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  1. Well I picked the set up...and kind of regret it. Some of the figures are nice, but they all have shoddy paint. Also...I just don't get the logic in giving Beast, the acrobat with literal super agility, the LEAST amount of articulation. The fact that his wrists and forearms can't move whatsoever is a travesty. Same with the pack of articulation in Angel's wings. But lastly, now I understand this isn't officially 1st appearance X-Men. But it essentially is. So...that's why Iceman isn't in his 1st appearance look. I get it. But the others are exactly as how they appeared...so my question is: what are the odds that we'll get a solo 1st appearance Iceman in his more snowman with boots look later? I'm thinking, sadly, negative.
  2. Iceman and Beast are so disappointing. Beast should be decked out in articulation...for obvious reasons. But he seems to be the least of the five. And shouldn't Iceman be more "snowman" than ice if it's First Appearance?
  3. Hey, no argument from me there. It makes it a little easier to swallow for me, but not wholeheartedly better.
  4. This is complete and utter hogwash, laden with logical fallacy. It was not received well by some would be a factual statement. It would also be a factual statement to say that the type of person that frequents a website like this one is generally not representative of the vast bulk of audiences. What geeks like us enjoy and bemoan is often quite different from the things general audiences like and bemoan. The only place there is "overwhelming negativity" about the Mandarin twist are geek-oriented websites, and even then it's not even close to "overwhelming" and far closer to "50/50." Another specious paragraph. Audience ratings for the film on various websites average about the 80 percent range. Aggregate critical reviews (Rottentomatoes, etc...) fall right in line with those numbers. The Cinemascore for the film is "A." Couple this with the undeniable fact that the film held reasonably well from week-to-week rather than suffering a massive drop after opening weekend, and the actual preponderance of the facts is in my favor: The movie was solidly well-received by general audiences and critics alike. The pointing out of the box office grosses merely underscores the point that the movie was quite popular. Because an unpopular movie doesn't reach those numbers, and the whole "oh they're just going to see it because of what came before/don't know what they're getting until after they've paid" argument is colossally ignorant of both the fact that there are always a large number of critical reviews available, and the fact that the film didn't suffer a horrible drop in its' second week (which would have indicated toxic word-of-mouth on the film from general audiences). Star Wars the Phantom Menace is another false lead here. Ask most of the people who have watched the prequels, and they'll say they liked them. People on this website (and others like it) tend to live in the "geek bubble" where opinions get magnified to hyperbolic degrees and people seem to have great difficulty realizing that the collective opinions of "nerd dom" don't represent most of society. Here's a head-twister of a fact for you: The vast majority of people that saw the Star Wars prequels in theaters...have probably never once discussed them online with anyone. I like the part where you point out supposed "hypocrisy" and then tell people to "not take it so seriously" after a tremendously long-winded rant. Hypocrite, heal thyself! Guess what? I've got my right to express an opinion too, whether you like that opinion or not. Funny how that works, huh? As 'more and more" what comes out? The screenwriter of the film has denied it. The only other bit is the rumor piece from latino-review itself. There isn't anything else. Iron Man 3 is the highest grossing movie of the year so far with generally positive reception from critics and audiences alike. Ergo, there isn't the slightest bit of need for anyone to "save face." The fact that you think so only goes to show that you're yet another of those firmly trapped under the "bubble." Marvel hasn't "recognized their questionable decision." You speak as though the rumor is proven truth already, when on one hand we have evidence from someone that actually works on the film denying it...and a report from a website of questionable credibility on the other. You posted a whole lot of words, without anything in the way of actual facts to back them up. Better luck next time. I never responded. I waited to the precise moment...mostly because it would be so much sweeter to have proof of how...utterly...wrong you are. Well guess what. *clears throat* ...so ah...have you seen this yet? http://www.followingthenerd.com/movies/watch-marvel-one-shot-hail-to-the-king-before-its-taken-down/ Oh how I just love being right all the time. I told you so. ;] So there it is. There's a REAL Mandarin. And there's a real Mandarin...for a reason. This is an apology.
