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  1. After seeing Geetar's Cover Girl custom and how it was based, I started messing around with a 3D version (Using Poser and post-work on Adobe Photoshop CS3) to create a Cover Girl..but with modifications thus put it in a Sigma 6 universe...hehe... still work in progress though: Here's a few others... (of envisioning them as S6 characters) S6 Scarlett - http://nt2099.com/artwork/agentscarlett-sigma6-final.jpg S6 - Lady Jaye - http://www.nt2099.com/artwork/ladyjaye-s6.jpg
  2. Actually, you may want to check tomorrow (Thursday) if there are any still left by then... Wish K-Mart would do something similar because my local K-Mart's have all three still for $24.99.
  3. Hi everyone, Haven't posted for nearly a year on the GI Joe forums since I stopped collecting but I just have to say that the GI Joe 25th Anniversary was cool. I haven't bought one and I will tell you the truth, one of the reasons is primarily availability. Granted, I could travel and hit every store in the three counties that I used to do but within the last two months, I've only seen Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, Stalker and that was it. Also, the different 25th Anniversary box sets. I went by Wal-Mart....only the box sets and a cobra commander, really nothing on the shelves. Target, only the box sets. So, either my area is not stocking them or the demand is so high, they are disappearing off shelves. Does everyone like the new molding? I think whether a GI Joe fan or a Star Wars fan, 2007 offers figures that you have bought many times in the past now with better articulation and they look good. Although, I have not bought one, I think the fact that these are back on the shelves is great. Although, I would love to see an animated cartoon released for kids. Part of my enjoyment back then by collecting in the 80's is having the cartoons and comics coinciding with the toys. Now, I'm not sure if people who are buying them are those of us who grew up with GI Joe or the kids these days. I'm a father, would love my kid to be interested in GI Joe but the thing is, what he sees now are Transformers cartoons on Cartoon Network and he enjoyed the movie, so all he wants are Transformers. But new molding is cool, and I think any collector, new or old should be happy with them. How about the vintage packaging? For me, the vintage packing is one of the reasons that wants to pull me out of "toy hunting retirement". I love the new packaging! And the fact that they are picking the best versions for each figure? Well, I haven't seen many of them but what has been released ala 25th Anniversary box sets or what I see left dangling on shelves but I think that's cool. What are your thoughts? I really like the line. Though I am kind of annoyed that they are releasing some of the figures in two packs. I mean for the twins it makes sense, but I guess I am going to have to break down and buy the ace wild weasel as well. -- Now if two packs are the only way to get certain figures, that sucks because the shelves stocking two packs like Target pre-2005 when we had Valor vs. Venom and even Wal-Mart, the shelf space for GI Joe is ridiculous. That leaves stores like TRU or online and from what I have been reading, costs for these have jacked up in price. That truly sucks. I prefer to see more single packs than double packs and here's another thing that kind of sucks about ordering online, when it comes to GI Joe, I have this thing about the seams in front of their legs with that crack. I have to go through so many comic packs to find a figure where the crack on the seam is not too exposed. Thus, ordering online I've always been weary. I will say that the DTC figures, have been good but the comic packs...I have to search through many to find a good figure. But if sales are good for "GI JOE" and the film coming up, you ask yourself, what next? Will we have something similar to Star Wars and Marvel Legends, where each year, we will have these newer molds with a different head, different leg, re-painted, etc. Do we think that the 25th Anniversary will be the best. What about the 30th Anniversary and so on? [Esp. if you were a Star Wars Collector and you saw what was released for 25th and now see what was released in this year's 30th]. So, coming from a "retired collector", oh hell yeah, the new packaging and seeing my favorite figures released with new molds are awesome. When the older original figures come out with new molds, will probably be stoked! But from what I'm seeing, I would be pulling my hair out because the availability via retail for these 25th Anniversary GI Joe are not as easy as other Hasbro toy lines.
  4. Not sure if any of you are the guy on JTV right now with all the toys on the background but for those who are not on JTV, a guy is showcasing his toys and started a Star Wars room. http://www.justin.tv/bert_the_stormtrooper
  5. Action Figure Soundwave, love to see you with your webcam and stream your stuff...that would be sweet! kndy
  6. Hey everyone! Mooncricket showed his Transformers collection on justin.tv, hopefully some of you show off your collection as well! http://www.justin.tv/mooncricket/50607/Moo...tion_collection or http://tinyurl.com/39epbn kndy
  7. I was watching justin.tv, mooncricket's channel and he had his webcam on and streamed a car that ran a red light and hit woman and her baby (in a baby carriage) - Mom and baby survived http://tinyurl.com/39egpm
  8. kndy


