. They look...weird. Good figs though, but they could´ve been better.
  14. I´m with you, I don´t know wat I´m gonna do with moth. . .repaint it i guess. . The rest look great as proto, just good as final product (remember that,kids)
  15. PSH is a great actor. Just like Ledger, u see the character he is playing. Some movies I remember PSH got involved were: 1. Capote (he won an oscar for that one) 2. Flawless (with DeNiro) 3. MI:3 4. Charlie`s War About the batmobile, I hope they keep it a tank, with a more stylized line. I can´t see a sport car breaking through walls and flying over rooftops without getting any damage. The tumbler was perfect for the hard work.
  16. No way Lobo could have been a regular fig. He had to be a C&C figure. Can anyone post a review or pics of the main man???Thx.
  17. He`s height is accurate. EVen when drawn in the JLU series, he was quite tall.
  18. I read somewhere a long time ago that they would. I know they're making the 5" version so I don't see why they wouldn't make him for the movie master line. The 5" figure doesn't look too bad. We'll probably know more this coming weekend with the comic con going on...hopefully we'll know something. I read that too. I don´t remember where, but it was on a Q&A session, either from TNI, or Action Figure Insider. I also read, or imagined, that movie masters were going beyond batman.
  19. MM, i guess I`ll have t be more specific, specially in the forever line (which wasn´t a bad movie after all IMO). Batman 89 and Joker 89 Batman Returns suit, Penguin and Catwoman Batman Forever SONAR suit (I love that costume), Robin (the horsemen could and should remove the nipples), Riddler with the suit he used when he first met Dent). Two Face. If a Batman and Robin MM line was produced, I´d say go ahead, just sand down those horrible nipples.(the costumes are cool, I think) As for Christopher Reeve, I`d just like to see him as Supes, Zod and maybe. . maaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeee, nuclear man (there aren´t many villains to choose from, really, just the other two Zod partners, but I would settle for Zod)
  20. After the great work the 4 horsemen did with Batman movie masters, would you like to see Superman MM?? Brandon Routh as Superman, Kevin Spacey as Luthor, and maybe Brando as Jor-El. I`d also like to see 70´s Supers, 89 Bats, Returns and Forever MM I`d totally get em, what about you?
  21. For those who are getting it, it´s a shame the actual product doesn´t look like the protos at all.
  22. I think we didn't see the Batcave becasue, the way I see it, is that the third installment is going to be a better third part that will include all the Batman elements. Let me explain. Most 3 part movies start great, but tend to end with a just good third part. Examples. X-men was a good movie, x2 was superior to xmen, and the third was not as good as 2. spiderman was awesome, and spidey 2 was much better, but spidey 3 went down two. The matrix got the same scheme. Jurassic Park went almost the same way. My pick is Nolan is watching this franchise as a three part story, and everything is pointing to that direction by leaving Bats almost alone. Fox quitting, Rachel dead, Cops after him. Sounds good for a good story development. No batcave in this one, so in the next one, the mannor will be totally rebuilt, with batcave included. NEW Batmobile, cause the Tumbler got totally destroyed.(I still hope they go with the tank concept) Probably the Batplane, cause we saw how he used his plane to escape from Hong Kong. So all of this is preparing a great story so the third movie will be as good as the previous flicks, and we all can see the franchise, in general terms, as GREAT.
  23. Ok, as someone pointed out before, I'm going to start with stuff that bothered me a bit, that stay in hte 'Could have been better, it's not annoying but could have been better" parameter: Batman's voice: I liked him in the first movie, but this one went a bit over the top. At some lines, I thought his voice was going to break. " I must stop the Joker, I'm the only. . .cough...cough...one who can cough". The film started a bit slow. The bank robbery was really good, but after that,just a few Batman appearances like the Hong Kong part, or Scarecrow's pursuit,Batman at the top of a building just listening or Rachel's rescue, but too they were too short.They're just good scenes, but they could have been better. He had Batarangs, but never used them. The good: EVERYTHING ELSE!!! I felt the movie really took off after those short Batman interventions. Joker: Maaaaaaaaaaan!!!!! What a crazy bastard he was, specially with his first magic trick, hahahaha!!! Ledger made me forgot i was watching his performance, I could see a REAL Joker. Def. deserves being considered for an Oscar. Great, great, GREAT Joker!!!!! Two-Face: The develop of the character thru the movie, was well thought and better executed. And his acting was surprisingly good, it gave as much chills as Joker did. Action. the fighting, the ban robbery, Batman in hong kong, at the club, What can I say, i liked it, the tension, and anxiety took over me, specially when the two boats were deciding which boat was going to sruvive (again, thanx to the Joker) Batpod. Simple design and effective when striking. The techonolgy used to aid Batman, new suit included. I thoght it was going to look a bit power rangerish, but it surprised me it looked good and sleeker than the first suit Rachel Dawes dead. I guess they knew how to use her character to give Harvey a reason to be a bad guy. You don't lose the chick that just told u i want to marry u seconds before it gets killed everyday, right? Sides, I never found Maggie atractive, not ugly, but not really atractive. Joker's last dialog with Batman. "We compliment each other" Amazing lines. "You're just too fun to kill" The set up for the third movie. All against Batman, who can be the next bat villian???or will they be two?? or since he needs help, maybe we'll see robin (which if done right, why not)?? Too many enigmas. . .
  24. I`ll have to watch the movie again, cause i didn´t pay too much attention to the plot,and i didn´t understood it at all (my mind was somewhere else at moments, hehe) and to watch Ledger´s creepy and great Joker performance again. He totally deserves being considered for an Oscar. On to the figs: - two face - swat Gordon - different joker thugs - Joker without his coat, just green vest.
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