  5. There's two ways to view this whole ordeal: There's the business angle and there's the consumer angle. For the business angle...it's a smart move on Mattel's part, launching their 4'' line off with some of the most demanded characters. It essentially iron-grips us into conforming to the scale change. I know I don't want 4'' at all...that I'm ticked off beyond belief...but I also know that despite it, unfortunately, I still can't resist. They do look great. For the collector angle, which I'd venture to assume is all of us, it's a slap in the face, a sell out moment. I get that it's a business and they need to make money, but I'm a consumer. That's not exactly a priority of mine and it's baffling to me as to why in the world that would be to anyone that doesn't work there. I get the dynamic, we buy, we get more. I just don't particular care and that's exactly what consumerism inherently is, selfish. Accept its moles and zips and just go with it. So this, basically, is a giant middle-finger to collectors, in my view of things, because there's no logical answer for releasing a 4'' Batman 1989 and Batman Returns line...when EVERY prior Batman line is 6''. I don't want Hobbit Keaton...even if it is accurate to his real-life stature. =P Surely everyone desires a uniform Batman archive. It's a dream of mine to be able to line up ever movie Batman figure. That dream was crushed down to a 4'' snub. So here's all I really care about: Has anyone actually had the balls to call Mattel out on this and ask them if we will (also) be getting 6'' Batman 1989 and Returns (along with old Superman) figures, now that they have the license, so we can have them all be standard and alongside one another, or is it confirmed that this, indeed, is all we'll ever be getting?
  6. Here are my issues with a lot of comments in this thread. First and foremost…we wouldn’t be discussing the amount of negativity revolving around the Mandarin twist had it not been so overwhelmingly…well…negative. The fact that it’s a topic completely validates the amount of negativity; else it wouldn’t be a discussion whatsoever. It’s really that simple. So just because some personally happened to like the said twist doesn’t discredit that you might, in fact are likely, in a minority. That too doesn’t discredit your opinion. Opinions are arbitrary, subjective things…but when discussing how the twist was received as far as minority or majority, this is not opinion. It’s merely factual to state that it was not received well. Box office numbers are not an accurate indicator of how a film is viewed either, that’s far too idle an assumption. You don’t know you like a movie until you’ve paid to see it. So to anyone who states that the Mandarin twist isn’t as poorly taken as it may seem merely based on the films financial success, well your argument is ignorant and misguided else The Phantom Menace is one of the most popular Star Wars films. There are all kinds of angles that contribute to a films financial success, not the most astute being that it’s merely considered a predominately or even especially good movie. And just because there surely is some mad teenybopper juvenile or two in this world who really does sincerely think The Phantom Menace is the best of the saga doesn’t null and void the fact that they are a significant minority, it just doesn’t make their opinion wrong either. I myself saw that piece of crap a whopping ten times, perhaps out of misguided teen denial and loyalty, mayhap hopes of it growing on me…perhaps just sheer boredom. So surmised: Using the financial success of a mixed reception film as the foundation of your argument of it actually being well received is lazy, ignorant, and unfounded. They do not always correlate. Its poor reception would…again…not actually be a discussed topic right now had it not actually exist. Also, the Mandarin twist is a fraction of the film itself. Disliking it in and of itself doesn’t directly translate to hating the film as a whole. I have no love for Iron Man 3, I despise the faux Mandarin persona…but I prefer it to Iron Man 2 and Thor. There's this bizarre opinion going around here basically stating that having a negative opinion is negative in and of itself, so it's breeding this narrow, moronic, hypocritical poster. Well...I find it much more respectable to be negative and critical toward something like a toy or film than it ever is toward a fellow posters sincere opinion...of which they are certainly entitled to. So I ask: Who is the more foolish, the hater or the hater who hates hating? The hypocrisy is astounding...they're toys and movies, who cares if someone hated it and (has ever right to) speaks it? Don't take it so damn seriously. The truth is that Ben Kingsley really is confirmed to be working on something for Marvel and that, at this point, even despite the questionable credibility of The Latino Review, it seems reasonable that a REAL Mandarin isn’t out of the question. What is done with the character, I do not know. Iron Man 4 isn’t slated. Doubtful he’d appear anywhere else. It would be a save face move. As more and more come out…the more and more founded it seems to become though. And frankly, this is Marvel recognizing their questionable and risqué decision. And I can't help but feel it was done for just that shallow a reason...to have a shock value scene rather than ever done for legitimate literary merit. It’s simple; a REAL Mandarin would have gone over better than the fake ever did. Whether you like the fake or not, and it’s absurdly dismissive and also lazy to just presume that A. The Mandarin is hated only by comic fans, and B. That that’s the films only problem to begin with.