    Whoo hoo! Picked up the HEROES COLLECTOR'S EDITION from Target and the coupon worked! kndy
  9. Hi everyone, It was a hard decision but because I may be relocating and a return back to working in the corporate world again (let alone the wife dislikes the enormous clutter), there is no way I can move with like 40 large gallon bins wherever I go and what I would keep, would be fairly small. And many of you know how in the past year, I have been complaining of having hardly any space to keep these bins. I begun selling things (hard to let go of my Transformers Alternators) on eBay way lower than what they are worth and possibly less than what I paid for them. It's a very hard decision and I enjoy the many friends I made on TNI for the past few years. But what I'm going to do do is give those of you a chance to go through my Gallery: http://www.nt2099.com/Gallery/. Make me an offer if you are interested in anything. Be fair. Make me a reasonable offer, but prepare to pay for shipping and handling. Yes, I use bigger boxes because just like you, I know how it is to have packaging crushed in smaller boxes and I hate that. But at the same time, it drives up the cost for priority shipping. Will send via parcel ala USPS as well. And no on FED-EX, UPS or media mail. PM me or e-mail me. Many friends on here know how to reach me. Thanks again everyone! kndy
  10. Over here they are down to $13.99. Pretty good for those who didn't catch them before. kndy
  11. I'm glad you enjoyed them Draven but still, I'm not sold. And I'm not anti-Hasbro as I believe 2006, I spent mostly on Hasbro alone. But I'm starting to see reports, especially with Ryno's latest Hercules review that perhaps there may have been better paints on the newer releases. kndy
  12. kndy

    Review: Hercules

    Hi Ryno, Saw your review. So, you also saw a Hercules with a darker tone of the orange. That is what turned me off because both on the pegs had dark orange and it looked terrible. Now, if you are seeing Hercules with better paints that the one that I saw...then I would consider buying it. kndy
  13. kndy

    Review: Emma Frost

    Hey Rhyno, pretty cool review but would like to see your review for Banshee and the others. kndy
  14. Because I'm a completist, this is the first time I bypassed a wave for Marvel Legends with the first Hasbro Wave. Although it's not so much of a hole in my collection for missing a wave, also dissappointed with how things turned out. So, I'm guessing this is the end of my collecting Marvel Legends. Will continue the minimates and Marvel Select. Well, I may collect just the variants since I find them so easy and I'll sell them on Ebay. J/K! kndy
  15. I saw them at Target yesterday, two shipments and the only ones that sold so far are the Ultimate Iron Man's without a helmet. They left everyone there. Now, this is just my opinion but Hercules, I was surprised. After seeing him in photos, the versions I saw may have had bad paints because there is an extreme orange tinge all over his whole body. It was bad. Left it. Banshee was terrible and not sure if it was the lighting at Target but his skin looked jaundice (yellowish). The face was very Alfred E. Newman-like (Mad Magazine) for me and I left it. White Queen, her face wasn't as bad as I though but as much as I was thinking of getting it, didn't. The same with Ultimate Iron Man... As for Beast, it was actually pretty nice but it was a struggle for me. Having owned so many Beasts already, it was a struggle if I wanted a movie Beast. As much as I enjoyed Kelsey Grammar's performance, I left it. And that left Hulk. Actually thought this was pretty cool. Both on pegs were green armed. But having owned so many Hulk's already, I'm not really into his current storyline. But it did look massive and was definitely considering getting this one. And Ultimate Iron Man, had it along with White Queen and I thought about how I have been a completist for every ML wave when I started collecting and I don't typically buy one or two figures from a wave, it's either all or nothing. So, in the end...I decided nothing. So, left them behind. Needless to say that I was surprised the wave was not snapped up by the time I went there last night. Only the unmasked Iron Man. [same goes for the Spider-Man series...everyone there except Iron Spider Man]. kndy
  16. I enjoy both but I do not like the combining of the two universes. kndy
  17. Just finished up reading all the messages. Hmm... I am a bit disappointed with the sculpts for some of them. But if you already have collected Marvel Legends...without them you'll feel empty or without them you quit cold turkey. As for the price, the price doesn't bother me. I'm paying for gas, I'm paying more for Next Gen video games and so many other things that to me, I'm not surprised. People spend a lot on Hasbro's Transformers, GI Joe, Star Wars and other lines already. They have no reason to lower the price. I am a bit dissapointed with the eyes. For example, Hercules has the veins around the muscles but the eyes are comparable to something that was released in the older Toy Biz toys. I am disappointed with the White Queen's face. I guess maybe I'm spoiled with the Marvel Select version and possibly even Mattel's DCSH's female sculpt. I don't expect the female faces to look realistic but in this day and age, I expect them to look good. I compare her to Scarlet Witch. Another figure that should have been better but wasn't. But despite how I don't like the look of Banshee's sculpt [the 90's Toy Biz version with the whistle is a lot better looking in my opinion], it's still a must-get if you are collecting to have an all X-Men team. But I don't know if I'll buy this line. Part of me wants to continue to continue the line but It's not a matter of not wanting it because it's from Hasbro but mainly due to lack of space. Going 42+ 45 gallon bins y'all...space is getting bad on my end. kndy
  18. Thx, Waiting. Wow, I need that WM badly, way better than ML9, IMO. You have got to be kidding me. ML 9 is way better than the MLFO2 War Machine. From paint apps, to sculpt, the various accessories it came with and even paints. MLFO2 War Machine, no offense to the photo but showing from the neck up is the best part of the figure. Everything down below for both MLFO2 War Machine and Iron Man for paint are just bad. I still don't know anyone who have found good paints for MFLO2 Iron Man or War Machine. kndy
  19. Yep, around 1984 they did release a made-for-tv version which had added scenes. I have two versions on DVD for Superman II but I don't think they were in the deleted scenes or anything. This is very similar to the Goonies release [a scene when Data falls to a pit and bounces back, show in theater and on cable but not on the DVD release]. Awesome DVD release but not sure why they didn't include that in the DVD. kndy
  20. We only received the Dr. Light 3-pack because they were re-released. Never saw the original wave, the Vixen wave or Martian Manhunter wave at any of our stores. Had to resort to trades and eBay. What may have happened here is that they order when it's selling... The wave with Waverider, Sinestro, Aztec 3-packs were overordered last year that they stayed on pegs probably `til Spring...thus many of the stores in cities nearby didn't order until they clearanced them. By the time it was time to reorder, stores were clogged with the Luthor 3-packs and Bizarro 3-packs. Thus perhaps either bad distribution or a wave was skipped. Now why I'm unable to find the new 3-packs...perhaps they are waiting for all the Green Lantern 3-packs and Luthor 3-packs to sell. Interesting is went out to our local Target and a lot of the action-figures were sold and pegs were bare with the exception of JLU and DCSH. So, perhaps what I think is happening is that unless they sell, they can't reorder and by the time they do sell, a wave or two has been skipped. kndy
  21. kndy