  7. What it comes down to, more so, is people wanted others to win other than Deadpool. Deadpool was a sure bet to be made with or without this poll. Plus that fact that he hasn't been released in 5 years doesn't help your argument, it helps ours. It only places him even more so in the group of figures/characters inevitably (despite this poll) going to be released again. For Christ sake, we got a freaking resculpted Vision! Deadpool didn't need to win this poll. It's an utter wasted slot. What it comes down to is common sense...or more so some voters lack thereof.
  8. Yup! That’s the same majority that got Bush into office. Twice! The majority tends to be stupid, brain-dead, mindless lemmings that do what they're told. Welcome to reality. @smilepunch@ Deadpool is a thoughtless vote. I stand by that and I'm not alone. #US1#
  9. I’m sorry…but your entire post gave me a facepalm moment. These votes are intended for characters we’ll most likely never receive otherwise. Voting for a major player in a definitive outfit is effectively wasting your vote. Why wouldn’t we complain about that? We always complain about constant Wolverine and Spider-Man releases wasting spaces for new character slots, this is effectively the same thing. Considering the recent popularity of Deadpool, he was a shoe in for a figure, win or not. It’s just common freaking sense. But Amazing Bagman…are we ever going to get him? I think not. People don’t think when they vote, they vote with their bias. Plus the fact that you’d actually vote for Deadpool when you own the former release blows my mind…what kind of logic is that? I fail to see it.
  10. Deadpool seems like an utter waste. I’m sorry, but a vote for Deadpool is idiotic. He was a GIVEN! These votes are done to get character we’ll never get otherwise. You may as well have just voted for Spider-Man…because we’ll never get another version of the web head. Pssh! @smilepunch@ Now I highly doubt we’ll ever get Constrictor, Bi-beast, and a few of the other obscure ones. At least Valkyrie won...
  11. Thank you kindly sir and please forgive my lack of patience.
  12. I really feel that Nolan’s finest work wasn’t with Batman himself, it was with the other cast of characters. His Batman in Dark Knight I found to be the worst part of the entire picture. The Robocop outfit was terrible, the voice was unintentionally funny, and he’s completely outshone by pretty much every character in the film. BTAS did Batman ideally. I can't really think of anything BTAS did wrong.
  13. I hate to play the villain, but here goes. So here’s my question…people are claiming to have these all over the net now…yet we don’t get a shred of information or pictures anywhere. Not a single freaking person's done what every freaking collector does when they get home with new stuff: Post loose shots. Yet it's the best wave yet! No confirmation as to whether Mola Ram’s headdress is removable. No confirmation on whether or not Indiana has Sankara stones in his pouch. Nothing! So…good lord. Today! So I hate to play by the book, but the obligatory “This thread is useless without pictures” comes to mind. But then you’re not even giving us information. So…what’s even the point!?! Ugh! Frustrating! Stop posting if you're going to keep pushing back photos. I'll post them tonight. I'll post them tomorrow. I'll post them next week. I'll post them next year! GAH! @smilepunch@
  14. Are people actually implying that Catwoman isn’t realistic…when we’ve got a guy running around in a bat suit? Pssh! Now there’s hypocrisy if I’ve ever seen it. If you don’t want Catwoman, that’s your opinion, but come up with a better excuse then that.
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