    FF4 vs Doombot

    What store did you buy these from (RITE-AID)? The fact that you scored five, if other RITE-AID or other stores start getting even more of these, this may make FF4 Movie Doombot NOT the "Rarest Retail action figure created by ToyBiz ever ". Good score though! kndy
  22. I've never had a problem finding JLU's until Spring of this year. While everyone was getting their Dr. Light, Martian Manhunter and Vixen 3-packs, they never came out anywhere in my local area until the re-release of the Justice Lords (and still haven't seen a Vixen, which I had to resort to eBay). Now I'm meeting hardcore collectors at the stores (which I haven't even seen before) and now here are the new single packs and 3-packs and either stores are just ordering one case load or these things are flying off the shelves. Missed out on the new 3-packs, Dr. Shade and Huntress but today found a Huntress 3-pack at another Target. Interesting is that I've been to six Targets in the last week to see if they are getting similar distribution and one Greatland gets the new 3-packs and singles in blue, another gets only the new single packs with case in blue, the other gets the Huntress-3 pack and the others are still full of the older ones (Luthor 3-pack) on pegs. Anyway, I know that probably the JLU situation depends on region and some people are finding these in pegs easily but having been to four different cities looking for the new JLU... I'm just surprised of how different they were in turns of what they had on pegs and how difficult they are to find. I would never imagine that I would have to resort to eBay for these. kndy
  23. I'm confused... didn't the Galaxy Force Optimus Prime come out back in September or August? kndy
  24. I hesitated at first because I thought it was $29.99 but it was $19.99. Anyway, this one...opened it up for Megatron... Truthfully, it feels like cheap plastic for Optimus... Megatron is cool. As for the DVD, it's about a half hour of Optimus Prime talking about the Autobots and Decepticons and trying to explain why they look different from times past. For those of you who are hardcore, it may sound stupid but for a little kid who doesn't know much (was watching it with my son), I guess the explanation works with the kids especially if they wonder why Optimus looks different in the two-pack versus Cybertron series Optimus, etc. For me, I haven't watched Energon or Armada, so it was nice to see those clips. But all in all, with the DVD...I felt it was worth my $19.99. I haven't opened up the classics I bought (since one room is just full of Cybertron and Marvel Legends), but hope the plastics for the single characters are not as flimsy or fragile-feeling as the ones in this 2-pack. kndy
  25. Saw them today with the exception of Huntress and Shade. So, picked up Dr. Light but what is going on with JLU... I used to find these so easily but are there more collectors now or are they attracting scalpers or what or are the ones we truly want being shortpacked? Never had this much problems finding JLU's until this past summer with the Vixen, Martian Manhunter and Dr. Light three packs. kndy
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